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Conchita blessing her lips

The Communion given by the Angel observed a well-established ritual. The girls made the Sign of the Cross and recited the "Confiteor." After a brief dialog with St. Michael, they then put out their tongue, drew it back and swallowed the Host. The movements of the cheeks and neck made the phenomenon of swallowing it visible. The children then made an act of thanksgiving, recited the prayer "Soul of Christ," and came out of their ecstasy; it never lasted more than ten minutes. A new detail, what an eloquent one too: the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel was never "present" when the real Communion (and not "mystical," as a good number of authors incorrectly qualified them) was given by the "Angel" to the young visionaries of San Sebastian de Garabandal.

At the request of the Blessed Virgin, the two little girls of six years old (Sari, Mari-Loli's sister & Mari-Carmen, Jacinta's sister) were present at the first real Communion received by Conchita and Mari-Cruz. As these girls moved freely around the visionaries, they fulfilled the role of witnesses on several occasions and for various reasons.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 66.]

See how Our Lady takes care of all our spiritual needs. When there was no priest in town and therefore, no Mass, the Angel brought Holy Communion to the girls, which I guess, inspired them and a lesson for us, to become daily Communicants! Everything is done for a purpose, so to teach us how to receive Communion properly, the girls were taught by the Angel to recite the Confiteor before receiving and say a thanksgiving prayer after. I still pray the traditional "I confess . . ." prayer each morning. The "Soul of Christ" is a beautiful thanksgiving prayer, but I just never got into the habit of praying it. Instead, I always pray the Fatima prayers that were taught by the Angel.
Deacon John

I confess to almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed John the Baptist, to the holy apostles Peter and Paul, to all the saints, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word, and deed, through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault (strike the breast three times).
Therefore I beseech blessed Mary ever Virgin, blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed John the Baptist, the holy apostles Peter and Paul, and all the saints, to pray to the Lord our God for me.
May almighty God have mercy on me, forgive me my sins, and bring me to
life everlasting. Amen.
May the almighty and merciful Lord grant me pardon, absolution, and
remission of my sins. Amen.

Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Within thy wounds, hide me.
Suffer me not to be separated from thee.
From the malicious enemy defend me.
In the hour of my death call me
and bid me come unto thee,
that with thy saints I may praise thee
for ever and ever. Amen.

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SUNDAY, JULY 16, 1961

Photo most likely taken in 1962 or 1963. Mari Loli receives an invisible host;
her younger sister, Rosoura (Sari) watches in the background.

On the Feastday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Blessed Virgin awakened the four children very early in the morning. They were to receive the first of some fifty real Communions from St. Michael. These occurred either in public or without any witnesses, and at various locations, except the village church and in homes.
That morning, the girls, in ecstasy, climbed, also for the first time, the very steep calleja up to the Pines, where, at 5 a.m., the Archangel gave the Eucharist to Mari-Cruz and Conchita. The latter would receive five or six of her subsequent Communions at this site on very particular liturgical days.
One hour later, also on the 16th of July, Mari-Loli and Jacinta, in turn, received the Eucharist at the site of the "Rock of the Angel" located on a lower level than the Pines and so named because St. Michael had stood there several times.
During the whole period of the apparitions, the visionaries received Communion almost every day, either at the Mass in the village, or from the hands of the Angel when there was no priest at Garabandal. The nine Pines at San Sebastian de Garabandal are what remains from a small plantation of pines and oaks organized in 1947 by the pastor of the village, by Serafin Gonzalez, Conchita's grandfather on her father's side, and by the mayor of the area.

Set on a slightly higher level above the village and with no trees in the area, the Pines, as we will often have the opportunity of mentioning them, are the neuralgic center, really "chosen" for the phenomena and the events of Garabandal past and . . . to come.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 65.]
Again that 'link' to Fatima, Our Lady continuing her appearances to the world as "Our Lady of Mount Carmel." The "Carmelites" in Spain have been a powerful spiritual force for many years prior to this. Remembering St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, who continue to inspire us today with their writings. And of course the Brown Scapular of Our Lady itself, where by wearing it, we consecrate ourselves to Her and She promises to take us under Her mantle of protection. I never take my Scapular off, even in the shower (it dries in minutes) except once when I had a MRI scan and the doctor ordered me to take it off. I felt naked without it and couldn't wait to put it back on!
At Fatima the Archangel acted as an 'Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion' and so he does again at Garabandal. Even the Angels are called to serve! How about you? The church is always looking for holy people to assist with Communion. It's a wonderful, rewarding ministry, especially bringing the Blessed Sacrament to the 'homebound'.
Deacon John

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He Made Up His Own Prayer:

John CorapiImage via Wikipedia
by Dr. Ed Serrano & Rosalie Turton

The idea came to Ed Serrano when he read about St. Faustina in her Diary, and then heard a talk by Fr. John Corapi. St. Faustina made a novena of 1000 Hail Marys a day for nine days when she wanted something very badly.
Then, while watching a talk show, Ed heard Fr. Corapi say that he made up his own short prayer and that he, as well, said it 1000 times a day for nine days for his own a special request . . . and, they both got what they asked for!
Ed wondered how anyone could do that, and at the same time carry out their daily duties, as those two has successfully done. It did not seem to be possible!
Medical doctor, Ed Serrano was scheduled to receive four separate surgeries on his neck, starting on December 30, 2008. He was already in so much pain that he had to wear a brace around his neck all of the time. It was very serious.
Well, he thought, nine days is not too long, and one could easily keep track of some short prayer on the Rosary beads. It's worth a try, when you want something really badly, isn't it! (Just keep the prayer short.)
He believed that Our Lady appeared to four young girls in Garabandal, Spain, in the early 1960's for some number of years. He helped with in the production of a documentary film on Garabandal, and he stayed active in the apostolate doing Spanish translations for various publications.
Yes, Ed was a believer! So why not a prayer to Our Lady of Garabandal? After all, he knew Her quite well.

