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The Great Miracle Will Be Televised on EWTN


From Glenn Hudson:
One of our new members wrote me worried about not being able to go to Garabandal for the "Great Miracle". Most of us probably won't be able to go BUT , you will see it on TV either on EWTN or a major network. Jan. 1996 in NY, (from left to right) EWTN Chairman of the Board Deacon Bill Steltemeier,Conchita Gonzalez Keena,Glenn Hudson, Joey and Marilynn Lomangino.
EWTN has promised to televise the 'GREAT MIRACLE" for the world to see.

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Sin is reaffirmed at Garabandal

Sin is reaffirmed at Garabandal 
"... so little and sin already in her?"

by Fr. Francois Turner

Modern day "religious" thinking has so watered down the definition of sin that the question arises: Is there such a thing as sin? That question was answered by Our Lady at Garabandal through several incidences which reinforced the church " teachings concerning the origins and consequences of sin and our need as a People of God to hold fast to the "sense" of sin. Relative to this, the following is for our inspiration and prayerful reflection.


    On March 31, 1962 Mari Loli's mother Julia gave birth to Lupita, sister to the visionary on the upper floor of the inn which served also as their dwelling. Mari Loli entered into ecstasy on the ground floor. She was heard to say: "Ah! It is a little sister? ... What, so little and sin already in her?" She then came out of ecstasy. A priest present at the time asked her what she meant. She answered: "I saw original sin in the soul of my little sister."

    On another occasion, Conchita related the following. A young woman was holding a three-month-old baby in her arms. The visionary spoke of the baby to the Blessed Virgin who said the infant was in the state of sin. Out of ecstasy Conchita made this comment: "I do not know it means, but if the Blessed Virgin said so, it is so." She came up to the young woman and told her: "The Virgin told me that the baby is in the state of sin." The mother answered it is true. The baby has not yet been baptized." Soon afterwards the baby did receive the sacrament of Baptism... (This incident would prove to have an influence on the young visionary in her later life, since Conchita has always insisted on having her children baptized on the first Sunday after their birth,)

    By the above example we can see that twice the Blessed Virgin confirmed the existence of original sin and reiterated the teaching of the Church expressed by St. Paul: "Jews and Gentiles are alike convicted of sin ... All alike have sinned and are unworthy of Sod's glory" (Rom. 3:9, 23). "One man (Adam) commits a fault, and it brings condemnation upon all; One (Jesus Christ) makes amends, and it brings to all justification" (Rom. 5:18).


     The horror of sin was instilled in the visionaries not only through the message and the announcement of the Warning (whereby, thankfully, we shall be induced to sin less), and also through other means. Before October 1961, the Virgin showed Conchita the "film of sinners." (A series of visions) Conchita cried out: "How ugly!...

    Take it away from me! ... I don't want to see it... no ... (she weeps)... the sinners' film again ... yes ... sacrifices." Another time, Loli stayed in rapture for 25 minutes without saying anything. She was finally seen to be shedding tears, saying all the while "mercy, mercy!" The horror of sin sprang from the Apparition saying at the beginning of the ecstasy that; "the sins of mankind sadden God and Herself."

    The Virgin developed in them this dread of sin. She explained that if She appeared later and later in the evening, it was because men sinned mostly in the evening. It is interesting to note that night symbolizes evil and the Evil One in the fourth gospel (see, for instance, John 13:30).

    In December 1963, Loli heard the Virgin tell her in a locution: "Alas, the world is getting worse" which will later be confirmed by the second message- "the cup is overflowing."

    The double vision of the chastisement also greatly contributed to give the seers this horror of sin. They sometimes had to communicate personal messages to sinners. Conchita told Mother Maria Nieves that after one ecstasy she had to speak in the name of the Virgin to a married couple who were standing behind and tell them bluntly: "You do not live well." The effect was dramatic. The couple burst into tears and went to confession that same day.

    The visionaries, thus educated by the Virgin, would present in ecstasy their little problems of conscience: "Is it a sin to sing 'Esperanza' - a slightly frivolous song? To say: I don't want to eat? For a woman to smoke?"

    This is a far cry from the attitude that exists in the world today- and attitude almost devoid of the "sense" of sin. Because of it we can all anticipate the awesome and terrible Warning of Garabandal which will be sent by God to "correct the conscience of the world."

Taken from the manuscript: "The Blessed Virgin Teaches at Garabandal" by Fr. Francois Turner 


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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 37

This note discusses:

a). The Hierarchy; although it cannot be defined, at least, a judgment hangs in the air about its supernatural origin.

b). It aspires to repress the enthusiasm of the priests regarding their feelings about Garabandal, not to invert the order of the brave in a form that seems to make the Message more important and the happenings of the Revelation. They warn in a most prudent way about the way the Church acts, but it doesn’t exclude the private revelations that excite obedience of the faithful and that abstain from acting openly in favor of Garabandal so not to demonstrate with their conduct a contrary opinion to that of the bishopric.

c). He makes a call to the faithful so that they will listen to the priests. He does this with the false expectation that it circles the proclamation of the Message, manifesting the desire that all will conserve the peace, without being tricked by false opinions like those which extend with such a motive; and we add this certainly not with words that can be attributed to the girls.

Finally, the description that the true messages make are emphasized from Heaven when God wants them to be perfectly understood. It is obvious, given by the girls, that there is a clarity that can enter within the description that the Bishop gives us, which can be interpreted as an implicit approbation of the same and also as a veiled estimation of its possible supernatural origin.

The invocation to the Most Holy Virgin that follows demonstrates with evidence with which the Bishop continues as the same, believing, and begging to the “Resident of Wisdom,” can know soon what interests the glory of God. The Invocation that is inserted in the note means a dual existence, for one part believing, for another that cannot be defined.

Not the previous Note, nor this second, was from the gratefulness of the impatient people who wanted concrete declarations of the supernatural nature, which was not possible. What is certain is that, awaiting the declarations of the bishop that did not openly decide to complete the message and the foreseeable happened when the phenomena ended in 1962. This was because of a lack of freedom and spiritual exercise and completion of their recommendations, in which the fervor and faith was maintained by the continuity of the marvelous things that were witnessed. In consequence, an era of confusion was initiated.

If he had taken notice of the Message and if he had reunited groups of adorers, the priests would have predicted the love of Jesus in the Sacrament, exciting the faithful and causing them to visit the Sacrament in place of admiring and fixating upon the principal thing in the ecstasy. Maybe the position of the Bishop of Santander would have been very different in view of the harvest reaped from this.

We ask, what is it of which we should convince the Bishop and the Commission? The happenings? Who of the assistants is capable of defining for certain with proofs, with the responsibility before God and the Church, that they are supernatural? To what can responsibility be attained, and it costs little to affirm it. But with his declaration he compromises the biliminary Church of Christ, certainly it is not much to demand that he need and desires the largest number of tests, or of a miracle. Everyone knows because of Lourdes that it is difficult to define one.

Returning to the Message, which is aspired to without a doubt, it is to arouse a movement of authentic piety, popular and orthodox, toward the Sacred Eucharist. Now is the time to initiate it.

