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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 60

Copy of the happenings in San Sebastián de Garabandal
on January 27, 1962—reported by Fr. Valentín

“At 6:05 in the evening, Mari Cruz and Loli were at the place called the cuadro. After praying a few Our Fathers they fell into ecstasy, went toward the Church and stayed there for a minute, giving medals to be kissed that had been given to them. Afterwards, they went toward Mari Cruz’s house and took a crucifix and gave it to those who were in the house to kiss.

Then they went to Conchita’s house and the gave the crucifix to all who were there except one woman. They left the house and returned immediately to give it to the woman they had missed. It ended at 8:30 P.M.
Conchita entered into ecstasy in her house at 6:30 in the evening, and she went toward the Church where she gave the vision medals and rosaries to be kissed that had been given to her. She then returned the items to their owners without making any mistakes. It ended at 8:30P.M.

Mari Loli’s second apparition, according to what they inform me (I was in bed) began at 2 in the morning and ended at 2:30 A.M. Before, while in the natural state, they had told the girl that there was a painter there named Señor Calderón, who wanted to paint the Virgin. During the vision the girl said: “There is a painter here who wants to paint you, but you are so beautiful that no matter what he paints, it will be ugly in comparison.”

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Garabandal's Shocking Revelation -

English: Bishop Athanasius Schneider O.R.C. ce...
English: Bishop Athanasius Schneider O.R.C. celebrating Traditional Latin Mass in Tallinn, Estonia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Crisis of the Priesthood

By Fr J. Pelletier A.A.

Many Cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them." Even in the middle of 1965, this declaration made by Our Lady at Garabandal to Conchita, the main seer, came like a bombshell and caused much consternation. People reacted to it as Our Lord's contemporaries reacted to His announcement about the Eucharist and the eating of His body and drinking of His blood: "This sort of talk is hard to endure! How can anyone take it seriously?" John 7:60.

For some time now, in my constant gathering of new information on the revelations at Garabandal, I have come to a clearer understanding of the main reason why Our Lady came to Garabandal and better insight into the heart of the message that she brought to the world in that humble, Spanish mountain village.
We could say that one of the principal reasons Our Lady revealed herself in visions to the four seers from 1961 to 1965. was the crisis of the Church. With equal truth we could say it was the crisis of the priesthood. For this crisis at the very heart of the crisis of the Church. As goes the priesthood, so goes the Church.
Therefore it seems evident that the urgent concern of Our Blessed Mother, as she spoke with the four girls at Garabandal, was the crisis of the priesthood and the way to deal with that crisis. She spoke more of the priest, his problems and needs, than of any other single topic, with the possible exception of the rosary Other things that she spoke of frequently, such as prayer and sacrifice, she more often related to priests than to any other subject. She was continually asking the girls to pray and make sacrifices for priests.
A Simple Message - Hard to Accept
Our Lady came with a simple, forthright message for the renewal of the Church through the renewal of the priesthood. The means she proposed for this renewal were prayer and sacrifice. In essence, her message was the basic Christian message of redemption through the cross, the constant need of the Church, particularly in times of crises, for atonement and reparation. It is one of the hardest messages for us to accept.
It is significant that the time of Our Lady's visits to Garabandal coincided with the preparation and various sessions of Vatican II. Likewise, the purpose of her coming coincided with that of the Council, namely. the renewal of the Church.

