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The Joey Lomingino/Padre Pio Story

:Marian Apparitions Promo Video

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 26

(Burgos) (Letter) March 16, 1962

“The things the soldier from Garabandal told me, above all the sacrifices that the girls make, going all winter to pray the rosary at five in the morning, and that one day after Loli, Conchita, and Jacinta had an ecstasy at 5 in the morning they told their parents that the Virgin had told them to go to a feast that was being celebrated in a Hermitage, a six hour walk each way through the mountains. Their mothers did not let them go, but when the girls insisted, crying, their mothers consented and when they arrived there at 11 in the morning they heard Mass and returned, reaching the village at 6 in the afternoon. Mari Cruz, to whom the Virgin appears the least, went and returned with bare feet even though the people who accompanied her said to wear shoes since the roads were so bad. The girls continued to walk with bare feet until they reached Garabandal, where the four girls fell into ecstasy.

“The Prior of Carmel is the most excited. He told me the other day that he happened to find a book about the apparitions of Fatima and he said that in the last apparition that the Virgin appeared to the children she wore a white dress and a blue mantle, and that it coincided with the details that the girls from Garabandal gave about the Virgin.”


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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 25

(Letter) San Sebastián—May 16, 1962

Reverend Fr. Ramón Andreu,

The fourth letter caused a lot of happiness. On the 12th I was speaking with your brother (Luís) for awhile and among other things he said to do what you were asking. I’ll tell you the other things when you arrange to come here, which God-willing, will be soon. Regards from my parents and siblings and a loving salutation from me,

María Dolores Mazón


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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 24

San Sebastián—March 5, 1962

Part of a letter to Fr. Andreu

“I don’t have anything to tell about the apparitions because they continue the same. I didn’t see the Virgin on Thursday or Friday, but I saw all of the other days. I will also say that I went to Santa Lucía to see my brother Miguel and I went to León, to Mr. Valle’s house. I had an apparition in his house on Saturday. I had it when the Virgin said I would, at 9:30 on that day. There were a few people on Sunday and I also had an apparition that day at 11:30. That day there were many people but since the apparition was so late most of them had left, but some stayed to pray the rosary and they said that they went to Mr. Valle’s house where a girl was at the door on the same floor and I gave the crucifix to be kissed to someone who was in bed. I did other things that you already know and I didn’t realize.

Well, I don’t have anything more to write, just a salutation from my family and particularly from me. I won’t forget you before the Virgin and in my little prayers.

Conchita González


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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 23

March 4, 1962

San Sebastián de Garabandal

Dear Fr. Andreu,

Now I’m very happy. Since the 18th I’ve seen the Most Holy Virgin almost every day. Yesterday, Saturday, I saw her at four. Now Mr. Emilio wants to bring us to a high school. My father won’t let me go. The Virgin says that if we go, we’ll still see her there. Since my father won’t let me go, I don’t know if I’ll stay here alone. I think the others will go. The Virgin says to obey my parents, and my father won’t let me go, and there is still no sign so that everyone will believe in the Virgin.

I’ll say goodbye only saying that I love you.

Jacinta González


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Maria Saraco: Apostle for Garabandal

Saraco Carries On Mission Of Our Lady Of Garabandal

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Maria Saraco

Our Lady Of Garabandal

Maria Saraco has carried on the mission of Our Lady Of Garabandal through lectures, interviews and a nonprofit corporation called St. Michael’s Garabandal Center For Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel, Inc.

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Maria Saraco first visited Garabandal in 1965 and was present for the last message of the Blessed Mother given by St. Michael. Although she understood this message was for the entire world, she also felt that it was meant for her personally, and it completely changed her life. From that moment, she centered her entire life around living and passing on the message.In 1966 she founded the St. Michael's Garabandal Center for Our Lady of Carmel, Inc., and has since flown all over the world promoting and giving slide lectures about the apparitions. Since 1965 she has had a close personal relationship with Mari-Loli.

On May 25th, 2003 Maria suffered a massive stroke while visiting Garabandal and was in extremely critical condition. Over the years she has recovered unexpectedly well and continues to be grateful for the many prayers she has received. She continues to lead an annual pilgrimage to Garabandal and still gives lectures on a limited basis.

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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 22

Literal Copy—Letter from Loli to Fr. Ramón—January 22, 1962

Dear Fr. Ramón María Andreu,

Taking advantage of the occasion on this night at 12:30 I found myself in my father’s kitchen, and the two were waiting, talking with the Virgin. Within a half hour of 9:30 I saw twice and in other apparitions there was one person there with us but it seems that at 1 we found ourselves alone. I’ll also tell you that on the 19th Faito and the two older children were here, and Andrés, the student. When you come and it seems that it will be three years for sure since you’ve come and I won’t know you. Well, I’m going to say goodbye. My father says to send you many regards and to ask you to come here soon.

A loving salutation from—

María Dolores Mazón González


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GARABANDAL!!. documentary



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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 21

Literal Copy of a Letter from Mari Cruz to Fr. Ramón—January 2, 1962

Long Live Christ the King

Dear Father in Our Lord Jesus Christ, We received your letter and it made me very happy because when Conchita and Loli told me that they had written to Fr. Andreu and it made me sad because I didn’t write to you when you came and you can’t be here. You have to come to the field with my mother. Jacinta and I will see the Virgin on the 16th—I would like you to come.

We go to pray the rosary in the cuadro every day at 6 in the morning as the Virgin ordered.

I want you to come; I would really like to see you.

With much love,

María Cruz González


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 20

Literal Copy of Loli’s Letter—Received November 5, 1961

Dear Father, Four letters to tell you that I want you to come soon and to say hello and tell you some things. I’ll also tell you that on Thursday the 26th the Virgin will return to talk with me and then from that time, she’ll continue seeing me every day, more than once on some days.

My father already told me that he had been in Santander speaking with you and that he had said something. Today we got up to pray the rosary at 6 in the morning and the Virgin called us right after we finished the rosary and I send remembrances to everyone and one for you from Loli.


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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 19

The Girls’ Letters—October

Literal Copy of Conchita’s Note—

“Fr. Andreu still hasn’t said why the Most Holy Virgin doesn’t leave me.”

Father, now the apparition has ended and there was an apparition at 6 in the morning and I don’t have to write that when you return dressed like a country person. Give my regards to Faito and Carimina and all of the family. Conchita says goodbye to you in the name of God the Father.

Yesterday there was an apparition at 8 in the morning and I also had one yesterday while I was with the sheep. I was on my knees and alone. Well, I won’t write anything more. I’m going to pick up the dolls and move them because it’s Sunday.

If you come soon then you can know what they said, that you were going to come here.


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