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AUGUST 1966:



From the beginning of the apparitions, the Blessed Virgin had regularly warned the children that "someday they would contradict one another and even deny they had ever seen Her." During the February 13, 1966 locution, Our Lord had already mentioned this trial, then very near, to Conchita.

Mari-Cruz was the first to 'deny' in September 1962. To this day she has maintained her denials with, however, less and less . . . conviction!

Then it was Mari-Loli's and Jacinta's turn to doubt, for the first time in January 1963. As for Conchita, we remember that in 1961, during her constrained stay at Santander, she had apparently admitted that she had had no visions.

Loli and Conchita . . . confided their troubles to [Don Jose Olano, the new pastor priest of San Sebastian de Garabandal] him in confession. Conchita asked Don Olano to inform the bishop and make arrangements for an interview with Msgr. Puchol . . .

It was in the summer of 1966 that the doubts and denials reached the peak of their intensity . . . On August 15, in the village, after the recitation of the Rosary, Mari-Loli and Conchita suddenly felt filled with "remorse" and with the "feeling of having deceived the world" . . .

Conchita's interview with Msgr. Puchol Montis took place on August 30, at Pamplona, and lasted more than seven hours. At the end of this tense and harassing day, the visionary finally 'admitted' that "all of this was a lie," and even 'swore to that effect" . . . There were other rendezvous between Msgr. Puchol and the four visionaries, this time at Santander, on September 2, 7 and 27 and on October 11, 1966. During one of these interrogations, Conchita thought it good to reveal . . . the date of the future Miracle to the Bishop. But, at the moment she meant it proper to do so, she realized that she had forgotten it completely! She suddenly remembered it as she left the Bishop's residence . . . Mari-Loli also experienced this same type of providential "forgetfulness." Conchita was asked many questions on what she calls her "negations." Here we reproduce a particular interesting conversation:

Question: - When you said that you were seeing the Blessed Virgin, were you lying?
Conchita: - No, I was telling the truth.
Question: - And now you say that you didn't see Her, you are lying?
Conchita: - No, I am telling the truth.
Question: - Your conscience is at peace, right now?
Conchita: - Yes.
Question: - And when you were saying that you were seeing the Blessed Virgin, your conscience was at peace?
Conchita: - Yes, to be sure, yes.
Question: - At what moment was your conscience most at peace?
Conchita: - When I was saying that I was seeing the Blessed Virgin, my conscience was then totally at peace. Now, of course, I am still at peace, but, nonetheless, I have something in a corner of my conscience . . .
Question: - And why do you say that you did not see the Blessed Virgin?
Conchita: - The Blessed Virgin alone knows why She does things this way . . .

In a letter Conchita wrote on November 13, 1966, we find this short excerpt where the visionary gave a new and still more profound explanation of her 'denials':

"I keep on thinking the same thing concerning my retractions, and I accept that this is neither a cross nor anything at all."

As a conclusion, may we quote some brief excerpts from a note written on August 11, 1966 by Fr. Lucio Rodrigo, S.J.: " . . . our belief in the Divine supernatural nature of the Phenomena (of San Sebastian de Garabandal0 is not founded on what the children said at the time of the apparitions, but on real facts properly ascertained by witnesses and subjected to a rigid critical analysis, a fortiori our faith . . . has no reason to be destroyed or even diminished by the actual or future statements of the children. They would be deluded, but we would not."

Besides, throughout the whole Church history only true visionaries and authentic mystics experienced moments of real doubts and temptations against the Faith: a valuable criterion of authenticity already supporting Garabandal!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 211-213]

Whoa! does this chapter scandalize you? Don't be! As Father Rodrigo said, it's all part of God's supernatural way of testing the seers and us too! Our Lady said "it was a grace to believe in Garabandal!" I believed right from the moment I read about the apparitions for the first time about 40 years ago, and I have, through the grace of God, continued to believe in them. My testimony is my life as a devote Catholic Christian and hopefully my death will also give glory to God by my Christian life! Garabandal has brought me closer to Jesus in the Eucharist through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Garabandal has taught me that we must serve God and neighbor, and that's why I desired to be a deacon. Remember what Our Lord said to Conchita, "You must have your hands full of good deeds to enter Heaven, right now your hands are empty." When I first read those words, my hands were empty! How about you? Dear Lord, have mercy on us!
Roman Deacon

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Pope Paul VI in the Gestatorial Chair
"Conchita, I bless you and with me the whole Church will bless you."

This period was to become more and more devoted to spreading the Message, thanks particularly to the Degree issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on November 15, 1966. The Church, in keeping with the true spirit of the SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL, granted a new "responsible freedom" in the field of apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies, etc.

Obviously, during the last thirty years and more, since the end of the phenomena, there was no lack of shadow and light surrounding the visionaries. First there was to be the period of painful doubts and retractions, but also Conchita's two other trips to Rome, in 1968 and 1969, when she was again invited and greeted by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Second, there was also certain attempts, indeed aborted and which, in any case, occurred after the authentic facts, of the intervention of the Evil One at San Sebastian de Garabandal, up to the actions, less enlightened than intentionally negative, of Msgr. Puchol, Montis and Cirarda. Finally, there is the position of the "wait and see" adopted by the present Bishop, Msgr. Jose Maria Vilaplana, a providential one for Garabandal. . . .
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 210]

And so that's what we are doing, "wait and see"! And see we will when the Warning, Miracle and Great Sign come upon this mixed up world. We will all see our sins and certainly be sorry for them! We will believe! We will be happy because the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will come at that point in time and we will have an Era of Peace! Just "wait and see!"
Roman Deacon

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Back from Rome, Conchita faced a decisive moment. She knew she would again never see the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal. There was now the matter of her vocation . . .

On February 7, her own birthday, Conchita was the perfect image of trust. She was leaving her village to go to the College of the Discalced Missionary Carmelites, at Pamplona. She was seventeen years old and wanted to become a postulant, then a novice in the Congregation, hoping that she would someday work among the Africans . . .

