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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 45

Catalina (Catherine) receives First Holy Communión
from the hands of Padre Ramón María Andreu S.J.

A Short History of Chonde Luís

“On July 25, 1961, I went to spend a few days in Santander, invited by a friend. It can be said that I went because I was obligated because I didn’t want to miss a day with Catherine, the French girl without a religion, whom it seemed God had put in my path since the previous year. I had a true obsession with her conversion, and from the beginning, I saw in her a true interest in the Virgin’s work, which occurs in providential cases through the mediation of the Virgin of Fatima.
I didn’t want to separate myself from Catherine, whose vacation was as short as it had been the previous year, and I recognized my great responsibility in her conversion. This trip weighed on me because I felt obligated to accept that it was providential. In Santander, I learned of the apparitions, and I felt great emotion thinking that if this was true, it would be the final step in Catherine’s conversion. I was completely sure that if the Virgin was appearing to these girls she had a true interest in manifesting herself to them.
Immediately, I returned to Burgos to continue my apostolate for a month and a half, always with the concern that when Catherine returned to Paris and the cold environment of her family, her Protestant mother and Jewish father and two brothers with no religion, she would suffer a reversal as she had last year. As a result, when I heard of the events that were taking place, I thought immediately of Catherine.
In Burgos, no one knew anything about Santander. I thought that it could be nothing, but I also thought that it could possibly result in Catherine’s conversion.
Some time passed and I didn’t learn anything more. Catherine received a letter from her parents saying that on August 25th they would wait for her in the French countryside for her to accompany them on an excursion, and that they would return to Paris on September 1st. We commented that the trip would be wonderful, but a little later, she appeared in my room and told me that she had written to her parents to say that she would prefer to stay in Burgos for a few more days and that she would meet them in Paris on September 1st. Catherine told me that the real reason she was doing this was because there would be a Sunday in the middle of the trip when she wouldn’t be able to go to Mass. She was prepared this year, but I was still afraid what would happen in Paris. However, she offered these five days to God, and she went to Mass on Sunday. As a reward, we found out what was happening in San Sebastián de Garabandal. We decided to make a trip, which she considered the happiest of her life.
After writing to her parents, we went shopping. I wanted to give her a gift, and I asked what she wanted, and among all of the little things in the shops, she asked for a Cross to wear with her medal. We entered a jewelry shop and the owner told me: I would like to be with you. In Santander, you were so interested in the apparitions that I asked you brother-in-law, who had gone several times and was impressed. Santí told us what he had seen and he took a great interest in planning a trip for us since Catherine is only in Spain for a few more days. At that moment, I hadn’t thought that we could still go, but after praying a Rosary that night, Catherine told me: “How sad that he’s not taking us.” When we finished the Rosary, they called us on the phone to say that they would take us the next morning.
Sunday. August 27, 1961. We went to San Sebastián de Garabandal. We didn’t see anything; an ecstasy happened in Loli’s house and we couldn’t enter. There was a man in the doorway who was very nervous and kept repeating that the noises that they heard were not supernatural, but preternatural, diabolical. Later we learned that he was a Salesian dressed as a layman, but after this Catherine didn’t lose her confidence (this may have been the first time that she had heard of the power the devil has). When the ecstasy ended, Fr. Valentín left Loli’s house and the Salesian went to him, and they left.
We went into Cossío and waited for the next day when Santí and his family would come from Suances so we could be reunited with them.
Monday—August 28, 1961. We went up with Santí and his family and met Fr. Valentín, to whom we explained the French girl’s situation. After speaking with them, we went to see Conchita, and her mother told us that she was in the river doing laundry, and we could find her there. We asked her to pray to the Virgin for Catherine (Catalina). She asked questions, and it made me excited to see the two girls together, talking about things. We gave her several medals to give to the Virgin to kiss. Conchita told Catherine about the first apparitions, and she also told us about Fr. Luís’s death and that she’d spoken with him even though they hadn’t seen him. Then she told us that they already knew the Message, and I asked her if the apparitions would end on October 18th and she answered no, that they would continue for three years and that there would be two more messages. Conchita asked Catherine when she would be baptized and we told her that Catherine was only 19, so it would be better to wait until she was 21, but Conchita continued asking her questions about why her parents wouldn’t let her be baptized and other questions.
Conchita also told us that they had spoken with Fr. Luís in four languages, that he had said the Hail Mary in Greek, and that she had spoken with him in French. Then she told Catherine to speak in French a little, and she said that she would like her parents to convert. We asked Conchita if she knew what Catherine had said, and the girl answered yes, that Catherine wanted her parents to convert.
