Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 18

These are narrations that I have which come from witnesses at this scene. There are many more that I couldn’t see, and these represent a small minority. With these facts and from conversations with other people, I can reconstruct the scene like this:

Seers: Jacinta and María Dolores

Place: The Pines

Time: Around noon

1st—Around one o’clock they went up to the Pines—they had already had at least one call.

2nd—They had an ecstasy. They spoke. What they said was recorded into a recorder.

3rd—When they returned to the normal state, the people questioned them and recorded the interview. Some of the questions were asked to confuse them.

4th—They entered into ecstasy again—now with their backs to the Pines—but the Vision was next to the Pines. As a result the girls arched to see the Virgin. The ecstasy surprised them with the microphone in their hands.

5th—After this ecstasy they offered the microphone to the Virgin so she could speak.

6th—They returned.

7th—They reproduced what had been recorded on the tape.

8th—When the tape ended the words “No, I won’t speak” were heard. The people present heard.

9th—The girls heard the words and identified the Virgin’s voice.

10th—Here is where the part corresponding to the narrations I possess ends. Each one of them was given with great emotion. According to some with whom I spoke, they had made a personal covenant stipulating that they would not speak about what happened. They couldn’t keep the secret and the news was shared.

There is an appendix that corresponds to a reduced group of people from whom I haven’t had a direct account apart from a telephone conference that my brother Fr. Luís had 30 hours before his death. In a note I took about this conference I wrote as a summary: ‘They heard it twice.”

The second time it was heard was not in the Pines but in the house of one of the other girls. I believe I remember that they said that it was in Conchita’s house.

They played the tape there with very few people so that the girls could hear what her companions had said. When the tape was finishing, it happened just as it had in the Pines. The voice spoke to say: “No, I won’t speak.” The girl also identified this voice as the Virgin’s. The number of witnesses to this last scene is very small. I don’t have a narration from anyone.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Book: A While Longer


I finally finished reading this excellent book by Greg J. Cring, which details Our Lady's Messages and helps us all understand "the signs of the times." I highly recommend it as it helped me understand a lot about future events and God's Will for mankind. There's a lot to devour here and possibly needs to be reread a few times to grasp all that Greg has to say to us. Although it is primarily about the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima and Medjugorje, there is a section about Garabandal. The book can be purchased from and
Deacon John


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 17

Narration of María Elisa Salceda

María Elisa Salceda, 12 years old, from Aguilar de Campoo, said this:

The girls gave rosaries and medals belonging to some people who were there to be kissed.

In this vision they made some movements as though they were putting on crowns and passing them to each other. They also spoke of a girl who had been in Santander, saying that she had cut her hair and that she was uglier.

“All of the girls’ words were recorded by a tape recorder. When this vision ended, the man with the recorder told them to tell what they had seen.”

“The girls answered that they’d seen the Virgin, and that she wore a white dress and a blue mantle.”

“They were describing it when they had the second vision. In the second vision the girls said: ‘We have an apparatus that records words so we can hear them later.’”

“A little later the girls said: ‘You speak—why won’t you speak?’ And then the second vision ended.”

“The man with the megaphone said that we would hear what had been recorded on the tape. When the tape finished, when they said: ‘Why don’t you speak?’ There was a voice that all of us heard, which answered: ‘No, I won’t speak.’”

“The girls were very happy and they said: ‘She spoke to us.’ They played the tape for the second time, but we didn’t hear the voice saying: ‘No, I won’t speak,’ again.”


Friday, May 18, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 16


Narration of María del Rosario Salceda

María de Rosario Salceda, 17 years old, from Aguilar de Campoo, writes like this:

“At one in the afternoon the two girls went up to the Pines, where, facing the Pines, they began to pray the Rosary.”

After a few moments, they had the first vision. During this vision the girls gave rosaries and medals to be kissed and they spoke with the Virgin, saying that one of the girls had been in Santander where they had cut her braids and they said that she was very ugly with short hair.

All of these facts were taken in on the recorder. The owner of this apparatus was there. When the vision ended, the owner told them: ‘Now you tell us what you’ve seen.’ They said that they’d seen the Virgin and that she wore a white dress and a blue mantle.
“While they were telling us this they had the second vision; they had this vision with their backs to the Pines.”

“In the Vision they said that there was an apparatus with which their words were being recorded and they answered and later we heard them on the tape.”

“Showing the microphone they said to the Virgin: ‘You speak, go on, speak—why won’t you speak?’ These were the last words that we heard when the dialogue ended.”

“When the second vision ended, the owner of the megaphone told them: ‘Now we’ll hear some of your words from this conversation.’ He played the megaphone, and when the tape was ending, we heard the girls’ voices at the end of the dialogue. They said: ‘Why won’t you speak?’ And a voice answered: ‘No, I won’t speak.’”

“The girls were very happy and hugging, said: ‘She spoke to us, it’s Her.’ And when they played the recording for the second time, we didn’t hear the voice again saying: ‘No, I won’t speak.’”

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 14

Narration of Mr. Luís Toribio Millan

Mr. Luís Toribio Millan, 38 years old, from Aguilar de Campoo, who has a lesion in his blood, dictated the following:

“I was in the Pines, I believe around August 5th, watching the girls who had apparitions when the following happened: I had been carried up to the Pines on peoples’ shoulders, since I have a blood lesion. We met some men who had a recorder, and they recorded the apparition with it.”

“The girls returned to the normal state. There were two girls, one was Loli and the other was Jacinta. We spoke with them and asked them what they had seen. They answered us that they had seen the Virgin and that she had a blue mantle, a Child in her arms, and that they’d also seen the Archangel St. Michael. These questions were made by various people who were present. There were more than fifty people present.”

