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Hi Friends:

Someone sent this Web Site address to me that has some interesting
reading about Garabandal. I thought I would pass it on to all of you.
Let us know what you think about these dates. Personally, I just take
one day at a time, trusting that God will grace us with his miracles
when He wants to:

Dear Deacon John,

Thought you might be interested to read these online articles about

the date of the Warning is April 10th, 2009
the date of the Miracle is May 13th, 2010

So it is now less than a year to the Warning, and less than two years
to the Miracle.


  1. 1954 was the year of Pope St. Pius X's canonization by Pope Pius XI. Ron Conte says that the Miracle will happen on May 13, 2010. Conchita says that the Miracle will coincide (merely by coincidence) with some official church action that has happened in the church only rarely but has not happened during Conchita's lifetime. Ron Conte thinks it will be the canonization to sainthood of Pope John Paul II on May 13, 2010. However, since Conchita was born in 1949 and Pope St. Pius X was cononized in 1954, this cannot be the rare church action that will happen at the time of the miracle. Therefore, Ron Conte must have the wrong date for the Miracle of Garabandal.

  2. Your probably right, Anonymous. I never go by anyone's prophecies of dates, let God be God. He will grant us the graces we need in His time-frame, not ours.
    Years ago we use to joke saying, "We'll probably all be in wheel-chairs & 80 years old when the Miracle comes!" Well, I'm almost 72 and have been waiting over 40 years for the Warning, Miracle and Great Sign. I guess in every joke there is some truth!
    God Bless us all!
    Deacon John

  3. There is an attachement above about Sr. McKenna receiving an urgent message from St. Michael...I tried to click onto the site but it said that, "It doesn't exist". I tried doing an internet search as well as going to Sr. Briege's site to search for the message without success. Anyone know how else to find the information out?

    Thank you.

    Mullica Hill Mom

  4. This item about Sr. Briege was deleted because the source emailed me to say it was a mistake, that the Sister did not receive a message from St. Michael but was only sending one she read to a friend.

  5. Dear Deacon
    I am deaf.I hope you are able willing to be kindness and help me .I have problem with my language because I am deaf.
    I found redently saying about what Conchina said Miracle will be on March,April..June.Then no March..It should not confused.Also many of us confused that saying that st Padre Pio will see Miracle before death,but he has gone.We must try to understand what we must obey the Truth what Our Mother is telling Conchita Date,Month,Year.
    I believe Garabandal.I feel sad where we can find the TRUTH.The best to ask Conchita again and also ask Joey Lomangino Date of his birth to make sure That mean telling the TRUTH.
    I hope my dear friend to ask Conchita and Joey Lomangino to tell us the TRUTH.Jesus and Our Mother Mary strongly tell us the TRUTH.

  6. Don't be confused! Read the books on Garabandal by eyewitnesses. Also see the series I am posting now from the book "Garabandal" which explains in detail the apparitions and what they mean. Pray for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the fulfillment of the Message, the Warning, Miracle and Great Sign. God will grant us these graces when He chooses. Not our will but God's Will be done!
    Deacon John

  7. the miicale date has come and gone without notice can anyone explain

  8. Only Conchita knows the date of the Miracle. It will be announced 8 days in advance after the Warning, which has not come yet. In God's time it will happen, so relax and enjoy your faith now!

  9. i wonder if you could answer my question.

    quite some years before i read about garabandal i saw a document where they interviewed a young lady about seeing our virgin mary and i always wanted to know what it was about so when i read about garabandal in the 1980's i realized the two were about the same thing. what bothers me that i remember reading that one only of the seers knew the date of the warning. however, the same seer died last year. i found this strange. can you enlighten me, anne