To the Hierarchy, their moment of action has arrived, when they will not be able to doubt it because of the happenings.

We remember that Lucia of Fatima asked the Spanish Hierarchy for a reform and spiritualization of the village and good clerics to achieve peace in the world. Now, in Garabandal, the Virgin asks for the same, but of the village and good clerics through devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Will we listen to her? If not, we should prepare to be punished. It is not necessary to be a prophet to arrive at this conclusion, but for another part, if we take the message as a warning from on high.

Already as January 1963 ends, the phenomena are ending in their public aspect and are becoming personal happenings to the seers, especially locutions. At they same time they are initiating the negations, that could be reputed to be legitimate fruit of the little attention the Message received. Upon being completed, they do not have the atmosphere of being generated or demonstrated.


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By Father Alfred Combe

Whenever Our Lady appears to her children on earth under a particular name, it is not without a purpose. At Lourdes in 1858, when a young Bernadette Soubirous asked the “beautiful lady” who she was, the answer came: “I am the Immaculate Conception." This was clearly a reaffirmation of the newly proclaimed dogma of the Immaculate Conception decreed by Pope Pius IX a few short years before in 1854. When Our Lady came to Fatima in 1917 as “The Lady of the Rosary,” it was to emphasize that most powerful prayer and urge us to use it in imploring God’s mercy and gaining Our Lady’s help and protection against the catastrophic events which were to come in the form of World War II and the global spread of atheistic communism.
Why then did the Blessed Virgin come to Garabandal as “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”? What significance does this have for Christians today?

A Divine Theme

If we go back to Lourdes we can begin to see a divine theme being developed. The Blessed Virgin’s last appearance at Lourdes was on July 16, 1858, feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. During the final apparition at Fatima, October 13, 1917 when the “miracle of the sun” occurred, Our Lady first appeared as she had been appearing to the three shepherd children with her sorrowful heart exposed. And then she appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with “something hanging from her right hand.” We can safely assume that the “something” was the scapular. Forty-four years later in the little mountain hamlet of San Sebastian de Garabandal in northern Spain, Our Lady appears with a large brown scapular prominently draped over her right wrist.

The Title and the Sacrament

In 1251, Mary appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel to Saint Simone Stock, General of the Order of Carmelites, holding in her hand a scapular. She directed him to found a confraternity whose members should wear it and consecrate themselves to her service. Ever since then, the title “Our Lady of Mount Carmel” and the scapular have been inseparably linked.
It is also a tradition among the Carmelites that when Elijah the prophet (of Mount Carmel) threw his cloak over Elisha thus imparting his spirit to him, it was a prefiguration of Mary clothing her children with the brown scapular. It is of the greatest importance for Catholics living today as we enter into humanity’s darkest hour, to be consecrated by scapular to our heavenly Mother, placing ourselves under the mantle of her protection. A prophecy attributed to Saint Dominic further underlines this importance, "one day through the rosary and the scapular, she (Our Lady) will save the world.”
But aside from its connection with the scapular, does the title, “Our Lady of Mount Carmel,” have any other significance?”

Carmel-A Symbol of Beauty

Carmel is a celebrated mountain near modern Haifa. Its Hebrew name means “garden” or “orchard”. In early times it was so named because of the fertility of its slopes, well irrigated, they bore a vegetation so abundant and varied, that Carmel passed into Biblical verse to evoke the very idea of beauty and abundance. In the Song of Solomon, the bridegroom, so dazzled by the beauty of the bride, says to her, "Thy head is held high like Carmel…How beautiful thou art…Oh love, oh delight!” (Song 7:6,7).
Isaiah, the prophet, speaking of the glory of Lebanon is bestowed upon it, "the splendor of Carmel and Sharon; they shall see the glory of Yahweh, the splendor of our God” (Is 35:2). In its piety, inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Church has taken this Biblical image and applied it to the Blessed Virgin, “Flower of Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven.” Indeed at Garabandal, the four little seers were in ecstasy before Our Lady of Carmel, enraptured by her beauty. Thus through her title, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Blessed Virgin, the Entirely Beautiful, the Entirely Holy, the Entirely Good, the Joy of God recalls to us, as in the Magnificent, “the marvels” that God did for her-and for us. If, by her beauty she wishes to attract us to her heart, is it not to make us hear and to heed her message of salvation?

Carmel-A Symbol of Faith

Just as Mount Horeb in Sinai reminds us of Moses and “the Law”, Mount Carmel calls to mind Elijah and “the Prophets”. It is the Holy Mountain, the Inspired Mountain.
During the time of Elijah, the kingdom of Israel was in a pitiable state. False priests and prophets by the hundreds, under the protection of the court, openly preached the worship of Baal. To this idolatry were added corruption, injustice and crime. The situation was so drastic that the very foundation of Israel’s faith was threatened.
The Man of Faith
Then Elijah made his appearance. Alone in the face of the priests and prophets of Baal, alone before the king and the people, alone against all the forces of decomposition, Elijah rose up-a champion of the ABSOLUTE. A man of prayer and penance, of contemplation of action; of boldness and humility, incorruptible before the great ones, good to the poor and the “widowed”, completely consumed by the fire of God, Elijah preached conversion to the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
After all of Israel had fallen to the worship of Baal, Elijah assembled the entire population and the 450 false prophets on Mount Carmel and proposed a test. Both he and the false prophets would call upon Baal to provide the fire and Elijah would call upon the Lord. Everyone agreed that whichever sacrifice was set ablaze would determine the true God. The prophets of Baal, after many hours of preparation, hopping around the altar and slashing themselves with swords were unable to produce the fire. Then Elijah called upon the Lord and fire came down from heaven not only consuming the sacrifice, but the altar as well. When the Israelites saw this, they fell prostrate in worship of the one true God.
Elijah became so popular in Israel that his name will forever associated with Mount Carmel and its dramatic role in Elijah’s contest on behalf of God. Since that time, Mount Carmel has been a symbol of conversion or turning back to God.

False Prophets

Today, all the powers of evil are breaking out against our Christian faith, sometimes openly, but more often under the guise of prophets or as wolves in sheep’s clothing. False prophets attack the most sacred of dogmatic truths, and they lure to shipwreck the principal mystical, ascetic, moral, spiritual and humane values of our time.
The Woman of Faith
Like Elijah, but more than Elijah, because she is the Queen of Prophets, Mary repeats to us the word of God which spans the ages, “be converted” (Acts 3:19). At Garabandal she said, “We must do much penance…If we do not change…a chastisement will come.” She recalls to us the ABSOLUTE of the Eucharist and of the priesthood, “We must…visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently… Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition…” Because she is the Co-redemptress, she puts before us the ABSOLUTE of the Cross-and the sacrifice, “ We must make many sacrifices…Think of the passion of Jesus.” And because she is the Immaculate One, she calls us to perfection, “But above all we must be very good.”