In the afternoon the four girls prayed the Rosary, and they didn’t stop looking at Catherine. For them, it was something special that they were going to dedicate to the Virgin that day.
Later, they told us in Jacinta’s house, and Lolita was there too, that they had a call from the Virgin. I already knew from Conchita that before the Virgin came, the girls received three interior calls. Loli’s father went to the street and said: “Let the French girl come up.” The two of us went up, and there were three other women, Jacinta’s parents, Loli’s parents, and also a young boy who was making notes in a book of what the girls were saying in ecstasy. The girls were sitting and awaiting the last call. We spoke with them and we gave them our medals that we had taken from Conchita’s house since she’d told us that she wouldn’t have a call that day.
I asked Loli and Jacinta how many calls they had and they told me a little less than three. I asked them what a little less than three meant and they laughed, but they didn’t answer me. They asked if Mari Cruz, another of the girls, was still having an ecstasy, and then I understood that Mari Cruz was in ecstasy in the window of her house and I imagined that this “a little less than three calls” was waiting for Mari Cruz’s ecstasy to finish. It was that, because as soon as Mari Cruz finished, Fr. Valentín went to her house, and the other girls had just entered the ecstasy.
A little before entering the ecstasy, Loli said: “I’m going to get holy water, because they tell me it is the devil.” She entered the room and took a flask of holy water. She sat next to another girl and put the water behind her chair. A little later, the two girls entered into ecstasy. They were sitting with the same look as always in the same place as always and with their heads lifted. They spoke, but we didn’t hear anything and then they said: “It was the Salesian, it was the Salesian.” They repeated this and afterward the girls laughed and were very happy, then they said: “She isn’t Catholic, she isn’t Catholic. She is only 19 years old, she has to wait for two years. She is not Catholic, she isn’t baptized, her parents, her parents,” repeated the girls.
They gave medals to be kissed and when they arrived at Catherine’s, Loli said: “It is hers, it is hers,” and she elevated my rosary insistently (I had told her before her ecstasy that the French girl had said her first prayers on that rosary) it was connected to another, and they raised it twice and then, separating mine from the other, said: “This, this, her first prayers.” Loli found Catherine’s medal once again without looking for it and the girls said that it was a little cross. Fr. Valentín asked me which medal she was looking for, and I said that it was a group of medals, all together, and that Catherine’s was among them. The girl put her hand behind her chair where she had placed the holy water before the ecstasy. She took the medals and lifted them again, saying: “This is hers, this one, this one.” She took the flask and threw the little water it contained in such a way that it fell on Catherine even though she was not standing in front of the girl.
Catherine was excited at that moment threw her head back. I, upon seeing the movement of Catherine’s head, looked and her and knew perfectly why all of the water that the flask contained had fallen on her. I was sure that none of the holy water had fallen on me, and I was next to the girls, almost pressed up to them.
When the ecstasy ended, I asked Catherine why she had pulled away when the holy water had fallen on her and she said that she was impressed by how the holy water had fallen over her head, and when she’d moved it had dampened her dress as well. All of this happened with a flask of water so tiny that it is impossible that it could contain the amount of water that fell on Catherine.
I didn’t remember that I had also given the girls a small image of Our Lady of Lourdes—which I had given to Catherine the previous year. Lolita found this image that I had given to Jacinta. She was very insistent and seemed nervous, as though the Virgin had indicated where it was, she found it on one side. With her feet to Jacinta—they were all as always with their heads thrown back and they were looking at a fixed point—she took the little Virgin, lifted it, stood up, lifted her arms and forced them as though she wanted to lift the image higher. Then, Jacinta was in the same position (sitting) as Loli in ecstasy. She held Loli’s knees and lifted her to follow her. Both of their head were thrown back and rigid and they were looking at the same place, always high. Jacinta held Loli as though she was a feather, without the least effort. When Jacinta put her down, Loli said: “I want to give it to her.” She went to Catherine, found the pocket of her jacket and said: “Here is the pocket,” and then put the Virgin in her pocket. The two girls inclined in front of us and looked like they were going to fall. Afterward, Loli inclined in such a way in front of Catherine that we thought she was going to fall. It was so much that Fr. Valentín put his hand between Catherine and the girl, indicating that we should be careful so the girl wouldn’t fall.
The two girls sat down and talked in low voices. Then they prayed a Station to Jesus in the Sacrament and they kissed the Virgin, laughed, and said: “Don’t go, stay a little longer.” The two girls blessed themselves at the same time and then repeated it several times with the same precision.
When they returned to the normal state, Loli was very happy and told us: “We have told the Virgin that they said that she was the devil and she laughed.”
When we returned to Burgos we found a holy card from Lourdes that Catherine’s parents had sent from there. Catherine had never been there, but her parents travel often and her mother was very close. They said that Lourdes was very beautiful and that they liked it very much. This impressed Catherine, who had never heard her parents talk about religion at all in the home.