The message of atonement, of prayer and sacrifice or penance, was a very important part of what Our Lady told us at Lourdes and Fatima, but there it was aimed at sinners in general and not so specifically at priests, as it was in Garabandal. Because penance runs counter to our nature, it is the part of heavenly messages that is always least heeded. This is true of Garabandal as it is of Lourdes and Fatima. It is most unfortunate but explains why these events have not borne the fruit - conversion and return to God and the blessings of peace which flow from this - that heaven was seeking.
A Sense of Urgency
It is important to show the tremendous emphasis Our  Lady  placed  on  prayer  and  penance in her Garabandal messages and how she requested this principally for priests.   As I gradually became aware of this new light on information that has become available, I made the most of recent opportunities which permitted me to question Mari Loli. one of the  Garabandal seers, and her mother. I was over-whelmed by what I gathered in these interviews and feel that it is more urgent to prepare all of this for printing as soon as possible.   It is now unmistakably clear the main reason why Our Lady came at Garabandal was the crisis of the Church and of the priesthood. It was evident to me from the beginning that the overall purpose of Our Lady's coming at Garabandal was the crisis of the Church, however, it is only recently that I have become aware of how much Our Lady said about this crisis and what precise and alarming things she predicted with regard to it.
Garabandal Pines 1
Garabandal Pines 1 (Photo credit: garabandal archives)

There are three "unpleasant" things that everyone has known since my first books and pamphlets appeared. These are the prophecies about the Warning, the conditional Chastisement, and the statement of the Second Message of Garabandal: "Many Cardinals. many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them." Our Lady was fully aware that at the heart of the problem of a morally sick world and Church, was the crisis of the priesthood. It was the centre of Our Lady's attention in her many visits, messages and conversations with the girls at Garabandal. She may have mentioned the rosary more often than the priesthood, but ultimately even the rosary as a form of prayer, was very much linked to the priesthood.
Our Lady Gives the Remedy
There also exists a superabundance of evidence that the solution Our Lady proposed to alleviate the crisis of priesthood, was prayer and sacrifice. The forms of prayer she asked for were varied and included Mass and Communion, visiting the Blessed Sacrament, the rosary and reflection on the passion of Jesus. The wearing of the scapular can also be considered a form of prayer and supplication.
Thee sacrifice Our Lady explicitly sought above fidelity to daily duty and the acceptance of all the sufferings, pain and hardship it involves. When the girls asked Our Lady how to make sacrifices she told them to be obedient and to be patient. Every day God provides disagreeable things that irk us and cause us to suffer in various degrees. He is asking us to accept all this suffering in atonement for the sins of the world and particularly of the priesthood, and to join these to the rosary and other prayers that we offer for these same intentions.
The importance of praying for priests cannot be emphasized enough. Everyone can offer sufferings of their day and their daily rosary for this intention.  Holy Hours can be established for the purpose of praying for priests.
Our Lady has given us the solution - it is urgent that we fulfill her request.  

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 59

Third Ecstasy, 3 in the morning until 4 on the 14th—Mari Loli

1962. After the ecstasy in the afternoon, Mr. Castro Pérez de Arévalo, Secretary General of the Civil Government of Burgos, his wife, his sister Señora de Muerza, and her eleven year old daughter arrived. The child had been suffering from infant paralysis since she was two months old, and she wore an orthopedic apparatus on her right leg and had two canes to help her walk. These people had not found a way to go up to Garabandal from Cossío by car. They had come on foot. It rained, and they were only able to find a donkey for the child. The child’s mother, Señora de Arévalo, who was far along in pregnancy, had had lung surgery, and had pains in her leg because of the operation, made the journey painfully as it rained. The ground was covered in mud, and according to what her husband said “it was like they pushed her,” this is the literal sentence.
All of us from before met again in Ceferino’s kitchen (except the Mexican woman and her son who had already left) with the addition of the Arévalos, who had just arrived. Mari Loli was sitting on the bench in the kitchen with Señora de Alfonso at her side because she had been showing the girl her wristwatch. The girl had been playing with it and she put it on her wrist. The girl said: “I want to sleep so that the time will pass faster,” and she lay on the bench in the kitchen and then sat up right away, nervous. Señora de Alfonso had taken off her watch so that the child could see the time. At three exactly, Mari Loli fell into ecstasy.