The Full Meaning

Now we can begin to see why the Blessed Virgin came to Garabandal as Our Lady of Mount Carmel-that symbol of motherly protection, of beauty, faith, and conversion.
In a locution on July 20, 1963, Our Lord told Conchita that as a result of the miracle, “she (Russia)… will be converted, and thus everybody will love Our Hearts,” If we meditate on this, we realize that we cannot begin to imagine the full impact the total Garabandal event will have on the world. Perhaps the real significance of the Blessed Mother’s title at Garibandal is reserved for the future. And here is a point to contemplate: On one side of the scapular which Mary had on her wrist at Garabandal was a cross; on the other side was a mountain.

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Garabandal and Purgatory

This issue of Garabandal Magazine (NEEDLES) deals with purgatory. The subject was chosen in response to Our Lady's wish at Garabandal to think often of this place of purgation and to offer prayers and sacrifices for those detained there.

    Is purgatory a subject of importance? Is it really necessary to discuss this aspect of Christian life when there are so many seemingly more important issues with which to be concerned? NEEDLES must answer: Yes, it is very important. Oftentimes Our Lady dramatically called attention to purgatory by taking the seers, in ecstasy, to the village cemetery to pray for the dead. This dramatization bears much significance and commands our attention because it was fostered by the Mother of God.

    In modern times very little attention is given to purgatory. It is spoken of only rarely and in many schools the subject is no longer taught. Many of our Catholic youth know nothing of reparation - much less of purgation. Purgatory is considered a negative aspect of our faith and therefore is not expounded upon. Yet the Blessed Virgin, through Her deeds at Garabandal, teaches otherwise. IT IS IMPORTANT! Souls are suffering untold torments while waiting for the charity of their living brothers and sisters to relieve them. Our loved ones detained there, who have done much for us while living on earth, await our intercession with God for their release.

    It is our sincere hope that the articles on purgatory in this issue of NEEDLES will inspire our readers to respond to Our Lady's plea with many Masses, prayers and sacrifices offered for the release of those poor souls. God love you.

By Joseph A. Pelletier, A.A. 
Reprinted from GARABANDAL MAGAZINE (NEEDLES) Autumn 1976

The messages that come to us through apparitions such as Lourdes, Fatima and Garabandal are not doctrinal revelations and they add nothing to the deposit of faith. They are commands or directives given by God to His People, indicating the things they should do, the religious or devotional practices they need to adopt or maintain at some precise historical time of spiritual need. Even the prophetic element found in such messages is directly related to action and attitudes and their immediate purpose is to inspire and direct the People of God.

    Seen in the light of these considerations, the message of Garabandal is very significant. It appears as a preventive antidote prepared by an all-wise and loving God in view of a spiritual tempest about to break upon the Church. Though in preparation for some years before the opening of the Ecumenical Council, Vatican II in the fall of 1962, the storm only manifested itself in a serious way during the Council. That storm grew in fury during the Council and in the first few years after it. God anticipated all this and gave the remedy to His Church through the apparitions of Garabandal. About 2,000 of these occurred from the middle of 1961 to the end of 1965. The messages received through these apparitions gave us the answer to the problems that began to beset the Church. Mary and the rosary, the Eucharist and the priesthood, were among the major things that came under attack. Purgatory and hell also suffered from the onslaught of some of the new thinking. All these points of our Catholic doctrine were affirmed at Garabandal in one way or another. God, through Mary, His Messenger, was telling us to maintain our traditional belief and devotional practices in regard to all these things, and a number of other things also.

An Indirect Teaching

    The message concerning purgatory was taught at Garabandal indirectly through the actions of the girls, as was so much of the Garabandal message. It was a lesson imparted not through words but through deeds, by being lived and practised. Our Lady led the children in ecstasy to pray for the souls in purgatory. Implicit in this prayer was the teaching that all souls who are saved do not go directly or immediately to heaven. Some of them are not yet ready to see God and must be purified by making atonement for their sins in an intermediary place that is appropriately called purgatory or place of purgation.

    There is much mystery in the way God works. Scripture tells us that His ways are not our ways. Yet, we can often see a certain appropriateness in what He does. This applies to apparitions as well as to other things. At Garabandal, the rosary and prayer for the souls in purgatory were important parts of the message that were frequently taught through the actions of the girls in ecstasy. And both were religious practices already very dear to the hearts of the people in the village prior to the apparitions.

Garabandal and the Poor Souls

    The people of Garabandal have had a long standing tradition in regard to prayers for the souls in purgatory. The month of November, dedicated to prayer for these souls, and especially the first of November, Feast of All Saints, and the second of November, the Remembrance of all the Faithful Departed, were celebrated with great religious fervor at the liturgical functions held in the local church. What is more remarkable is the call to prayer for the souls of the departed each day of the year. This is carried out by a child who goes through the streets and lanes of the village, striking a tin can as he walks along.

Prayer for the Dead at the Cemetery

    Our Lady confirmed, as it were, this custom of praying for the dead by frequently leading the girls in ecstasy to do this very thing. She led them to the village cemetery, either alone, or in various numbers. Quite significantly, this happened more often during the month of November than at other times of the year. The significance of this is heightened by the fact that the Spanish people are not really given to visiting the graves of their dead. In fact, as a general rule the girls in ecstasy did not enter the cemetery. They stayed at the wrought iron gate that gives access to the square stone walled plot of land which stands in isolation in a field a few hundred yards to the northwest of the village.

    In the first volume of Se Fue con Prisas a la Montana, Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera, O.F.M., Cap., who writes under the pen name of Dr. Gobelas, relates an incident involving Conchita, her mother, Aniceta, and the cemetery. The event occurred on an unusually bad night. Aniceta candidly admits that she is a fearful person and very much afraid of going out alone at night. She would never venture to go alone in the dark to the remote and isolated area of the cemetery. However, she makes this very interesting observation that her fear of the darkness of night disappeared whenever she was with one of the girls in ecstasy.

    On this particularly wild, stormy night, Aniceta was completely alone with her daughter in ecstasy as the two of them went to the cemetery. They stopped at the gate and prayed for A CONSIDERABLE WHILE FOR THE DEAD. Then, still alone, they returned to the village. Conchita was in ecstasy all the while. Once at the village, she began to go through the streets and lanes singing the rosary, with her mother answering as best she could. Aniceta says that her daughter normally sang very poorly, "but when she was in ecstasy  she was transformed and wonderful things happened to her." The sound of the singing drew some of the people out of their homes and they joined the child and her mother. (pp. 125-126.)

June 30, 1962

    Don Luis Navas Carrillo, a lawyer from Palencia, witnessed two apparitions on Saturday night, June 30, 1962. The first one involved only Conchita and included prayer for the dead.

    Our Lady appeared to Conchita in the kitchen of her house during the early part of the night. Shortly after going into ecstasy, the child left her house, followed by a good number of people, both from the village and from outside the village. She walked through the streets and lanes reciting some decades of the rosary and singing others. She walked backwards in her ecstasy and this made a great impression on Don Luis. Shortly after this, Conchita went to Mari Cruz' house. Finding the door locked she knocked vigorously until it was opened. Then she mounted a steep stairway leading to the second floor where Mari Cruz and her family lived. She found her friend and placed the crucifix which she carried to her lips so that she could kiss it.