But behold that, in a second and last locution from Christ, hardly a week after her arrival at Pamplona, Conchita learned, among other things, that the Lord was not calling her to be a religious sister . . . The text of this last "charismatic event" of Garabandal is so rich in meaning that it can only be reproduced here, its obvious spiritual content for one, needing no comment:

"On Sunday, February 13, 1966, at the moment of thanksgiving after Communion, I received both a great joy and a yet greater distress, as well as a disappointment! I heard the voice of Christ telling me:

"Conchita, you came here to the college to prepare yourself to become My bride and, as you say, to follow Me. Are you not saying, Conchita, that you do not want to do My will? Well, now, it is your will that you want to fulfill. Do you want to do like this all your life? I chose you in the world so that you may stay in it, so that you may face the many vexations that you will find there for My sake. I want all that for your sanctification, and so that you may offer this for the salvation of the world. You must speak to the world about Mary. Remember that in June [rather in July 1963, the only previous locution she had of Christ: it must be a small error from Conchita herself - J.S.] you asked Me if you would be a religious sister. I answered you: 'You will find the Cross and suffering everywhere.' I am telling you this again".
"Conchita, did you feel My call to become My bride? No! Because I did not call you."

I asked Him: "And how does one feel Your call to become a religious?"
He told me: "Don't worry about that, you will not feel it."
I asked Him: "Then You do not love me, Jesus?"
He replied: "Conchita, you ask me that? Who redeemed you? Fulfill My will and you will find My love. Examine yourself well. Think more of others. Do not fear temptations. If you are faithful to My love, you will overcome the many temptations awaiting you. Be intelligent, understand what I told you in a spiritual way. Do not close the eyes of your soul. Do not let anyone deceive you. Love humility, simplicity. Never think that what you are doing is great. Think of what you have to do, of what you must do, not to merit Heaven, but to save the world so that it may fulfill My divine will. Every soul that prepares itself, every soul well disposed to hear Me, will know My will. Conchita, I wish to tell you that you will suffer a great deal from now on until the Miracle, for few will believe you. Even your family will think you deceived them. I am the One who has wanted all that. I told you so, for your sanctification and for the world to fulfill the Message. I want to warn you that the remainder of your life will be a continual suffering."
"Do not be afraid. You will find Me in suffering, Me and Mary, whom you love so much."

I asked Him if in Rome also I would not be believed and He did not answer me.
Then He told me: "Do not worry about whether or not you are believed. I am the One who will do everything, but I will also give you suffering. I will be with whoever suffers for Me."
[From 'Garabandal' Book pages 206-207]

"Do not be afraid," Jesus said to Conchita! I remember that those were the first words the newly elected Pope John Paul II said from the balcony at the Vatican before hundreds of thousands of the faithful!

And we shouldn't be afraid because the Lord is with us, walking and sometimes carrying us on our spiritual journey to Heaven! But He says also that we have to work at it, helping all those we meet, including our own family, to believe and live the Faith. And as we live our faith in conformity with the Lord, we will experience suffering. Jesus said we suffer for His sake, His will and the salvation of the world. Amazing! Here we are, little nobodies, helping Jesus save the world! Offer and unite your sufferings to Jesus! It will save your soul!
Roman Deacon

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In Rome, at the Coliseum, January 13th 1966. Fr. Luna,
Princess Cécileof Bourbon, Conchita and her mother, Aniceta.


On the order of Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, then Pro-Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who had been informed about the Garabandal "events" by the father of the princess of Bourbon Parme as early as the summer of 1965, Conchita at last goes
to Rome.

On this trip with her there were Fr. Luna, Cecile of Bourbon Parme, Aniceta and Professor Medi (University of Rome), former ambassador of Spain to the Vatican.

Cardinal Ottaviana listened to Conchita for more than two hours. Although we still have partial information about their conversation, we know, nonetheless, that Conchita told him the date of the Miracle as well as the nature of the very important Church event that will occur on the same day, while also answering 'presumed' difficulties reported to the Pro-Prefect . . .

Several other important members of the Roman Curia also welcomed the visionary. She would later meet the Pope's confessor and told him also the date of the future "D" day. But, more important, Conchita was to be introduced to Paul VI, in a very private audience attended by only five persons, which took place providentially on . . . January 18th! Undoubtedly, on this very first day of the "Week of prayer for the Unity of all Christians," the visionary told the Holy Father what she knew about the future 'reunification of all Christian Churches,' about 'the Council, the last Popes,' etc . . .

The Sovereign Pontiff will eventually bless the visionary twice in these terms: "Conchita, I bless you and with me the whole Church blesses you."

Taking advantage of a wait of twenty-four hours before her rendezvous with Cardinal Ottaviani, Conchita and her fellow travellers went to San Giovanni Rotondo. There she met a "friend": Blessed Padre Pio! The latter, although not feeling well that day, came nonetheless against all expectations, to greet the visionary . . . as soon as he was told that "Conchita of San Sebastian de Garabandal is also here." The interview was warm, the famous Capuchin constantly blessing
Conchita and assuring her of his prayers.

As to her crucifix, kissed by the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal, Conchita presented it to Blessed Padre Pio during her visit, asking him to bless it. This he did, placing the small crucifix on one of his stigmata, in the palm of his left hand, then covering it with Conchita's hand . . .
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 204-205]

Who could understand the ways of God? Everything is so mysterious! It's so true that He is in control and guides us at every moment. We just have to be holy and open to His Will and everything turns out for the better!

Conchita goes to Rome for a meeting with Cardinal Ottaviani and winds up seeing two Saints, Padre Pio and Pope Paul VI. What a wonderful experience that must of been. I probably would have fainted! We wonder what they talked about? Whatever it was that Conchita said, both the Pope and Padre Pio blessed Conchita over and over, which really means that they were also blessing the Garabandal events as well. Praise God!
Roman Deacon

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We do not know for sure if Conchita was granted a last locution or not on that day. To us, that appears very probable, because of the very particular context of this December 8, 1965, date of the Closure of the Council of Vatican II, but also because the visionary, then boarder at the College of Burgos, will tell in 1966 to Sister Maria Nieves Garcia that "until now, every December 8, I had either an apparition or a locution from the Blessed Virgin."
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 203]

And so the supernatural events of Garabandal are winding down, and now begins the times of sufferings for the girls. But not all suffering, cause like us, there are times of joy too; like a marriage, a new baby, travel, birthday parties, baptisms, etc., etc. We all have our ups and downs in life. But because of the unique state of life the girls lived, I believe their sufferings would be greater than most people, remember Our Lady promised them that they would go to heaven.

