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The Chastisement
(The fourth of the Great Events prophesied at Garabandal)

·The Virgin Mary first spoke of the future chastisement in the Secret
of La Salette, revealed in 1858.

·The Third Secret of Fatima, made known in 2000, portrayed an Angel
touching the earth with a flaming sword.

·The First Message at Garabandal in 1961 speaks of a "very great
punishment" and said, "The cup is filling up." The Second Message in
1965 said, "Now it is overflowing."

·Conchita described the Chastisement as something "very, very great in
keeping with what we deserve."

·She stated, "The Chastisement is conditional and depends on whether
or not mankind heeds the messages of the Blessed Virgin and the

·"If it should take place, I know of what it will consist because the
Blessed Virgin told me about it, but I am not permitted to say what it

·"I have seen the Chastisement. I can assure you that it is worse than
being enveloped in fire, worse than having fire above and beneath

·"I do not know how much time will pass between the Miracle and the

·The Secret of Fatima began with a vision of hell. It showed souls in
a vast sea of fire with flames coming from within them. The souls had
no control of their movements, being defenseless to protect themselves
from demons there to torment them.

·The Chastisement foretold at Garabandal should be dreaded because it
has similarities to Sodom and Gomorrah on a world wide scale.

·But infinitely more to be dreaded is what follows the Chastisement,
for then the souls will be cast into hell, there to endure forever the
fate shown in the vision of hell.

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Some Little Known Information Regarding Garabandal

Dear Friends,
I received this report from Thomas Fahy, President of The John Paul Institute of Christian Spirituality. This organization has a Retreat House in Garabandal, known as the House of Sanctification, as well as property near the Pines. Mr. Fahy has allowed me to post this report here for your viewing. He is going to Garabandal this week for a retreat. I've asked for his prayers!
Deacon John