    Departing from Mari Cruz' house Conchita went to the cemetery, which is to the rear of the house and not too far away. She stopped for a while in front of the gate of the cemetery and then as she stood facing the tombs inside, she made a "solemn" sign of the cross.

July 21, 1962

    Another apparition, in which prayer for the deceased was included, took place on July 21, 1962. We owe the information concerning this happening again to Don Luis Carrillo. It started with Loli who went into ecstasy at eleven o'clock at night followed by another involving only Conchita. It started in her house, as was so often the case during the numerous apparitions of Garabandal. Then, again following the pattern of many other apparitions, Conchita left her home in ecstasy and walked through the various streets of the village. She went to village church, made a complete turn around it and headed for the cemetery. There she went to her knees at the gate where she stayed for a while before departing for the calleja or sunken lane.

September 1, 1962

   The pastor of Garabandal, Don Valentin Marichalar, took notes of what he observed during his many visits to the village at the time of the apparitions. He relates an event involving a visit to the cemetery by all four girls. It took place on September 1, 1962.

    At about nine in the evening, after the public rosary in the village church, Conchita went into ecstasy at the door of the church, a place where many apparitions began. A few minutes later, Our Lady appeared also to Loli and Jacinta and then after a few more minutes to Mari Cruz. In the first days of the apparitions, Our Lady always appeared to the four girls together. This pattern changed quite quickly and the Blessed Virgin began appearing to one, two or three of the girls as well as to all four together. By September of 1962, apparitions to all four girls together were rare.

    The girls then began an ecstatic march in which Loli and Jacinta went together while Conchita and Mari Cruz walked alone. The four girls went to the pines, followed by a large number of people. They recited the rosary and left the pines, walking backwards in ecstasy and still praying the rosary. On this return march, Conchita joined Loli and Jacinta, while Mari Cruz went alone. ALL FOUR WENT TO THE CEMETERY and from there to the church.

Prayer for the Dead in the Village Homes

    Another way in which Our Lady taught us indirectly about purgatory through the actions of the girls was when She led them in ecstasy to pray in the homes of the villagers for the deceased (and the sick) of the families dwelling there. This happened very often, much more frequently than the visits to the cemetery. It will suffice to take one incident which is very well documented. It involves Father Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva, pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows, Barro de Llanes, Asturias, who witnessed some 200 ecstasies and has written a book about his experiences in Garabandal during the time of the apparitions. The following facts are taken from his book entitled Memoirs of a Country Pastor at Garabandal (2nd revised French edition, 1972, pp. 80-85.)

    During the month of August 1962, Don Jose Ramon spent a few days at Garabandal. As he left the village church one evening after the recitation of the rosary, he was told that Jacinta had had an apparition and was walking through the village streets in ecstasy. Rather than seek her out and follow her he went to her house with her mother, Maria, and had supper. Then he went to Maximina's house where he was to spend the night.

    Remorse overtook him, especially for not having gone to see Jacinta in ecstasy. When he learned that Loli had announced that the Blessed Virgin would appear to her the next morning at three o'clock, he decided to get up and go to this as a "sacrifice."

    As he was very tired for having done much walking during the day, he slept "like a log." However, he was awakened by the sound of someone running to the house he was in. It was Loli's brother, Nandin. He banged on the door and shouted to Maximina asked her to open it quickly because Loli was coming. Then Don Jose Ramon heard someone knocking at the door of his bedroom. He barely had time to pull off the bed-covers and answer "come in" when the door was violently pushed open and Loli in ecstasy, holding a crucifix in her hand, came into the room. She went abruptly to her knees, in a crashing fall that was so characteristic of the apparitions of Garabandal and deeply impressed those who witnessed it. Then, still on her knees, the child advanced toward the wall facing the bed Father Jose Ramon was in. On that wall was a large portrait of Maximina, and her husband who had been dead for several years. Loli recollected herself and prayed for the deceased husband. Turning around, and still on her knees, she went to the bed and made a sign of the cross over the blanket with her crucifix. Then she presented the crucifix to the priest so that he could kiss it and she smiled. Finally, she made a half-turn toward the door and advanced toward it on her knees. At the door, she rose to her feet and departed.

    Don Jose Ramon concludes the story of this incident with the observation that the same thing happened to him another time; again at Maximina's house and at three-fifty in the morning.

    We should be grateful to God and give Him thanks for having used the apparitions of Garabandal to reassure us concerning so many points of our Catholic doctrine, among which are our belief in the existence of Purgatory and in the help that our prayers bring the souls of the departed. May the facts related to this article stimulate us to pray more frequently and more fervently for our dear departed ones.

Reprinted from GARABANDAL MAGAZINE (NEEDLES) August 1976

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The Devil and Garabandal by Rev. Robert Lewis, M.A.

Rev. Robert Lewis, M.A.

THE FOLLOWING EXCERPTS are taken from a report submitted to NEEDLES by Fr. Robert Levis, M.A. of Kallianpur, India. Fr. Levis is an exorcist priest who works at the shrine of St. Jude in Pakshikere, India. Every Monday and Tuesday, for periods of four to five hours each day of the past six years, Father has been praying over the sick and possessed. Concerning the statements issuing from mouths of these poor possessed souls Fr. Lewis says, "What is related here though it may appear very strange to some, is nevertheless true. The devil who is called the 'father of lies' in Scripture, does tell the truth when ordered to do so in the name of Jesus."

These statements uttered by the possessed, which we are concerned with here, tell us nothing new but reminds us of the timeless truths taught by the church - truth about Mary, the Scapular and the priesthood. What is also significant is the mention of apparitions of Garabandal. This article is presented in the hopes it will stir us to serious reflection on how the devils believe but men refuse to believe. May God help us. The following are Fr. Lewis' own words.1

1 The language of possessed cases is quite profane and has had to be toned down by Fr. Lewis so as to make it printable.


The name of Mary is so powerful that Lucifer himself begs the exorcist never to mention it, confessing with shrieks and shouts that it was she who crushed his head.


After the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, there is none more terrible to demons than that of St. Michael. "We hate him", shouts Lucifer, "Why did he dislodged me from my place in heaven and thrust me down to hell? He is everywhere to defeat my hosts. He enters even ours most hidden places suddenly and unknowingly to disclose our deepest secrets and destroy our plans."


The possessed person actually shows in his face the excruciating torments he suffers when, for instance, the rosary or the scapular is placed around his neck, or holy water is sprinkled over him. He invariably shouts and groans, "It is fire! it is fire! Remove it, I beg of you! I cannot bear it any longer," thus helping us realize the great power of the sacramentals which we, unhappily, belittle today, without realizing that our loving mother, the Church instituted them for us to ward off the devil.


