Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 72

Extract of a letter to Fr. Ramón from the Marquis of Santa María


Madrid, February 2, 1962

“My sister-in-law arrived yesterday (Carmeluchi’s mother). She is going to spend a few days in my house so she can see Jiménez Díaz and she is very enthusiastic about Garabandal from what we and her daughter have said. Very fearfully, she showed me a medal that is on her rosary which was kissed in Garabandal. It has begun to smell and she didn’t dare say anything until Rosario told her about what happened. It smells exactly like the rosary and the pines.
Another case: Carmeluchi’s father-in-law sent his medals and those of his family members to Garabandal, and when they were returned to him he looked at the chain and said, very surprised: “I lost this medal many years ago, and here it is on my chain!”
Another: A cousin of mine when to Garabandal and had given her rosary to the girls so that the Virgin would kiss it. She had lost the crucifix that was attached to the rosary and was very disgusted. She saw that this rosary had a medal of St. Catherine of Siena, which was so worn that it was impossible to tell who it depicted. When the girl gave it to be kissed she told the Vision: “Kiss it!—what?—It’s St. Catherine?” Emilio Valle (it seems to me you already know who he is) asked to show the medal to the Bishop of León who is a friend of his and who wanted to see the medal. He brought it to the Bishop in a newly purchased wallet, together with a rosary that had been hung. When Emilio Valle returned it to the owner of the rosary, the original rosary and crucifix came out of the wallet.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Published on Mar 19, 2014
Extreme events predicted by the Blessed Virgin Mary in Garabandal, Spain, are upon us at any time now. These will affect EVERYONE in the world, no matter who you are or what your belief system is. Contact Glenn Hudson at his Garabandal Facebook Group

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 71

Loli, the Marquis and the Marquess of Santa Maria

Copy of the letter to Fr. Ramón by Dr. D.C. Ortiz Pérez from Santander

February 2, 1962
Reverend Father Andreu:
I am going to tell you about the impressions of my last trip to Garabandal on January 27th. For this date, the Marquis of Santa María had already given more facts. He told me that he would see you on the next day.
The event that caught my attention is that after 7 consecutive months of “marvelous ecstasies,” the four girls continue with the utmost normality, although many people “who don’t see” maintain that this is the result of a pathology.

The girls continue their ecstasies the same as always, running through the streets of the village praying, with this precious transformation on their faces and movements that seem to be images. On the afternoon of the 28th, with the difference of approximately 10 minutes from one to the other, María Dolores and Conchita had ecstasies in their houses and left directly for the Church. When they met each other, they were very happy and they ran through the streets of the village singing the rosary. They visited the houses of the sick where they prayed and gave the crucifix to be kissed.

It made a great impression on me when they visited a sick old man (uncle Leoncio) who was blind, deranged, had the flu, and was in agony. They knelt at the head of his bed, praying Hail Marys without interruption, and everyone answered except the dying man. After 15 or 16 prayers, the sick man responded with ‘holy Mary’ in a clear voice and added: “I pray because I have faith.” In this moment, they put the statue of Christ to his lips, and he kissed it. The girls had expressions of immense enjoyment. They returned to the normal state after approximately 2 and a quarter hours.
At ten at night we thought we’d return, and it took half an tour for us to leave. We realized that María Cruz was running through the streets of the village in ecstasy accompanied by her parents. We united with a group and prayed with them.

These are the facts of what happened on the 28th in Garabandal.
Respectful greeting from my wife—she tells what this good friend always offers. I salute you affectionately.

C. Ortiz

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Apostolado Católico De Garabandal
Hoje, dia 13 de Março, um ano após o início do pontificado do Papa Francisco, o apostolado oficial de Garabandal abre a sua loja online. Na loja online já se encontra disponível para venda, o nosso novo livro " Garabandal, um chamamento urgente à conversão", o livro mais completo sobre a história das aparições, totalmente em português. Que este livro vos ajude na vossa caminhada de conversão.
Abraço fraterno,
Apostolado de Garabandal
Today, on March 13, a year after the beginning of the pontificate of Pope Francisco, the official Ministry of Garabandal opens its online store. The online store is now available for sale, our new book "Garabandal, an urgent call to conversion", the most comprehensive book on the history of the apparitions, entirely in Portuguese. This book will help you on your journey of conversion.
Fraternal hug, apostolate of Garabandal (Translated by Bing)

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Relic Miracle

Hi Deacon John
I visited Garabandal last May 2013. On my return to New Zealand I gave a relic medal from Garabandal to my patient, Rachel, who had being trying to become pregnant for a some time and whose medical history made it unlikely. Within a very short time of her having the medal she was with child. She wears the medal all the time now and her new baby daughter, Grace, is strangely attracted to it. A prodigy indeed. Thanks be to God and His Holy Mother.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 70

Madrid, February 1, 1962

My dear Fr. Andreu:
Since you saw us in Garabandal on August 14th, I have been anxious for news of you. I have followed the events closely. I am anxious to see you here to better understand the facts. I have read the reports that the Marquis and Marquesa of Santa María with great emotion. I saw that they were very prudently noted and given. It is an accumulation of things. It is very difficult to withdraw from these phenomena in the field of the supernatural.

Lucio Rodrigo, S.J.
Facultad de Derecho Canonigo
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
Alberto Aguilera 23
Madrid (15)—teléfono 248-36-00

The Marquis and Marquesa have visited me twice and given me interesting details, and yesterday they told me about their return to Garabandal on the 27th of last month. They brought me my rosary, which had been kissed twice by the Vision, offered to Mari Loli once, and presented to Conchita another time. I am so happy with it and I give thanks to God. Although it was all an illusion, it is too difficult when looking at things, but I am grateful to the Lord because this illusion had increased my confidence and my love for the Most Holy Virgin. In everything, the illusions serve to bring us to God, and becoming closer to God is always the work of his grace. Finally, I don’t want to be distracted from everything that happened to me on this occasion. We hope that we will arrive in a place full of light for all. I entrust myself to you.

I sign in God,
Lucio Rodrigo, S.J.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?

The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ? -

The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?

The Garabandal Great Miracle Televised ?

looks that some announced here and there and since years now that the
Garabandal Great Miracle could be televised, I just listen an interview
yesterday sent to me where it's still confirmed, something between us I
was not aware and when it's about Garabandal I am quite well informed,
so I decided today to call Bastiano, one of my best Garabandalist
friend, his mother as you know now was also the godmother of one of
Conchita's child, so he is well informed about Garabandal as welL and he
talk to Conchita few weeks ago only, we were together last summer in
Garabandal and I thank him again to accept my apologies for our
disagreement, so I asked Bastiano is he was aware and If he had any
confirmation that the Garabandal Great Miracle could be Televised, below
his answer to my questions :

Bastiano : Brother,
maybe some medias could record the Garabandal Great Miracle as we will
be aware of the exact date from Conchita and as you know 8 days before
but our Lady said clearly that the sick, unbelievers and the others MUST
BE in Garabandal for the Great Miracle and to get any Graces from
Heaven, so you may watch on Tv, internet or whatever the Garabandal
Great Miracle but you will not get any Graces from Heaven if you are not
in Garabandal.

Comment : It's what I was already aware and I thank again Bastiano for
his answers, so if you want to get any Graces from Heaven or if you are
sick, unbelievers or whatever, you must be in Garabandal and in
Garabandal only to see the Great Miracle and nowhere else, you may watch
the Great Miracle on your TV or internet but you will not get any
Graces from heaven from your homes and it should be clear once and for