Well, read the lives of the Saints and see how much they suffered to get there! One thing I remember constantly is that Our Lady said that those who wear the kissed objects would serve their purgatory here on earth, well I'm sure the girls know that and do wear a kissed object.
I do! and I never take it off!!!
Roman Deacon

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The German publisher was at the village on the very day Conchita had her last apparition of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel. During his stay, he had a series of conversations with Conchita, of which he published certain excerpts in 1993, in his fine book, 'Garabandal, The Hand of God.'

In the presence of Aniceta, Eloisa Deguia (Madrid), and his own sister, the conversations bore, among other major topics, on "the last Popes," on the future "Unity of the Church," on "abortion" as well, about which Conchita, astonished, pointed out to A. Weber that it would cause the Cup of divine Wrath to overflow! The Blessed Virgin had spoken about this unfortunate practice to the visionary, in terms that had left her stunned. Indeed, at the time, Conchita did not understand "how it was possible to kill a child in his (or hers) mother's womb without killing the mother at the same time . . .!"
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 203]

Yes, in the early 60's, we didn't hear too much about abortion, and I myself, probably didn't understand it like Conchita. "How can you kill a baby inside its mother and not kill the mother too?"

Ten years later, the Supreme Court changed all that and almost everyone now knew what it meant by having an abortion, although the media told us that it was only a blob, not a baby. Everything was based on a lie!

My wife and I joined a Pro-Life group at the local church on Long Island, and we began to picket and pray and lobby for Life! We also went to Washington D.C. for the March for Life every January. Sometimes I was the Bus Captain. We brought our children with us wherever we went, unless my wife went alone with a group. Then I would stay home and watch the kids. Those were very active days cause I was also involved with the Workers of Mount Carmel spreading the messages of Garabandal too. I had my own trucking business, so I could work my own hours and then do the other stuff. I thank God for these graces that we received enabling us to serve Him and the unborn!!!
Roman Deacon

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Conchita's account of the apparition:


I strongly desired that this day would come so that I would see again Those who had brought the felicity of God to my soul: the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus whom She carried in Her arms.
It was raining but, of course, I did not mind going up to the Pines. I was bringing many rosaries I had recently been given to distribute and which, as the Blessed Virgin had asked me, I had brought to have Her kiss them.

As I was climbing all alone up to the Pines, I was telling myself about the way that I should amend my shortcomings and not fall into them again. I felt embarrassed to present myself like this to the Mother of God without having detached myself from them. . .

When I came to the Pines, I started pulling the devotional objects out of my pockets and, at this very moment, I heard a very soft voice (of course, the voice of the Blessed Virgin, that we can recognize among others) that was calling me by my name and I answered: "QUE! - What!"
Then I saw Her with the Child Jesus in Her arms; He was still dressed in the same way and was all smiles.

I said to Her: I came to bring you some rosaries so that You may kiss them. And She said to me: "I can see that."
I had a piece of chewing gum in my mouth, but when the Blessed Virgin appeared to me, I was no longer chewing; I had stuck it in one of my molars. But She obviously knew that I had it. And She said to me:
"Conchita, why don't you give up your chewing gum and offer it as a sacrifice to the glory of my Son?"
And I, ashamed, took it out of my mouth and threw it on the ground. Then She said to me: "You remember what I told you on the day of your birthday [the Immaculate Conception, 8 December], that you would suffer much on this earth? Have faith in Us and you will willingly offer these sufferings to Our Hearts for the good of your brothers; then, you will feel Us closer to you."
And I said to Her: "How unworthy I am, O Dear Mother, of so many graces received from [both of] You. And you still come to me today to
make lighter the little cross that I now carry."
Then She said to me: "Conchita, I do not come for you alone. I come for all my children with the desire to draw them closer to Our Hearts." And She said to me again: "Give me all you brought for me to kiss." And I gave it all to Her. I had a crucifix with me. she kissed it and said: "Slip it into the hands of the Child Jesus." This is what I did. He said nothing to me.

I told the Blessed Virgin: "I will bring this cross with me to the convent?" She said nothing (about this). After She had kissed everything, She said to me: "Thanks to the kiss I put on these objects, my Son will perform wonders - Distribute them".
This is what I think I'll do. Then She asked me to speak about the wishes of the others, of all those who had given me requests to Her. And I did so. Then She said to me: "Tell me, Conchita, tell me something about my children, I keep them all gathered under my cloak." I told Her: "It is very small, not all of us can find room there."

And She smiled. "You know, Conchita, why I didn't come on June 18th to give the Message for the world? It is because it grieved Me to tell it to you myself. But I must tell it to you, for your own good and, if you accomplish it, for the glory of God. I love you very much, I desire that you be saved and to gather you all here in Heaven, around the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We can count on you, Conchita, can't We?"
And I told Her: "If I could always see You, yes, but otherwise, I don't know. I am very wicked." "Do all you can on your part and We will help you."
She stayed a very short time. She said to me: "This is the last time you will see Me here, but I will always be with you and with all My children." She also said to me: "Conchita, why don't you visit My Son in the Tabernacle more often. He waits for you there day and night."

As I have already said, it was raining heavily, but the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus were not at all wet. As for myself, while I was seeing Them, I was not aware it was raining, but after the apparition, I was soaked wet. I said to the Blessed Virgin: "How happy I am when I see both of You. Why don't You bring me to heaven now?"
Then She said to me: "Remember what I told you on your birthday: when you will present yourself before God, you will have to show your hands full of the works you will have accomplished for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, they are empty!"