Very often the devil shouts, "If you priests were united, if you prayed and fasted, would there be any chance for us to stay in this world, let alone in these bodies? But we cannot get out because the One above does not allow us until you do what your Master commanded you. Was the power given by Christ to be ignored? Look at our agents and devotees, spending whole days shouting and singing, invoking us false gods. And you, the worshippers of the true God you are asleep! Equal my worshippers at least in their enthusiasm and we will go."


Joey Lamangino gave me a medal touched by St. Michael when the archangel appeared to the children at Garabandal. This medal was also touched to the miraculous medal which was kissed by Our Lady during the same visions. Joey told me that it would help me much in my work. After our meeting I returned to the Shrine as usual for the Tuesday novenas and began the prayers over the sick and possessed. Two of the possessed began immediately to shout, "You are going here and there to speak about us; you meet important people and tell all about us and disgrace us. What was the need for you to go to Bangalore? We don't like the name of Joey, I say that you are a follower of a blind man! Yes, I say that! Let people laugh at you! That way at least you will give up this work and stop coming to the Shrine. You have brought a Spanish sacramental to destroy our strength. I beg of you not to touch us with it." Saying this, the possessed persons began to bang their heads on the ground and shout, "Leave us! Leave us in peace! We are going. We are going." After making the possessed persons kiss the medal, which they refused to do for a long time, the devils screamed loudly and left them.


joey.jpgFr. Lewis explains about possessed cases to Joey Lamangino, who has twice toured India making known the Garabandal Message.

For quite some time the possessed persons at the Shrine have been making direct references to Garabandal, showing their anger because many souls are snatched from Satan's clutches because of the spreading of the message. It is very strange that devils should shout,

"Repent, while you have time given by the Father (pointing upwards). We are here in these bodies because of the terrible sins people commit everywhere and because they are hardened in their sins. If you admit your guilt, we cannot utter a single word against you nor do anything to you. The one above does not allow us. If you do not repent, we will be there to accuse you before the Father of every fault. Don't you know that this is the time of the Holy Spirit? Nothing will remain hidden during this time. Will not God Himself come suddenly to judge? Will there be time to repent then? Will not the Great Miracle happen as announced by Our Lady? But who believes it? They don't want to. This place, Pakshikere, has been chosen by God. Hasn't He given enough proof to show that it is a chosen place? And to let people know through us all the terrible sins man can commit? How hardened in sin he can be. How man, joining our kingdom, rejects God's grace for the sake of wealth, power, and glory. The one above waits because He is merciful. But will He spare anyone if he does not repent? No! Not even bishops, priests, nuns, the laity, or the non-Christians can escape His hands."

They shriek with pain and bang their heads and say,

"Are these things to be brought out from our mouths? Our work is to preach and do just the opposite of what Christ and His Church preaches. For we have broken with God forever! Though we know well that we cannot possible defeat God, we are impelled to fight against Him. It is the One above is forcing us to say what we are saying because of the prayers at the Shrine. If you priests, i repeat, were united and preyed as our worshipers do, would there be any chance for us to stay in these bodies? But who is there to do it? A few, and ours are in the millions. What are you Christians doing? Where are your Holy Hours? Who has the time for them when you have other more pleasant things to do. Isn't Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and He alone the One Who can get rid of all your worries and sicknesses. We laugh! Because you are few against us. Instead, are you not coming to us, and to our superstitious acts to get rid of your troubles? Yes, you Catholics! Will God spare you unless you repent?

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 36

On November 2, 1961, the Apostolic Administrator Doroteo Fernández published the second note, with the motive of ending the comments about the message. It said:

“My much-loved children: It has been a time since I told you what your attitude should be regarding the public rumors that attribute certain marvelous happenings, especially revelations, apparitions, and oral locutions as well as other signs that are more or less extraordinary to the Most Holy Virgin.

We wanted to see the most discretion and prudent in all of you because that is how the Church judges the supernatural nature of these phenomena. The Lord is powerful and does not give the Revelation that pleases me, to show it and tell us how much I have in his goodness, but it would be a great lack of acceptance that the Lord has come blowing with human opinion. When God wants to speak he does it in clear, unequivocal terms. When he wants to tell us something he words cannot be twisted or confused. And this is the Church formed by Jesus Christ, not by the public opinion, much less by personal opinion, who completes definitive justice about all of these events that are supposedly supernatural. No one should pray or attribute functions or powers that God has not trusted that may be so serious as a usurper or intruder.

In light of what has happened regarding the events that have occurred in San Sebastián de Garabandal, a village in our Diocese, I should tell you that when our pastoral duty ended, and in order to leave our light interpretations and the audacious that adventure here to give a definitive sentence where the Church doesn’t believe prudent to do. To orient the souls, we come to declare the following:

1. It is not evident that the mentioned apparitions, visions, locutions, or revelations cannot until now happen or have been confused for true and authentic.

2. The priests should absolutely abstain from contributing to the creation of confusion in the Christian village. They should avoid and be careful on what they depend on, the organization of visions and pilgrimages to the referred places.

3. They illustrate to the faithful with sobriety and charity near the true feeling of the Church in these matters. Make them know that our faith does not need these supports of supposed revelations and miracles to sustain them. We believe that God has revealed and the Church teaches us. This category seems like clear and authentic miracles of Jesus Christ. He gives us his doctrine as proof, and there is nothing to be added to it. If he does it through his Most Holy Mother who has spoken with us about we should listen to her words and to say like Samuel: “Speak, Lord, I serve and hear you.”

4. They equally included the best disposition to hear the voice of God and to surmise perfectly, completely, and humbly to the teachings of the Church, and that no one can hear the results of the voice of the Father who is in Heaven if they reject the doctrine of the Mother Church with arrogance that keeps and blesses us on earth.

5. You, loved faithful, are not seduced by any wind of doctrine. Listen docilely and trust the teaching of your priests, who are put at your side to be teachers of truth in the Church.

I know that you have been impatient and expectant and that the turbulence that had empowered many spirits before the proximity of the dates that have recently passed. I want to bring sustenance and tranquility to your souls, because it is a basic necessity to have serene and balanced judgment. I hope that no one bothers our beautiful talent of peace and that we rest in God and “we are not alarmed, not in spirit, word or letter,” as St. Paul said to the Thessalonian's.

Making these our sentiments, loved children, we hope that the Virgin, who greets us with the name of Sedes Sapientiae Moroda of Wisdom, she illuminates us to know all that interests us in the glory of her Son and of our Salvation.”—Doroteo, A.A.


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Our Lady’s Messages to the World

Followers of all Marian apparitions would know that wherever she has appeared, the Blessed Virgin Mary always left the visionaries with requests to pray for the good of mankind and peace in the world.


The messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparitions to four young children in San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain during the years 1961 to 1965, can be read by clicking on Garabandal. 

For all who are interested in the latest updates on this subject, just click on the July-September 2012 issue of the Garabandal International Magazine for your online reading pleasure. The “Garabandal International” is published quarterly, by the Australian Garabandal International Apostolate.

This latest issue also highlights the Penang Garabandal Centre on page 16.

The spectrum of apparitions all over the world

To outline all the apparitions of Our Lady over the years, would entail a lot of research and thankfully, it has been compiled into a book entitled …For the salvation of the World…..( A Love Story about Mary)Click here for more information.

