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SEPTEMBER 29, 1967:


At the spot of the "rock of St. Michael," certain overzealous "promoters of Garabandal," were setting out to build a chapel "prematurely" in honor of the Archangel. They were acting on the faith of "false revelations" in the previous month of August, made to a fraudulent visionary, supposedly a mystic . . .
In the evening of the Feast of St. Michael, Conchita, preferring not to join this group in prayer, rather climbed up to the Pines with a few other persons. While the visionary and her friends knelt down in prayer, a star rose and remained above them during their whole prayer!
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 214]

Yes, we can be led astray by certain "mystics" who think they are receiving messages from God or Our Lady. But as St. Paul said "test everything." Conchita did the right thing and was rewarded with a sign from God (the star) for her faith. Many people receive signs like this. I have too! They are called "signal graces" to let us know God is hearing your prayer. It may not be answered as you want it to be, because God knows everything and some things are not good for us and our salvation, but at least you know He is listening.
Deacon John

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MARCH 17, 1967:

"Monsignor Vincente Puchol Montis, successor to Msgr. Aldazabal, reports in his Note of March 17, 1967, that"
". . . 1) There was no apparition, neither of the Blessed Virgin,
nor of the Archangel, nor of any other person from Heaven.
2) There was no Message.
3) All the events that occurred (at San Sebastian de Garabandal) have a natural explanation . . ."
On March 19, the Spanish Television made this Note public.

MAY 8, 1967:
Msgr. V. Puchol dies in a mysterious car accident. As early as the previous April 25, his death had been prophetically announced in Madrid by a great Spanish mystic (Blessed Mother Maravillas of Jesus)
[She was beatified in May 10, 1998 by Pope John Paul II. Mother Maravillas "knew" that Garabandal was authentic. She even clearly shared her conviction with her spiritual daughters, assuring them that "the phenomena occurring at San Sebastian de Garabandal come from
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 214 and 227]
Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.1997)...Image via Wikipedia

Now the "works of God" are mysterious! Who knows if by the bishop's denial he was called to judgment? We sure will know the answer when we get to heaven! In the meantime, remember all the Saints who did believe in Garabandal, like St. Padre Pio, Blessed Mother Maravillas and even Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta! This also reminds me of another bishop in our days who is denying the apparitions that are still going on in a European country. I feel sorry for their unbelief!
Roman Deacon

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JANUARY 7 AND 14, 1967:


In January 1967, Conchita, on the one hand, and Jacinta and Mari- Loli, on the other, wrote two letters of thanks to Msgr. Manuel Pio Lopez, archbishop of Talapa (Mexico), for the favorable testimony he had given on Garabandal. The prelate, in fact on July 8, 1966, had publicly made much of the reply Msgr. Philippe, then a member of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, had made to the Superior of the Carmel of Puebla about the authenticity of the phenomena: "The fact that (Blessed) Padre Pio, known for his virtue, his knowledge and his fidelity to the Holy See, approves these apparitions and encourages the four girls to spread the Message of the Most Blessed Virgin, is a strong proof of the truthfulness of those apparitions" . . .
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 213]

Joey Lomangino receives Holy Communion from St. Pio 

It always amazed me that so many people, including bishops and priests, from outside of Spain, could see the truth of the apparitions and those who lived nearby denied them. It was like when Our Lord preached in His own home town of Nazareth and the people who lived there and knew Jesus, Mary and Joseph rejected Him and He didn't work many miracles there because of their lack of faith in Him. At one point the towns people even tried to throw Jesus over a cliff! The Bible says that "He escaped right through their midst." It was not His time to die yet. And so, it will be in God's time that all will believe in Garabandal! Padre Pio believed, do you?
Deacon John 

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AUGUST 1966:



From the beginning of the apparitions, the Blessed Virgin had regularly warned the children that "someday they would contradict one another and even deny they had ever seen Her." During the February 13, 1966 locution, Our Lord had already mentioned this trial, then very near, to Conchita.

Mari-Cruz was the first to 'deny' in September 1962. To this day she has maintained her denials with, however, less and less . . . conviction!

Then it was Mari-Loli's and Jacinta's turn to doubt, for the first time in January 1963. As for Conchita, we remember that in 1961, during her constrained stay at Santander, she had apparently admitted that she had had no visions.