And it was all over. The moment of happiness I had with my Mother of Heaven, my best Friend, and with the Child Jesus, is gone. I have stopped seeing Them but I have not stopped feeling Their presence. . ."
[from 'Garabandal' Book, pages 200-201]

Read this over a few times and meditate on its meaning for your life!
Are your hands full of good deeds? Do you offer small sacrifices to God for His glory? There is so much good to do and not enough time to do it!
Roman Deacon

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The final locution, and what a remarkable one, of the Blessed Virgin to Mari-Loli, then a boarder with Jacinta, at Borja, in the College of the Sisters of Charity of St. Ann where famous Madre Maria Naya herself had spent several years:

"I had a locution from the Most Blessed Virgin. She told me that I would have much to suffer in this world, that I would be subjected to many trials, that this is what would make me suffer most."
I asked Her to tell me if I was to become a sister. She did not answer me.
She told me that She was very happy that I was here in the boarding school.
I asked Her if She would come back to speak with me. She did not answer.
I asked Her to give my father a proof of the apparitions so that he might believe. She told me that he would soon believe in them and that everyone would also believe.
She told me that She was very happy with my sacrifices, but that I ought to be better and more mortified in everything each day, that, as I had done until now, I ought to recite the Rosary every day, a devotion most agreeable to Her, that She loves us all very much, that She wanted us to be very good so that we may soon be together with Her in the glory of Heaven."
Mari-Loli Mazon
A reading, even a rapid one, of the last "interior words" of the Blessed Virgin to Mari-Loli suggests the following few observations:

-- The phase, henceforth near, of the "great doubts and denials" that Loli was about to go through, is implicitly predicted, as well as an existence punctuated by difficulties of many forms (which indeed is very much the case!);
-- Our Lady does not reveal to the visionary that she would see her again a few days before the "D" day, something which, on the other hand, she told Conchita in 1963;
-- The Blessed Virgin, we must note, remains silent on Mari-Loli's question about her possible religious vocation; She does not tell either when "her father (Ceferino) will believe at last" (this will happen on June 2, 1974, in absolutely remarkable conditions and circumstances); [Mari-Loli's father, Ceferino Mazon, was to receive 'his' proof on June 2, 1974, the very day of his passing away, also of Pentecost . . . just when the celebrated "Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima," then going through Spain, came through San Sebastian de Garabandal.]
-- Mary insisted again, and in her own way, on the value of the prayer of the Rosary (Mari-Loli was to find in her future husband, Francis LaFleur, the one who would help her to persist with fervor in this main Marian devotion); and
-- Finally, just as She would later tell Conchita during her last apparition, on November 13, 1965, the Blessed Virgin expressed to Loli Her keen desire, almost a promise, of welcoming her as well as "all of them" (the four visionaries) in the glory of Heaven.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 199-200]

What a promise! Imagine being promised Heaven by Our Lady! But we already have that promise in many ways . . . Devotion to Our Lady's Rosary promises Heaven for those who devotedly pray it; especially the First Five Saturday Devotion; Wearing the "Brown Scapular" is another promise of Heaven; How about the promises of Our Lord regarding the First Friday devotion , Receiving Holy Communion for Nine consecutive First Fridays in reparation for the
offenses committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus promises Eternal reward in Heaven. There are many more . . . how many do you take advantage of, these wonderful Gifts from Heaven? Hey! Don't wait for your last day on earth to do these devotions, you might not make it!!!
Roman Deacon

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SUNDAY, JULY 18, 1965:

From Left in 1947: Luis, Marcelino, Maria Luisa, Ramón and Rafael.


The solemn Feast of St. Sebastian in the village (thanks to a special ecclesiastical indult) also a key day in the events, a day which was, as in the previous years, to be amply "emphasized" at San Sebastian de Garabandal.

Father Marcelino Andreu celebrated Mass at the village. During his sermon, Conchita was favored with a locution from the Blessed Virgin who, moreover, appeared to her at home at the end of the same day. The visionary learned then that Fathers Alejandro and Marcelino Andreu "would see" the Miracle, just like had been the case for their brother Luis (August 8, 1961). Astonishing enough, Fr. Alejandro was to die on August 9, 1989, at Caracas, very precisely at 4 a.m., the same day and at the same time as Luis in 1961! He was about sixty years old. As to fr. Marcelino, he was to die on June 17, 1998, at Bilbao, after a long illness (leukemia). Thus, the meaning of the apparition to Mrs. Andreu (see April 30, 1962) of her son Luis and of the other two Jesuit priests whom she had seen only from their backs, emerged, at last!

In various degrees, the four Andreu brothers had been, all of them, "witnesses" of the phenomena that occurred at San Sebastian de Garabandal; furthermore, all "saw" or will see the great Miracle; Luis, Alejandro and Marcelino before the future "D" day, Father Ramon on the "D" day itself, since we know, according to some valuable documents, that in the twenty-four or forty-eight hours following the Miracle, the latter, accompanied by the "skeptical" Padre Justo,
O.F.M., will sing the Te Deum . . . !
[From ;Garabandal' Book, page 198]

Father Ramon also died in November, 2004 of Cancer. after serving since 1971 in a parish (St. Kevin's) in California. So all the brothers who were Jesuit priests, have gone on to eternity. And that's where they will see the great Miracle! If we die before it comes, we too will see it in eternity, especially because we have been so interested in the Garabandal events.

Where do you want to see the Warning, Miracle and great Sign? For myself, I want only what God wants, so if He allows me to be here, great! If not, so be it, I hope to be in Heaven looking down on you!
Roman Deacon

Friday, September 21, 2007

FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1965:


This was the anniversary of the Blessed Virgin's first apparition, when she entrusted Conchita with a little message destined for Msgr. Beitia and already clearly insinuated during the seer's previous June 18 famous public ecstasy, a personal message he was to receive shortly after, thanks to Francisco Sanchez-Ventura. We ignore its content, but on the following 8th of July, he was to publish his second Note, the longest and most complete, the most open also of the
two he wrote concerning the question of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal.

The bishop of Santander having tendered his resignation, Msgr Vincente Puchol Montis succeeded him on this same 2nd of July and was enthroned on the following August 17, 1965.

Msgr. Puchol was a native of Valencia where he was born 1n 1915. We will see more about him . . .

Our Lady of Mount Carmel also had words destined to Fr. Materne Laffineur (see November 20, 1962).
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 198]

Not much to comment on here, except that the late Fr. Laffineur became one of the great apostles of Garabandal, spreading the Messages and events throughout the world. Here's an excerpt from Garabandal Magazine about him:

One of the first to step forward is an elderly but stout- hearted Frenchman, a veteran of two world wars with sixteen decorations and citations for bravery, by the name of Fr Materne Laffineur.

Fr. Laffineur has been to Garabandal some eight or ten times, has witnessed the girls in ecstasy, and believed! Now he is intent on doing something about it. He returns to his native France, has some leaflets printed and begins to give lectures. His listeners are impressed by the sincerity and objectivity of this eyewitness to the events and some come to help him. One such person is Fr Alfred Combe, a pastor of a parish just outside of Lyon. Later he will become Fr Laffineur's successor as leader of the French Garabandal movement and will play an important part in the worldwide diffusion of the Message.