Significant Points of the Great Drama of Garabandal

Dear Friends and Lovers of God,
Thank you for your responses to my offer to share some important points concerning the events at Garabandal, Spain, and the predictions that Our Heavenly Mother made there. Some of those predictions are not generally known.
I would like to begin by mentioning that my involvement with Garabandal began in August of 1970. The stories of Fatima and Garabandal came together for me at the same time, with the result of a total redirection of the course of my life. I became an active “apostle” of Garabandal for several years and an occasional apostle after that, but avid student always.
Due to Grace and a keen study of the events in Garabandal over many years, Our Lord and Our Lady seem to have given me clarity about a mission to incorporate the mysteries and drama of Garabandal into the advancement of the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer.
We are presently at the junction of a major and very dramatic turning point in human history, comparable to that of the Great Flood in Noah’s time and the coming of Jesus into the world 2000 years ago. I believe that Jesus and Mary have given many, authentic signs that They want us to be aware of this serious reality. Their purpose is to lead us along the path of spiritual and even corporal safety into a glorious new era for humanity in which mankind returns to its original, perfect state, which is none other than the fulfillment of the “Our Father”—the coming of the Father’s Kingdom in our souls to reign there as in Heaven as it was in the very beginning of the human race, in the Garden of Eden.
On June 18, 1961, St. Michael the Archangel appeared to 4 young girls, ages 11 and 12, in the tiny, mountain village of St. Sebastian de Garabandal, which is located in northern Spain about 42 miles southwest of the coastal city of Santander. He appeared on several evenings before announcing that Our Lady would appear to the children on July 2 (1961), which was then the Feast of the Visitation. Our Lady came dressed as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and appeared there about 2000 times until November 13, 1965.
Mary gave the children two formal messages and also several instructions, divine secrets and predictions. The first formal message was made known publicly on October 18, 1961. The second was made known to one of the girls, Conchita, on June 18, 1965, by St. Michael the Archangel. Our Lady could not bear to give that message Herself, so She asked St. Michael to give it on her behalf.
The first formal message: “We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.”
The second formal message: As my message of October 18 [1961] has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is overflowing. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask his forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity, and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.
There are many books and other literature that describe in detail the incredible events that took place in Garabandal between June 18, 1961, and November 13, 1965. Whatever Our Lady told the girls would happen always happened, but there are very significant events yet to come that Our Lady made known to the children—particularly to Conchita and Mari Loli.
The well-known events that occurred during the time of the apparitions are: The appearances of St. Michael the Archangel; the 2000 apparitions of Our Lady; the two formal messages; the incredible experience of Fr. Luis Andreu, S.J. (age 37) on the night of August 8-9, 1961, when Our Lady showed him the Great Miracle to come, and he died so joyfully a few hours later [Our Lady predicted that his body would be disinterred the day after the Great Miracle and would be found incorrupt]; the two “Nights of the Screams” on June 19 and 20, 1962, and the “Miracle of the Host” early in the morning of July 19, 1962.
The well-known predictions of future events are: The Warning, the Great Miracle, and the very probable Great Chastisement. There were also the predictions that Padre Pio would see the Great Miracle (which he did see not long before he died) and that the Pope [whoever he might be] will see the Great Miracle that will happen above the Pine Trees in Garabandal, from wherever he might be. Concerning the papacy there is the mysterious prediction there would be three more Popes after Pope John XXIII and then would come the “end of the times” but not the end of the world. (more on this below)
Here are some of the lesser-known predictions, and some that are hardly known at all:
1. “Few will see God”: This prediction is found in the statement signed by Mari Loli and Jacinta Gonzales in June 1962 at the time of the two “Nights of the Screams” in which the children were shown the Great Chastisement and the Great Tribulation of Communism. In the girl’s statement, they said that the Virgin told them that the world continues the same, that it has not changed at all and few will see God—so few that it is causing the Virgin great sorrow… These grave concerns of Our Lady in 1962 about the world not changing should be considered in the context of her formal message of October 18,1961. (Note: It goes without saying that the moral condition of humanity in 1962 was far, far less evil than today!)
2. The Great Tribulation of Communism: During the first of the “nights of the screams” the young girls (then ages 12 and 13) were shown the “sudden and unexpected” Tribulation of Communism led by Russia that will have an effect on the whole world, and which will happen before the Divine Warning to the entire human race. No one expects this because the world has been lulled into the false belief that Communism has died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
It seems that the greatest trauma of this Tribulation will be felt in Europe. St. Padre Pio is reported to have said that the great Miracle to occur at Garabandal will be paid for by the blood of the Europeans—oceans of blood. Our Lady told Conchita that Communism will “come back” and that it will also come to Spain, but Spain would not suffer as intensely as the rest of Europe apparently because it had suffered Communism in the 1930’s. Conchita’s Aunt Antonia testified that she heard the girls say, while in ecstacy, that “if we don’t amend our ways, Russia will take possession of the whole world. Our Lady told the girls that during the time of this Tribulation the Church would seem to disappear, the Sacraments would be difficult to receive and the Priests would have to go into hiding. [Apparently many Priests will be killed.] When things are so bad that all hope seems lost, then God will send the Warning to all mankind. The Great Miracle will follow within 12 months, and there will be conversions of many nations, including Russia.
In an interview with a certain, very well-informed party last August, I and those with me were told that the Communists would go into Garabandal during the Tribulation, and that some persons in the village would be killed for their faith. We were also told that the Communist would be in Garabandal only a few days—a week at the most it seems. The well-informed party lives in Europe. He told us that just prior to the “revolution” he was told by Conchita that he should go to Southern Spain or to Portugal, because he would not be able to get to Garabandal (later) from the north. —How will he know when the “revolution” is imminent? It has to do with the Pope going to Moscow and his return to Rome. Issue #5 of the “Garabandal Journal” contains a statement from the German Book, “Garabandal—The Finger of God,” which says: “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”
3. The four Popes after Pope John XXIII rather than three… This is rather startling news to those who had read only about “three more Popes…” Actually this was reported in a book in the German Language published in the early 1990’s, but it seems that most followers of the Garabandal drama were not aware of this and apparently are still unaware of this. Conchita said at the time of the death of Pope John XXIII that Our Lady had told her that there would be three more Popes and then would come the end of the times.
Mr. Albrecht Weber, the author of the book in German mentioned above, had become involved in Garabandal in 1963 and became friendly with Conchita. On November 14, 1965, the day after the last apparition of Our Lady in Garabandal, Mr. Weber interviewed Conchita at her home in the presence of her mother. There was also present with Mr. Weber an interpreter. During that interview, it came out that when Conchita had spoken on the very day that Pope John XXIII died of “Three more Popes and then would come the end of the times,” her mother had asked her several questions.
In response to one of her mother’s questions, Conchita responded that Our Lady had actually said that there would be four more Popes but that She was not counting one of them. When Conchita’s mother heard that she strictly forbade Conchita to repeat that again as her mother feared there would be erroneous interpretations and much gossip. People might wrongly believe that one of the Popes might be false or bad, etc. During that conversation with her mother, Conchita also said that Our Lady had told her that one of the Popes would have a very short reign.
Understandably, there is some confusion and speculation about this prediction. The most reasonable explanation is that we are now in the time after the “Three more Popes…” and Pope Benedict was not counted because he is now in the beginning of the “end of the times” period that would come after the three Popes following Pope John XXIII. Whatever is the answer to that mystery it seems that the clearest sign that the “end of the times” will have begun will be the “sudden and unexpected Communist Tribulation.” [Our Lady at Garabandal apparently never spoke about the radical followers of Islam, but she certainly did speak about Communism!—even allowing them to see what would happen during that terrible, coming tribulation, which caused the young girls to scream horribly for a long time. Those screams were so frightening that everyone present, with one exception, went to confession and with great humility and sorrow the following day.]
There is another prediction that has been known for a long time but seems to be forgotten by most followers of Garabandal. It is the prediction that shortly before the Great Miracle, something will happen that will make most people who had believed in Garabandal stop believing. I have no idea what that will be. I exhort you to remain steadfast when it happens. It could even be a negative statement from some official in the Vatican. I really don’t know. Our Lady’s predictions at Garabandal always came true, and those predictions that have not yet happened will also come true!
Then, there is the Permanent Sign form Heaven that will be placed above the Pine Trees at Garabandal, right after the Great Miracle, which will certainly draw untold millions of people from all parts of the world day and night. Surely, many, many of them will be well disposed for learning about the Reign of the Divine Will.
Dear readers, I am sharing this information with you because it now seems appropriate to do so. But please do not call or write to me about these things. I do not have the time for that.
I recommend that you get the magazine “Garabandal Journal” and ask for 4 special editions that cover these things in great detail: Issues #5, #6, #7 and #8. They are known as the Communist Tribulation, The Warning, the Miracle, and the Chastisement Issues. They cost $3 each from: Garabandal Journal - P.O. Box 1796 - St. Cloud, MN 56302-1796. Also ask for the FREE ISSUE. It is excellent.
At this point it seems good to speak about a few of the notable persons who have affirmed their belief in Garabandal.
1. St. Padre Pio saw the Great Miracle in advance, possibly in August of 1998. Joachim Bouflet, PH. D.
(Univ.of Paris, 1972) tells a story about going to Confession to St. Padre Pio in July of 1968. Padre Pio
told him: “Consecrate yourself to the Virgin of Carmel who appeared at Garabandal.” When Mr. Bouflet
responded, “So its true?” P. Pio replied, “Certo e vero!” (Certainly it is true!)
2. St. Maria Maravillas. She warned Bishop Puchol Montis in advance about a sudden death, which
did happen as a result of an automobile accident on May 8, 1967.
3. Bishop Venancio of Leira, Portugal. He is the Bishop who turned over the famous Secret of Fatima
to the papal legate in 1960. Bishop Venancio said with good reason that Garabandal was the continuation of Fatima. When our Lady appeared for the last time at Fatima, She came with St. Joseph and the Baby Jesus, and She was dressed as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. As She was giving her farewell to the three children of Fatima, Our Lady said, “Good-bye until San Sebastian, Spain.”
When Our Lady appeared for the first time at San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain on July 2, 1962, She was dressed as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and held the Baby Jesus in her arms. [That account of the last apparition of Fatima was published in a book by the Carmelites in 1937, but is no longer in print. I heard about it from a Priest in 1974 and again, from another source, in 2006.]
4. Fr. Luis Andreu, S.J., who saw the Great Miracle in advance at 8:30 PM on August 8, 1961. He said that this was the happiest day of his life, that we should never fear the supernatural, that we should imitate the attitude of the little girls of Garabandal towards their Heavenly Mother, and then died in a state of quiet joy a little later, in the early hours of August 9, 1961.
5. Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. She became a close friend of Conchita. I don’t remember more now.
6. The Servant of God Mother Esperanza, nun, stigmatist founder of the Order of Merciful Love.
7. Pope Paul VI. Conchita was invited to the Vatican in 1966 by Cardinal Ottaviani. Conchita was to
have an appointment with Pope Paul VI after she got to Rome, but some Official kept interfering. But the Pope at an indoor General Audience, made a point of stopping when he passed Conchita and blessed her, saying: “I bless you and with me the whole Church blesses you.” [Note: There are other versions of this encounter with Pope Paul VI, but it is certain that he blessed her and said what he said in his blessing just quoted.”]
8. There are several signs of Pope John Paul II’s belief in Garabandal, but one that is significant is that in the year 2000, after reading the German book on Garabandal mentioned above, the Holy Father, asked his secretary, Mons. Dziwisz (now Cardinal Dziwisz) to write to the author as follows:
"May God reward you for everything, especially for the deep love with which you are making the events connected with Garabandal more widely known. May the Message of the Mother of God find an entrance into hearts before it is too late. As an expression of joy and gratitude, the Holy Father gives you his apostolic blessing." Then, below Mons. Dziwisz’s signature, Pope John Paul II wrote a
personal note in his own handwriting and signed it. [The author showed me and others a copy of that letter.]
9. Pope Benedict XVI. I can only say that I spoke to a Priest who lives in the Vatican. He told me that this Pope believes in Garabandal.
A Few More Interesting Points
One day during the apparitions, Mary Loli asked Our Lady about how the human race was formed. Our Lady answered that we did not descend from a monkey, or by evolution, or by any animal but from a perfect man, Adam. Our Lady also said that man had been created on earth just as he is today. [Note: Our Lady obviously was referring here to our human nature and not to the state of our souls. In other words, we have not slowly evolved from so called “cave men.”]
Our Lady predicted the Confusion that would come after Vatican Council II, but She in no way blamed the Council. Remember the Second Formal Message at Garabandal–June 18, 1965.
The Great Miracle that God will perform at Garabandal at 8:30 PM on a Thursday in the Spring of some future year will be the greatest public miracle since the creation of the world. During the Miracle we will see the Glory of God but won’t die from seeing this due to a special preventative grace. The sick will be cured, and unbelievers will believe. There was a lady, now deceased, who worked with Fr. Laffineur investigating the events of Garabandal from the start. The two recorded thousands of testimonies and documentation, including a dialogue between Conchita and Our Lady, which was tape-recorded with Our Lady’s voice audible on the tape. This same lady told me and others that during the Great Miracle, people will have a sensible experience of the Indwelling Trinity. [Apparently one would have to be in the state of grace.] She also said that Priests who are there would not only have that experience but would also have a sensible experience of the active presence of Our Lord as during the Consecration at Mass.
At the time of the Great Miracle the Spanish Military will generously support the sick coming to Garabandal and nothing negative will happen to them.
There will be a very happy event in the Church on the very same day of the Miracle but not associated directly with it. In the future the various religions will unite. Divisions will cease, etc. She even said that one day, everyone will be Catholic!
Please do not write or call me about the Garabandal events and predictions!
Read those issues of the Garabandal Journal mentioned above for more information.
Time is short; there is much to do, especially for the Reign of the Divine Will!
May God truly bless you, and may the Eternal Kingdom of our Heavenly Father be established in the depths of your soul.
Thomas M. Fahy
February 25, 2007 / May 9, 2007