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Fr François Turner : Garabandal readers should first be reminded of the Following basic facts :
1. The Miracle will occur on a Thursday at 8.30 Pm
2. In March, April or May
3. Between the seventh and seventeenth (both excluded)
4. On the feast Day of a Martyr of the Eucharist. HE IS NOT A SPANIARD. He has a name that is raro, unusual (at least in Spain)
5. It will coincide with a rare, important and happy Event of the Church and Christendom, which will occur on the same Day as the Miracle
The Full and rare interview of Fr François Turner about the Eucharist Martyr below, Page 10 :
My Comment : Attached a copy (just click on the picture) and the link of this rare interview (confirming that the Eucharist Martyr is not SPANISH) of Father François Turner known as one of the Best Historian of Garabandal, sent to me weeks ago now (as a rare note) and before my article about the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr (see 2017 The Great Miracle (1 and 2) year article), due to some last emails about the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr regarding some questions about the credibility of my sources or even mine, I decided to up date online the origin of my source and you have now my answer, so I will ask to any of my readers to avoid me any emails regarding this kind of subject any more, critical or even some possible doubts, or there are quiet normal and a part of the life of any "SERIOUS" Garabandalist , I will finish this LAST update article about the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr with these words that I have already said on this blog : We don’t play with our Lady of Garabandal, not Yesterday, not Today and not Tomorrow.
As I will be in Garabandal soon, please Pray for me, thank you again for your Support.
The Great Miracle Road to Garabandal, Stay online !

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Mother of Sorrows, Pray For Us…


Entitled ‘Mother of Sorrows, Pray for us’, the July-September 2013 issue of the Garabandal International Magazine is now available and once again, filled with very interesting topics.
For those who are unfamiliar with Garabandal, please click here for more information.
Beginning with a cover story entitled Our Lady Prophesied “the Double Threat” and ending with an article on Garabandal – The Ultimate Forget-Me-Knot,  this July – September 2013 issue is most definitely worth your time to read and absorb every detail.
Please click here to read the online issue.
For those who believe in the power of the Rosary, please pray the Rosary at least once a day. Thank you, and Peace to all. Amen.

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[Video] Original Voice of the Girls in ecstasy singing for Our Lady

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2013

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
July 16, 2013

Dear Friends,

Today is our feast day - the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We remember you - Our Lady's Workers - especially in our prayers today. Please continue to pray for us.

Thank you, friends and benefactors, for your continued support of this organization dedicated to the promotion of Our Lady's Message of Garabandal and for your untiring efforts to make this message known throughout the world. We have good news to share with you today.

We are very pleased to report on the successful reception of our Youtube Channel - Message of Garabandal. Launched only six months ago, we have already attracted over 25,000 views for the online documentaries. This response has exceeded even our most optimistic hopes for promotion by way of this new platform. We are off to a strong start with no sign of slowing down.