Loli and Conchita . . . confided their troubles to [Don Jose Olano, the new pastor priest of San Sebastian de Garabandal] him in confession. Conchita asked Don Olano to inform the bishop and make arrangements for an interview with Msgr. Puchol . . .

It was in the summer of 1966 that the doubts and denials reached the peak of their intensity . . . On August 15, in the village, after the recitation of the Rosary, Mari-Loli and Conchita suddenly felt filled with "remorse" and with the "feeling of having deceived the world" . . .

Conchita's interview with Msgr. Puchol Montis took place on August 30, at Pamplona, and lasted more than seven hours. At the end of this tense and harassing day, the visionary finally 'admitted' that "all of this was a lie," and even 'swore to that effect" . . . There were other rendezvous between Msgr. Puchol and the four visionaries, this time at Santander, on September 2, 7 and 27 and on October 11, 1966. During one of these interrogations, Conchita thought it good to reveal . . . the date of the future Miracle to the Bishop. But, at the moment she meant it proper to do so, she realized that she had forgotten it completely! She suddenly remembered it as she left the Bishop's residence . . . Mari-Loli also experienced this same type of providential "forgetfulness." Conchita was asked many questions on what she calls her "negations." Here we reproduce a particular interesting conversation:

Question: - When you said that you were seeing the Blessed Virgin, were you lying?
Conchita: - No, I was telling the truth.
Question: - And now you say that you didn't see Her, you are lying?
Conchita: - No, I am telling the truth.
Question: - Your conscience is at peace, right now?
Conchita: - Yes.
Question: - And when you were saying that you were seeing the Blessed Virgin, your conscience was at peace?
Conchita: - Yes, to be sure, yes.
Question: - At what moment was your conscience most at peace?
Conchita: - When I was saying that I was seeing the Blessed Virgin, my conscience was then totally at peace. Now, of course, I am still at peace, but, nonetheless, I have something in a corner of my conscience . . .
Question: - And why do you say that you did not see the Blessed Virgin?
Conchita: - The Blessed Virgin alone knows why She does things this way . . .

In a letter Conchita wrote on November 13, 1966, we find this short excerpt where the visionary gave a new and still more profound explanation of her 'denials':

"I keep on thinking the same thing concerning my retractions, and I accept that this is neither a cross nor anything at all."

As a conclusion, may we quote some brief excerpts from a note written on August 11, 1966 by Fr. Lucio Rodrigo, S.J.: " . . . our belief in the Divine supernatural nature of the Phenomena (of San Sebastian de Garabandal0 is not founded on what the children said at the time of the apparitions, but on real facts properly ascertained by witnesses and subjected to a rigid critical analysis, a fortiori our faith . . . has no reason to be destroyed or even diminished by the actual or future statements of the children. They would be deluded, but we would not."

Besides, throughout the whole Church history only true visionaries and authentic mystics experienced moments of real doubts and temptations against the Faith: a valuable criterion of authenticity already supporting Garabandal!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 211-213]

Whoa! does this chapter scandalize you? Don't be! As Father Rodrigo said, it's all part of God's supernatural way of testing the seers and us too! Our Lady said "it was a grace to believe in Garabandal!" I believed right from the moment I read about the apparitions for the first time about 40 years ago, and I have, through the grace of God, continued to believe in them. My testimony is my life as a devote Catholic Christian and hopefully my death will also give glory to God by my Christian life! Garabandal has brought me closer to Jesus in the Eucharist through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Garabandal has taught me that we must serve God and neighbor, and that's why I desired to be a deacon. Remember what Our Lord said to Conchita, "You must have your hands full of good deeds to enter Heaven, right now your hands are empty." When I first read those words, my hands were empty! How about you? Dear Lord, have mercy on us!
Deacon John

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Pope Paul VI in the Gestatorial Chair"Conchita, I bless you and with me the whole Church will bless you."

This period was to become more and more devoted to spreading the Message, thanks particularly to the Degree issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on November 15, 1966. The Church, in keeping with the true spirit of the SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL, granted a new "responsible freedom" in the field of apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies, etc.

