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The bond that unites Joey Lomangino, born in 1931, to Garabandal is absolutely amazing and long-standing. It goes back to the first months following his accident (1947!). These were difficult months trying to adjust himself to his recent and total blindness. They led him to turn to God. He then received from On-High a first answer he was calling for in his distress. A voice woke him up from his sleep, telling him that he would recover his sight provided he first accomplish an authentic spiritual journey, the nature of which was explained to him.

In 1949, Joey was "visited" a second time, through the intermediary of a mysterious dream: he could see himself standing in a vast and luscious prairie, in the middle of which was an isolated clump of very green trees. This was to be the grove of the famous Pines of San Sebastian de Garabandal that were then mere bushes. At the same moment, Joey had the assurance that he would be able to overcome his suffering.

In addition to some two thousand conferences he gave on the subject, in the 1970's Joey founded the periodical "GARABANDAL Magazine" distributed throughout the world. In the same period, he created "The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel," a charitable association for the diffusion of the Message. . . So many activities that the American blind man directs at the same time as he fulfills his professional responsibilities as a business man (he would renounce them in 1998), J. Lomangino being then the manager of the most important enterprise of sewer treatment in the North-Eastern part of the United States (New York region).

On this 19th of March, 1964, Feast of St. Joseph, Conchita, praying at the Pines, learned in a locution from the Blessed Virgin that her friend "will again see with his own eyes on the day when the Miracle will be performed for the world. The first thing he will see will be the Miracle that my Son will do through my intercession and, from that moment on, he will see permanently."

On the same day, Conchita wrote the news to Joey who had left the village on the previous day to return to the United States!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 180-181]

Now you see why spreading the story of the apparitions is so important! Joey is 76 years old and time is running out! In order for Joey to see with his new eyes and use those eyes for the glory of God, the Miracle has to happen real soon. And before the Miracle, the Warning! Everything is so close. But all we have to do is watch the News and you know in your heart that the world needs a conversion experience real soon. There are just too many murders and wars going on, and even in our beloved Church there is turmoil, possible even a schism coming soon. We need God to straighten this world out. We need Divine Mercy in our souls!

As I told you before I worked with Joey Lomangino back in the 1970's. I can testify to his complete blindness and his hope of seeing again! I always pray for him and the seers too, and also for God to send the Warning, Miracle and great Sign, so that the world will be converted and God's Kingdom of the Divine Will will reign! How about you?
Blessing to all+
Roman Deacon

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