I take this opportunity to remind all who believe in the power of praying the rosary, that 15 August 2012 is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Till the next update, thank you for your interest in Our Lady’s messages to us.

Tony Lee
Penang Garabandal Centre

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[Video] The Prophecy of Garabandal: The Warning, the Great Miracle and the Chastisement


Click here for this video:

Read more about the


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humble little town of Garabandal

Think of all the "important cities" the world boasts about. Now think how Jesus & Mary spread the message of repentence and salvation for mankind from this barely known,humble little town. How blessed are we who know of Garabandal & its message. Do all that you can, while you still can, to spread this message. The world's future depends on it !

Chronicles 7:14 " If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

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Why I Wear A Scapular Gary Zimak.


On this day, the Church celebrates the Memorial of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Tradition tells us that Our Lady presented St. Simon Stock with the brown scapular in 1251. Just what is a scapular? According to the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy:

The scapular is an external sign of the filial relationship established between the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of Mount Carmel, and the faithful who entrust themselves totally to her protection, who have recourse to her maternal intercession, who are mindful of the primacy of the spiritual life and the need for prayer.

Even though I am a cradle Catholic and have always gone to Mass regularly, I used to think that people who wore scapulars were a little flaky. Rather than just be “normal” like me, I believed that those “scapular wearers” were oddballs who embraced apparitions and phony visions of the Blessed Mother. Why can’t they just be “regular” Catholics, like me instead of believing in something superstitious like the scapular? Most of all, I would never wear a scapular because someone might see it and think I’m weird.

How do I feel now? Every morning I kiss my brown scapular and say to Our Lady, “Blessed Mother, I am all thine and all that I have is thine!” I then put on the powerful sacramental knowing that Mary will help me to stay close to Jesus as I do battle with the forces of evil (and don’t kid yourself…they are all around us!) that threaten me constantly. I wear Our Lady’s scapular because it is a sacramental which better disposes me to receive the grace that I need to be a better Christian. I am proud that I wear the scapular and I hope people see it for what it is, a visible sign of my love for Mary and my trust in her intercessory powers. Most importantly, I wear the scapular because I am a comfort-loving, cowardly, self-centered sinner and I desperately need Mary’s help to keep me close to her Son and help me remain on the road that will lead to Eternal Life in Heaven.

That’s why I wear a scapular!

Thanks Gary!

I've been wearing the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for over 40 years. The one I wear now was a gift from a friend in Australia, who hand made it and also inserted a kissed relic in it from Garabandal. That way, I know that besides Our Lady's promises regarding those who wear her Livery (Brown Scapular), I hope to serve my Purgatory here on earth (a promise from Our Lady at Garabandal for those who wear the kissed objects.). I always loved giving people Scapulars and years ago I received permission to install people in the Brown Scapular so that they could gain the indulgences associated with it.
Once I had offered a friend some Scapulars for his children, and he refused them, saying: "I don't want my children to suffer by wearing the Brown Scapular." That made me sad but I respected his opinion, but we all have to suffer in the life one way or another, whether it's sickness, poverty, loss of a love one, divorce, etc., but isn't it better to suffer for a cause, especially if that cause is to go to heaven ASAP! Each morning when I wake up, I too kiss my Brown Scapular, which I never take off, and pray the Morning Offering. Uniting my prayers and sacrifices and sufferings, with all the Holy Masses being said around the world, offering them to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Isn't this what our Catholic Faith is all about? Saving our soul and all our brothers and sisters, all humanity, too!
God bless us all+
Deacon John

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 35

In 1962, in order to reaffirm the faith of the believers, the prodigy of Mr. Damians happened. Following history, we saw that from October 18, 1961 to July of 1962, on the day of Conchita’s miraculous communion, the prodigies, visions, ecstasies, and marches continued in the same rhythm.

The public, certainly, did not do what the message said, without beginning a movement to spread the message, but more to have it known than to do it. Apart from individual reactions not known publicly, they did not organize pentitential acts or visits to the Most Holy. To be perfect according to the spirit of the message and the Bishop of Santander’s notes, they should fulfill the message in the temples and cities they go, those who believe are obligated to do so. Our Mother in Heaven, in Lourdes and Fatima asked for concrete acts where she appeared. Here, through the message, she is asking for a popular movement of devotion to Jesus in the Sacrament in the whole world and to each person in their parish or city.

The public action gives understanding to that which has not fallen in the accounting of the principal, as Conchita has not tired of proclaiming, is to fulfill the message. In contrast, the attention has centered in awaiting the warning and the miracle, so that people will convert almost by force. They do not make sacrifices as has been demanded of us. Of course, this is how we are established, but we certainly work to be established.

The rhymn of the happenings of the four girls, with light variations of intensity lasted until January of 1963. (December 1962).


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PRIESTS By Father Francois Turner, O.P.



According to Conchita, Our Lady stressed above all “devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and prayer for priests.” There is a correlation between the Eucharist and the priesthood, both in themselves and in the Messages of Garabandal.

The Council teaches that the fundamental function of the priest is to be minister of the Eucharist (Presb, Nos. 2 & 5).

The Blessed Virgin often spoke about priests to the visionaries. She said that if they met an angel and a priest, they should salute-venerar-the priest first, because he consecrated, while the angel did not.

The priests are also responsible for instruction, and that is why she told the girls to ask them the meaning of the word “sacrifice” which they did not understand (Memor, p. 23;G I, p. 164). This suggests that the Blessed Virgin was perhaps also hinting that a good priest is sacrificed, consecrated, “eaten”, as the Cure’ of Ars would say. If such is the case, we can understand why she so often talked about them, encouraging the girls to pray frequently for priests. She expressed a special concern for priests, notably in the Second Message, because if they do not give a good example and demonstrate qualities of leadership, some of the faithful might be tempted to venture on “the road to perdition.” Their task is to help us to live saintly lives, each of us in our own individual state of life and calling.This special concern of the Virgin, and of God who sent her, is absolutely positive. On July 20, 1963, Our Lord told Conchita, “May they make Me known to those who ignore Me, and may they make Me loved by those who know but do not love Me.”

The Second Message recommends us all to pray for priests, bishops and cardinals.

It is well known that the Virgin gave the visionaries the power to recognize priests in lay or military attire, thereby hinting that they were marked with an invisible “character” or “seal” as taught by Catholic theologians.

We are now able to understand why the visionaries treated priests with a special consideration, even thought some treated them badly or questioned them indiscreetly. For example the girls questioned the Blessed Virgin about them with an eagerness close to anxiety. No subject seemed to preoccupy them more, except their own vocation. Conchita once asked the Virgin if all priests were good, and she was quite surprised to receive a negative answer (G II, p. 57). Mari Loli often prays for them, especially for those who wish they were no longer priests. She went so far as to ask the Virgin in a locution, for a cross to carry for them. Whence came these thoughts and feelings of Mari Loli? She confided once to a priest, “The Blessed Virgin told me to make sacrifices for priests, because if there are
many saintly priests, many more souls are led to Christ and to love God.She told me to pray especially for those who want to abandon the priesthood…that a priest continue to at least celebrate Mass, because he is priest forever.” The notion of the indelible “character” of the priest is found anew in these last words.