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Road to Garabandal

The Sign
(The third of the Great Events prophesied at Garabandal)

·Noah's Ark was the sign God sent before the deluge.

·Before the Chastisement, God will place a Sign at the Pines in

Conchita has written,

"A sign of the miracle --una sel del milagro, which it will be possible to film or televise but not touch, will remain forever at the pines."

·It will be able to be touched but not felt.

·The Sign will remain in Garabandal until the end of time, a lasting
supernatural monument, proclaiming peace or punishment, depending on mankind's choice of amendment or sin.

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IN coming days, God’s mercy is going to come in various and powerful ways—but not all of them easy. Again, I believe we are on the verge of seeing the last Six Seals of Revelation (Ch. 6) definitively opened in this era. Yes, I know—it sounds like "doom and gloom." But it "lies within the plans of divine providence" and is, in many ways, the only hope some souls have….


Most all have heard the stories of survivors of near-death experiences. The common theme is that, in an instant, they saw their lives flash before their eyes. A victim of a plane crash in Utah recounted this experience:

A series of pictures, words, ideas, understanding… It was a scene from my life. It flashed before me with incredible rapidity, and I understood it completely and learned from it. Another scene came, and another, and another, and I was seeing my entire life, every second of it. And I didn’t just understand the events; I relived them. I was that person again, doing those things to my mother, or saying those things to my father or brothers or sisters, and I knew why, for the first time, I had done them or said them. Entirety does not describe the fullness of this review. It included knowledge about myself, that all the books in the world couldn’t contain. I understood every reason for everything I did in my life. —The Other Side, Michael H. Brown, p. 8

Often, people have experienced such an "illumination" moments before death, or what appeared to be imminent death.


The Great Storm that is here and coming is bringing with it chaos. The architects of the "new world order" have as part of their goal the reduction of earth’s population. John Paul II referred to this as a "conspiracy against life… unleashed" (Evangelium Vitae, n. 12).

With time the threats against life have not grown weaker. They are taking on vast proportions…. they are scientifically and systematically programmed threats. —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Denver, Colorado, August 14, 1993, World Youth Day

This is the sinister result of a relativism which reigns unopposed: the "right [to life]" ceases to be such, because it is no longer firmly founded on the inviolable dignity of the person, but is made subject to the will of the stronger part. In this way democracy, contradicting its own principles, effectively moves towards a form of totalitarianism.—POPE JOHN PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae, n. 20

The new messianists, in seeking to transform mankind into a collective being disconnected from his Creator, will unknowingly bring about the destruction of the greater portion of mankind. They will unleash unprecedented horrors: famines, plagues, wars, and ultimately Divine Justice. In the beginning they will use coercion to further reduce population, and then if that fails they will use force. Globalization and the New World Order, Michael D. O’Brien, March 17th, 2009;

But it is this very destruction which God will use to draw souls to Himself who otherwise would not repent. When the World Trade Center towers collapsed, how many souls cried out to Heaven as they faced the last few moments of their mortality? How many repented as Hurricane Katrina brought them face to face with death? How many souls called upon the name of the Lord as the Asian Tsunami swept over their heads?

