Sunday, September 9, 2007

AUGUST 1963:

Doctor Jean-Baptist Caux with Conchita.


The visionary explained to Dr. Jean Caux, the well-known witness of the Garabandal events that "it will be possible to film and even televise the great Miracle!" She also added that "the happy and future great Church event of "D" day will be the second only of its kind in Church history," though, of course, much more important than the first one!

Conchita was at this time, achieving the writing of her precious Diary: some forty handwritten simple, yet priceless pages. The vivid style sometimes rises to a real level of poetry. The description of the portraits of Our Lady, of Child Jesus and of the Angel, is charming and the details are exquisite; Conchita's spelling is . . . pleasantly outrageous and is matched only by the "revolutionary expressions" of her syntax! The account covers, quickly and very concisely, the period of the apparitions, and stops after the beginning of the locution phase. The brief testimony "from within" is nevertheless an irreplaceable document.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 177]

More mystery! What could this great Church event be? I'm guessing, but I think it will be another Vatican Council, which will be attended by all Christian churches, who will unite into One Holy Catholic Church!

It could also be the proclamation of the final dogma regarding Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate! There are thousands of petitions going to Rome asking the Holy Father to proclaim this dogma right now! What do you think it will be?

What a "happy" day that will be, not only for us mortals, but for God Himself, who desires all this for His glory and our good!

I've read Conchita's Diary many years ago. It would be good to read it again. I'll try to find it on and post it here soon . . .
Roman Deacon

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