In order to let guests use her beds, Conchita’s aunt, Maximina, had put her two boys-aged five and four, on a straw mattress laid on the floor. In order to hide it, she had surrounded the mattress with chairs covered with sheets. Conchita entered the house in ecstasy, crossed the beds, and left. She went down a few steps, her head drawn way back, her hand holding the crucifix. She began to laugh, seemed to speak to someone, then came back,
walking up the steps backwards, reached the spot where the children were hidden, removed a chair, knelt and, without looking at the little boys, uncovered their feet, crossed them and said to one of them: ”Oh! … This one will be a priest?” This was seen and heard by many people amongst whom was Maximina who does not hide the confusion she felt at that time, whenever she narrates this episode (LVP, p. 122).

A pious, ascetic priest was Conchita’s first confidant regarding the miracle of the Host, and she notes his name in her Diary: Fr. Jose’ Ramon Garcia de la Riva. Another priest who was reputed to be saintly, Fr. Luis Andreu, S.J. was the only person to see the great Miracle beforehand, except Padre Pio, and the only one except the visionaries to see the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal.

At the time of the apparitions they often counted the priests who came to Garabandal and looked at the friars’ habits. When they were asked whom they would prefer to see coming, they answered “the priests”. Many came from the villages of the district. At the beginning, Pepe’ Diez counted as many as fifty. They discussed the events heatedly, even in public. They were far from seeing eye to eye. The girls were very sensitive to the way the priests celebrated Mass, and they noticed that the Andreu brothers said it very well.

After the time of the apparitions it was possible to observe that this lesson on priests had been fully assimilated by the visionaries.

At Burgos in 1966-67 Conchita often spoke of the priests and would pray that they try to be saintly. During her holiday at Garabandal on July 29, 1967, Conchita jotted down for a priest from Melun in France, on three pages of her notebook, what we consider is a little charter for the priests of our time. Rather than a revelation from Heaven, we see it as the fruit of her
reflections on the priesthood.

What the Blessed Virgin wants from the priest first of all is his own sanctification.

He should fulfill his vows through *love of God, and lead many souls to Him through example and prayer, for in our time it is difficult otherwise.

May the priest be sacrificed through love of souls in Christ!

May he retire from time to time in silence to listen to God who speaks to him continually.

May they think a lot about the Passion of Jesus so that their lives be more united to Christ the priest and thus invite souls to penance and sacrifice, and also make more tolerable to them the cross that Christ sends to us all.

To speak of Mary who is the surest one to lead us to Christ, and also speak about and cause people to believe that there is a heaven, so too there is a hell.

I believe that is what Heaven wants of the priests.


*The author has a facsimile of the original, from which the translation was made;Conchita underlined the word love.

At Burgos, Conchita wrote: “Let us pray much for priests who are the salt of the earth and the beloved of Christ.

---Conchita Gonzales, November 15, 1967”

A year later in October 1968, she was asked by a theologian if she still thought that “many priests were on the road to perdition.” She answered that she did, and that to those priests she would say: Imitate Christ in the Eucharist. This sounds theologically excellent, as Jesus in the host is perfectly consecrated to God and entirely eaten by men.

Of the many things the Blessed Virgin said, Jacinta remembers most vividly her words about priests: “I think that this was what impressed me most of all, and it leaves in my soul an esteem and a veneration for them that I am at a loss to explain.”

On November 21, 1968, a group of visitors was taking leave of Mari Loli. They told her that they were going to pray for her at the pines. She protested and told them to pray first for priests.

In December 1968, Conchita was operated on for appendicitis. While under anaesthetic she was heard to say, “We must pray for priests…let us pray for priests…how we must pray for priests!” which shows it was one of her major preoccupations.

In the Autumn of 1969, in an answer to a question sent to her, she explained that Our Lady asked her and her companions to pray for priests…because the faithful would follow their example.

In 1970 Mari Loli wrote to an author of books on Garabandal that she would “ask the most Holy Virgin that you be a holy priest.”

The frequent visits to Conchita by the Virgin, her numerous retreats, her life of prayer, her deep intuitive intelligence, perhaps a special charismatic gift, gave her the ability to provide profound and judicious answers. Mr. Walter J. Kushion and a group of Irish visitors asked her on September 13, 1970, “Why are priests leaving the Church today?” She replied, ”Because they do not have a love for the Blessed Virgin.” Whoever loves Mary faithfully, loves her Son faithfully and the Church that He loves (Eph. 5:25). Conchita considers that we are all responsible: “Let us pray a lot for priests. We ourselves are to blame for many priests who are on the road to perdition, because we do not pray enough for them, because we do not sacrifice ourselves, and also because we should be giving an example to those priests who are consecrated to the Blessed Virgin… We have to help those priests…that they may rise and pursue their course” (message of August 7, 1971 to American Garabandal workers, in OL, p. 221). Other such words and writings could be quoted.

This prayer for priests became contagious, particularly in the village when Conchita’s aunt and godmother, Maximina, began to pray daily for priests.

Since she learned that the Blessed Virgin asked us to pray for priests, Señora Julia Mazon, Mari Loli’s mother, has never spent a day without praying for them, for their sanctification, while milking the cows or when she takes the animals to graze. She declared this to Mrs. Maria Carmela Saraco who published it in her periodical The Vigil.

This example is followed to a great extent in the United States where friends of Garabandal promote vigils of prayer for priests, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Holy Father [Pope Paul VI] knew of and approved them.

Through his sacerdotal prayer (John 17), Jesus meant to consecrate his apostles for a ministerial priesthood:

“Consecrate-hagazio (set apart for a sacred purpose)-them through Thy truth: Thy word is truth. As Thou has sent Me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world. And for their sakes I consecrate Myself, that they also may be consecrated through the truth” (John 17:17-19). As underlined in a note on these verses in the Ecumenical Translation of the Bible into French, to ‘consecrate’ or ‘sanctify’ a being is tantamount to separating it from the profane to introduce it entirely and forever into God’s sphere of existence.

The apostles were thus fully conformed to Jesus, Priest and Victim of the new cult of the New Covenant, “in truth” (John 4:23-24), that is to say in conformity with the divine revelation given by Jesus. That is also to say: in Jesus, Truth (see John 14:6), through the operation of “the Spirit of Truth who will guide them into all truth” (John 16:13).

This consecration of the apostles to the ministerial priesthood of the New Covenant receives a compliment at the end of the gospel: “As My Father has sent Me, even so send I you.” And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said: ”Receive ye the Holy Spirit. Whose ever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them” (John 20:21-23) 1

These ministerial priests will have successors who receive “a gift-charisma-of God by the laying on of hands” (II Tim. 1:6), conferred by the College of Presbyters:

“Reading, preaching, instruction, let these be thy constant care” wrote St. Paul to Timothy. “Do not neglect the gift that is within thee, which was given to thee by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery…Continue in these things: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee” (I Tim. 4:13-16).