…and it shall be that everyone shall be saved who calls on the name of the Lord. (Acts 2:21)

God is far more interested in our eternal destiny than in our temporal comfort. If His permissive Will allows such tragedies to occur, who knows what graces He infuses in those last few moments? When we hear accounts from those who have had brushes with death, it would seem that there are great graces for at least some souls. Perhaps these graces were merited for them by the prayers and sacrifices of others or by an act of love earlier in their life. Only Heaven knows, but with the Lord:

…we know that all things work for good for those who love God. (Rom 8:5)

Perhaps a soul who rejected "religion" but "loved God" in so far as they truly and sincerely, through no fault of their own, followed their conscience, will be given graces of repentance as calamity strikes, for…

Love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Pt 4:8)

This does not mean that a soul should wait until the last minute to depend upon such graces, nor willfully and knowingly reject the Church that Christ Himself has built as the "sacrament of salvation." Souls that do so are gambling with their eternal destiny.


God is generous, willing to give eternal life to the one who repents even "at the last second." Jesus told the parable of two groups of workers, some who began early in the day, and others who came in "at the last hour" to work. When it came time to pay them wages, the owner of the vineyard gave equal wages to all. The first group of workers complained:

‘These last ones worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us, who bore the day’s burden and the heat.’ He said to one of them in reply, ‘My friend, I am not cheating you. Did you not agree with me for the usual daily wage? Take what is yours and go. What if I wish to give this last one the same as you? Or am I not free to do as I wish with my own money? Are you envious because I am generous?(Matt 20:12-15)

Then [the good thief] said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom." He replied to him, "Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise." (Luke 23:42-43)

The flames of mercy are burning Me—clamoring to be spent; I want to pour them out upon these souls. —Diary of St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, n. 50


St. Paul teaches that it is God’s will that all should be saved. Heaven, then, is doing everything possible in this late hour to arrange the opportunity for the salvation of the greatest number of souls, as much as freedom permits within the paths that mankind has chosen. Chastisements are coming in which the good and the bad will be taken. But it should bring us hope that, despite the coming darkness, light will be given in ways that we cannot comprehend. Millions of souls might eternally perish if they were to continue on as they have been until now, living out their last days to old age apart from God… but through trial and tribulation, illumination and repentance (even in a "moment"), they may in fact be saved by Mercy in Chaos.

God’s mercy sometimes touches the sinner at the last moment in a wondrous and mysterious way. Outwardly, it seems as if everything were lost, but it is not so. The soul, illumined by a ray of God’s powerful final grace, turns to God in the last moment with such a power of love that, in an instant, it receives from God forgiveness of sin and punishment, while outwardly it shows no sign either of repentance or of contrition, because souls [at that stage] no longer react to external things. Oh, how beyond comprehension is God’s mercy! But horror!—there are also souls who voluntarily and consciously reject and scorn this grace! Although a person is at the point of death, the merciful God gives the soul that interior vivid moment, so that if the soul is willing, it has the possibility of returning to God. But sometimes, the obduracy in souls is so great that consciously they choose hell; they [thus] make useless all the prayers that other souls offer to God for them and even the efforts of God Himself… —Diary of St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, n. 1698


We are preparing to launch a new webcast: Embracing Hope.TV. The purpose of the show is to prepare the Church for the events which are here and lay directly before her, giving hope and perspective according to our Catholic Faith. We’ll announce the launch of the show here.

Published in: DAILY JOURNAL, THE GREAT TRIALS | on March 27th, 2009 |


(The second of the Great Events prophesied at Garabandal)

Conchita has declared:

·The Virgin told me that God was going to perform a great Miracle and that there would be no doubt about the fact that it was a miracle.

·It will come directly from God with no human intervention.

·A day will come and she told me the day, the month and the year so I know the exact date. It is coming soon but I can't reveal it until eight days before the date.

·I am not permitted to say exactly what is going to happen. What I can reveal is that the Virgin said that everyone who would be there on that day would see it.

·The sick who are there will be cured no matter what their disease or religion. However, they have to be there.

·The Virgin said that everyone present would believe. They would see that this was coming directly from God.

·All sinners present would be converted.

·She also said that you would be able to take pictures and televise it.

·Also, from that moment on there would be a permanent sign at the pines that everyone will be able to see and touch but not feel.

·And this sign will remain until the end of time.

·It seems so near when I think that people are not living the Message, because after the Miracle there may come the punishment.

·To be complete, there must be the Warning and the Miracle. It is all one message.

·The Virgin told me of it and made me understand exactly what it will be. Even if I tried to explain it I wouldn't be able to do it well. It is better that you wait and see it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The Warning (The first of the Great Events prophesied at Garabandal)

The main visionary Conchita has declared:

·The Warning is a thing that comes directly from God and will be
visible throughout the entire world in whatever place anyone might be.

·The Warning will be like a revelation of our sins and it will be seen
and experienced equally by believers and non-believers and people of
any religion whatsoever.

·The Warning is like a purification for the Miracle.

·And it is a sort of a catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead,
that is, we would prefer to be dead rather than to experience the

·The Warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by

·It will be seen and felt.

·The Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world.

·For those who do not know Christ, they will believe it is a Warning
from God.

·The most important thing about that day is that everyone in the whole
world will see a sign, a grace, or a punishment within themselves, in
other words, a Warning.

·They will find themselves all alone in the world no matter where they
are at the time, alone with their conscience right before God.

·They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused.

·We will all feel it differently because it will depend on our
conscience. The Warning will be very personal, therefore, we will all
react differently to it.

·The most important thing will be to recognize our own sins and the
bad consequences of them.

·Your experience of the Warning will be different from mine because
your sins are different from mine.

·This will be a Warning to see what you have done with your sins.

·It will be like a purification before the Miracle to see if with the
Warning and Miracle we will be converted.

·The Virgin told me that before the Miracle, God will be sending us a
Warning so as to purify us or prepare us to see the Miracle and in
this way we may draw enough grace to change our lives toward God.

·It is a phenomenon which will be seen and felt in all the world and
everywhere; I have always given as an example that of two stars that

·This phenomenon will not cause physical damage, but it will horrify
us because at that very moment we will see our souls and the harm we
have done.

·It will be as though we were in agony but we will not die by its
effects but perhaps we will die of fright or shock to see ourselves.

·No one will have doubts of it being from God, and of its not being

·I who know what it is, am very much afraid of that day.

·The Virgin told us that the Warning and Miracle will be the last
warnings or public manifestations that God will give us. This is why I
believe that after them we will be near the end of time.

·To me it's like two stars that crash and make a lot of noise and a
lot of light but they don't fall down.

·It's something that's not going to hurt us but we're going to see it.