And here is a short article he wrote on the Priesthood:
Garabandal and the Priesthood
By Father Materne Laffineur

Together with a devotion to the Eucharist, Garabandal teaches a great devotion for the priesthood. Our Lady teaches the girls to pray often for priests. Loli said one day, "I often pray for them, especially for those who wish that they were not priests. I pray that they may at least go on saying Mass."

They have the greatest reverence and affection for all members of the clergy, so much so that they are often reproached for "giving a warmer welcome to priests than to lay people."

In spite of the imprudence and unsettling hostility of certain priests, the children have never been heard to utter the least criticism of them or to show them the least discourtesy. They even make a special point of praying for them, especially for those who cause the children to suffer for reasons unknown to them.

To everyone expressing surprise at this, Loli replies, "When in the presence of an angel and of a priest, I would greet the priest first and it is to the priest that I would bow first of all."

That does not prevent them from from being nice little Spanish girls with a liveliness that reminds us of certain answers given by their illustrious compatriot. St. Teresa of Avila!

One theologian, a young priest and a fine one at that, asked Conchita:

"If you think that a priest has more power than an angel, whom would you prefer to see, the angel or me?"

"Oh, the angel of course! He is much better looking than you!"

Another cleric, deciding to put the little girls through one of those psychological "tests", asked Conchita this strange question:

"If your parish priest were neither a man nor a woman but an animal, what kind of animal would you like him to be?"

"A lamb."


"Because he would be like Jesus Who sacrificed Himself for us."
Roman Deacon

Thursday, September 20, 2007

SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1965:


At 2:00 p.m., after returning to her home, the visionary transmitted the Message received on the previous day, writing the first three copies of it on ordinary stationary paper [see copy above], and mentioning the "bishops" and "cardinals" in the first two copies only because of her being too deeply moved by such a "Warning," however motherly, from the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel. She will say later that if (from the third copy) she was writing only "many priests," the reason was that "I thought that all of them (priests, bishops and cardinals) are priests."

Msgr Beita himself was to receive from Conchita, a few days later, thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Jean Caux, a copy of the Message.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 196-197]

Yes, Conchita, they are all priests! So we see how much she respected all priests! And of course, so does Our Blessed Lady, who loves Her priest-sons, and weeps when they fall into sin or lead others into sin and error! And Our Lady's constant Message was to "Pray for priests!" Why? Because they are our spiritual fathers and if the are holy, we are holy. Think about it!
Roman Deacon

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On the indication of the Archangel St. Michael, the visionary will present the crucifix to be kissed, to Fr. Pel, then to Messrs Pique and Masure.

We see Fr. Pel's white hair at the bottom - on the left of the photo. He was the first to whom Conchita offered the crucifix. The priest then cried out: "We must not doubt this is from God!"

Placido Ruiloba, a merchant from Santander, father of eight children, was a key witness of the Garabandal "events," as early as July 1961. He was an important observer, a critical and even skeptical one at times; we owe him many recordings of the conversations of the visionaries while in ecstasy. He appears here, immediately on the left of Conchita, holding a microphone.

At the request of St. Michael, Conchita made the Message known, in writing, just as the first Message had first been given, to the four seers only, on June 24, 1961 when it appeared
written on a placard (letrero or escritorio) beneath the feet of the same Archangel St. Michael. As to the numerous data supporting our own transcription of the original second Message, one will find them, at least in part, in our Book II to be published later. [From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 194-195]

Unfortunately, Book II has not been published yet and there has been no news about when it will be! But thank God we have these amazing photos, and hundreds more! Plus many rolls of amateur and professional newsreel. Someday it will all be released for us to remember the "Events" of Garabandal!
Roman Deacon

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1965:

Conchita suddenly raises her crucifix up to the
Archangel St. Michael, who touches it.


"On behalf of the Most Blessed Virgin, here is the Message to the world transmitted by St. Michael. The 'Angel' said:

"As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not
been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last
Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many
cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your
requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus."
The Eucharist, the Priesthood and the Passion of Jesus Christ represent the three major Christological and ecclesial aspects of the second Message. The date, June 18, was perhaps chosen because it was close to or corresponded with the Feast of Corpus Christi, the principal Eucharistic celebration that generally falls in the month of June, a month also consecrated to the Sacred Heart. But also, very probably, because of he profound significance of the "18th of June" 1961 and 1962 . . . One should again note the progressive (since the first Message of October 18, 1961) accent of the "wrath of God," an extremely meaningful biblical theme, expressed there in a complementary way by the other biblical image of the "Cup." The latter, already mentioned in the first Message, is now overflowing, in this "last" one! In addition to the "Cup of the divine Wrath," we also find here the explicit mention of our sins through which we are distancing ourselves from God and from the more important "Cup of Communion" with Him through Christ.

The theme of the Priesthood is also particularly prominent in this second and "ultimate" Message. On the subject of the important responsibility of priests, see Vatican II, 'Gaudium et Spes', n. 43, as well as Robert Francois (Turner), 'I, Your Mother', the excellent chapter 14, "The Priests," where one can see clearly the extent to which the visionaries of San Sebastian de Garabandal, still more their Vision, gave supreme importance to the "ministerial Priesthood" and
also, it goes without saying, to the "Eucharist."
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 192]

So there you have the Second Formal Message! It gives one a lot to think about, especially now, 42 years later, when this Message has more meaning to us than to those people in 1965. We have seen the changes in the Church, the falling away of Mass attendance, the priestly scandals, the disrespect of the Eucharist, the sins of the world crying out for the "wrath of God," like abortion and infanticide! And Our Lady gives the remedy for all this: confession, sincerity, prayer, conversion, penance and sacrifice, and meditation on the Passion of Christ! Yes, there is still hope! If enough of us repent and offer sacrifices in union with Our Lord's Sacrifice, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, then maybe the chastisement will be mitigated or reduced, and the "Era of Peace" will come upon the world. Keep praying and spreading these Messages so that all will believe!
Roman Deacon

Monday, September 17, 2007


View of the Pines with the Village church below
and the Cantabrian Mountains.


