Thursday, October 31, 2013

Conchita's Husband, Patrick Keena ... REST IN PEACE

Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Patrick Keena, Conchita Gonzalez's husband, who passed away up in New York this morning after a courageous battle with cancer.  As most of you know, Conchita is one of the visionaries from San Sebastian de Garabandal.  Prayers have been going for the intervention of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to assist during these trying times for the family.  Blessed Teresa is the Godmother of Patrick and Conchita's third daughter, Anna Maria.
Rest in peace, Patrick.  Please also Pray for Conchita, her children and their loved ones.

Open Heart to our Lady of Garabandal

Open Heart to our Lady of Garabandal -

Open Heart to our Lady of Garabandal

My Comment : In my opinion, an important event in the Church is now on the way, maybe next year, it will looks like a new council or a kind of Vatican III with significant changes, this event in the Church could create unfortunately a Schism, to be continued.
I want again to remind you that none of the Garabandal seers or their family gave me any information about any date linked to the Prophecies of Garabandal, it’s always my opinion Only, thank you not to forget.
I want also and again to thanks our Lady of Garabandal, the Mother of God, I will never forget my first trip in Garabandal years ago and my wish to be Baptized as soon as possible after my return, without her help I would not be who I am today, a poor sinner for sure but a Catholic sinner forever.
I would like to add also my respect and my love to the Garabandal seers :
Conchita, your humility and your obedience to the Church are an example for all of us, you are in my opinion Great as Sister Lucy of Fatima was, blessed is your Name Conchita, please do not hesitate to call back your Aunt Maximina, I am sure she miss you as all the village.
Loli, Blessed is your Name in Heaven, you are in my Prayers every day, I was fed by one of your sister during my first visit and any time I am back in your village, she still fed me as a mother, she is with her husband, my family today and the Witnesses of my wedding, an honor for ever, I can’t forget your other sister, her smile has been always on her face and in any case, they both miss you as all of us, I keep Praying and hope that both will meet again soon, with the help of our Lady, all is possible.
Jacinta : Flower of God, when I met you in Garabandal, it was a Gift from our Lady, I know you quite well but not directly, your close neighbors never ceased to talk to me about you, they said to me you don’t like any pictures to be taken from you but when I asked you, you have not refused and you joined Maximina (attached picture), I have shown this picture to many in the village, they said to me it’s a Gift from our Lady as Jacinta is not use to accept any pictures, so thanks again, hope to see you back soon.
Mari Cruz : I never met you but they talk to me about your smile and your kindness any time you are back in the village, for the rest we will wait for the Warning and for the Great Miracle.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Garabandal International Magazine: Oct – Dec 2013 Issue

Garabandal International Magazine: Oct – Dec 2013 Issue | suzannetony

A note of thanks to all readers out there who have been following our quarterly issue of the Garabandal International magazine. The October-December 2013 issue is now online. Please click here to read it at your leisure.
The contents are as follows:
Notes from the National Director
Cover story: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Garabandal’s Shocking Revelation
In Memory of Rene Moran
A Personal Experience of Catholic Church Life in China
An Amazing Eucharistic Miracle in Buenos Aires
St. Bridgets’s Vision of Purgatory
A Word from The Holy Father, Pope Francis
My Miraculous Birth
For anyone who is unfamiliar about Garabandal and what it is all about, do click here to visit the website at

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 57

I think I have detailed what happened accurately, but it is possible that the order of things happening was changed, but I am sure that it happened like this. I also could have omitted something, and now I remember that there was an omission. When Loli was in ecstasy, I don’t remember the moment well, she went toward Eustaquio’s daughter, gave her the ring, and then stayed there for a moment, consulting with the Virgin. She said very perceptibly: “Oh, it isn’t hers—it’s her mother’s? Well, she’ll give it to her!”

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 56

She fell again like lead on her knees, and stayed there for a time. Then she got up and went towards the stairs. She went downstairs, went to the street, and entered a house (I don’t know whose). She went to the wall where there was a crucifix on a chain hanging on a nail and a chain with a medal. She took the chain with the medal, gave it to be kissed and then hung it again. She touched the crucifix, but she didn’t take it down or offer it. The owner of the house exclaimed: “The medal belongs to José Javier, and he left it here the other day so it would be kissed; the Crucifix is already kissed.” She returned to her house, went upstairs, took the crucifix and gave it to the people to kiss. She blessed the seminarian I mentioned before, my wife, and Eustaquio’s daughter, and then she left with it and went out to the street where she gave it to be kissed. She returned to her house, went upstairs, looked for something on the table that she didn’t find and told Jacinta, who was next to her: “My notebook from school,” and she looked in the notebook and took a letter from it, which she gave to be kissed. She went downstairs again and went out to the street once more and gave the crucifix to be kissed. When she entered the house, she went to the kitchen and sat in the same place where she was when the ecstasy began. She made the sign of the cross and awoke from the ecstasy smiling. She told us: “This afternoon, I will have another Vision.”