We want to express our gratitude to our colleagues, fellow promoters in Portugal and Brazil, in France, in the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany and Poland, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia - as well as India, Spain, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Russia and the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Hungary and many others who have made this effort successful by their support.

In February of this year, the New York Center marked the forty fifth anniversary of its founding. Most of those present at the incorporation have passed away, many good people who offered their various talents to Our Lady of Mount Carmel over the decades are no longer with us. We remember their contributions today in the firm assurance that their works are known to God and rewarded in Heaven.

To celebrate this milestone, we completed the redesign of our eleven year old website - - in May. This website remains our tribute to those whose irreplaceable work is only now finding its widest audience.

Thanks to recent advances in online technology we have been able to incorporate full translation into sixty languages, streaming video, inclusive design for mobile phones and tablets, and a new archive for the legacy PDF content taken from the best writing of NEEDLES and GARABANDAL Magazine from 1972 through the last edition in 2002.

Since the re launch we have welcomed viewers from over 110 countries and territories. Traffic continues to flow steadily and the feedback we have received to date has been very positive.  

In our troubled times, the Message of Garabandal continues to spread across the globe and lately, it seems, with a greater sense of urgency than ever before.

Please remember to LIVE this Message Our Lady has give us: personal conversion, sorrow for sin, prayers of reparation, manifest love for our neighbors, humble sacrifices, ordinary penances, ardor for Christ in the Eucharist, prayer for priests, obedience to the lawful authority of the Church in union with the Holy Father, devotion to Saint Michael, filiation with the Mother of God signified by the brown scapular and our faithful recitation of the daily rosary.

Please continue to make this Message known as Our Lady requested. Begin with your family and associates. Advance these devotions Our Lady emphasized at Garabandal wherever you can without disturbing the peace of the community of all believers.

Finally, in this our Forty Fifth Anniversary year and the third year of the Golden Anniversary of the Apparitions, we would like to remember Richard Everson for his invaluable contribution in producing the groundbreaking Events of Garabandal  documentary in 1971.

How many people in these past decades have come to a deeper conviction of the reality of God, the love of the Holy Virgin, and the truth of Garabandal through this accomplishment? Would Garabandal have endured so securely through the passing years without the powerful visual impact of the filmed ecstasies and the strong evidence they have offered to the validity of the phenomena?

Events is the primary source for organization and inspiration for all those who have attempted to relate the story of Garabandal using photography and film - a method which Richard Everson pioneered for the English language audience. It is a contribution as valuable in its way as Conchita's Diary, the documented testimony of the eyewitnesses, and the writings of the priests and promoters of the first generation of Garabandalists.

Although displaced by The Message of Garabandal and the other documentaries of the Nineties, we have uploaded Events to our Youtube Channel as a tribute to Dick, a great friend to Joey Lomangino and the Workers of the New York Center. We thank God for his work today.

In Union of Prayer,

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal

Lindenhurst, NY USA 
P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0606

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 44

(extract of a letter)

“The Messenger has asked the Bishop of Santander to inform him of what happens in Garabandal, and the Commission is afraid—the word they said was “anxious” and now they don’t do anything but send me greetings and hugs. I suppose that because the Bishop ordered a priest to stay here during my “vacation” they think they have fooled me, but they are mistaken. Well, we will see what happens. On November 9th the girls said that they would not see the Virgin until November 13th and then after that, that they would not see her until January 13th. Since I will not be there, the Commission will think that it is something I did, or something similarly bad for them.
Signed: Valentín Marichalar
November 1961

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Garabandal/Russia Breaking News