·In that moment, we're going to see our conscience. You're going to
see everything wrong that you're doing and the good you're not doing.

The visionary Loli stated:

·Everyone will experience it wherever they may be, regardless of their
condition or their knowledge of God. It will be an interior personal
experience. It will look as if the world has come to a standstill,
however, no one will be aware of that as they will be totally absorbed
in their own experience.

·It is going to be something like an interior feeling of sorrow and
pain for having offended God. God will help us to see clearly the harm
we are causing Him and all the evil things we do. He will help us to
sense this interior pain because often when we do something wrong we
just ask the Lord's forgiveness with our lips, but now (through the
Warning) He will help us sense physically that deep sorrow.

The visionary Jacinta stated:

·The Warning is something that is first seen in the air everywhere in the world and immediately is transmitted into the interior of our souls. It will last for a very little time, but it will seem a very long time because of its effect within us. It will be for the good of our souls, in order to see in ourselves our conscience, the good and the bad that we've done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's Two Important Posts For Us to Ponder!


By Dr. Rosalie Turton
[All in brackets & red are my comments]

Is there a similar message in Our Lady's words at Fatima, [Garabandal] and Akita? Yes, and it is a serious one! Bishop John S. Ito of Akita, Japan, confirmed that the third and final message given by Our Lady to Sister Agnes Sasagawa on October 13, 1973 was also the message of Fatima, Portugal on July 13, 1917, when the three children saw the vision of hell and learned about the five first Saturdays . . . and the consequences if people did not respond.
It was the final help from Heaven to the world. Messages in other apparitions all over the world, from the beginning of time, make the same requests: convert, obey God, pray, and repent. Both the messages of Akita and Fatima [and Garabandal] speak of a soon approaching chastisement if people do not convert and pray. They are serious, and sad . . . but the warnings offer much hope to those who heed them . . . the hope of mitigation and salvation! We can delay, soften, and avert in some places, the just wrath of God that is about to come upon the earth, and even more important, about to come upon our own soul at our particular judgment, which may well come first. The third and most serious message from Our Lady of Akita (as quoted from the Pastoral Letter approving the apparition, issued on April 22, 1984) is as follows:

"Many men in this world afflict the Lord. I desire souls to console Him . . . to soften the anger of the Heavenly Father. I wish, with My Son, for souls who will repair, by their suffering and their poverty, for the sinners and the ungrateful. "In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With My Son, I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities, by offering Him the sufferings of My Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him and form a cohort of victim souls. Prayer, penance, and courageous sacrifices can soften the Father's anger."

Fire Will Fall From The Sky

After a short silence, Our Blessed Mother said:

"As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. "Fire will fall from the sky, and wipe out a great part of humanity . . . the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. "The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary, and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the Bishops, and the Priests. The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church, in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, and Bishops against Bishops. [see 2nd formal Message of Garabandal] The Priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their conferees. "Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of My sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there no longer will be pardon for them."
Fatima Letter From Sister Lucia

A letter dated December 26, 1957, (long after the 1917 apparitions, and who saw our Lord and Our Lady privately many times afterwards) was written by Sr. Lucia to Fr. Agustino Fuentes, the postulator for the cause of beatification of Francisco and Jacinta. Lucia states: "Father, the Madonna is very sad because we have not paid attention to Her message of 1917. Neither the good nor the wicked have taken any notice. The good continue on their way without giving a thought to Our Lady's words . . . without heeding the Heavenly instructions. "The wicked march down the wide road to perdition, [see 2nd formal Message of Garabandal] by not taking into account the chastisements that threaten them. "Believe me, Father, God will chastise the world very quickly. Punishment from Heaven is imminent. Material chastisement will arrive very quickly. "Think, Father, of all the souls who will fall into hell, and this will happen because we do not pray enough and we do not do penance. This is the reason for the sadness of the Blessed Virgin.

Our Lady Came Very Often

"Father, tell everyone that the Madonna announced it to me very often: many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. Russia will be the scourge chosen by God to chastise humanity, if we do not obtain the grace of her conversion through prayer and the Sacraments. "Say it, Father; say that the devil is engaging in the decisive battle against the Madonna, because what grieves the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the fall of religious and priestly souls. The devil knows that the religious and priests who are unfaithful to their beautiful vocation lead many souls to hell [again, see the 2nd formal Message of Garabandal]. "There is just enough time to stay the punishment from Heaven! Two very effective means are at our disposal: prayer and sacrifice. "The devil does all that he can do to distract us and to take away our taste for prayer. We will save or damn ourselves together. "Nevertheless, Father you must tell the people that they should not keep hoping for an appeal to do penance from either the Sovereign Pontiff, . . . or from the Bishops, the Priests, or the superior generals. It is high time for everyone, on his own initiative, to perform good and holy works, and to reform his life according to the desires of the Madonna.

The Devil And Consecrated Souls

"The devil wants to take hold of consecrated souls; he tries to corrupt them in order to lull the others to sleep and lead them to final impenitence. The devil employs all tricks, even going so far as to suggest delay of entrance into religious life. Resulting from this, is the sterility of the interior life, and among the laymen, coldness regarding the subject of renouncing pleasures and the total immolation of themselves to God. "Father, say that two things were the root of the sanctification of Francisco and Jacinta: 1) the grief and affliction of the Madonna, 2) and the vision of hell. "The Madonna is as though She is placed between two swords. On the one side, She sees humanity obstinate and indifferent to the announced punishments. On the other, She sees us, who desecrate the Sacraments and scorn the approaching chastisement, by remaining incredulous, sinsual, and materialistic.

Approaching The Last Times

"The Madonna said specifically: 'We are approaching the last times.' The devil has engaged the decisive battle, that is, the final battle . . . from which one of the two will emerge either the victor or the vanquished: either we are with God, or with the devil. We must choose, and abide by our choice. "The holy Rosary and a devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary are the final remedies given to the world. Final means that there will be no others. "The Blessed Virgin tremulously offers the last anchor of salvation to us. The Madonna also said that if we did not heed Her, we would no longer be forgiven. "Father, it is urgent for us to realize the terrible reality. We do not want to terrify souls, but this is an urgent appeal to reality. Since the Most Blessed Virgin gave such effectiveness to the Rosary, there exists no material, spiritual, national, or international problem that cannot be solved by the holy Rosary, and by our sacrifices. Saying it with love and piety will permit us to console Mary and to efface the so numerous tears of Her Immaculate Heart."