The opening of the Second Session of the Secon...The Opening of the Second Session of the Second Vatican Council. Image via Wikipedia

Obviously, during the last thirty years and more, since the end of the phenomena, there was no lack of shadow and light surrounding the visionaries. First there was to be the period of painful doubts and retractions, but also Conchita's two other trips to Rome, in 1968 and 1969, when she was again invited and greeted by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Second, there was also certain attempts, indeed aborted and which, in any case, occurred after the authentic facts, of the intervention of the Evil One at San Sebastian de Garabandal, up to the actions, less enlightened than intentionally negative, of Msgr. Puchol, Montis and Cirarda. Finally, there is the position of the "wait and see" adopted by the present Bishop, Msgr. Jose Maria Vilaplana, a providential one for Garabandal. . . .
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 210]

 And so that's what we are doing, "wait and see"! And see we will when the Warning, Miracle and Great Sign come upon this mixed up world. We will all see our sins and certainly be sorry for them! We will believe! We will be happy because the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will come at that point in time and we will have an Era of Peace! Just "wait and see!"
Deacon John

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From Mark Mallett: The Land is Mourning:

The Land is Mourning


SOMEONE wrote recently asking what my take is on the dead fish and birds showing up all over the world. First of all, this has been happening now in growing frequency over the past couple of years. Several species are suddenly "dying" in huge numbers. Is it the result of natural causes? Human invasion? Technological intrusion? Scientific weaponry?

Given where we are at in this time in human history; given the strong warnings issued from Heaven; given the powerful words of the Holy Fathers over this past century… and given the godless course that mankind has now pursued, I believe Scripture does indeed have an answer to what in the world is going on with our planet:


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Back from Rome, Conchita faced a decisive moment. She knew she would again never see the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal. There was now the matter of her vocation . . .

On February 7, her own birthday, Conchita was the perfect image of trust. She was leaving her village to go to the College of the Discalced Missionary Carmelites, at Pamplona. She was seventeen years old and wanted to become a postulant, then a novice in the Congregation, hoping that she would someday work among the Africans . . .

But behold that, in a second and last locution from Christ, hardly a week after her arrival at Pamplona, Conchita learned, among other things, that the Lord was not calling her to be a religious sister . . . The text of this last "charismatic event" of Garabandal is so rich in meaning that it can only be reproduced here, its obvious spiritual content for one, needing no comment:

"On Sunday, February 13, 1966, at the moment of thanksgiving after Communion, I received both a great joy and a yet greater distress, as well as a disappointment! I heard the voice of Christ telling me:

"Conchita, you came here to the college to prepare yourself to become My bride and, as you say, to follow Me. Are you not saying, Conchita, that you do not want to do My will? Well, now, it is your will that you want to fulfill. Do you want to do like this all your life? I chose you in the world so that you may stay in it, so that you may face the many vexations that you will find there for My sake. I want all that for your sanctification, and so that you may offer this for the salvation of the world. You must speak to the world about Mary. Remember that in June [rather in July 1963, the only previous locution she had of Christ: it must be a small error from Conchita herself - J.S.] you asked Me if you would be a religious sister. I answered you: 'You will find the Cross and suffering everywhere.' I am telling you this again".
"Conchita, did you feel My call to become My bride? No! Because I did not call you."

I asked Him: "And how does one feel Your call to become a religious?"
He told me: "Don't worry about that, you will not feel it."
I asked Him: "Then You do not love me, Jesus?"
He replied: "Conchita, you ask me that? Who redeemed you? Fulfill My will and you will find My love. Examine yourself well. Think more of others. Do not fear temptations. If you are faithful to My love, you will overcome the many temptations awaiting you. Be intelligent, understand what I told you in a spiritual way. Do not close the eyes of your soul. Do not let anyone deceive you. Love humility, simplicity. Never think that what you are doing is great. Think of what you have to do, of what you must do, not to merit Heaven, but to save the world so that it may fulfill My divine will. Every soul that prepares itself, every soul well disposed to hear Me, will know My will. Conchita, I wish to tell you that you will suffer a great deal from now on until the Miracle, for few will believe you. Even your family will think you deceived them. I am the One who has wanted all that. I told you so, for your sanctification and for the world to fulfill the Message. I want to warn you that the remainder of your life will be a continual suffering."
"Do not be afraid. You will find Me in suffering, Me and Mary, whom you love so much."