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 58

Second Ecstasy: 6:00-6:30—Mari Loli
We were the same as before, in Ceferino’s tavern, commenting on the happenings of the morning with a Mexican woman and her son, who had just arrived in Garabandal. This woman gave Mari Loli a packet that held various rosaries and medals and some notebooks with thread, and also scapulars held together with green tape. We were as I said before, talking with this woman and her son, and then Mari Loli entered into ecstasy at six exactly. She was sitting in a low chair and then she threw her head back, went toward the stairs and ascended, and then she fell on the floor again. She took a handful of objects that the Mexican woman had given to her before, and she lifted them in the usual way to give them to the Virgin to kiss. She gave a wedding ring and the notebook with green tape to the Mexican woman’s son, since the two objects were in fact his, and the green tape is the Green Scapular that represents one of the most widespread devotions in Mexico.

The girl continued offering objects to the Vision and gave them one by one to the Mexican woman. In that moment, Ceferino signaled to the woman that she should change places, and she did. The girl asked the Vision, very perceptively: “Where is she?—show me,” and she turned slowly until she was in front of the woman once again, and then she continued giving her objects.
The girl went downstairs backwards and when she reached the bottom floor she went out into the street with the Crucifix in her hand. She gave it to the people to kiss and passed over some people (as happened to me). After that, she retraced her steps and gave the crucifix to kiss to those she’d passed.

Monument to the mothers of the emigrants in Sa...
Monument to the mothers of the emigrants in San Sebastián de Garabandal, Cantabria (Spain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the street, she went toward the house where the Alfonsos and my wife and I were staying. The owner of this house was named Epifania Mazón. The girl pushed the door (which according to the owner had been locked, though I’m not sure of this detail), and she entered and went up the stairs. She went into the room that my wife and I were occupying. She went to the right of the bed and made the sign of the cross over the pillow. Then she went to the left side and did the same thing there. She left the room and went toward the stairs but then she changed directions and went toward the other room where the Alfonsos were sleeping. She entered and made the sign of the cross over their marriage bed twice, in the same way she’d done it before. She left that room and the house, keeping the crucifix in her hand. She crossed the street and entered another house through the front door. She went up the stairs and made the sign of the cross on the wall of a bedroom before going out to the street once again. The owner of this house told us that the place on the wall where Mari Loli had made the sign of the cross corresponded exactly to the place where her husband’s picture was located, who had died a while ago.

The girl went to two other houses, but I didn’t enter so I couldn’t see what she did. She went to the street and went to the road to go up to the place called “The Pines” and there she fell on her knees, got up, went down to the village and entered in her house. She sat in the same chair where she’d entered ecstasy and she blessed herself before she returned from the ecstasy smiling. She told us that the Virgin had announced that she would return to see her at night, but very late—at three in the morning.
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A Miracle and A New Dogma

A Miracle and A New Dogma -


A Miracle and A New Dogma

The Miracle

According to his own testimony, the Pope who declared the dogma of the Assumption saw the "miracle of the sun" four times.

This information is confirmed by a handwritten, unpublished note from Pope Pius XII, which is part of the "Pius XII: The Man and the Pontificate" display. The display opened in the Vatican to the public today and will run through Jan. 6.

A commissioner of the display and a Vatican reporter for the Italian daily Il Giornale, Andrea Tornielli, explained to ZENIT that the note was found in the Pacelli family archives. It describes the "miracle of the sun," an episode that until today had only been affirmed by the indirect testimony of Cardinal Federico Tedeschini (1873-1959), who recounted in a homily that the Holy Father had seen the miracle.

Pius XII wrote, "I have seen the 'miracle of the sun,' this is the pure truth."

The miracle of the sun is most known as the episode that occurred in Fatima, Portugal, on Oct. 13, 1917. According to the Fatima visionaries, Mary had said there would be a miracle that day so that people would come to believe. Thousands had gathered at the site of the visions, and the sun "danced," reportedly drying instantaneously the rain-soaked land and spectators.