On this "first Friday of the month," Feast also of the Octave of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Conchita at the Pines. The apparition, not previously announced to her during the preceding locution of December 8, lasted two hours, and unfolded in great discretion: two small shepherd lads, a little boy and a little girl, coming down the mountain with their sheep, were, in effect, the only witnesses of the ecstasy. On the same day, Conchita would reveal to Maximina the nature of her ecstasy, which bore mainly on the future Aviso. Still unpublished today, here is the very first reported written text by the visionary herself, a letter she was to send to Joey Lomangino on May 28, 1965:

"The world is always carrying on the same way, if not worse. Few
paid attention to the Message (the first one, October 18, 1961). My
Son will have to give another one, and this will be the last one.
After June 18 (1965) and before the Miracle, there will come a
"disaster" from heaven, it will be an "Aviso" for the world to amend
its ways. If, with this trial and the Miracle, Humanity does not
change, the Chastisement will fall on us and the end of the times will
also come. The "disaster," as she told me, is horrible, the kind we
deserve. The Blessed Virgin also told me that we must not grieve over
the material sufferings of the "chastisement" that we ourselves will
have brought about because of our sins committed against her Son.
These are the last avisos (warnings), and we must derive benefit from
them. She told me again that the world believes there is a Heaven and
a hell, but we do not think that we will have to go to the one or the
other. Humanity thinks only about the present life (. . .)"
The girls, especially Conchita, used several similar expressions to designate the future Warning: "trial," "a most powerful shock," "catastrophe," "disaster," "purification," "correction of the moral conscience of the world" . . . These different terms and expressions were, in fact, referring not only to the physical impact and cosmic dimension of the Aviso, but also to its interior moral and spiritual dimension, both of them to be experienced by all human persons, being Christian or not, and even by those not believing in God, the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel even revealing to Conchita the very name of that future Warning during this same January 1, 1965: "It begins with the letter "A": neither "astra" (meaning a heavenly body), nor "asteroid": could it not be the word "absinth" or "Wormwood" (Rev. 8:10-11), "Ajenjo" in Spanish (so much so since Conchita will say eventually that "the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel did tell me the name . . . in Spanish), which name I saw in the dictionary, but not understanding its meaning there!"
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 186]

Here is Rev. 8:10-11:

Rev 8:10 And the third angel sounded the trumpet: and a great star fell from heaven, burning as it were a torch. And it fell on the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters:
Rev 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood. And many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.
Yes, the Warning will be "bitter" for many as they see their sins and its effects on other people. And some may die of fright, especially those who have been cursing God and causing others to disbelieve in Him.

For us who love God, we will love Him even more!

Someone asked once about when we get to heaven and see some of our loved ones lost in hell, how can we be happy about that? The answer from the Saints is that we will rejoice in God's Justice, knowing that He did all He could to save that soul, but the soul refused the graces sent to it.

Someone said today that we must be positive and look at the good that's out there. But I say, we have to be realistic and see the truth: the world has gone mad! I believe we must alert everyone about the Warning, before it is too late, so people will have a chance to amend their lives and not die in their sin . . .
What do you think?
Roman Deacon

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Conchita signing autographs

WILL COME AGAIN . . . "JUNE 18TH, 1965!"

During a locution that occurred on this December 8, 1964, the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel revealed to Conchita that she would have a new apparition of the Archangel St. Michael, on next June 18, (1965). (He would then deliver for the world the second and ultimate Message of Garabandal.) The visionary widely circulated this information.
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 185]

So now we await the second formal Message, which is very powerful and full of meaning. Meanwhile the girls (seers) lived their life normally in the village, working their daily chores and growing spiritually in prayer. It's a good lesson for us! No matter how many graces have received, we still need to be part of this world and do our daily duty. Worker, housewife, student, whatever, doing the best we can at our vocation is God's Will and gives Him glory as we await our Day to enter God's Heavenly Kingdom.
Roman Deacon

Saturday, September 15, 2007



Padre Pio's Superior in San Giovanni Rotondo addressed a letter (in Spanish) to Conchita, on behalf of the famous Capuchin:

"Peace and Greetings
Padre Pio is praying with (his) heart for your intentions and
exhorts you to pray, placing your trust in the Divine Mercy in order
to acquire the patience (to bear) all the trials and adversities of
life, and also the spiritual blessings and graces for the sanctification of your soul.
Padre Pio assures you that he remembers you constantly in his
prayers and sends you his paternal blessing.
Fr. Superior."
It is therefore above all a vibrant call to holiness that Conchita received, "a right and a duty of every faithful," a central guideline of the most ancient tradition of the Church, significantly taken up by Vatican II (John Paul II, June 24, 1995 Address). This little message, the third one at least, from Blessed Padre Pio, was thus a new personal confirmation of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal, a confirmation stemming doubtless from the supernatural lights that the famous stigmatist had already received on this subject since . . . the very beginning of the events! Other analogous and even more important "signs" would again be given to the visionary by the holy Italian priest!

{In March 1982, in answer to the first letter received from the Blessed Padre, Conchita spontaneously and naively suggested to him that he come to Garabandal to visit her . . . : "Do you think that I can travel about like that, according to my whim, and why not like Santa Claus, and come down the chimney into your home?", the Capuchin retorted, amused.}
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 184]

That date March 1982 has to be a mistake or that's when this note was revealed, cause Padre Pio died in 1968! I can't forget this date cause Joey Lomangino talked about Padre Pio and his death at every conference he gave.

Padre Pio was a great Saint and led a life of suffering in imitation of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. So much so that he received the stigmata in imitation of the wounds of Christ. Once someone asked if they hurt, and he responded "What do you think, that they are painted on my flesh!" He had a way with words. If you went to confession to him and you didn't tell all your sins, he would yell and throw you out, saying "Come back when you're ready to tell all your sins."

Joey, of course, received his sense of smell back when he went to confess to Padre Pio. It was a real miracle cause his olfactory nerves are cut from the accident and by right, it's impossible for him to smell anything.

One young girl who had no pupils in her eyes went to Padre Pio and she received the gift of sight without pupils! How's that for a miracle. There are many more. Padre Pio used to fight with the devil, even fist fights! Scary stuff! If you can, get a good book on Blessed Padre Pio, he is fascinating!!!
Roman Deacon

Friday, September 14, 2007

SATURDAY, JULY 18, 1964:

The handwritten stupendous revelation which Conchita
wrote to Fr. Ramon Andreu about his deceased brother Luis.