I asked Him if in Rome also I would not be believed and He did not answer me.
Then He told me: "Do not worry about whether or not you are believed. I am the One who will do everything, but I will also give you suffering. I will be with whoever suffers for Me."
[From 'Garabandal' Book pages 206-207]

Boy hailing John-Paul IIImage by tiseb via Flickr

"Do not be afraid," Jesus said to Conchita! I remember that those were the first words the newly elected Pope John Paul II said from the balcony at the Vatican before hundreds of thousands of the faithful!

And we shouldn't be afraid because the Lord is with us, walking and sometimes carrying us on our spiritual journey to Heaven! But He says also that we have to work at it, helping all those we meet, including our own family, to believe and live the Faith. And as we live our faith in conformity with the Lord, we will experience suffering. Jesus said we suffer for His sake, His will and the salvation of the world. Amazing! Here we are, little nobodies, helping Jesus save the world! Offer and unite your sufferings to Jesus! It will save your soul!
Deacon John

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From Mark Mallett: The Last Effort

The Last Effort

The Last Effort, by Tianna Mallett

IMMEDIATELY after Isaiah’s beautiful vision of an era of peace and justice preceded by a purification of the earth, which leaves a remnant, he writes a brief prayer in praise and thanksgiving of God’s mercy—a prophetic prayer, as we will see:
You will say in that day… Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the LORD GOD is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation. You shall draw waters with joy out of the savior’s fountain… (Isaiah 12:1-2)
The Blessed Virgin’s Magnificat was an echo of this victory song—a song that will be echoed by the Church in that new era. But for now, I want to look at the powerful christological connection of Isaiah’s words in our dramatic times, and how they are part of God’s "last effort" now toward mankind…

At the very moment in history when Satan began to sow the philosophical lie of deism, which sought to turn God into a cold, distant creator, Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690 A.D.). He revealed to her His flaming Sacred Heart, burning with love for His creation. More than that, He was revealing His counter-plan to the dragon’s lies:

I understood that devotion to the Sacred Heart is a last effort of His Love towards Christians of these latter times, by proposing to them an object and means so calculated to persuade them to love Him.Margherita_Sacro_Cuore.jpg St. Margaret Mary, Antichrist and the End Times, Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, p. 65
This devotion was the last effort of His love that He would grant to men in these latter ages, in order to withdraw them from the empire of Satan which He desired to destroy, and thus to introduce them into the sweet liberty of the rule of His love, which He wished to restore in the hearts of all those who should embrace this devotion. St. Margaret Mary,
And so, at the height of that philosophical era, God began sending His Mother more frequently into the world to continually call her children back to His Sacred Heart. In the lesser known apparition at Pontmain, France, Mary said to the visionaries:
…My Son lets His heart be touched. —January 17th, 1871,
Jesus wants His Heart to be touched… for the flames of His love and mercy to penetrate and melt the hearts of men grown cold in these last centuries through philosophies which have led him far away from his Creator.
And thus, even against our will, the thought rises in the mind that now those days draw near of which Our Lord prophesied: "And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold" (Matt. 24:12). —POPE PIUS XI, Miserentissimus Redemptor, Encyclical on Reparation to the Sacred Heart, n. 17
How? How would His "last effort" to convert mankind be achieved before a great purification of the earth?
In a powerful vision, St. Gertrude the Great (d. 1302) was allowed to rest her head near the wound in the Saviour’s breast. As she listened to His beating Heart, she asked St. John, the beloved Apostle, how it was that he, whose head had reposed on the breast of the Savior at the Last Supper, kept complete silence about the throbbing of the adorable Heart of his Master in his writings. She expressed regret to him that he had said nothing about it for our instruction. The saint replied to her:
My mission was to write for the Church, still in its infancy, something about the uncreated Word of God the Father, something which of itself alone would give exercise to every human intellect to the end of time, something that no one would ever succeed in fully understanding. As for the language of these blessed beats of the Heart of Jesus, it is reserved for the last ages when the world, grown old and become cold in the love of God, will need to be warmed again by the revelation of these mysteries.Legatus divinae pietatis, IV, 305; "Revelationes Gertrudianae", ed. Poitiers and Paris, 1877