The New Dogma

Confirming the Dogma

Pius XII's note says that he saw the miracle in the year he was to proclaim the dogma of the Assumption, 1950, while he walked in the Vatican Gardens.

He said he saw the phenomenon various times, considering it a confirmation of his plan to decla
re the dogma.

The papal note says that at 4 p.m. on Oct. 30, 1950, during his "habitual walk in the Vatican Gardens, reading and studying," having arrived to the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, "toward the top of the hill […] I was awestruck by a phenomenon that before now I had never seen."

"The sun, which was still quite high, looked like a pale, opaque sphere, entirely surrounded by a luminous circle," he recounted. And one could look at the sun, "without the slightest bother. There was a very light little cloud in front of it."

The Holy Father's note goes on to describe "the opaque sphere" that "moved outward slightly, either spinning, or moving from left to right and vice versa. But within the sphere, you could see marked movements with total clarity and without interruption."

Pius XII said he saw the same phenomenon "the 31st of October and Nov. 1, the day of the definition of the dogma of the Assumption, and then again Nov. 8, and after that, no more."

The Pope acknowledged that on other days at about the same hour, he tried to see if the phenomenon would be repeated, "but in vain -- I couldn't fix my gaze [on the sun] for even an instant; my eyes would be dazzled."

Pius XII spoke about the incident with a few cardinals and close collaborators, such that Sister Pascalina Lehnert, the nun in charge of the papal apartments, declared that "Pius XII was very convinced of the reality of the extraordinary phenomenon, which he had seen on four occasions."

Son of Our Lady

Tornielli told ZENIT that there was always a close link between the life of Eugenio Pacelli and the mystery of the Virgin Mary.

"Since childhood," he said, "Eugenio Pacelli was devoted [to Our Lady] and was registered in the Congregation of the Assumption, which had a chapel close to the Church of Jesus. A devotion that seemed prophetic, since he would be precisely the one to declare the dogma of the Assumption in 1950."

The future Pope celebrated his first Mass on April 3, 1899, at the altar of the icon of Mary "Salus Populi Romani" in the Basilica of St. Mary Major. "And then," Tornielli continued, "Eugenio Pacelli received episcopal ordination from Pope Benedict XV in the Sistine Chapel on May 13, 1917, the day of the first apparition of the Virgin of Fatima."

As Pope, in 1940, he approved the Fatima apparitions, and in 1942, consecrated the entire world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