“The girls had a microphone in their hands, because a man wanted to have some recordings of the girls. Then they spoke about something and then they fell into ecstasy with the microphone in their hands.”

“They stayed in ecstasy, sitting down, and then they knelt with their backs to the Pines. One of them lifted the microphone so the Virgin could speak into it, while she said that the girls had recorded the voice as gossip, saying that they wanted her to speak. ‘Speak, say something.’ They repeated it many times: ‘Come on, why don’t you speak, speak.’ I believe that this is the last thing they said before leaving the ecstasy.”

As it continued, she turned around in front of the megaphone so that the people who were present could hear what had been recorded. We heard the whole conversation with a little bit of difficulty and we arrived at the end. Then we heard a voice that did not belong to any of the girls, which said: “No, I won’t speak.”

The voice was refined, a woman’s voice, not a child’s voice, very clear, very sweet and melodious. It was completely different from the girls’ voices.

“All of the people reacted and some hugged. The reaction was enormous. There was someone at my side who was all white, like a cadaver.”


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This apparition of Our Mother in Garabandal deserves attention and respect.

Our Lady of Garabandal by Carmel Agius, Promoter.


On 6th May, 2012, an official opening of the Church of Garabandal was made by the Bishop of Santander, Spain. It was a day which never forgotten by those devotees who believe that Our Lady appeared in Garabandal, Spain between 1961 and 1965. It is understood that Our Lady of Carmel appeared to 4 children, ages 11 and 12 more than 2000 times in the holy place.


The case of Garabandal is authentic case hereafter, and in the future I think that it is going to be approved by the Catholic Church. The official opening of this church after many years and removal of restrictions from the priests who wish to visit this holy place will help much, for the future events regarding the case.


This apparition of Our Mother in Garabandal deserves attention and respect.


See more photos here:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Next Sunday Bishop of Santander will inaugurate the new church of Garabandal. Very Prophetic news!!


On 6 May, the Hon. Mr. D. Zamora Vicente Jimenez

visit San Sebastian de Garabandal

occasion of the Blessing of the Parish Church


completed the restoration work

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 13

Narration of Mr. Agustín Piney

Mr. Agustín Piney Martinez, 40 years old, from Santillana del Mar, dictated the following:

“This day, as on others on which I had gone to Garabandal, the girls were normal, playing. Suddenly a girl with whom I was with said: ‘Mom, I’m going, she’s calling me already.’”

“They went up to the pines normal with us behind them. The girls did not have the vision immediately. They knelt and then prayed the Rosary while staying in the Vision.”

“A man who was there had a megaphone and immediately turned it on. He put the microphone near their mouths, first one then the other.”

“Only Jacinta and Loli were there when we saw them. Upon seeing the apparatus they asked what it was. Then the man who had the megaphone explained to them that it recorded voices, and then you could hear it again.”

“Then he told them: ‘Do you want to say what you’ve seen?’ And he gave the microphone to Loli so the girl could say that she had seen the Virgin, and the Child, and that they’d let her wear their crowns. She said things that corresponded to her actions. The gestures of putting on the crown, of it sinking more on the heads of the girls who were younger than on the older girls.”

“When they were explaining with the microphone in Loli’s hand they stayed in ecstasy, but they had returned around, and they stayed seated with their backs to the Pines where they had seen the Virgin before and they lifted their heads, since they saw the Virgin above their heads.”

“Then the girl said to the Virgin: ‘There are some men here who are gossiping into a microphone, and I took it. Then we’re going to say it. Here, there are other men who don’t believe, so speak so that the men will hear.’ And she lifted to microphone so that her arm was completely extended. Then the other, Jacinta said: ‘No, she doesn’t want to speak with you, give it to me.’”

“Then Loli passed the microphone to Jacinta, who gave it back since she didn’t want to speak either. They argued about whether they should lift the microphone to the Virgin. Finally, they put it in Loli’s hands. Then the girl didn’t want to speak when she saw the Virgin and begged emotionally: ‘Come on, speak, speak so the men hear.’ She said this emotionally several times, making us more interested because we heard them. She was satisfied, she told us.”

“When the girl said: ‘Nothing, speak, speak,’ they stayed in the normal state and Loli had a microphone in her hand, which she seemed surprised to still have in her hand.”

“The two girls returned to the microphone and seemed very curious.”

“The man insisted again that they speak again and the woman who was with him said: ‘It’s impossible because we can’t record any more.’ The tape had stopped while the girl was saying: ‘Come on, speak, speak,’ etc.”

The man said: ‘Well now I’ll rewind it so everyone can hear everything that was said.’ We waited awhile until the man said: ‘Well, let’s see, we’re going to begin. Pay attention, and please be quiet.’”

“Everyone behaved like they were in Mass and no one spoke a word, not even in a whisper. It began to play and the girls commented: ‘This was when the Virgin told us this, and this was when the Virgin told us that, etc.’”

“When the voice of the girl said: ‘Come on, speak’—the recording ended. And, how should I explain this so you understand me better? I remember very well.”

“The man made a movement since he knew the tape had ended and immediately we heard a voice unlike any I’d heard before in my life. It said: ‘No, I won’t speak.’ This voice didn’t sound anything like the girls’ voices. I had never heard a similar voice. It isn’t anything like any voice I know. I had never heard this voice; it was so sweet and very clear.”

“When the voice finished, the exclamation was unanimous, spontaneous. There were about 90 people there. We jumped with joy, and a woman hugged me, crying and yelling: ‘A miracle, a miracle!’ Many people said the same thing. I was stunned. They told me that I was very pale.”