The image of Jesus pointing to His Sacred Heart is one that has spread throughout the world. Statues, icons, and paintings of this consoling image adorn the walls of many cathedrals and churches, not to mention many of our homes. Thus, as the morning star heralds the dawn, this image was the herald of a coming language—a message timed by God towards these latter days to move the hearts of men. That language is the revelation of Divine Mercy through St. Faustina, calculated to become known in our times. The Sacred Heart, one could say, has passed through the prism of St. Faustina, and exploded into a language of light and love. The last effort of God is the message of Mercy, and more specifically, the Feast of Divine Mercy:
Souls perish in spite of My bitter Passion. I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy. If they will not adore My mercy, they will perish for all eternity. Secretary of My mercy, write, tell souls about this great mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of My justice, is near. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, n. 965

Isaiah prophesied that, before the "day" of justice, there would be offered to mankind "the savior’s fountain." That is, the Heart of Jesus.

For you I descended from heaven to earth; for you I allowed myself to be nailed to the cross; for you I let my Sacred Heart be pierced with a lance, thus opening wide the source of mercy for you. Come, then, with trust to draw graces from this fountain… From all My wounds, like from streams, mercy flows for souls, but the wound in My Heart is the fountain of unfathomable mercy. From this fountain spring all graces for souls. The flames of compassion burn Me. I desire greatly to pour them out upon souls. Speak to the whole world about My mercy. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, n.1485, 1190
And so, my brothers and sisters, you who have been waiting together in The Bastion of our Mother’s Immaculate Heart—do you hear the essence of your mission now?
Speak to the whole world about My mercy.
We are living in an hour of mercy. The chief shepherd of the Church reiterated this message over Christmas (2010):
In the final analysis, healing can only come from deep faith in God’s reconciling love. Strengthening this faith, nourishing it and causing it to shine forth is the Church’s principal task at this hour… —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Address to the Roman Curia, December 20th, 2010
You too are now part of God’s "last effort." Whether we live to see the Era of Peace is not our concern. Right now, nature is reeling under the sins of men. Scientists tell us that the magnetic poles of the earth are now shifting at an unprecedented rate and that, along with the shifting of the sun’s poles at the same time, this is creating a cooling effect upon the earth. Is it possible that as the moral poles shift—that which is evil is now considered good, and good is often deemed evil or "intolerant"—that the hearts of men are being reflected in nature?
…because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.
The earth is trembling, literally—a sign that the "fault-line" in the souls of men is reaching critical mass. Soon, the hearts of mankind will be rent open, and Our Mother’s little army will be those vessels through which the mercy of God will be poured into those who would receive it.
The day is coming—we are living now in the last effort of God before the purification of our world, the day of justice arrives…
When the Church, in the days immediately succeeding her institution, was oppressed beneath the yoke of the Caesars, a young Emperor saw in the heavens a cross, which became at once the happy omen and cause of the glorious victory that soon followed. And now, to-day, behold another blessed and heavenly token is offered to our sightthe most Sacred Heart of Jesus, with a cross rising from it and shining forth with dazzling splendor amidst flames of love. Herein must all hopes be set, from hence must the salvation of men be sought and expected. —POPE LEO XIII, Annum Sacrum, Encyclical on Consecration to the Sacred Heart, n. 12
May it come about… [that] the Sacred Heart of Jesus and its sweet and sovereign kingdom be extended more widely to all in every part of the world: the kingdom "of truth and life; the kingdom of grace and holiness; the kingdom of justice, love and peace." —POPE PIUS XII, Haurietis Aquas, Encyclical on Devotion to the Sacred Heart, n. 126

I strongly recommend to all my readers, old and new, to read the following two items regarding this time of preparation:

My daughter composed the above image  at the same time I was preparing this meditation. She was unaware of what I was writing about. We called the artwork "The Last Effort". I have updated this meditation, which was first published January 19th, 2010.

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In Rome, at the Coliseum, January 13th 1966. Fr. Luna,
Princess Cécile of Bourbon, Conchita and her mother, Aniceta.


On the order of Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, then Pro-Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who had been informed about the Garabandal "events" by the father of the princess of Bourbon Parme as early as the summer of 1965, Conchita at last goes
to Rome.

On this trip with her there were Fr. Luna, Cecile of Bourbon Parme, Aniceta and Professor Medi (University of Rome), former ambassador of Spain to the Vatican.