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1 Question and 1 Answer

1 Question and 1 Answer -

1 Question and 1 Answer

It's now your thread, due to a big number of emails, comments, questions....etc...I decided to open this Thread for you and for you only, on this Thread I will add your questions, comments....etc... received daily , as I can't reply to all of you, I will group your best questions and comments on this thread and on this thread only with my answer each week.
I will start with the most asked question since the beggining of this Blog (last March 2013) :
1. Aviso, do you know when is the Warning ?
My Answer : No but
No : because nobody has been able to give me the exact year.
But : Due to my relationship in the village, some details are sometimes better than an answer but these details are not a date at all.
I want also to add an important detail : Our Lady in Garabandal chose 4 Seers, not only one, let me be clear again, 4 Seers.
Garabandal is not also books or phone calls only, you must know the village and the history of the Apparitions by heart, you must also visit Garabandal at least once in your life then you must be linked to the village and to have some contacts in the village, so any one who contact me with : I know someone who knows one of the seers and she told first question is : he was in Garabandal or not and if yes when ? I hope I am clear enough.
It's now your Thread so don't hesitate, next week an other asked question linked to the number of Popes and Garabandal.

Monday, October 14, 2013

See you Fatima and Welcome Garabandal

See you Fatima and Welcome Garabandal

See you Fatima and Welcome Garabandal

Well, my Brothers, as all of you have seen it yesterday, the new Consecration of the World by Pope Francis has not included Russia in no way, not even a word linked to this Country despite the request of our Lady in Fatima since years now, a new and terrible mistake from Rome but between us who really did wait for anything else? Anyway, China has already sent a new message to the world (the link below) and the same day, as we know when China talk Russia approves, on the other hand the USA are close to a Bankruptcy and if it is confirmed in the next weeks, the rest of the world will follow, they may try to win few months again, you can buy the time but not the truth , in any case the result should be the same, the current financial world system is on the way to collapse and 2014 could be his last year in my humble opinion.

Read a Few confidences before a Conclusion:

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 55

Before these last actions by Mari Loli, I had put my wife’s rosary in the child’s hands; the Virgin had already kissed it on another occasion and it was the same rosary that “bloomed with roses” in the Chapel of the M.M. Mercedarias on the feast day of Our Lady of Loreto. This rosary slipped through Mari Loli’s arms until it was in the middle of her forearm and the girl did not realize. It stayed like that while she offered the last objects to be kissed and when she finished, she carried all of the objects my wife had given to her. (I had put it there, I insist again).

Friday, October 11, 2013

Garabandal has never been Condemned

Garabandal has never been Condemned -

Garabandal has never been Condemned

Aviso :
Father what could you say to those who believe that Garabandal was condemned by the church ?

Padre Rolando (the Current Priest of Garabandal) :
It's not true, the Apparitions of Garabandal have never been condemned by the church as confirmed by Bishop Del Val Gallo, it's also our position today (2013) as for the current Bishop.

My Comment : It was my first question to Father Rolando last August who was also one of the guest of my wedding, Father Rolando has been very clear with me, The Church has never condemned the Apparitions of Garabandal and it was his clear answer to my first question, it's also the position of the current Bishop who was twice in Garabandal and of the diocese of Santander, confirmed also by Bishop Del Val Gallo who has been the last to investigate, the result of this last investigation has been sent to Cardinal Ratzinger, below a video and a confirmation by Bishop Del Val himself, from 39 mn to 42 mn, he was also the Bishop who stop any restriction regarding Garabandal but don’t hesitate to watch all the video as well, it’s very interesting, mainly for those who do not know Garabandal yet.
Only the Church will have the last word about the Apparitions of Garabandal and no one else, it’s the current and official position of the Diocese of Santander, his bishop included, and confirmed to me by Father Rolando, the current Priest of Garabandal, himself.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 54