On August 2, 1964, Conchita sent this short note to Padre Ramon Maria Andreu:

"Dear Fr. Ramon, on 18 July, I had a locution, and in this locution the Blessed Virgin told me that, on the day following the Miracle, your brother will be taken out of his grave, and his body will be found incorrupted. Father, I told no one I had this locution, except to a young lady who is the only one to know this."
Transferred from the cemetery of Ona, in 1975, Fr. Luis's remains henceforth lie in a very small niche in the ossuary of the Jesuit cemetery of Loyola. The prophetic event already partly filled, of the complete decay of his body, then of its future "restructuring" through a divine supernatural intervention, will be unique in the whole history of the Church and of humanity. It will be the only known case of a "totally reversed necrotic process." To this day, we number, in fact, only a few cases of "reversed necrotic process, only in part" (J.S.)

The discovery will be made on the day following the "D" day, that is, if not a Good Friday, at least a Friday of Easter liturgical Time. It was precisely during the Holy Week of the year 1961 that the famous Madre Maria Naya predicted to the Spanish Jesuit "the nearing end of your earthly pilgrimage." The complete "restructuring" of the priest's body, thus associates him in a mysterious way with certain prophetic texts of Scripture bearing on "the life and spirit being breathed on the dry bones" (Ezek. 37:1-14). Considering the undeniable eschatological dimension of Garabandal to which this event is so obviously linked, it is impossible not to think especially of the similar phenomenon that occurred at the very moment of the death of Jesus: "The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised (Matt 27:52)".

However, it is not said that Fr. Luis Maria Andreu is to be "raised from the dead." Here, the absolutely unprecedented character of the miracle will lie in the very and only "recomposition" of his body, which, as Conchita again pointed out in September 1965: "Fr. Luis will be found exactly as he was at the time of his burial": completely reconstituted! Real and preserved, better said,

[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 182-183]

Well, another great mystery of Garabandal! You know that after Fr. Luis died, he spoke to the girls and even taught them to pray in other languages! And Our Lady said he was with Her! Which goes to show you that we (if we merit it) go straight to Heaven when we die, leaving our bodies to turn to dust. At the General Resurrection at the End of the World, God will reconstitute our bodies and infuse our souls back into them. Then will come the final judgment, and the good will go to heaven with their glorified bodies, and the damned will return to hell with their deformed bodies, which will suffer along with their souls for all eternity!!!

I know where I want to go, do you? Think about it!
Roman Deacon

Thursday, September 13, 2007



The bond that unites Joey Lomangino, born in 1931, to Garabandal is absolutely amazing and long-standing. It goes back to the first months following his accident (1947!). These were difficult months trying to adjust himself to his recent and total blindness. They led him to turn to God. He then received from On-High a first answer he was calling for in his distress. A voice woke him up from his sleep, telling him that he would recover his sight provided he first accomplish an authentic spiritual journey, the nature of which was explained to him.

In 1949, Joey was "visited" a second time, through the intermediary of a mysterious dream: he could see himself standing in a vast and luscious prairie, in the middle of which was an isolated clump of very green trees. This was to be the grove of the famous Pines of San Sebastian de Garabandal that were then mere bushes. At the same moment, Joey had the assurance that he would be able to overcome his suffering.

In addition to some two thousand conferences he gave on the subject, in the 1970's Joey founded the periodical "GARABANDAL Magazine" distributed throughout the world. In the same period, he created "The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel," a charitable association for the diffusion of the Message. . . So many activities that the American blind man directs at the same time as he fulfills his professional responsibilities as a business man (he would renounce them in 1998), J. Lomangino being then the manager of the most important enterprise of sewer treatment in the North-Eastern part of the United States (New York region).

On this 19th of March, 1964, Feast of St. Joseph, Conchita, praying at the Pines, learned in a locution from the Blessed Virgin that her friend "will again see with his own eyes on the day when the Miracle will be performed for the world. The first thing he will see will be the Miracle that my Son will do through my intercession and, from that moment on, he will see permanently."

On the same day, Conchita wrote the news to Joey who had left the village on the previous day to return to the United States!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 180-181]

Now you see why spreading the story of the apparitions is so important! Joey is 76 years old and time is running out! In order for Joey to see with his new eyes and use those eyes for the glory of God, the Miracle has to happen real soon. And before the Miracle, the Warning! Everything is so close. But all we have to do is watch the News and you know in your heart that the world needs a conversion experience real soon. There are just too many murders and wars going on, and even in our beloved Church there is turmoil, possible even a schism coming soon. We need God to straighten this world out. We need Divine Mercy in our souls!

As I told you before I worked with Joey Lomangino back in the 1970's. I can testify to his complete blindness and his hope of seeing again! I always pray for him and the seers too, and also for God to send the Warning, Miracle and great Sign, so that the world will be converted and God's Kingdom of the Divine Will will reign! How about you?
Blessing to all+
Roman Deacon

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Awakened by a mysterious interior uneasiness, Conchita went to the church at around 5:30 a.m. with her mother. Before the church doors, she fell into ecstasy . . . The Blessed Virgin first "wished me a happy birthday," adding these profound words (almost identical to those said, in 1858, to Bernadette in Lourdes): "You will not be happy on Earth, but, yes, you will be in Heaven!" She also revealed to her other "future events" about which the visionary was told "not to make known" . . .
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 179]

Those "words" of Our Lady to Bernadette have always stuck in my mind, "I can't promise you happiness here on earth, only in heaven." And I've repeated them to others when I thought they needed to hear them. Think about it. Are we ever really happy here? Sure there's moments of happiness, like a birthday party, a wedding, a new baby, etc., but the next day or even hours sometimes, comes some problem, some sadness, some trouble. In Heaven it will be total happiness for all eternity! Imagine that! I can't wait! In the meantime we can offer up our unhappiness to the Lord in reparation for our sins and the sins of the whole world.
God Bless
Roman Deacon

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Pope Paul VI during his 1964 visit to the Holy Land


In the first day of the month, if not at the end, of November 1963, it was revealed to Conchita that "the Pope [Paul VI only?] will go to the Holy Land." Elected Pope since hardly five months, Paul VI made this trip in January 1964, a fact that surprised all Christendom, even the world. One should, however, notice that the prophecy did not say that only one Pope would go to the Holy Land, nor that one of them would go only once! And the more so, since we now know that the Holy Father John Paul II has already made a very special pilgrimage there, in March 2000.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 179]

I don't remember either one of these two trips to the Holy Land by the Popes, do You? In 1964 I was still a pagan, one of the many unchurched youth of our times. It wasn't until 1970 before I returned to Mass and became interested in church events. I have no excuse for the year 2000, except I was working two jobs to survive, so maybe that's why my mind is a blank.