He composed the following prayer: "Immaculate Conception of Our Lady of Carmen of Garabandal, my Mother, please fix my neck." He found out that he was able to pray it 1000 times a day for the next nine days, and he did so, wonderful!
On the last day of his one thousand prayers per day novena, (after he had completed the prayers for that day, and two days before his necessary physical prior to surgery) before going to bed, the brace around his neck was causing him a lot of itching. He took it off in order to scratch his neck, and he put it on a chair.
Then he gently rubbed his neck and fell into a sound sleep without the brace. This had been impossible to do before then, because of the pain. When he woke up the next morning, he was very surprised that he had been able to sleep soundly all through the night without wearing the brace. It seemed incredible!
As he reached for it to put it on, he realized that he had no pain! He went downstairs without it and had his breakfast, still wondering about the lack of pain.
Then he decided to put it to the test. He got dressed, got in his car, drove 25 miles into town, and spent the entire day window shopping. He bought a sweater and came home for dinner. Still no pain, no tingling in the hands, no freezing in the legs!
He canceled the scheduled surgery, and two months later, as he wrote about his healing for the Garabandal Journal magazine, none of the symptoms had returned. He thanks Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Carmel of Garabandal for this incredible cure.

AS A Result, Another Cure!

Mrs. Elsa Arnold read Ed's testimony in the Garabandal Journal. She sent the following letter to Doctor Turton at The 101 Foundation. Elsa said:
"I underwent surgery for a hysterectomy and a bladder lift. I had severe leakage for a long time. Unfortunately. the surgery for the bladder condition was not successful. To say the lest, I was very upset!
After reading about Dr. Ed Serrano's miracle cure, I decided to say the same prayer, but I substituted the word "bladder" in place of "neck." I started the nine day novena on April 24, 2009, and finished it on May 2.
"On the next day, May 3, I was healed of this very inconvenient problem. Praise be to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Now, I have completed three more novena's for friends, all with successful results! Praise the Holy Family again. I shall praise Them forever. Amen."
From The 101 Times

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During the month of July 1961, a very striking phenomenon proper to Garabandal occurred.
The visionaries in ecstasy, increased in weight so much that two men could barely suceed in lifting them . . .
Without any effort, the girls managed to do this!
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 62.]

I've seen many pictures and video's of this 'phenomena' and it's really amazing! The one posted above shows Mari-Loli easily lifting Jacinta to help her reach the Vision. But what is God and Our Lady telling us with these supernatural happenings? Well, I think it's exactly that . . . to point out the supernaturality of the events! Then by believing in this we are drawn to the "Formal Messages" and can believe in them. As Our Lord proclaimed His Father's Kingdom and called His people to repentance, He worked 'signs and wonders', miracles of healing, changing water into wine, raising the dead, exorcism's, etc., to call attention to His Message of Faith, Hope and Love. And as He ascended into Heaven, He said: "Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be condemned." [Mark 16: 15-16] 

We have to believe in the Gospel to be saved, but we don't have to believe in apparitions and what they proclaim. Nevertheless, if God is sending Our Lady down to earth as a Prophetess for our times, are we to ignore what She says, or take and live Her Messages in our hearts and grow spiritually? I personally cannot ignore Our Mother's urgent pleas!
Deacon John

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Dear Lovers of Jesus and Mary,

1. This is not a new issue of "Letters of Gold." I am still working on the next issue whenever time allows.

2. This is a very positive and comforting message about the Love of God who sent our heavenly Mother on a mission of great mercy to us in 1961 through 1965—a most critical moment in human history, because of what was to follow. She came to reassure us and to give us her merciful warnings and most helpful instructions for the salvation and sanctification of our souls—for great apostasy and great danger was at hand.

3. Below is an article just published in the Garabandal Journal about Vatican II from the perspective of Heaven and that of Bishop Nickless of Sioux City, South Dakaota. Mr. Barry Hanratty, editor of the Garabandal Journal, put this article together and has given me permission to share it with you.

4. The picture of the Fathers of Vatican Council II (see above) has been trans-located to depict the correlation of the work of the Holy Spirit with Vatican II and the mission of his Spouse, The Immaculate Mary, at Garabandal in the very same time frame.

5. At the very early stages of the Garabandal phenomenon, Our Lady spoke to the young girls, to whom She was sent to instruct us through them, about the soon coming uniting of the "churches." This will be a most monumental event, that will pave the way for the rapid diffusion and general Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven! Deo Gratias!!!

The article below will bring peace, comfort and joy to those of good will.

Respectfully yours in the Most Holy and Adorable Will of God,

Thomas Fahy


What Our Lady made known at Garabandal about the Second Vatican Council

By Barry Hanratty

Was the Second Vatican Council a good thing and much needed for our time or was it not? If we judge by what happened after the Council we would have to conclude that it was a colossal failure with thousands upon thousands of priests and religious having abandoned their vocations, an exodus of the laity from the Church in depressingly large numbers, and many of those who have stayed no longer believing in basic tenents of our Faith such as the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Added to all that, and perhaps the cause of it, has been the attempt in the name of ecumenism to change the face of Catholicism to ostensibly make it more attractive to our separated brethren, an experiment that has had just the opposite effect with a recent estimate placing the number of ex-Catholics in the United States at 30 million with many having joined Protestant Churches

But everyone does not fault the Council for the fallout. Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, South Dakota, for example, sees the problem more in the way the Council has been implemented. In a pas­toral letter in the latter part of 2009, he draws attention to the distinction between "the spirit of Vatican II" under the guise of which so many sweeping changes have been made, and the authentic Council. He writes: "...It is crucial that we all grasp that the hermeneutic or interpretation of discontinuity or rupture, which many think is the settled and even official position, is not the true meaning of the Council. This interpretation sees the pre-conciliar and post-conciliar Church almost as two different churches. It sees the Second Vatican Council as a radical break with the past. There can be no split, however, between the Church and her faith before and after the Council. We must stop speaking of the "Pre-Vatican II" and "Post-Vatican II" Church, and stop seeing various characteristics of the Church as "pre" and "post" Vatican II. Instead, we must evaluate them according to their intrinsic value and pastoral effectiveness in this day and age.... The so-called `spirit' of the Council has no authoritative interpretation. It is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised if we are to proceed with the Lord's work."