First Ecstasy. 12 until 12:48. Mari Loli

She was in the kitchen of her house and was sitting on the bench next to the stove at my side. She seemed very nervous and was tapping her hands on her face, as though alone. Then she concealed her laughter and threw her head back as she entered into ecstasy in the way that all of the girls do. In this position, she slipped from the bench onto the floor and slowly, with an expression of intense enjoyment on her face, she left the kitchen and went toward the stairs. She went up the stairs until she reached the upper floor where she knelt, and her knees made a sound on the floor (it was impressive). She stood up, went near a little table that was in the corner where all of the objects that had been given to her the night before were resting. She took my rosary and others and gave them to be kissed, holding the Cross up high and then the medal on two sides. Then she separated the rosary from the head of Jesus Christ and gave it to be kissed, turning it so the skull could be kissed also. She fell on her knees once again and came towards me (not realizing that she was going backwards). She stood up and lifted my rosary, then blessed me with the crucifix on the rosary and then putting it to my lips. She gave me the rosary and then put it on the little table again, taking one of the handfuls of medals and crucifixes and separating some of them, she gave them to be kissed. She always turned them so that both sides were kissed on the crucifixes and the medals. She gave the medals to Rosario and deposited the handful of crucifixes on the little table once again. She took another handful of rosaries and medals and gave them to be kissed, then gave them to Pili and Alfonso. She returned to the little table and took a new handful of crucifixes and a statue of the Virgin of Pilar, which my wife had given her. She gave these things to be kissed (surely those that hadn’t been kissed before), including the Virgin of Pilar and then she went directly to give them to Rosario, my wife, who had given her the Virgin and the crucifixes in the first place. Then she took a handful of medals and four crucifixes and when she gave this last handful to be kissed she said clearly: “—from Fr. Andreu.” In that moment, I put a momento from Fr. Luís that I carried in my wallet on the table. Jacinta or Mari Cruz (I think it was Mari Cruz) took it to Mari Loli, saying: “Take this holy card.” Mari Loli’s father went near them in this instant and said to Mari Cruz: “Ask her if she knows what it is.” Then Mari Loli said very clearly (there is no way she could have seen the memento in the position she was in) “It is from Fr. Andreu—who is dead,” and she put it on the table after she gave it to be kissed. Pili Alfonsa gave Mari Loli her wedding ring through Jacinta’s mediation, and Mari Loli held it up for a long time so that it could be kissed and then she was very happy, and with true joy in her face, she went toward Pili Alfonso and put it on her finger. According to what Señora Alfonso told us later, she had the idea to give her ring to the girl as a way of asking for help for a very serious conflict in her marriage. She saw clearly in Mari Loli’s expression when she returned the ring after holding it up for the Virgin to kiss, she saw the answer to her prayers. After this, Mari Loli returned to the little table, took a rosary, and showed it to the Virgin. Then she carried it to its owner, Pili Alfonso, blessed her with it, and gave it to her.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 53

Fr. Valentin and Conchita

Another note
Upon arriving in Cossío on the afternoon of the 12th, Fr. Valentín came to receive us. We asked him to take us up to San Sebastián on the following day because we wanted to hear Mass and receive Communion there. He rejected this idea because he didn’t want to be in Cossío at all the following day, indubitably because it was the day that Mari Loli had indicated that she would see the Virgin. He made all manner of excuses and finally told me that it wasn’t a good day and that we could make a Spiritual Communion. Suddenly, at the end of the conversation and without any of us insisting again, he said when he was leaving: “Tomorrow I will go up to San Sebastián de Garabandal to say Mass so you can receive Communion.” The change was extraordinary, and it truly impressed us.

On the 13th he said Mass at 10, and he gave us Communion. When we left the Church he said goodbye to us very quickly, saying that he had only come up for this purpose and then he returned to Cossío.
At two in the afternoon, after Mari Loli’s ecstasy, she came to see us in the tavern, where Emilio, Alfonso, and I had entered to shave. She said to me: “I think it is wonderful how you are going to know this girl and about the medal that the Pope kissed. (Afterward we will refer to this detail). He told me that you have not seen anything and that you went to Cossío and he told you everything.

After Mass on the 13th, which as usual, was at eleven in the morning, we went to Mari Loli’s house, entered into the kitchen and we met Mari Loli’s parents and brothers and sisters. It was my wife and I, Pili and Alfonso, who had come from Madrid, Eustaquio’s daughter from Garabandal who had recently come from Mexico, and a seminarian from Bilbao that I had met previously in the Church while hearing Mass. I don’t remember anyone else, and I don’t think anyone else was there.

Mari Loli seemed nervous, but when Rosario, my wife, questioned her about whether she’d had a call, she said no. The night before, when we’d arrived at the village, my wife and I had given her a handful of 30 medals, 4 crucifixes, attached with tape, and then another handful of 33 crucifixes also attached with tape, various rosaries and a little box containing some medals from Colonel Prieto. Pili and Alfonso gave a handful of medals and rosaries, also attached with tape and I gave a Carthusian rosary with a medal from my mother’s first Communion next to the Cross. It had a double layer of marble or bone on one side that represented the face of Jesus Christ and then there was a skull on the other side. This little head was attached to the rosary with tape and it belonged to a Sister of Charity for her whole life. She had been a good friend of mine and she’d died after fifty years as a nun. Eustaquio’s daughter had brought a wedding ring and a medal.