Garabandal/Russia Breaking News -

Firsthand information about the Garabandal Great Miracle
I just had a phone conversation with M. Lefevre from Brussels in Belgium, recommended by one of the readers of my blog, he told me, Aviso call him as he may have some firsthand information, so I called him this morning, below some important details gave to me by Mr Lefevre about the Great Miracle and exclusively for this blog.
Mr Lefevre knew quiet well Father Laffineur (who was from the same region and from the same Nationality) and Abbé de Baillencourt, Mr Lefevre and Abbé de Baillencourt were in Garabandal in 1971, invited for lunch at Mrs De Gallardo home, a close friend of Conchita and eyewitness of the Apparitions , Mrs De Gallardo (with God now) has been able to give them a firsthand information unknown by most of the Garabandalists and linked to the Great Mircale but she asked them to keep it secret and to never disclose it, Mr Lefevre had kept this information secretly for years until 1990 (approx.) and the official invitation in 1989 from President Gorbachev to Pope John Paul II for a travel to Russia who was that time still the Soviet Union, we knew after that this travel has not been possible for different reasons and did not happen, it’s still the case today, none of the Popes has never been in Russia yet.
Below the words of Mr Lefevre (recorded on tape with his authorization) regarding “the Pope will see the Great Miracle wherever he will be that time”, the famous prophecy from Conchita confirmed also in her diary:
Mr Lefevre : Mrs De Gallardo told us (to Abbé de Baillencourt and to him), the Virgin told to Conchita that the Pope will see the Great Miracle wherever he will be that time then she added, THE POPE WILL BE IN RUSSIA AND HE WILL SEE THE GREAT MIRACLE FROM RUSSIA, those are exactly the words of Mrs De Gallardo told to her by Conchita herself.

My Comment : so We know now and for sure that a Pope will travel to Russia and will see the Great Miracle from there, an important detail and I am happy to share it with the readers of this Blog and with the authorization of Mr Lefevre, I want also to add another important detail regarding the Book of Albrecht Weber (see The Pope will go to Russia article) sent to me few days ago, the reader who advised me to call Mr Lefevre, had also the same book with him but the first edition from 1993 only (mine is from 2000), he has not been able to find out in this book this indication about a Pope will go to Russia in Moscow, so it looks that this information is not in the Book of Mr Weber as most of us thought it including myself, the Prophecy about 4 Popes only (Page 143 in the 1993 edition and Page 149 in the 2000 edition) but Mr Weber confirmed it and received it during a conversation with Conchita in 1965 but it looks that he did not added it in his book.
Another important detail, Mr Lefevre met Padre Pio twice, in 1964 and in 1966 and asked him, if Padre Pio can gave him a personal authorization to spread the Garabandal messages in Africa (in congo mostly), Padre Pio gave it to him but at one condition only, to get an ecclesiastical authorization (only) before and each time he’ll like to talk about the Garabandal messages publicly.
The Current Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Cyril 1st

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Garabandal, A Jesuit Place ?

Garabandal, A Jesuit Place ? -

St Michael, the other Jesuit Connection?
He Came every day when there were no Priest in the village and gave us Holy Communion. At the beginning he would teach us how to say the Act of Contrition before receiving the Host and after Communion he would teach us to say the Prayer of St Ignatius “Soul of Christ, Sanctify me….etc”.
Afterwards, whenever I saw the Angel with the Host, I would immediately start to say the Act of Contrition, and the Angel will wait until I had finished before giving me Communion. And after the Communion I would say the “Soul of Christ” Prayer, and the Angel always waited until I had finished THAT PRAYER before he disappeared. ….
The Full interview below :