Save Your Soul

Frequent recitation of the Rosary can also save our own soul and the souls of those whom we love, and then we can live in love and joy . . . for all eternity . . . or otherwise go to perdition . . . Is it worth it to you? Only in this life, can you make your choices. After you die, your fate is endlessly sealed. That is why children are spanked, and that is why God is going to send a chastisement . . . so that we learn to obey and behave, and so that we can come back home to Him in Heaven. His love for us is so great, His mercy is now, but His justice must be faced at judgment. Oh, please, realize the seriousness and value of the salvation of your soul. In St. John Bosco's dream, one of the greatest griefs of the souls in hell, was the realization of HOW EASY it would have been to get to Heaven, and of how LITTLE VALUE was the worth of what they received at the time, in exchange for the great treasure of eternal joy that they so readily gave up. Regret forever . . . deep, painful, unbearable, eternal regret. You can live in endless love, joy, and happiness, with Jesus and Mary, with just a little more prayer and sacrifice now. May the Holy Spirit come to you at this very moment to bless you with His strength and the determination you need to serve God now, while you can. And, even in this mortal life, you will be happier than ever before! You will begin to live your Heaven on earth. Ask anyone who is in a state of grace. God bless you. +++

FROM MARK MALLETT: "The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may "put their house in order"



“the smoke of Satan is seeping into the Church of God through the cracks in the walls.” —POPE PAUL VI, first quote: Homily during the Mass for Sts. Peter & Paul, June 29, 1972

THERE is an elephant in the living room. But few want to talk about it. Most choose to ignore it. The problem is that the elephant is trampling all of the furniture and soiling the carpet. And the elephant is this: the Church is polluted with apostasy—the falling away from the faith—and it has a name: "Wormwood".


Shortly before Christmas, myself and visionary Mary Reilly—who lives 2000 miles away—received a strange word on the very same day:


It is a word mentioned in the Bible. From Webster’s Online Dictionary:

In the symbolical language of the Apocalypse (Rev. 8:10, 11) a star is represented as falling on the waters of the earth, causing the third part of the water to turn wormwood. The name by which the Greeks designated it, absinthion, means "undrinkable."

Indeed, the Church is meant to be the source of living water, nurturing and nursing her children on the Truth, who is Christ. But these waters in many places have been poisoned by heresy—mass heresy. Many are those who claim to be Catholic ministers, but like wolves in sheep’s clothing, lead their flocks to errant pastures, groomed and tended by dissident theologians—the false prophets of our day. It goes to show that a theological degree is no guarantee of orthodoxy. Indeed, the ecclesiastical orders in North America have been routing the faith to such a degree that several theological seminaries and universities as well as hospitals and schools are now Catholic in name only. They are often the very source of the moral pollution in our culture.

If we want to know where our culture of death—of abortion, euthanasia, and contraception—came from, look no further than the episcopate’s doors. Forty years ago, when the world’s predators stood ready to devour the faithful, many sheep (such as my parents) were told that "the pill" was acceptable and that they could follow their conscience. Alas, the wolves were already inside the sheep pen, already inside the Church! I was born in 1968—just five months before the release of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical letter reaffirming the Church’s teaching against contraception. It would be eight years later before my parents were taught the truth about birth control by two lay people (which resulted in the birth of my dear little brother.) How close I came to not existing due to false teaching! (Two years later, the minister who advised my parents, left the priesthood and got married.)

The flood of abortion, pornography, STD’s, and divorce entered Catholic homes and society at large when the moral dam of clergy collapsed. There is an elephant in the living room, and its name is Wormwood.


"Wormwood" is also known as a bitter plant.

The tradition is that this plant sprang up in the track of the serpent as it writhed along the ground when driven out of Paradise. —Webster’s Online Dictionary

Yes, in the wake of the the ancient serpent’s tail:

The tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit. Apostasy, the loss of the faith, is spreading throughout the world and into the highest levels within the Church. —POPE PAUL VI, Address on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions, October 13, 1977

Contraception is the primary bitter agent of the "fallen star"—that is, the fallen clergy and theologians who have rejected the Church’s moral teachings. The Barque of Peter, the Church, is like…

…a boat about to sink, a boat taking in water on every side. —Cardinal Ratzinger (POPE BENEDICT XVI), March 24, 2005, Good Friday meditation on the Third Fall of Christ

I have met several priests from various regions of the United States who estimate that over 50 percent of their fellow seminarians are gay—many living active homosexual lifestyles. One priest recounted how he was forced to lock his door at night. Another told me how two men burst into his room to "have their way"—but turned white as ghosts as they looked upon his statue of Our Lady of Fatima. They left, and never bothered him again. Another was brought before his seminary’s disciplinary panel when he complained about being "hit on" by fellow seminarians. But they asked him why he was "homophobic." Other priests have told me that their faithfulness to the Magisterium was the reason they almost didn’t graduate, and that some of their colleagues did not survive because of their obedience to the Holy Father. How can this be?! There is an elephant in the living room, and its name is Wormwood… and Schism is her twin sister.

I had another vision of the great tribulation… It seems to me that a concession was demanded from the clergy that could not be granted. I saw many older priests, especially one, who wept bitterly. A few younger ones were also weeping… It was as if people were splitting into two camps. —Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774–1824); The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich; message from April 12th, 1820.


It is this acceptance of contraception that has led to and continues to foster a literal "Wormwood" in our waters. Studies are beginning to reveal that hormones from contraception are making their way back into the water supply. The results are frightening. In some cases, such as in Canada’s Great lakes or Colorado’s Boulder Creek, male fish have begun to change sex and their populations have been greatly reduced. It has been traced to estrogen—the female hormone found in oral contraceptives or birth control patches.

It’s the first thing that I’ve seen as a scientist that really scared me. It’s one thing to kill a river. It’s another thing to kill nature. If you’re messing with the hormonal balance in your aquatic community, you’re going deep down. You’re twiddling with how life proceeds. —Biologist John Woodling, Catholic Online , August 29, 2007

Furthermore, as evangelical writer Julio Severo points out, contraception also results in "micro-abortions":

...rivers have become deposits of annihilated lives. Hundreds of millions of women use pills and other birth-control devices that provoke micro-abortions that end flushed in toilets, and then into rivers. —Julio Severo, article "Rivers of Blood", December 17, 2008,

The water we cook with, we bathe in, we drink, is tainted with the blood of these murdered individuals. There is an elephant in the living room, and its name is Wormwood.