The Bishop goes on to exhort his priests to celebrate Mass with greater reverence, to hear confessions more frequently and to foster Eucharistic adoration and Marian devotion. This is a far cry from what was going on in the 1970's. I remember one young man in his first year of seminary in a diocese which I won't mention since the situation there may be quite different now, saying that they were not allowed to say the rosary openly nor make a thanksgiving after receiving holy Communion.

Our Lady and the Council

What the Blessed Virgin said about the Council at Garabandal accords with the position of Bishop Nickless (and many others), since in her appearances she both reinforced all the Church's beliefs and time-honored practices and spoke well of Vatican II.

September 26, 1962, was, according to all available information, the first time the Virgin mentioned the Council at Garabandal, and the following words of Conchita in ecstasy on that occasion were transcribed by lawyer, Luis Navas Corillo, from a tape recording made by a Basque priest:

"The Council, is it the greatest of all? Will it be a success? How good! That way they will know you better and you will be very happy..."

Commenting on this in his book SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN, Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera states that it would be good to know exactly what Our Lady said in those gaps between Conchita's questions, since we can't draw any firm conclusions. But when Conchita says: "How good!..." there can be little doubt that something positive from Our Lady elicited that response. Father Pesquera suggests that it might have been because a chapter in the Council's Dogmatic Constitution would be devoted to her. And while this was less than the full document called for in the original schema, it was substantial (although probably not enough for devotees of Our Lady).

There is, however, another possibility not mentioned by Father Pesquera which also makes sense of Conchita's "How good...!". At the close of the third Council session on November 21, 1964, Pope Paul VI proclaimed Mary "Mother of the Church." So the Blessed Virgin was not absent from the Council, which incidentally opened on the feast of the Maternity of Mary (October 11, 1962) and closed on the east of her Immaculate Conception (December 8, 1965).

But what Our Lady told Conchita on September 26, 1962, may not have had to do with either the chapter in the Constitution or her being proclaimed Mother of the Church. At four o'clock in the morning of November 18, 1962, five weeks after the opening of the Council, another recording was made of Conchita speaking in ecstasy. Here are significant excerpts:

"...shall I tell...Oh?...Good! That with the Council and the Miracle the world is going to be converted?...and afterwards the world will be forgiven? Oh, that is good...What?... and I can say that with the Council and the Miracle there will be conversion.... I'll tell it after the Council Then I want the Council to end now.... I won't say anymore, nothing more, eh?....When the Council ends I won't say a word...oh, goodbye."

What we can take from this is that the Miracle will have far-reaching effects in bringing about a massive number of conversions and that Vatican II will play a leading role in facilitating the transition of so many entering the Church. Will this be the great unification also predicted at Garabandal and in many prophecies of old? While we can't infallibly say that, we are encouraged to think that something monumental will happen from what Our Lord told Conchita in her locution with Him on July 20, 1963. Here is some of the dialog:

CONCHITA: Why is the Miracle going to take place? To convert many people?

JESUS: To convert the whole world.

CONCHITA: Will Russia be converted?

JESUS: Yes, she also will be converted and thus everybody will love our Hearts. (emphasis added)

Vatican II

While Vatican II has been blamed by many for all the bad things that have happened over the last four decades, in going through the prophecies of saints, blesseds and other holy people that speak of the demise of the Church in our times, I have not found any that say a council would be the cause of it. Bishop Nickless, in his pastoral letter defines two interpretations of Vatican II, one of "continuity" (with the Church's ongoing tradition), and the other of "rupture" and therein lies the problem. The hermeneutic of rupture has become the dominant one and has caused confusion and division among the faithful. What's more, after four decades, it has become a tradition and so well entrenched, that the proper implementation of the Council for the entire Church cannot occur until something drastic happens. And that is exactly what has been predicted at Garabandal. Mari Loli said that as a result of the Tribulation, the Church will seem to have disappeared, and many Catholic prophecies say the same thing, that the Church will disappear for a time. When it re-emerges after the Tribulation and Warning, it will be ready for the universal and correct implementation of Vatican II, and after the great Miracle, the Council will be able to do the work it was destined to do. And if great numbers of people are going to be converted after the Miracle and enter the Church, with the Council being the reference for how to manage such a vast influx of souls, Our Lady is going to have a lot more children who will recognize her as their mother. Perhaps Conchita's "How good!..." had something to do with this. So, according to Garabandal, The Second Vatican Council's day is still to come.



In recent times, from Bertha Petit to Fatima to Garabandal the triumph of Our Lady has been predicted. Here is another one from a bit further back in the seventeenth century by Venerable Mary of Agreda, who wrote under divine inspiration the life of Mary called THE MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD:

"It was revealed to me that through the intercession of the Mother of God, all heresies will disappear. This victory over heresies has been reserved by Christ for His Blessed Mother. In the last times, the Lord will especially spread the renown of His Mother. Mary began salvation and by her intercession it will be concluded. Before the second coming of Christ, Mary must, more than ever, shine in mercy, might and grace in order to bring unbelievers into the Catholic Faith. The powers of Mary in the last times over the demons will be very conspicuous. Mary will extend the reign of Christ over the heathens and Mohammedans, and it will be a time of great joy when Mary, as Mistress and Queen of Hearts, is enthroned."

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Lenten Message from Joey Lomangino:

February 17th, 2010

Dear Friends,

As we begin the season of Lent, let us remember the words of the first message of Our Lady of Mount Carmel given at Garabandal on October 18th, 1961.

We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

The message is a continuation of the call for sacrifice and penance given at Fatima in 1918. The Garabandal apparitions echo and update many of the themes first announced at Fatima.

This first message was almost immediately dismissed because of its simplicity. We can see now in the light of history, that this call for sacrifice and penance was directly opposed to a growing theological movement of the time which called for abandonment of the Church’s traditional penitential practices and even the idea of divine chastisements as inconsistent with the spirit of the age and the loving nature of God.

