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Back from Rome, Conchita faced a decisive moment. She knew she would again never see the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal. There was now the matter of her vocation . . .

On February 7, her own birthday, Conchita was the perfect image of trust. She was leaving her village to go to the College of the Discalced Missionary Carmelites, at Pamplona. She was seventeen years old and wanted to become a postulant, then a novice in the Congregation, hoping that she would someday work among the Africans . . .

But behold that, in a second and last locution from Christ, hardly a week after her arrival at Pamplona, Conchita learned, among other things, that the Lord was not calling her to be a religious sister . . . The text of this last "charismatic event" of Garabandal is so rich in meaning that it can only be reproduced here, its obvious spiritual content for one, needing no comment:

"On Sunday, February 13, 1966, at the moment of thanksgiving after Communion, I received both a great joy and a yet greater distress, as well as a disappointment! I heard the voice of Christ telling me:

"Conchita, you came here to the college to prepare yourself to become My bride and, as you say, to follow Me. Are you not saying, Conchita, that you do not want to do My will? Well, now, it is your will that you want to fulfill. Do you want to do like this all your life? I chose you in the world so that you may stay in it, so that you may face the many vexations that you will find there for My sake. I want all that for your sanctification, and so that you may offer this for the salvation of the world. You must speak to the world about Mary. Remember that in June [rather in July 1963, the only previous locution she had of Christ: it must be a small error from Conchita herself - J.S.] you asked Me if you would be a religious sister. I answered you: 'You will find the Cross and suffering everywhere.' I am telling you this again".
"Conchita, did you feel My call to become My bride? No! Because I did not call you."

I asked Him: "And how does one feel Your call to become a religious?"
He told me: "Don't worry about that, you will not feel it."
I asked Him: "Then You do not love me, Jesus?"
He replied: "Conchita, you ask me that? Who redeemed you? Fulfill My will and you will find My love. Examine yourself well. Think more of others. Do not fear temptations. If you are faithful to My love, you will overcome the many temptations awaiting you. Be intelligent, understand what I told you in a spiritual way. Do not close the eyes of your soul. Do not let anyone deceive you. Love humility, simplicity. Never think that what you are doing is great. Think of what you have to do, of what you must do, not to merit Heaven, but to save the world so that it may fulfill My divine will. Every soul that prepares itself, every soul well disposed to hear Me, will know My will. Conchita, I wish to tell you that you will suffer a great deal from now on until the Miracle, for few will believe you. Even your family will think you deceived them. I am the One who has wanted all that. I told you so, for your sanctification and for the world to fulfill the Message. I want to warn you that the remainder of your life will be a continual suffering."
"Do not be afraid. You will find Me in suffering, Me and Mary, whom you love so much."

I asked Him if in Rome also I would not be believed and He did not answer me.
Then He told me: "Do not worry about whether or not you are believed. I am the One who will do everything, but I will also give you suffering. I will be with whoever suffers for Me."
[From 'Garabandal' Book pages 206-207]

"Do not be afraid," Jesus said to Conchita! I remember that those were the first words the newly elected Pope John Paul II said from the balcony at the Vatican before hundreds of thousands of the faithful!

And we shouldn't be afraid because the Lord is with us, walking and sometimes carrying us on our spiritual journey to Heaven! But He says also that we have to work at it, helping all those we meet, including our own family, to believe and live the Faith. And as we live our faith in conformity with the Lord, we will experience suffering. Jesus said we suffer for His sake, His will and the salvation of the world. Amazing! Here we are, little nobodies, helping Jesus save the world! Offer and unite your sufferings to Jesus! It will save your soul!
Roman Deacon

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