Who can fail to see that society is at the present time, more than in any past age, suffering from a terrible and deep-rooted malady which, developing every day and eating into its inmost being, is dragging it to destruction? —POPE PIUS X, Encyclical E Supremi, n. 2


You shall not pollute the land in which you live, for blood pollutes the land, and no atonement can be made for the land for the blood that is shed in it, except by the blood of the one who shed it. (Numbers 35:33 ESV)

It is difficult for me to write these things. I’d much rather kick my feet up, read a novel, and pretend that everything in the world is going to go along as it always has. The problem is, there’s an elephant in the living room. I can’t in good conscience pretend that it doesn’t exist. The dung has piled up high, the smell of disobedience is everywhere, and the damage to our children’s future is irreparable, save for a direct intervention from on High.

The warning in my heart is clear of a coming instrument of purification:

War is coming to the shores of the Americas.

Keep your eyes on the unholy trinity forming with Cuba, Venezuela, and Russia:

Be careful, especially when all seems to be peaceful and calm. Russia may act in a surprise way, when you least expect it… [God’s] justice will begin in Venezuela. The Bridge to Heaven: Interviews with Maria Esperanza of Betania, Michael H. Brown, p. 73, 171

Because God loves us, our consciences need to be violently shaken. Before there can be an Illumination of Conscience, before we are willing to look up, we have to be brought to our knees, just as the Prodigal Son would not think to return home until his pride was crushed.

And let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path, while respecting the freedom he has given us; hence people are responsible. —Sr. Lucia, one of the Fatima visionaries, in a letter to the Holy Father, May 12th, 1982.


The bitterness of Wormwood has reached the Lord’s mouth:

Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. (Rev 3:16)

If the Lord spits a portion of His Church out of His mouth—that is, removes His divine protection—it is not because He does not love us. It is precisely because He loves us:

If you are without discipline, in which all have shared, you are not sons but bastards… whom the Lord loves, he disciplines; he scourges every son he acknowledges. (Heb 12:6,8)

In chaos, Mercy will come…

Is Ephraim not my favored son, the child in whom I delight? Often as I threaten him, I still remember him with favor; My heart stirs for him, I must show him mercy, says the LORD. (Jeremiah 31:18-20)

…for the elephant in the living room needs to be exposed. Wormwood needs to be uprooted. Poison needs to be drawn out so that Living Waters can flow again.

The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may "put their house in order"… A great moment is approaching, a great day of light… it is the hour of decision for mankind. —Catholic mystic Marie Esperanza (1928-2004), Antichrist and the End Times by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi in P. 37


Published in: DAILY JOURNAL, SIGNS | on March 24th, 2009 |


Thus, the "particular revelation" represented by Garabandal as a whole, first of all its quintessential Message, was to fully manifest its specific "charismatic truth," according to an admirable divine Plan, in the transcendent light of Revelation and of its supreme "messenger," the Word of God made Man. The Apostle's magnificent initial words of his Letter to the Hebrews carry in such a twofold resonance: ". . . God, in these 'last days' (a typical prophetic expression of divine eschatological intervention) . . ., has spoken to us by His Son . . ., through whom He has also created the worlds. He is the reflection of God's Glory and the exact imprint of God's very being, and He (the Son) sustains all things by His powerful Word. When He had made purification for sins (through the sufferings of His Passion) . . ." (Heb. 1:1-3). Now the Glory (Hebrew: Kabod) which implies splendor, amazement, lightning brilliance and which, on earth, is perceived only indirectly in the reflection of its visible manifestations, if we except the theophany of Mount Tabor, that Glory above all designates, here below, the "Servant of Yahweh," Christ Jesus in His Passion, Him, "the most handsome of men" (Ps. 45:2) whose Face was then to appear "marred and without glamor" (Isa. 52:14), Him, the "Word of Yahweh made flesh," who, paradoxically, was to be the One responsible for "making the divine Glory shine unto the extremities of the earth."

These fundamental perspectives will doubtless allow us to consider, later and in more profound light, the Message given at Garabandal. That Message, as we know now, was to be truly that of the Son of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel (see January 1, 1965 post); these perspectives will also invite us to give very special attention to some of Christ's last words to Conchita (February 13, 1966): "Do not be preoccupied: I will do everything . . .". We cannot but marvel, then, before these divine dispositions concerning the grace, both particular and universal, of Garabandal, nor remain insensitive to its Message of conversion, of love and of salvation. Although a feeble echo, no doubt, of the unfathomable "Splendor of Truth" proper to the absolute Message, the Gospel, it nonetheless testifies in a most remarkable way to the unfailing "divine philanthropy" that St. Paul summed up, when he hailed "( . . .) the day when the goodness and the loving kindness of God our Saviour for men appeared . . ." (Tim. 3:4). All these well-known Christian truths were to be made more accessible to us, thanks to the motherly intervention of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 252]

Whew! I leave it to you scholars to grasp what was just written and to send me some highlights and inspirations that come to your delicate minds. My mind is at a blur right now. But there is a lot more coming up and I hope all these fine words don't scare you off! Stay tuned. . . .
Roman Deacon

Monday, March 23, 2009


The authenticity of the Garabandal Event is reasonably confirmed by the abundant illustration of the specific criterion of Beauty. The pictures alone indeed testify, in their own original way, to the truthfulness of the events and to the depth of the Message. The feelings of the young visionaries in ecstasy, radiant with joy and spontaneity, candor and simplicity, gravity sometimes, emanated from their extraordinary experiences, and communicated to many witnesses as an almost immediate reflection of the beauty and transcendence proper to the Vision.

These characteristics of the Garabandal Event became above all the irrefutable sign of a Message, of a truth of life inherently present in the authentic "things of God," always "beautiful and good" (Gen. 1:25-31). The ecstasies were so forceful that most witnesses themselves experienced a real interior enthusiasm to the point of even renewing their personal life and spiritual journey. A "grace" for many, undoubtedly, a "stumbling block" for some, all experienced nevertheless the irrepressible feeling of finding themselves in the presence of a mysterious Beauty-Goodness particularly apt to make itself the mouthpiece of a true prophetic Message, so profound in meaning, universal in scope and timely in its urgency.