After the Council, this new theology would take hold in many Catholic Churches throughout the world, weakening the devotion and discipline of the clergy and the laity.

At Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin reiterates the importance of penance as a participation in the Eucharistic and sacrificial love of Jesus Christ for his Church.

The sacrifices proposed at Garabandal and practiced by the four seers were marked by a spirit of holy simplicity and spiritual humility. They included the frequent renunciation of small creature comforts, willing submission to the will of God made manifest through the course of daily life, and acts of charity and love for neighbor which were difficult or distasteful.

These stories were recorded in many of the original books written on Garabandal and are featured on our website – - in various places. Fr. Pelletier’s treatment entitled, “But above all we must lead good lives” is located at the top of the Best of Garabandal page.

The admonitions to sacrifice and penance were made again in the second message with our Lady’s counsel, “You should make more sacrifices.”

Please continue to spread the Message of Garabandal as Our Lady requested.

-For our English and Spanish speaking subscribers who are members of a family or religious prayer group or lay association and would like to distribute DVDs of the Message of Garabandal among the group, send an email with DVD PACK in the subject line to and we will send you a package of 10 DVDs to distribute. Please include the name of the organization, your name, address, country and zip code. Remember to seek the approval of the appropriate authority, if necessary, before distributing these DVDs. 

-Para nuestros suscriptores ingleses y de habla hispana que sean miembros de una familia o de un grupo religioso del rezo o pongan la asociación y la quisieran distribuir DVDs del mensaje de Garabandal entre el grupo, envíe un email con DVD PACK en la línea sujeta a y le enviaremos un paquete de 10 DVDs para distribuir. Incluya por favor el nombre de la organización, su nombre, la dirección, el país y el código postal. Recuerde buscar la aprobación de la autoridad apropiada en caso de necesidad, antes de distribuir esta DVDs.

-We have a limited number of the 1981 BBC interview with Conchita, Garabandal: After the Visions available on DVD. We do not plan to do another run of this DVD at this time. If you are a recent subscriber to our email list and would like to receive a complimentary copy, send an email with your mailing address to with ATV in the subject line and we will send you one gratis. This offer is good for as long as supplies last.

-We are looking for Garabandal promoters who speak the following languages:

Brazilian      Vietnamese     Korean      Japanese      Tagalog     Bemba      Swahili

If you are located in an area where these languages are predominantly spoken and are interested in distributing the Message of Garabandal DVD gratis or if you can have the documentary shown locally to audiences, please send us an email with the word MESSAGE in the subject line. Please include the language you are requesting, your address, city, country and postal code and some words about yourself or your organization and how you are able to distribute or promote the documentary. We can provide a limited number of promoters with a master copy of the DVD in these languages. No businesses please, only promoters for gratis distribution.  

Please remember during the Lenten season the final words of the Message, “Think of the Passion of Jesus.” May God grant you a holy and prayerful Lent.

Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Lindenhurst, NY USA


The four seers praying the Rosary with Our Lady!


At church or at the cuadro, the rosary was said every day and, in general, it preceded the ecstasies. Sometimes the girls said the entire rosary. At times, they even sang it, always proclaiming, thanks to their Vision, the "mysteries" to be meditated. The children used their own rosary, the one that they most often held in their hands during the apparitions. However, we point out that they never recited this prayer in the presence of the Angel or of the Child-Jesus. Were there any exceptions, these will be resolved later, but only after having access to other original documents. So we may presume that the visionaries began to pray the rosary in ecstasy only from the following August 18, and always within the framework of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin alone.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 62.]

The rosary always plays a big part in Our Lady's apparitions! Lourdes and Fatima are striking examples, where the Blessed Mother prayed with and taught the seers to pray it properly. It seems that heaven wants us to pray slowly, meditating on the Mysteries, or at least on the words of the prayer. I've learned over the years that rattling off a lot of prayers and not thinking about what I am saying, does not help my spirituality at all! I think it's good to pray all "Fifteen Decades" each day, (I usually wind up praying two) but it's better to pray One slowly, meditating on the Mystery. 

Some of us can't meditate, so Our Lady said "Think about the Passion of Jesus!" We can all think. St. Louis de Montfort, the great Marian priest, said we should pray the Sorrowful Mysteries every day! I try to do that! Our Lady also suggested at another apparition that we should look at the Crucifix as we pray. It's good to set up a little "prayer space" where we could have a Crucifix and some statues or pictures of Our Lady. "The eyes are the windows of our souls", they say. Have you ever sang the rosary? I have and it's spiritually rewarding! Happy praying! And pray for me as I pray for all of you!
Deacon John

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Sister Luisa Maria Interview:

    Father Luis died during an act of love. 
    I never thought God would grant me so many graces with such a holy son.