My Comment : Conchita replied to an interview about St Michael in Garabandal and we learned that St Michael the Archangel was teaching the girls to say the Prayer of St Ignatius ‘Soul of Christ’ after Communion, one of the Main Prayer of the First Jesuit, Saint Ignatius of Loyola.
So We had already Father Andreu as the First Jesuit Priest having seen the Great Miracle beforehand (see the Great Miracle, A Jesuit connection article) and now we learned that St Michael, the Chef Prince of the forces of Heaven, the Archangel who revealed the Second and last Message of Garabandal on June 18th 1965 to the world, who was also present in Fatima, was teaching the Girls, one of the Main Prayer of the Spanish Founder of the Jesuits, St Ignatius himself, so of all Saints, St Michael the Archangel by the wish of Heaven, choose a Jesuit Saint Prayer only and between many other possible Prayers of Saints but as with God there is not any coincidence, this second connection between Garabandal and Jesuits is quiet clear again and another indication like a divine message between the lines indicating that Heaven may had choose the Jesuits order to play a main role linked to the Apparitions of Garabandal.
Precisely, the First Jesuit Pope in the history of the Church, our current Pope Francis, himself and few days ago only with the presence of the last Pope Benedict XVI, chose to consecrate his “home” the Vatican, to the Archangel St Michael, for the beginning of the Battle before the Great Miracle ? but let Conchita finish :
….oh Yes I would like very much to see him again. But I never say the Rosary with that intention anymore. But I always say the “Soul of Christ” Prayer after Communion and at that time I always remember St Michael.
So and again is Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope in history, the Pope who will see the Garabandal Great Miracle? as Father Andreu the Jesuit Priest was the first to have seen it ? we also know now that St Michael the Archangel decided as well to learn to the girls a (main) Jesuit Prayer and after any Communion but why a Jesuit Prayer only and again ?these 2 clear indications between Garabandal and the Jesuits cannot be another coincidence and it’s my opinion but as usual my opinion only.
The Soul of Christ Prayer :
Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Water from the side of Christ, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
Good Jesus, hear me
Within the wounds, shelter me
from turning away, keep me
From the evil one, protect me
At the hour of my death, call me
Into your presence lead me
to praise you with all your saints
Forever and ever.


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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 43

Aguilar de Campoo, November 15, 1961

Copy of a letter brought by the Clinic that wrote to him, Sofía González of the village of Cossío—among other things, says:

“As I told them before, after the decline of the spirit of many people who are more excited each time they see, I went up on eight continuous days. I went up at five in the morning, and at eight at night, amid inclement weather and without feeling any fatigue, we saw such divine things that it is impossible to describe them. Last night, they saw details that we would believe to be impossible and that no human could do it. Now few people enter the kitchens with the girls and go to all of the places they go in ecstasy.

Now the Virgin has told them that after Saturday the 18th, She will not return in an apparition until January 13th. She said to wait because this Saturday the 18th, or the next one, they will see many things. She told them what they have to do in the course of these two months.”

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The Years of Truth ? Update:

The Years of Truth ? -

1st Evidence:
Father Turner – Historian of Garabandal
The Miracle will occur on a Thursday at 8.30 Pm between the 07th and the 17th (both excluded) of the month in March, April or May.
1st indication: As indicated on this blog we have 3 clear Evidences that the Great Miracle month is APRIL

Read more here: 


This article was one of the most read on this blog, since my return from Garabandal, I'd like to add this update, the Warning and the Great Miracle could be very close each other, if it is the case (ONLY) then I recommend everyone to travel the next day of the Warning to Garabandal directly and by all the possible ways, you MUST be in Garabandal for the Great Miracle and don’t hesitate to bring your families as well, especially sick people as you know it already.
I will also recommend, especially for our Brothers from the USA, Canada and Australia and for families with small budgets, to start NOW and if possible, to save the necessary amount to buy your travel tickets when the D Day will be announced by Conchita (to buy after the warning ONLY) as it could be quiet expansive for some families with many members, you must also have your Passports updated (5 Years would be perfect), it’s very important but again and to be clear, Conchita herself will be able to announce the exact Date of the Great Miracle 8 days in advance, as we all know it and we must Respect the wish of Heaven in any case.
I have created this Blog for YOU ONLY, despite different threats but due to some confidences and especially since my wedding and last trip in Garabandal, I will keep my promise to our Lady of Garabandal until the end, You must be in Garabandal for the Great Miracle despite all the rumors, lies and I don't know what linked to Garabandal, you may have to read here and there, especially from medias or even from our Church, different news against Garabandal especially close to the events but please stay strong in any way , what you will see in the Village from Heaven the D Day will help you as your families, especially the future generations, your Children, to resist to the difficult years on the way before the years of Peace promised by our Lady in Fatima.
I'll like also to add 2 important keys for the next months, especially for the next Year, RUSSIA AND THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA.
May our Mother forgive me, if I have not been perfect or if I have not been strong enough to be clearer, I also count on your Prayers.
Please remember, all my articles are my opinion and my opinion only, any copies of one of my articles must have a link of this blog, thank you again for your understanding and for your support.
All is inside and be sure !