Cardinal Ottaviana listened to Conchita for more than two hours. Although we still have partial information about their conversation, we know, nonetheless, that Conchita told him the date of the Miracle as well as the nature of the very important Church event that will occur on the same day, while also answering 'presumed' difficulties reported to the Pro-Prefect . . .

Several other important members of the Roman Curia also welcomed the visionary. She would later meet the Pope's confessor and told him also the date of the future "D" day. But, more important, Conchita was to be introduced to Paul VI, in a very private audience attended by

Pope Paul VI. during a visit of US president L...Image via Wikipedia
only five persons, which took place providentially on . . . January 18th! Undoubtedly, on this very first day of the "Week of prayer for the Unity of all Christians," the visionary told the Holy Father what she knew about the future 'reunification of all Christian Churches,' about 'the Council, the last Popes,' etc . . .

The Sovereign Pontiff will eventually bless the visionary twice in these terms: "Conchita, I bless you and with me the whole Church blesses you."

Taking advantage of a wait of twenty-four hours before her rendezvous with Cardinal Ottaviani, Conchita and her fellow travellers went to San Giovanni Rotondo. There she met a "friend": Blessed Padre Pio! The latter, although not feeling well that day, came nonetheless against all expectations, to greet the visionary . . . as soon as he was told that "Conchita of San Sebastian de Garabandal is also here." The interview was warm, the famous Capuchin constantly blessing
Conchita and assuring her of his prayers.

Padre Pio during the celebration of the Latin ...Image via Wikipedia

As to her crucifix, kissed by the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal, Conchita presented it to Blessed Padre Pio during her visit, asking him to bless it. This he did, placing the small crucifix on one of his stigmata, in the palm of his left hand, then covering it with Conchita's hand . . .
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 204-205]

Who could understand the ways of God? Everything is so mysterious! It's so true that He is in control and guides us at every moment. We just have to be holy and open to His Will and everything turns out for the better!

Conchita goes to Rome for a meeting with Cardinal Ottaviani and winds up seeing two Saints, Padre Pio and Pope Paul VI. What a wonderful experience that must of been. I probably would have fainted! We wonder what they talked about? Whatever it was that Conchita said, both the Pope and Padre Pio blessed Conchita over and over, which really means that they were also blessing the Garabandal events as well. Praise God!
Deacon John

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Dictionary published with 2,600 apparitions of the Virgin Mary

January 3, 2011. The Vatican has only officially recognized 15 apparitions, but this does not necessarily mean that the others are not valid. Theologian René Laurentin specializes in the study of the Virgin Mary and has cataloged and published all the apparitions in his book “Dictionary of Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.” It includes around 2,600 entries on the apparitions of the Virgin Mary from around the world.

Msgr. Rene Laurentin
Author, “Dictionary of Apparitions of the Virgin Mary”
“The French edition has 2,400 apparitions. I added about 100 more entries to the Italian version, so this one has some 2,500 articles. It's better than the French edition because it has new apparitions from Brazil, where I went this May, as well as the Italian apparitions.”

Angelo Serra
Editor, “Dictionary of Apparitions of the Virgin Mary”
“The original dictionary was published in French in 2007. We immediately became interested in it, but we had to wait for it to be translated, to be more precise with the technical aspects. Monsignor Laurentin added some modifications to the Italian edition. Mainly corrections and updates of apparitions that allegedly took place between the publication of the French and Italian edition.”

Since 1954, the author has studied the apparitions of the Virgin, which has made him one of the world's leading experts in the field.

Msgr. Rene Laurentin
Author, “Dictionary of Apparitions of the Virgin Mary”
“At that time the apparitions were merely an object of piety, not theology. I began to study the theology behind it and realized that an apparition can not bring a new message.”

Monsignor Laurentin assures that the Virgin appears to remind “to our deaf ears the urgency of the message of Christ.” Something he says that occurred in a special way in Lourdes.

Msgr. Rene Laurentin
Author, “Dictionary of Apparitions of the Virgin Mary”
“I have no preference for any apparition because it is always the Virgin, but what happened to Bernadette in Lourdes was very pure, very simple.”

The book makes for an essential guide for the curious, devotees and scholars of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary from across the globe.