The only other person to see Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal was a 38-year old Spanish Jesuit Priest, Father Luis Marie Andreu. On August 8, 1961, Father Luis was among the spectators at "The Pines" when suddenly he became an integral part of the Garbandal drama, he was heard to say, "Miracle! Miracle! Miracle! Miracle!" Not only did he see The Virgin Mary, but he was shown the forthcoming "Great Miracle."
From left to right - Father Marcelino, Father Alejandro, Father Ramon and Father Luis with their mother who became Sister Luisa Maria. 
The four 11 and 12 year old children, Conchita, Loli, Jacinta and Mari-Cruz were already in ecstasy. They understood Our Lady to say to him: "You will soon be with me." Although, he had never had any history of serious illness, he died that same night of complete joy. His final words were: "Oh what a sweet and lovely mother we have in heaven ... how happy I am ... what a favor The Blessed Virgin has bestowed on me. How fortunate we are to have a mother like her in heaven! There is no reason to fear the supernatural life. The girls have given us an example of how we must act with the Blessed Virgin. There is no doubt in my mind that the things involving the girls are true. Why should the Blessed Virgin have chosen us? This is the happiest day of my life." With those words, Father bowed his head and died. Our Lady has said, "That on the day AFTER the 'Miracle' his body will be found to be incorrupt"
Father Luis who died of joy. 
Father Luis was born on July 3, 1923. Of his five brothers, three became Jesuits. Father Alejandro, the oldest was based in Caracas, Venezuela until he died on August 8,1990, with the date of his death and that of Father Luis mysteriously coinciding except for the year. Father Ramon, a very important eye-witness to several hundred ecstasies of the Garabandal seers, and who documented what he saw and heard along with his impressions, has been stationed in Los Angeles, California. The youngest brother, Father Marcelino, has been in Taiwan for many years and although he is seriously ill with a rare form of Lukemia, his condition remains stable.
On July 18, 1965, during a Mass celebrated at Garabandal by Fr. Marcelino, Conchita had a locution in which the Virgin said that Fr. Marcelino Andreu of China will be in Garabandal on the day of the great Miracle. In another locution, Conchita learned that Fr. Alejendro of South America will also be in the village for the Miracle.
Shortly after the death of Father Luis, his mother entered the cloister of The Salesian Order, at the Visitation Convent in San Sebastian, Spain. Finally realizing her life-long desire at age 65, she became Sister Luisa Maria, taking the name of her son Luis. During a tape-recorded interview, on October 21, 1990, I felt indeed so privileged to be able to chat with her and her Mother Superior, Sister Maria Elena. The following month on November 28,1990, looking much younger than her 94 years, still alert and agile, she peacefully passed away. She had anticipated her eternal meeting with Christ whom she had seen and conversed with many times over the years even prior to her entrance into the convent. While during her lifetime she wrote books dealing with contemplation, we cannot help but be inspired by the penetrating thoughts she had penned.

"My God, soon I think I will find myself with you. I see that You are already taking me to Yourself. How will our meeting be my Love? I hope that it will be of love for the love I feel for You. I want my soul to be empty so that Your love can fill it. And being with You, nothing makes me tremble. I desire to see You, to contemplate You. I see that You are looking at me and I am smiling before Your look that so earnestly longs for my heart. I would like to offer You a world of loves, but seeing myself so small for so much that I want to give You, I will give You the poor lowliness of my heart. I want to be a volcano of loves and to pass its lava through me erasing that which You don't like so that I am able to give You my pure love, being only for You." 

The following is only a small edited version of my 1-hour conversation with Sister Luisa where she describes the vision of Father Luis after his death along with the two unidentified Jesuits whose faces she did not see. If I were to speculate, which I rarely ever do in public, I would venture to say that they were her other two sons from whom the above prophecies concern, that is Fathers Alejandro and Marcelino. They were both alive at the time of the vision. And furthermore, can we not say that Jesus by calling Father Alejandro to heaven, on precisely the 29th anniversary of his brother's death is giving us an assuring message loud and clear that nothing happens by coincidence that all these events and prophecies have a definite part in God's Divine Plan as the passing of time will surely authenticate? We cannot help but recall His Words, "Do not be concerned whether they believe you or not I WILL DO ALL."
Sister Luisa Maria with her Mother Superior Maria Elena on her right. 
One night as I was preparing for bed in my convent room, I heard a voice say: "Father Luis is coming." The lights went out but I should say the lights turned on and then Luis appeared. I saw him just like I'm seeing you. I don't know if he was flesh or what, since I did not touch him. I cannot explain it. He didn't speak. I was so dumbfounded. I should have asked him 'where are you, what are you doing?' He looked at me smiling, he looked very good, calm, trim, very well groomed like a person that was very satisfied and after he was there for awhile, smiling and laughing, he stretched out his hand touching the doorknob, and without moving he disappeared.
There were two persons with him but I only saw their backs. They were dressed like Jesuits. They had the cassocks of the priest. Father Luis was laughing. I could see his white teeth just like I can see yours. The priests were in the same room but separated away from him. I could only see the back of them, but Father Luis was facing me.
"Were they taller or shorter than Father Luis? "They were about the same height. "Do you have any idea who they could be?" No, I didn't see their faces. They were just having a private conversation between themselves without being concerned with what was going on. "Have you seen Father Luis any other time since then." No, but even though it has been more than 25 years, I recall it as though I have just seen him.
"Do you know the exact date that Father Alejandro died? 
Yes, he died on the 8th of August (1990 in Caracas, Venezuela). It was the very same month, date, and hour as when Father Luis died (August 9,1961 in Spain).
"But Father Luis died on August 9 not the 8th." When calculating the time difference it comes out to the 8th of August. Father Alejandro had as a souvenir the wrist watch that belonged to Father Luis and he was wearing it when he died.
"Someday Father Luis will be made a saint." Yes, of course but their have to be some miracles before his beatification. What does the church think about it? "He is a saint." He died during an act of love. I never thought that God would grant me so many graces with such a holy son. "And the reason for that is because he has such a holy mother."


Monday, February 15, 2010

Book of the Year!

Catholic PRWire

CUMMING, Ga (February 15, 2010) - A new book that compares the prophecies of the Bible, especially concerning the latter times, with the heavenly apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our times, has been receiving positive acclaim, and is even being called the "Book of the Year". The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, written by theologian and college professor, Dr. Kelly Bowring, has recently been released through Two Hearts Press, LLC .

Though it is rare for such a book on modern-day prophecy to receive official Church recognition, Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines has granted Dr. Bowring's new book on biblical and modern prophecy the Church's official imprimatur. Cardinal Vidal, who is considered an expert on Marian prophecy and teaching, was uniquely qualified to have reviewed and approved this book, and he determined that it is free from error concerning faith and morals. The Cardinal's secretary, Rev. Fr. Vincent Balili, even expressed his hope for the success of the new book, stating, "May this book reach as many people as possible."

Bowring's book, on a subject that is usually not without its controversy, has been receiving a good deal of positive acclaim and 5-star reviews. His new book is already in its second printing within the first six months of its publication. Jerry Morin, director of the evangelistic organization, Servants to the World, has called it the BOOK OF THE YEAR! Morin further offered his advice to potential readers of the book, saying, "I recommend you get this book and read it. I would even go so far as to say I implore you to read it." Fr. Neil Buchlein, Pastor of Ascension Church in Hurricane, West Virginia, who is host of the Internet blog, Blessed Mother's Children, promised his blog's readers that Bowring's book is "a book that you will read more than once." He continued in assurance, saying, "You have my word!" Describing his own experience of the book, Fr. Neil continued, stating, "I COULD NOT put it down. It kept my interest from beginning to end."