As well, Pius XII often spoke with Sister Lucia, the visionary of Fatima, and he asked her to transcribe the messages she received from the Virgin. He thus became the first Pope to know the "third secret of Fatima.
Il Giornale, Andrea Tornielli/Zenit (Nov 2008)
My Comment :
"At both Fatima and Garabandal a great miracle was/is to serve as the seal of authenticity for the events. At Fatima Our Lady said she would perform a miracle so all would believe. At Garabandal she said as a result of the miracle "all will believe."
No one should be suprised at Conchita’s statement that the Pope will witness the miracle of Garabandal “from wherever he is”. The Miracle of Fatima, urgently requested by the little sheperds and promised three months in advance as a sign to convince people of the Apparitions, was first witnessed on October 13, 1917. On that day seventy thousand people saw the “sun dance”. 33 years later, Pope Pius XII personally witnessed the same miracle four times in the Vatican gardens at Rome. This sensational news was revealed to a gathering of a million people by Cardinal Tedeschini on October 13, 1951.”
Pope Pius XII about the New Dogma of the Assumption
"It is to be hoped that from meditation on the glorious example of Mary, men may come to realize more and more the value of a human life entirely dedicated to fulfilling the will of the Heavenly Father and to caring for the welfare of others. We also hope that while materialistic theories [such as Communism] and the moral corruption arising from them are threatening to extinguish the light of virtue, and by stirring up strife, to destroy the lives of men, the exalted destiny of both our soul and body may in this striking manner be brought clearly to the notice of all men"
At both Fatima and Garabandal, Russia was mentioned. At Fatima, Our Lady warned that if people did not change, Russia would scatter her errors throughout the world. At Garabandal she said that if people do not change, Russia would rule the world. At Fatima, the Virgin said that as a result of the Collegial Consecration (which some believe has been done while others do not) Russia would be converted. At Garabandal, Conchita was told by Our Lord in a locution that Russia (and other countries) would be converted as a result of the great Miracle."
So after Pope Pius XII an other Pope will see another Great Miracle announced this time in Garabandal by our Lady, confirming again another clear link between Fatima and Garabandal.
But what an incredible testimony from Pope Pius XII, confirming that he saw the miracle of Fatima in the same year he was to proclaim the dogma of the Assumption, 1950, while he walked in the Vatican Gardens.
He said he saw the phenomenon various times and even on Nov. 1, the same day of the definition of the dogma of the Assumption and considering the vision of the Miracle of Fatima as a CONFIRMATION of his plan to declare the New Dogma of our Lady, a Great Event for the whole Church announced on November 1, 1950, the Feast of All Saints and celebrated on August 15 of each year as one of the main feast of our
But there is also an other Great Event for the whole Church who will coincide with the Day of the Garabandal Great Miracle, can we expect another and new Dogma of our Lady that day as well ? we also know that this Great Miracle will be biggest than the Miracle of Fatima, 1000 times more important told us Conchita and a Pope will witness it as well, it will be also on the feast day of a young Martyr of the Eucharist, his description from the seer herself clearly corresponds to Saint Tarcisius even if she never confirmed, a Great Saint celebrated on August 15 as well, the Day of the Assumption but also the only young Boy Martyr of the Eurcharist on that day, an important detail.

Let me add few words about St Tarcisius, as confirmed by Pope Benedict XVI in his Generale audience regarding this Great Saint in August 2010 : “Who was St Tarcisius? We do not have much information about him………The Roman Martyrology fixed the date as 15 August", we must know that only a description of the Eucharist Martyr has been gave to the seer during an ecstasy by our Lady not his name, later and to find out his name she probably went to check on her own calendar, a Martyr of the Eucharist with a rare name, a young boy which could corresponds and there is one only and possible, his feast is celebrated the same day of the Assumption, which is not the exact day of his death or of the Great Miracle day, the description of the Martyr from our Lady indicated already his identity and clearly, the Church does not know the exact Day of his death as confirmed by Pope Benedict XVI ("we do not have much information about him") but our Lady surely, this could explains also why Conchita had never denied the Name of Saint Tarcisius as she described him herself to her French Friends then themself exclaimed : oh, that's St Tarcisius, in fact she just repeated what our Lady said to her, it was not possible for Conchita that time to have a description of the Eucharist Martyr from herself, life or description of Martyrs are not indicated in any calendar yesterday as today, it's also true that she never confirmed it but why she would do it, the description is clear and do not indicates the date of the Miracle at all.
The last Great Event in the Church was the Dogma of the Assumption, proclaimed on November 1, 1950 by Pope Pius XII and coincided with a vision of the Miracle of Fatima by the Pope himself and the same day, not as a consequence of the Miracle of the Sun but coincidentally only as a confirmation according to the Pope, the Dogma of the Assumption, the main feast of our Lady is celebrated on August 15.
The Future Great Event in the Church is like a definition of a dogma told us Conchita and will coincides with the Great Miracle Day, not as a consequence but coincidentally only and on the feast day of a Young Martyr of the Eucharist described by the seer herself as below :
"The Miracle will be on the feast day of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms"
St Tarcisius is celebrated the same Day of the Assumption, on August 15, Patron of first communicants and in my opinion definitely linked to the Garabandal Great Miracle who will take place at the Pines planted in the village years ago to commemorate exactly the first communicants as well, end of Story.
PS: mis Sinceras Condolencias Conchita, vamos a rezar por su marido, descanse en Paz.