  10. Conchita knows the most about the Warning:
    The Aviso will serve a number of purposes. The first although not the primary one, will be the most expedient from a practical point of view: to put an end to the communist aggression which will have engulfed the world. The second is the primary, as Conchita has said: "to correct the conscience of the world and prepare it for the great Miracle." And how the conscience of the world needs to be corrected, much more today than at any time from the apparitions until now!
    The last purpose of the Aviso is "to serve notice" which, by the way, is the principal translation of the word aviso. But serve notice of what? That we're being given the last chance to avoid the Chastisement.
    What Will It Be Like?
    It's been said, and rightfully so, that one cannot imagine what one has never experienced. What's it like to jump out of an airplane if you have never done it? So no matter what the visionaries tell us about the Warning we will not really know what it is until we go through it. And it may well be an act of God's mercy that we don't know.
    What we can say, based on the statements of the seers, is that it will be a devastating experience—the sinner suddenly seeing his soul in the light of the All Perfect One. St. Catherine of Genoa once said regarding the judgments of God: "He finds fault with everything."
    What our reaction will be remains to be seen. Conchita has said: "I think that those who do not despair will draw great good from it for their sanctification." (1)
    When Dr. J. Dominguez asked Conchita how long it would last, she said five minutes would be sufficient. Due to the intense interior suffering which the experience will entail, it might seem like a long time, and if it lasted any longer who could stand it? (If you O Lord laid bare our guilt who could endure it?).
    Reflecting on this impending event ought to be sufficient incentive to "do much penance, make many sacrifices, visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently and lead good lives" in preparation.
    When Will It Happen?
    …This excerpt is taken from the German book by Albrecht Weber, Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes (Garabandal—The Finger of God) (2):

    Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
    "When communism comes again everything will happen."
    The author responded: "What do you mean by comes again?"
    "Yes, when it newly comes again," she replied.
    "Does that mean that communism will go away before that?"
    "I don't know," she said in reply, "the Blessed Virgin simply said 'when communism comes again'."

    In a letter dated December 11, 1965 to Fr. Jose Maria Alba, S.J., Conchita said: "The Blessed Virgin told me that we Catholic Christians do not think about the other world, heaven or hell. She said that we should think about them and that if we did, our lives would be united with Christ." The Warning will certainly cause us to think more of our final destiny.

  11. Hello, my name is OscaI read that article at website called catholic planet. In there it says that one of the Cardinals knows the date of the miracle. If this is so, how did he find out? Did Conchita tell him? Can anyone shed some light on this?


  12. Dear Deacon

    Apparently Joey Lomangino will get his eyesight returned to him on the day of the miracle, but this miracle will only occur after the warning?

    Is this correct? I can't find the exact date Joey was born? Is it 1928 or 1930/1?

    So would it be safe to say that the warning and miracle will have to occur within Joey's lifetime? This means that if Joey is approx 80 we have a maximum of about 10 years left? But probably a lot less.

    Could you agree with the dates/information on this website?

    God Bless

  13. Yes, I believe Joey was born in 1930 and is now 79 years young! I'm 73, right behind him :-) Yes, the Warning comes first and then within a year, the Great Miracle. I hope to be alive to see it all but if not, I'll see it from heaven. Time is short, convert now while you have the chance. Don't wait for the Correction of the conscience of the world for some may die due to fright!
    Deacon John

  14. Does anyone have the lyrics of the Song of Garabandal?

  15. Do you mean this one:
    Dear Lady of Garabandal we heard
    Your message of sorrow and fear
    We pilgrims have come from across the sea
    To answer with penance and tears.
    Ave, Ave Maria
    A world that is selfish and blind
    Beg the sweet mercy and blessings
    Of Jesus on all of mankind.
    At Garabandal you repeat again
    With Motherly love and with pain
    The need of our prayers and our sacrifice
    If peace in the world is to reign.
    Dear Lady of Carmel we promise
    To heed every word and obey
    And visit the Most Blessed Sacrament
    Where Jesus awaits us each day.
    By: Rev. John Szantyr
    [From Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Hymn and Prayer Book]

  16. Just a reminder that I will not approve any comments that are from an anonymous any more. This was my original policy but I sort of eased off it. Sorry if this offends you but I'm tired of answering and talking to walls!!!

  17. someone asked me to remove the "Dear Lady of Garabandal" hymn that I posted above. I will not do that! I cannot verify what you wrote about the author and what has been written, has been written. We are all sinners but God uses us for His glory. Whatever trouble you had in the past has nothing to do with this hymn. Pray for priests as Our lady asks and continue to live the Messages of Garabandal.
    Peace & Blessings+

  18. Rev 9:6
    In those days people will seek death but will not find it. They long to die, but death will flee from them.