And then he added: "Do yourself a favor and get this book. I promise you will not be disappointed." Another Internet blog host, Deacon John Giglio, offered his praise of Bowring's book with a eye-catching headline on his blog that read: "Highly Recommended Book! A Must Read!" Readers have also been calling it the best book ever written on the subject of Marian prophecy in our times. Anthony P. Rocha of Bay City, Michigan, said he could not put the book down. After describing himself as an avid reader in this subject area, and after reading it in a single day, he described in his own words his review of the book on one book seller's website: "The BEST book that I have read in the last 5 years, possibly, in the last 10!" Another reader, David T. Little, who is president of the World St. Thomas More Society, as well said that the book is "a real page-turner that will inspire you," and then added, "I cannot praise it enough".

Covering prophecies of the latter times, a topic of increasing interest to Christians in recent years, Professor Bowring's new book seems likely to become even more popular and far-reaching in influence and awareness. Deacon John Giglio, wrote on his blog, thinking aloud, "This book will probably sell like 'hot cakes'". Bowring's book discusses the major heavenly apparitions as reported around the world especially during the past century, including places like Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal, and Medjugorje. These places have received millions of pilgrims since becoming religious shrines. He shows how they all point to one central warning concerning the times we are quickly approaching.

He writes how the Blessed Mother of Jesus at Garabandal has specifically prophesied about a global divine act of God's mercy, called "the Warning", which will soon be granted to every person in the world at the same time, and which will come in the form of an "illumination of conscience" or a "mini-judgment". He also discusses how Our Lady at Medjugorje speaks of "ten secrets" that will soon take place as punishment to the world if it does not convert and turn away from what John Paul II used to call the "culture of death". He wonders in his book if we are not living in times a thousand times worse than the Flood of Noah.

While relating these heavenly messages of Jesus and His heavenly Mother to the Book of Revelation in the Bible, Bowring's new book shows with clear evidence from solid sources that we really are living in apocalyptic times, which are being prepared for by unprecedented and most important apparitions, visions, and messages from Heaven, all in unison, calling humanity to prepare for the final battle between good and evil. His book answers the often asked questions about our times: Why is the world in so much turmoil today? What is going to happen in the near future? Are we living in the time of the Apocalypse? What is Heaven saying to us about our times?

To receive additional information on this popular new book or to purchase a copy, visit .

About the Author:

Dr. Kelly Bowring has been a professor of sacred theology at Southern Catholic College and at St. Mary's College of Ave Maria University. He lives with his wife and seven children just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Contact the Author:

Two Hearts Press, LLC (website) (email)

About the Publisher:

Two Hearts Press, LLC, is a Catholic publisher of books and media resources. Their website is .

Contact: Two Hearts Press, LLC  GA, 30041 US
Kelly Bowring - Author, 770-888-2248

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1961:

Garabandal was an exceptional field of study for theologians as well as for physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists who, as early as June 25, went up to the village as independent observers.
In the first two weeks of July, Msgr. Doroteo Fernandez set up a "Special Commission" made up of three priests and two physicians. These were in charge of investigating the "events" and the girls of San Sebastian de Garabandal. The members of this "Commission" came only three times to the village during the four years that the events occurred.
Commissioned by the bishop, Doctors Jose Luis Pinal Ruiz and Luis Morales, psychiatrist, began their first experiments on July 11.
All kinds of tests were performed on the children in ecstasy. Pinching, burns, pricks, intense light: so many sensory stimulants producing no effect.
"This is no way supernatural. It is a psychogenic reaction to the situation . . . Vulgar hysterical phenomena . . ." Such was Dr. Morales' opinion on the one ecstasy that he had attended. His report, quickly drafted, influenced the negative verdict by the "Commission" concerning the supernatural origin of the phenomena of Garabandal. He, who had really been the "directing head" of the
"Special Commission," completely reversed his position in 1977. In May 1983, during some lectures he gave at Santander, then at Madrid, he publicly defended the authenticity of the apparitions.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, pages 59; 61]

It's amazing how "stiff-necked", as the Bible calls certain people, witnesses to the supernatural can be. Even at the "Miracle of the Sun" at Fatima, where hundreds of thousands of people experienced the signs and wonders, there were a few who refused to acknowledge it as a supernatural event. Perhaps because they were atheists or agnostics, maybe Freemasons, the "Commission" couldn't see the intervention of the supernatural. Of course this all could have been a vision of the devil, but I don't think they believed in Satan or hell either. Like certain leaders in Israel, who accused Our Lord of working miracles by the power of Satan, these "Commission" members were blind too!
Again, at Fatima, certain theologians said that Lucia made up all that she reported Our Lady said, especially regarding devotion to her Immaculate Heart. They blamed it on Lucia's traditional upbringing, saying her mother put all these thoughts in her head or she made it up after the fact. Incredible! You could expect this from the secular media, but from the clergy you expect some faith and common sense. Dr. Morales recanted later on and became a good spokesman for Garabandal, but the damage was done early and many shrugged off the visions as unbelievable.
Deacon John

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interview with Bishop del Val Gallo

    "No. The previous bishops did not admit that the apparitions were supernatural but to condemn them, no, that word had never been used." 
    Bishop del Val Gallo 
    "For sure I consider The (Garabandal) Messages important! Because they are important! ...It is important for us Christians to LIVE what The Messages of The Blessed Mother are saying.." 
    --Bishop del Val Gallo in 
    The Vigil Special Issue 1992

Read Bishop del Val Gallo entire interview below.
From left to right - Sari (Mari-Loli's sister), Garabandal visionary Mari-Loli, Garabandal Bishop del Val Gallo holding a copy of the Garabandal news paper "The Vigil", Maria Saraco editor and publisher of "The Vigil".

