Wednesday, April 22, 2009


By Michael H. Brown
It is with sadness and respect that we note the passing of a well-known seer, Mari-Loli Lafleur, originally from the tiny mountain hamlet of San Sebastian de Garabandal in north-central Spain, but for decades now a resident of Boston.
It is the second death of a major visionary in a month, following that of Josyp Terelya in Toronto.
Mari Loli was sixty and one of four girls who claimed apparitions that started with a dazzling angel on June 18, 1961 and were followed -- on a nearly daily basis -- by apparitions, they alleged, of the Blessed Mother, 55 miles southwest of Santander.
Like Medjugorje, there were hundreds of appearances. There was also a similar stony path up to the site where apparitions were seen high up in the Cantabrian Mountains -- one of the most beautiful vistas in Europe, with literally the sensation of standing on the roof of the world. Like Medjugorje -- and apparitions that preceded Garabandal during the 1930s (at Ezkioga) -- there were prophecies that foresaw a great miracle, a warning, and chastisements for sins of the world.
One difference: where Garabandal saw a central, earth-stopping-like "warning," at Medjugorje the seers have spoken about a series of at least three events that will come to warn the world.


  1. I have visited Medjugorje 20 years ago and met with most of the visionaries there. I have visited Betainia 3 times. I was unable to visit with Maria but received spiritual healing there. I have been a witness to many unexplainable 'things' My 'science mind' and 'spiritual' are merging together. I have woke every night for the last month. Something is surely happening. HE tells me He will Prevail. He said so in the beginning and in the end. We should continue to pray and help others...persevere. He told me to Focus, Trust, practice patience...
    God Bless,
    Angel Clark

  2. My mother visited Medjugorje a long time ago. I would like to visit now but the world is getting angry. One of the misionary came to visit my town and I went with my mother. I am glad I went to see her. The misioanry gave me patience and trust.I will keep praying for the world.
    God bless to everyone,


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