    Thoughts ? ( A miracle of no 1st death )

    J. J. (first time visitor)

  19. I like the paintings of Our Lady of Garabandal. They are beautiful to look at.

  20. The great warning is a greatest grace of Divine Mercy that Jesus is going to grant us. It will bring many souls back to God. The great warning is a part of Divine Mercy. It is necessary for us to say a chaplet of Divine Mercy for our loved ones so that we may survive through the light of Divine Mercy. Jesus urges us to recite the chaplets of Divine Mercy for the sinners and our loved ones now and every day. It is stressfully important.

  21. Our lady of Garabandal showed us the brown scapular. We should wear the cloth of life, brown scapular now and everyday. Give the brown scapulars to your families and loved ones or friends , even strangers. Brown scapular and rosary are the great gifts of Divine Mercy...they are part of the Divine Mercy too. Our guardian angels love Brown scapulars very much because they save many souls from the fires of hell by wearing them. Pope John Paul 11 always wore it. Look at the painting of Our lady of Garabandal with her brown scapular

  22. Dear sir,

    I hope you may not mind if I advise you to put the recent comments on the top so that the viewers may see them as recent comments, not old comments, I ask Our Lady of Garabandal bless you and your family.

  23. I strongly believe in Garabandal because Our lady held her brown scapular. It is a very powerful cloth. We must wear them now , not tomorrow. Padre Pio greatly supported Garabandal, even encourged Joe to go there. Joe should be eighty years old by now. I think he is a big sign for us, the followers of Garabandal, I guess we may get the Great warning anytime within this decade in the accordance with Joe's advanced age....

  24. you must wear the brown scapular now, now, them , many scapulars, get them blessed...and give them away...urge your families , friends or strangers to wear strong during the difficult times...hold the hem of Our lady's dress tighly and hold your holy rosary tightly too.

  25. Hi Anonymous, First I would wish you to use a name when posting as I don't like to post from anonymous persons. Second, I can't move the comments list around as it is published by and I cannot control it. Just like my posts fall under each day so does the comments. Let me say this, again, I will no longer publish anonymous comments unless I actually know who the person is.
    God bless us all_

  26. I feel the warning will occur during a festivity that seems more like Christmas to me because I first had a vision of the warning in September 1997 when I had not heard about it. It was a frightful experience of an explosion and then a sudden feeling of loss and unexplainable feeling of like heading to hell due to my own fault. It was momnentary after which i was conscious again. It happened to me around 4am. I only learnt of the warning in 2007 after I had a similar encounter and read online about several people experiencing same. I was terrified that such a terrible experience i had woul;d actually occur. In the two times i saw the vision it seemed like happening during a church festivity, more like Christmas period. The last vision I had had to do with a priest in the dream mentioning Stephen. I saw a great festivity more like Christmas and I woke up and tried to find out the feast day of this great saint and it was December 26

  27. So, what is one to think if this man does not get his eye sight back before he dies, as was predicted?

  28. Hello
    I been reading a lot about of Garabandal in some books, and. Conchita knows the date of the Miracle she know the exact date, but she can not tell about it.
    -She will announce to the world a week before it happens.
    - iT will pass less than a yer between the warning and the miracle.
    -it will last a few minutes about 15 minutes.
    - The day will be thursday, about 20:30 hours
    - between the 6 and the 16th and the months march, april and may.
    -Not that day is a feast of the Virgin
    -Coincide with the day of the feast of a saint martyred in connection with the Eucharist
    -Coincide also with a very important event, rare, singular, both the church and Christianity a happy and auspicious event.
    -It wil be visible in Garabandal and the surrounding mountains, may be photographed and filmed.
    - The visionaris are not necessary to be present at the time of the miracle.
    -The ill that attends will heal ​​and unbelievers will believe.
    -After the miracle if the world does not change God would send a great chastisement upon mankind.
    -The day of the miracle joey Lomangino will have new eyes.

    Having all this in consideration and using a perpetual calendar you can follow or try to guess the date. and have done that and in the 2013 in may or march appears a good date i can be mistaken but with the info above you can figure it out yourself please write your findings.


  29. Our Lady said Joey will "have new eyes". Perhaps we could consider this to mean as in the spiritual sense, like a new way of seeing rather than a physical transformation of his actual eyes? Maybe this is Our Lady's way of communicating that Joey will have passed over at the time of the miracle, hence he will have new eyes - spiritual eyes.
    God bless.