Q. Where were you born and raised?A. Something happened in the family and due to those circumstances, I was born in Burgos, but when I was fifteen days old, I was taken to Santander, and I always lived there after that.
Q. What made you decide to be a priest?A. When I was four years old, the pastor of my church asked me if I wanted to become a priest I said "yes" in a way that such a small child would answer. But then, when I was nine years old, an aunt, who was my father's sister and was a nun in the order of The Daughters of Charity died in the order of sanctity because there had been a big epidemic of a very contagious disease among the children and (in spite of it) she was taking care of the sick. She was told to be very careful because she could become contaminated and die, but she said, "My whole life has been consecrated to God by serving the poor and I'm not going to stop now when they need me the most and that is what I will continue to do." She eventually got sick from the epidemic that was going around and died. This was being discussed and talked about in my home when I was nine years old and it made such an impression on me. This heroic action that the sister of my father did as a Daughter of Charity made me think, "Could I myself do this if I were a priest?" That's when I made my decision that I wanted to be a priest. I was nine years old. Then when I was twelve years old, I entered the Pontifical University of Comillas until I became a priest in 1944.
Q. How old were you when you were whom and where?A. I was ordained by Archbishop Parrado of Granada when I was 28 years old. He died many years ago. I was ordained in the church of the Political University of Comillas.
Q. When did you first go to Garabandal and why?A. I went eight days after the first apparition. I went there because Bishop Doroteo Femandez called me, he was actually the Apostolic Administrator. Since I was a priest that he trusted, he wanted me to go there as an observer and to report back to him my impressions of everything that I had seen. So I went there about eight days after the first apparition because the Bishop told me to go.
Q. Who was the bishop of the diocese at that time? A. Bishop Doroteo Fernandez.
Q. How many times did you visit the village during the years of the reported apparitions?A.I went only another two times after that by order of the same bishop.
Q. Did you witness any of the four girls in ecstasy? If so, please describe what you saw and heard. What were your impressions?A. Yes. Yes, I saw them. Yes, I saw them in ecstasy. That is what they were calling a psychological trance. I believe it was a trance but not as deep as one's first impression because they were going in and out of ecstasy. I said that I believed that it was a trance and this is what astonished the people and made them believe it was supernatural. My impressions were that of a spectator. We'll see. We'll see what happens because with this type of thing we cannot be rushed.
Q. When were you assigned to the Santander diocese? Was this your first diocese as bishop?A. I was given the diocese on December 4, 1971. and came here on January 16, 1972. This was the first and the last diocese that I have had as a resident bishop. I was here for twenty years. Before that I was in Jerez de la Frontera in the area of Cadiz which belonged to the diocese of Sevilla, I was put in charge of that region of Cadiz by the Cardinal of Sevilla carrying on there like any other bishop which today is its own diocese.
Q. Since the beginning of the reported apparitions, how may bishops preceded you?A. Many. There were many if we consider that some were bishops and some were Apostolic Administrators because during those years, there was a lot of movement in the diocese of Santander. There was Doroteo Fernandez, Eugenio Beitia, Vicente Puchol, Enrique de Cabo, acting bishop but was titular vicarate, and then came Jose Maria Cirarda then when he was taking care of the diocese of Bilbao as auxiliary bishop and Apostolic Administrator, another bishop came called Rafael Torrija de la Fuente, and then I came in 1972.
Q. Isn't it true that out of all those bishops, you are the only one who actually witnessed the girls in ecstasy? A. I think so. I think I am the only one. I heard say that Conchita had made some ecstasies in front of Bishop Puchol but I am not sure. Yes, I think that I was the only one who saw the ecstasies.
Q. Did you ever imagine that God would place you in such a unique situation?A. I have always tried to be in the hands of God. I always try regardless of whether it is a difficult situation or a joyful one, and this one (that is Garabandal) is both hard and joyful at the same time.
Q. When did you remove all the restrictions that the previous bishops imposed on the priests and why?A. I don't remember clearly the exact date. It was done step by step. I told the pastor to start (removing the restrictions) and then it was just announced publicly. But I don't remember the exact date. I think it was about six years before I retired which was last year in September.
Q. Have the Garabandal apparitions ever been condemned by the church?A. No. The previous bishops did not admit that the apparitions were supernatural but to condemn them, no, that word had never been used.
Q. When did you reopen the study of the apparitions and who did the study, how was it conducted and when was it concluded?A. It was finished in April of 1991 during a reunion we held in Madrid but it was not opened on a specific date. It was opened six years earlier, taking notes of the circumstances here and there. In the beginning, we were going little by little so it took about six or seven years before the study was concluded. Until then I had gone by what the other bishops had done. They had said no. But then it seemed to me that I should personally do something myself. I needed to do a personal investigation because the responsibility demands this of oneself so I had to do something about it and because I thought it was something serious that had happened in Garabandal. It seemed to me that because it was so serious, I had to find out for myself exactly what happened in Garabandal.
Q. What has become of the results?A. The results were brought to The Holy See, to The Sacred Congregation for The Doctrine of The Faith. That is where you have to take things like this so that is where the documents are. They were given to Cardinal Ratzinger.
Q. Were the Garabandal Messages found to be theologically correct and in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church?A. I think yes. Theologically correct, yes. But one of the details bothers me like the one: "Many bishops and cardinals are walking the path of perdition" it seems to me to be a bit severe. The Messages do not say anything that is against the doctrine of the church.
Q. When and why did you retire?A. I retired because of my age. The church requires all the bishops in the world, and we are more than 4,000, when we reach the age of 75, to write a letter to the pope telling him of the date when you are 75 years old so that the Holy Father can start looking for a replacement. So that's what I did. My 75th birthday was June 13th of last year (1991), so I retired on September 29th.
Q. Do you have any special plans for the future?A. Yes. My first plan is to pray more than before because now I have more time and so that is one of my first plans, to dedicate much more time to prayer. My second plan is to help the under-privileged and my third plan is, well I used to write before becoming a bishop and then after I became a bishop, I didn't do it anymore because there wasn't any time to do that. If you want to be a good bishop there is no time to write because you have too much work. So, that's what I plan to do now. At the time I was bishop, I didn't do it because if you write books, you aren't going to do your job well. I used to think that someday when I retire, I will become a writer again. So I am writing a book which will take at least another year and a half before it is finished. but for now, I am thinking that the title can be. "The Christian in The Year 2000." It will be a book about today's culture in Europe and how this culture influences our Christian life and how this culture as Christians has to respond to God and to the service of man.
Q. As "Mother of The Redeemer" and "Mother of The Church" what kind of an effect do you believe Our Blessed Mother will have on the life of humanity?A. In response to this question, the first thing that comes to my mind is Cardinal Wyszynsky from Poland. You know that he was a cardinal there during the times of the most difficult conditions. With imperial communism the church was so oppressed with so much persecution, there was no freedom. yet in his worst moment. Cardinal Wyszynsky entrusted his flock to the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Czestochowa. In that extreme moment, the cardinal in his faith found his refuge in the Blessed Mother because She is the One who is going to save The Faith. In this question, I am able to identify with Cardinal Wyszynsky since I think like he did, that is The Blessed Mother is the One who will save The Faith.
At the close of this question and answer session, His excellency added these additional interesting comments:
I am grateful for your visit, it has been very meaningful. A final question was asked of Bishop del Val: "Do you believe that The Messages are the most important part of Garabandal?" and his reply was: "For sure I consider the messages important! Because they are important! In the area where it is similar to Lourdes and Fatima, it is important for us Christians to live what the Messages of The Blessed Mother are saying, if we consider that She could have said this...but, I'm not saying that She did since this would be admitting that the apparitions are true and I cannot do that because the church has not said so yet. The church is the one that has the last word.