This call and exhortation of the "Beauty-Goodness" of divine aesthetics, originally made visible in Jesus Christ, was reflected in an unparalleled way in Mary, "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" (the "Woman of the end and of glory" - Rev. 12:1) and manifested at Garabandal. How could we not be dazzled by the fulfillment of the"grace" of Garabandal? Would it have been providentially planned by its Author to emerge, if not in the context of the Church's very great spiritual event -- the Jubilee of Grace and Mercy of Year 2000 -- at least near after, and flowing from it as a most singular preparation.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 251-252]

In true apparitions, Our Lady is always described as "the most beautiful woman I ever seen". At the last apparition of Mary to Bernadette, at Massabielle (Lourdes), which as I said yesterday, was on July 16, 1858, the famous visionary exclaimed, "Never did I see Her so beautiful!" Bernadette always called Our Lady "the beautiful Lady" before Mary told her She was the "Immaculate Conception." And when they showed her a picture or statue, questioning her about the resemblance to her vision, she would say: "Please, no comparison is possible!"

The visionaries of Garabandal made similar remarks about the Blessed Virgin, as had the visionaries of La Salette and Fatima. So, if you hear about a visionary saying the Blessed Mother was ugly, then I suggest you get away from that source because it was probably a false vision from the devil!
Deacon John

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Does the Vatican Say About Garabandal?

We have often been asked “What does the Catholic Church say about Garabandal?”

As you may know Conchita was invited to the Vatican by Cardinal Ottaviani in 1968. She spent a number of hours being interviewed by the Cardinal. It is reported that she gave the date of the miracle to Cardinal Ottaviani, so we can assume that the Pope at the time, Paul VI, was given
the date. We also know that Fr. Benac S.J., the well known Spanish Jesuit who established a major Garabandal Center in India and traveled the world promoting Garabandal, met with Cardinal Ratzinger and handed over copies of all his extensive Garabandal files.

What can we draw from this information? We can state without doubt that the Pope and the Vatican know the details of the Garabandal story, including the prophetic events, namely the Warning, the Miracle and the Permanent Sign. We believe that these events will occur before any approval is given by the Vatican. In other words, Garabandal will prove itself.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Brief Story of the Garabandal Events

God Delivers His “Last Warnings”
to the World Through Mary

Garabandal visionaries — Conchita, Jacinta, Mari-Loli,and Mari Cruz.

The sacred events occurred in a small
hamlet in the Cantabrian Mountains of northwestern Spain. Unknown now, but destined to become a religious shrine outshining all others; its name is Garabandal. Here, on June 18, 1961, an angel, later identified by Our Lady as the Archangel St. Michael, appeared to four unsophisticated young girls to begin a series of appearances and messages for the world extending over four years. The four children were Conchita Gonzales, Mary Loli-Mazon, Jacinta Gonzales and Mari Cruz Gonzales. None of the girls are closely related. At that time, three were twelve years old and the other only eleven. St. Michael told them that he had come to prepare them for the visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who would make her first appearance to them on Sunday, July 2, 1961. After this first apparition Our Lady appeared to the girls many hundreds of times, at all hours of the day and night, until her final appearance on November 13, 1965. The great number of appearances by Our Lady, alone emphasizes the tremendous importance of the information given to us, through her, by Almighty God.

The Messages

On July 4, 1961, Our Lady gave the
girls the fi rst message and told the girls to make this message public on October 18, 1961. (See Box). The second message was given much later, toward the end of the apparitions. On January 1, 1965, the Blessed Virgin told Conchita that the Archangel St. Michael would appear on June 18 and would deliver a message in her name.

God’s Love Intervenes

Garabandal is essentially a message
of hope. Mankind has turned away from God and is engaged in much wickedness. In justice, God could either punish mankind Himself or allow us reap the fruits of our own evil. Instead, He is giving us a fi nal chance. He has sent the Blessed Mother to tell us at Garabandal that we can come back to Him, through sacrifice, prayer and penance. Also, His love has not stopped at sending this message of hope. Knowing the hardness of our hearts, our blindness and our skepticism, He is sending us signs we cannot ignore. “It is an evil and unfaithful generation that asks for a sign” says Our Lord in Matthew 12:38-40. Yet God, out of the unfathomable depths of His mercy and love, is going to give us not one, but two signs. The seers of Garabandal refer to them as: “The Warning” and “The Miracle.”


Conchita was advised by Our Lady at
Garabandal on January 1, 1965, that God is going to send upon the world a great supernatural warning. This divine warning will be seen and experienced by every person in the world and will come directly from God. The purpose of this warning is to draw the good nearer to God and to turn the world away from sin. Conchita says that it will be experienced no matter wherever we might be – inside or outside. “It will,” she says, “be like the revelation of our sins, and it will be seen and felt equally by believers and non-believers and people of any religion whatsoever.” This warning will be “very fearful, a thousand times worse than earthquakes. It will be like fi re. It will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it bodily and interiorly. The warning is like a very terrifying thing that will occur in the sky.” To a question whether the warning would cause death, she replied, “If we die from it, it would not be from the warning itself, but from the emotional shock that we would experience in seeing and feeling the warning.” We must be careful in our consideration of the matter. The fear of God that is good is the fear that draws virtuous souls to God and prompts sinners to amend their lives. This is the purpose that Conchita ascribes to the warning: “Oh, but after the warning you will love the good Lord very much.” Our attitude towards this warning should be one of gratitude to God for His great mercy and love. He is going to purify us and He is going to make mankind really aware of Him once again. Our concern at this moment should be to get closer to God, cast sin from our lives and strive to love and serve Him better. If we do this, we will be prepared for the warning when it comes.


Part of the purpose of this warning is
to prepare the world for the great miracle. God’s love and mercy will not stop at making us aware of our own weakness and sinfulness. In addition, He is going to give us a further great sign, this time a positive sign of His love and concern for us. Conchita tells us about this in her Diary in the following words: “The Blessed Virgin Mary advised me of a great miracle, saying that God, Our Lord, would perform it through her intercession…The Blessed Virgin has told me the date of the miracle and what it will consist of. I am supposed to announce it 8 days in advance, that it will come…The sick who are present at the miracle will be cured and sinners will be converted…There will be no doubt [left] in the mind of anyone who sees this great miracle which God, Our Lord, will perform through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. And now as we await this great day of the miracle, let us see if the world changes and the chastisement is averted.”


Both the first and second message
make it clear that the warning and the great miracle are an attempt by God to persuade us to leave the ways which are going to bring down upon us, according to those messages, the full weight of divine justice – a divine chastisement of the world. If we do not heed the messages, the punishment announced by Our Lady will be visited upon the whole world after the miracle. Conchita has written: “I cannot reveal what kind of punishment it is except that it will be a result of the direct intervention of God, which makes it more terrible and fearful than anything we can imagine…” She describes it as “very, very great, in keeping with what we deserve.”