  30. This is exactly what I thought.Joey passing into the glory of God and thus seeing again.

  31. Our Lady said through Conchita that on the day of the Miracle, Joey Lomangino will receive "new eyes" and the first thing he will see will be the Miracle. That sounds like the here and now, on earth, not in heaven or in a spiritual way. Joey is well and waiting too, like the rest of us old timers . . .

  32. I hope I'm not breaking any confidentiality, but I have had an email correspondence with Maria Saraco about the Warning. If you know Maria Saraco, she was very close to Mari-Loli Lafleur who passed away a few years ago. Mari Loli was one of the original seers of Garabandal. Maria Saraco took care of Maria Loli for a number of years and stayed very close to her till she passed away. Below is a selected quote from my email correspondence with her:

    “Dear Greg, First of all, Mari-Loli is a saint!!! Yes, she did know the date of the Warning, but our Blessed Mother didn’t tell her to keep it a secret or tell anyone about it. Our blessed Mother told her that the Miracle would be one year or less from the Warning. In other words our Blessed Mother didn’t say anything about the date of the Warning... But Loli felt that it was best to keep it secret. However, she did tell a priest that the Warning would happen in an ‘even’ year. The Warning will be Dec 21, 2012??? The Miracle will be April 11, 2013. These are my own thoughts... Not Mari-Loli and not our Blessed Mother. It is something I feel in my heart. God Bless You. Pray for me.”

    The above quote is from someone who was very close to Mari-Loli. I think she is right. It seems that the Blessed Mother likes certain dates such as 13. With Maria’s prediction above, the year seems to fit. Personally, if this is correct, I have to believe that we will hear something from Medjugorje before the Warning or the Miracle, as I suspect these are related to the secrets of Medjugorje.

    Of course this is all speculation, but it just seems to make sense to me.

    God Bless.

  33. I recently had some correspondence with Maria Saraco regarding the date of the Warning. As you may know Maria Saraco took in Mari-Loli one of the Garabandal visionaries and she stayed in close contact with her till Mari-Loli passed away a few years ago. I was able to get her email address from a friend online and asked her a question about Garabandal. Below is her response. I think her words are very important as she was so close to Mari-Loli who knew about the date of the Warning.

    “Dear Greg...First of all, Mari-Loli is at Saint!!! Yes, She did know the date of the Warning but our Blessed Mother didn’t tell her to keep it a secret or to tell anyone about it. Our Blessed Mother told her that the Miracle would be one year or less from the Warning. In other words our Blessed Mother didn’t say anything about the date of the Warning... But Loli felt that it was best to keep it secret. However, she did tell a priest that the Warning would happen in an “even” year. The Warning will be Dec 21, 2012??? The Miracle will be April 11, 2013. These are my own thoughts... Not Mari-Loli and not our Blessed Mother. It is something I feel in my heart. God Bless you. Pray for me.
    Maria C Saraco”

    I believe Maria’s words carry significant weight because of her relationship with Mari-Loli. I think she is right in her prediction. What do others think?

  34. My best regards To Deacon John Giglio Jr, I know you since years and thank you for what you have done for Garabandal, my regards to Joey if you still have news from him.

    Regarding Maria Saraco's dates, as she said, these are her own thouhgts, I with other Garabandalist have gave or opinion about her dates below :

    We think that's it's too early but we must follow the situation in the Middle East and the next Synod of Bishops in October 2012, then it should be more clear for everybody.

    God Bless, Aviso.

    1. All of these references to Mari Loli once telling a priest that the Warning would be in an even year are 'hearsay'. And they seem to originate with Maria Saraco, who has now made false predictions...

      I don't think the "even year" idea is credible. In fact, it contradicts earlier, published interview where Mari Loli said Warning and Miracle "are in the same year"..., while at the same time Conchita said the Miracle is in an "odd year". That means the Warning would also be in an odd year.

      WHat do you think....Aviso....I seem to have "read between some lines" of yours on other blogs, and I found more than one cryptic reference to April 3rd. Would that be 4-3-2013, by any chance?
      ...? ........? ...........?


  35. It is now Wednesday 28th November, 2012. Already our planet seems to be getting angry, with earthquakes and storms around the globe. Lots of Prophecies say that this would happen and that according to Saint Malachy, the next Pope will be the last before ''Judgement Day''. What you think Deacon ?


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