I doubt if Benedict XVI will be going to the Holy Land anytime soon, but I just heard today that there is speculation that he might go there in 2008! He's way up there in age and with the situation in the Middle East so dangerous . . . but who knows, he went to Turkey, which is not far from Israel. Maybe after the Warning he might go to assist in the conversion of the Jews. I'll be glad to go with him, if he needs any volunteers. How about you?
Roman Deacon

Monday, September 10, 2007


When the locutions began, each of the two visionaries was unaware that
her companion was going through the same spiritual experience.


The Blessed Virgin spoke to the two visionaries about Felipe Sobrado, a priest martyr of the Spanish Civil War, and whose remains were transferred to the church of Pontejoz, on November 18, 1963 precisely. "He will not be canonized, but through his intercession God will perform miracles" said the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel to Conchita.

The locutions always came when Conchita and Loli were praying. The most important ones were given them at the church after they had received Holy Communion.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 179]

Well it shouldn't be a surprise that Our Lord and Our Lady spoke to them after receiving Holy Communion! That's when we have Jesus in us completely: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! And wherever Jesus is, there is Mother Mary at His side, two Hearts joined together, never to be separated! And that's the best time for us to speak to Them.

How do we talk to God? Fearful and afraid? Why? Jesus wants us to talk to Him just like we talk to our loved ones or our friends, heart to heart. We should share all our problems and hopes with Him right after Holy Communion, because that's when He will be listening and responding to you in close intimacy. Yes, He already knows all your problems and hopes, but He wants to hear you ask Him for the graces you want, just like you would ask your father for a gift when you were a child. And if your father said no, you turned to your mother to intervene for you.

So, open up to Jesus, get close to Him and hug Him spiritually, waiting for that divine hug that you will get back! And ask Mother Mary to assist you in your problems and hopes, She loves that!

Roman Deacon

Sunday, September 9, 2007

AUGUST 1963:

Doctor Jean-Baptist Caux with Conchita.


The visionary explained to Dr. Jean Caux, the well-known witness of the Garabandal events that "it will be possible to film and even televise the great Miracle!" She also added that "the happy and future great Church event of "D" day will be the second only of its kind in Church history," though, of course, much more important than the first one!

Conchita was at this time, achieving the writing of her precious Diary: some forty handwritten simple, yet priceless pages. The vivid style sometimes rises to a real level of poetry. The description of the portraits of Our Lady, of Child Jesus and of the Angel, is charming and the details are exquisite; Conchita's spelling is . . . pleasantly outrageous and is matched only by the "revolutionary expressions" of her syntax! The account covers, quickly and very concisely, the period of the apparitions, and stops after the beginning of the locution phase. The brief testimony "from within" is nevertheless an irreplaceable document.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 177]

More mystery! What could this great Church event be? I'm guessing, but I think it will be another Vatican Council, which will be attended by all Christian churches, who will unite into One Holy Catholic Church!

It could also be the proclamation of the final dogma regarding Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate! There are thousands of petitions going to Rome asking the Holy Father to proclaim this dogma right now! What do you think it will be?

What a "happy" day that will be, not only for us mortals, but for God Himself, who desires all this for His glory and our good!

I've read Conchita's Diary many years ago. It would be good to read it again. I'll try to find it on and post it here soon . . .
Roman Deacon

Saturday, September 8, 2007



The first of the two very remarkable locutions of Christ to Conchita occurred in the village church. Its content is so dense and transparent and of such quality, that we need only, at least for the moment, to read it very attentively:

"As I was giving thanks to God and asking Him for certain things, He replied.
"I asked Him to give me a cross, for I experience no suffering in my life, except that of not having any crosses. As I was asking Him for that, Jesus replied:
"Yes, I will give you a Cross."
Very moved, I kept on asking for other things and I said to Him:
"Why is the Miracle coming? To convert many people?"
And He replied: "to convert the entire world -Para convertir al mundo entero" - [Our Lord was thus indicating the importance of the events of Garabandal.]
"Will Russia be converted?"
"Yes, it will be converted; thus everyone - todos - will love our Hearts."
"Will the chastisement come after that?"
He gave no reply.
"Why do You come into my poor heart without any merit on my part?"
"Because I do not come for you; I come for the whole world."
"When the Miracle takes place, people will think I am the only one to have seen the Blessed Virgin."
He replied: "I let you be the one who, by your sacrifices and patience in trials, will intercede with Me to perform the Miracle."
And I said to Him, "Is it not better that I be with the four or that You take none of us for the intercession?"
And He said, "No."
"Will I go to Heaven?" And He replied, "Will you love our Hearts a great deal and will you pray to them?"
"When will you give me the cross?"
He did not answer me.
"What will I be?"
And He did not reply. He only told me that, wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I will have much to suffer.
And I asked Him, "Will I die soon?"
And He replied, "You must stay on earth to help people."
And I said to Him, "I am of little importance, I will be unable to help You in any way."
"Through your prayers and your suffering, you will help the world."
"When we go to Heaven, are we dead when we go there?"
And He said to me, "One never dies."
I thought that we did not go to Heaven before we rose up again.
I asked Him if St. Peter was at the door to greet us and He said, "No."
When I was thus in prayer or in a conversation with God, I felt I was outside this world.
Jesus told me that "Now more people love My Heart."
On the subject of priests, he told me that I ought to pray a great deal for them, so that they may be saints and fulfill their duty well and make others better. "May they make Me known to those who do not know Me and make Me loved by those who know Me and do not love Me."
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 175-176]

Another amazing event in Conchita's life, and like Jesus said, "Through your prayers and your suffering, you will help the world." So many times we ask the question, "What is my life all about? Am I doing anything worthwhile? Will I Go to Heaven?" Conchita had those same questions for Jesus and she was still a child. Most of us have lived many years. We're still looking for the answers. It is good to reflect on Our Lord's words to Conchita, because He is speaking to each one of us. He wants to let us know how happy He is with each one of us as we try to offer all our prayers and sufferings for the conversion of the world. Keep up the good work! Remember we never die, just pass into a new life, a life of joy in God!
Roman Deacon