Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On the indication of the Archangel St. Michael, the visionary will present the crucifix to be kissed, to Fr. Pel, then to Messrs Pique and Masure.

We see Fr. Pel's white hair at the bottom - on the left of the photo. He was the first to whom Conchita offered the crucifix. The priest then cried out: "We must not doubt this is from God!"

Placido Ruiloba, a merchant from Santander, father of eight children, was a key witness of the Garabandal "events," as early as July 1961. He was an important observer, a critical and even skeptical one at times; we owe him many recordings of the conversations of the visionaries while in ecstasy. He appears here, immediately on the left of Conchita, holding a microphone.

At the request of St. Michael, Conchita made the Message known, in writing, just as the first Message had first been given, to the four seers only, on June 24, 1961 when it appeared
written on a placard (letrero or escritorio) beneath the feet of the same Archangel St. Michael. As to the numerous data supporting our own transcription of the original second Message, one will find them, at least in part, in our Book II to be published later. [From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 194-195]

Unfortunately, Book II has not been published yet and there has been no news about when it will be! But thank God we have these amazing photos, and hundreds more! Plus many rolls of amateur and professional newsreel. Someday it will all be released for us to remember the "Events" of Garabandal!
Roman Deacon

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