The priests are “ministers of Jesus Christ, with God’s gospel for their priestly charge, to make the nations an offering worthy of acceptance, consecrated by the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 15:16). This verse indicates the end, the goal of the ministry of the New Covenant.

Such is the teaching of the Council: “God … wanted … to consecrate priests who would share Christ’s priesthood in a special fashion… Through the celebration of Mass, they offer sacramentally Christ’s sacrifice” (Presb, No. 5).

This ministerial priesthood differs in essence and not only in degree from the common priesthood of the faithful (LG,No. 10).

“Set apart for God’s gospel (Rom. 1:1) …, they are totally dedicated ‘to the work to which’ the Lord ‘calls them’ (Acts 13:2)” (Presb, No. 3).
1.Cf A. Feuillet, Le Sacerdoce du Christ et de ses Ministres, Edit. De Paris
1971, pp. 177-188.
2.That is to say by those possessing charismatic gifts speaking in the name
of God under the guidance of the Spirit (see Bible of Jeruselum, Note on
Acts 11:27).


This article is dated but is still a good read, especially for those whose faith in the Events of Garabandal are wavering . . . 

 When Our Lord first announced the great mystery of the Eucharist, (that His followers would eat His Body and drink His Blood) most left Him. Even the apostles were stunned. And Jesus said: "Will you, too, go away?" (St. John 6:67)
Immediately one must wonder: But why did He not EXPLAIN at least to His "own" what He meant?

Moved by THE HOLY SPIRIT, as Jesus pointed out, Peter gave the answer of faith: "You alone have the words of eternal life." (St. John 6:68)
The fact that we do not always understand is a poor reason not to believe in something we otherwise perceive to be true.

Approval of the Church
One should not doubt Garabandal just on the grounds that "it has not been approved by the Church."
During the second Vatican Council in Rome the then Bishop of Fatima asked the Bishop of Santander how he "felt" about the Garabandal events. And the Bishop ( who was responsible for the events of Garabandal) answered:
"We must wait for the miracle."

                         The Second Vatican Council, assembled in St. Peter's Basilica.

We do not know what else the two Bishops discussed, but we know that from then on the Bishop of Fatima ardently believed in Garabandal. On a visit to America he privately made arrangements to meet Conchita, the primary visionary of Garabandal. At his request Conchita gave the Bishop a ring, asking that he mention it in his will so that it would be returned. And three weeks before the Bishop died, ever conscious of this precious  tie with Conchita and knowing his death was near, he sent the ring back to her.
No one could understand the dilemma of the Bishop of Santander better than the Bishop of Fatima. But that is another whole story.
The ultimate reason why the Church CANNOT approve Garabandal at the present time is because Our Lady has announced proof yet to take place: A MIRACLE to be seen by thousands.
The Church cannot give approval before the proof.

Do Not Miss Out!
If you do not believe, well and good. But it is to be hoped you will not miss out on this great wonder in progress at this very moment, perhaps coming soon to its great climax, for the wrong reasons.
There is much evidence that the apparitions of Garabandal are authentic, backed by the findings and opinions of Bishop Del Val who clearly asserted that Garabandal "had not been condemned," and the first Bishop of Santander who said: "We must wait for the miracle."
We do not have to believe in any private revelation even AFTER it is approved by the Church. But we must believe in what we perceive to be true. And in light of all the evidence we should not dismiss that Our Lady of Mount Carmel has appeared at Garabandal just because we must wait for a promised miracle or we cannot understand the meaning of all She has said.

Bishops Against Bishops
The statement which seems to have raised most doubts about the events of Garabandal is that Cardinals, Bishops and priests would be in opposition. Bishop Del Val, who conducted the last investigations of Garabandal (which was in his  diocese) said that this was the one difficulty he found, and that it was a question which still bothered him.
Indeed it bothers us all. For that reason it is helpful that we hear almost identical words used by Our Lady in Her apparitions in Akita, Japan, apparitions which despite the seriousness of the messages given has been approved by the Church.

Infiltrate Into the Church

At Akita Our Lady said: "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres , , ,"
John Paul II "Last Pope"
Another statement in the messages of Garabandal which many find "difficult" is that after Pope John XXIII there would be only three more Popes. That would make John Paul II the "last Pope" of these times. There are several possible explanations.
First, Our Lady could have been speaking of THESE TIMES as distinguished from the era of Her great promise, after the chastisement. Indeed, how can we imagine what it is going to be like in that time when "My Immaculate Heart will triumph and an era of peace will be granted to mankind"? ( This is the promise of Our Lady of Fatima.)
Second, Our Lady could have been referring to a time when a conclave would not be possible, such as a time of world wide disturbances. Then there would be a prolonged vacancy of the Chair of Peter, which has already happened in past history.
Third, (and this is what many Christians outside the Church are saying), Jesus might manifest Himself to unite all into one flock, of which He is the One True Shepherd.
At Fatima and in other apparitions Our Lady is saying that the times are grave and that great changes are coming. They will come by Grace or by Fire, or both. But they are coming. And as to the exact meaning of all Her words, we just do not know. But not knowing the meaning is no reason for denying or doubting what She said. There is an element of mystery.
When Pope John Paul II, after a leg fracture finally came out of the hospital and spoke for the first time in four weeks on May 29, 1994, in St. Peter's Square, His Holiness said that he had been suffering, as he had 13 years before when he was shot in that same square. He added:
"At the beginning of my Pontificate he (cardinal Wyszynski) said to me: 'If the Lord called you, you must lead the Church into the third millennium.' I understood that I have to lead Christ's Church into the third millennium by prayer, by various programs, but I saw that this was not enough: she must be led by suffering."
Repeatedly throughout his Pontificate the Pope has exhorted the Church TO BE IN ADVENT WITH MARY for the third millennium. Just stop and think: What does "advent" mean?

All the World Will be Communist
Another statement at Garabandal which might cause wonder is that all the world will be communist. But if we enter into the mind and into the Heart of Our Lady we find the explanation in Her prophecy of Fatima:
"If my requests are not heard, Russia will spread her errors THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD . . ." Her requests were not heard. And the SPIRIT OF ATHEISM has permeated the ENTIRE WORLD. It has already happened.
Lucia said Her collegial consecration (necessary condition for the changes in Russia), which was made March 25, 1984, was "too late" in the sense that it had not come in time to prevent the message and spirit of atheism to permeate into every nation on earth.
Several generations of the millions in Eastern Europe were raised in atheism. Joined to those in Asia we are speaking of two BILLION actually raised as atheists. But think what has happened in the rest of the world, for example in the "Christian-Judaco" United States where now the name of God cannot be mentioned in schools.

Not For the Wrong Reasons!
Many missed the miracle of Fatima because the events of Fatima had not then been approved by the Church, overlooking the fact that they could not be approved BEFORE the proof Our Lady promised.
If there is to be another great miracle, there are many reasons we might miss it. But they should not be the wrong ones.