Friday, February 12, 2010

As we await the Warning, Miracle & Great Sign, here is a message from Mark Mallett on Hope:

Hope is Dawning

First published January 23rd, 2008.  This word brings into focus once again what all our waiting, watching, fasting, praying, and suffering is all about at this time in history. It reminds us that darkness will not triumph. Moreover, it reminds us that we are not defeated souls, but sons and daughters of God called into a mission, sealed with the power of the Holy Spirit, and inscribed with the name and authority of Jesus. Do not be afraid! Nor think that because you are insignificant in the eyes of the world, hidden from the masses, that God does not have a significant plan for you. Renew your commitment to Jesus today, trusting in His love and mercy. Begin again. Gird your loins. Tighten the ropes upon your sandals. Lift high the shield of faith, and grasp the hand of your Mother in the holy Rosary.
This is not the time for comfort, but the time for miracles! For Hope is dawning…

THIS word came to me while my spiritual director and I were together. Understand… the dawn of Hope is upon us…
Little ones, do not think that because you, the remnant, are small in number means that you are special. Rather, you are chosen. You are chosen to bring the Good News to the world at the appointed hour. This is the Triumph for which my Heart awaits with great anticipation. All is set now. All is in motion. The hand of my Son is ready to move in the most sovereign way. Pay careful attention to my voice. I am preparing you, my little ones, for this Great Hour of Mercy. Jesus is coming, coming as Light, to awaken souls steeped in darkness. For the darkness is great, but the Light is far greater. When Jesus comes, much will come to light, and the darkness will be scattered. It is then that you will be sent, like the Apostles of old, to gather souls into my Motherly garments. Wait. All is ready. Watch and pray. Never lose hope, for God loves everyone.



The wonderful became almost routine. Every day the girls had an apparition. At the center of extraordinary phenomena, the objects of all kinds of curiosity, of every pressure and solicitation, they nevertheless preserved their candor and simplicity. They fell into ecstasies and came out of them with an astonishing ease, and spoke of these wonders with the most perfect simplicity.

In her Diary, Conchita comments on her daily life in these words:
"The belief of the villagers, of our parents and brothers increased every day . . . As for ourselves, we kept on our everyday life and we obeyed our parents."
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 58.]

It's funny how we can get used to anything! The girls were seeing the
Blessed Mother everyday, and sometimes twice or more a day, thousands of apparitions before they finally ended in 1965. It became almost normal for them, like us when we start a new job or occupation, at first we have our anxieties, but they soon leave us and we become relaxed and familiar with what we are doing; until something happens to upset the apple cart. I'm sure the villagers and the seers' parents were not so relaxed, especially when Our Lady called them in the wee hours of the night.

The children of Fatima were also relaxed with Our Lady, although She
only appeared to them 6 or 7 times . . . Francisco, who could not hear what Our Lady said during the apparitions, was just satisfied and loved to look on the loveliness of the Blessed Mother as She appeared to them. After the vision, Lucia would tell him what Our Lady said. And the three seers were also very obedient to their parents . . .
Deacon John

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!"

This is another interesting post from Maria Saraco's Web Site (link below) on Pope John Paul II and his awareness of the Events of Garabandal: 

The Pope extended his arms wide as to embrace Loli and her entire family.

On June 21, 1987, Robert Francis Graves III, was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest at St. Peter's Basilica, by Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. Fr. Robert's parents were already deceased at the time of his ordination. However, none of his relatives and friends were present, nor did any of them acknowledge his new-found vocation because of his renunciation of fame and wealth in order to follow the call of Christ into the Catholic priesthood.
What Father Robert says is, "In the end Christ conquered. One cannot say 'No' to Love that calls at all times and in all seasons." He is a member of the community of "The Sons of The Divine Will."

On July 23, 1988, during a special general audience with the Pope at the Vatican ... "special" because it was held on Saturday, rather than the usual Wednesday... Father Robert introduced Garabandal Visionary Mari-Loli and family to him. Father Robert who was holding 7 year old Maria Dolores, one of the three Lafleur children, said to the Pope: "Your Holiness, a special blessing for your littlest children who come on behalf of The Blessed Virgin from Garabandal." Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!". . . And immediately kissed Maria Dolores. 

The Pope then blessed Francis her 13 year old brother when he took him by the arm and asked for prayers.

Next the Pope with arms out stretched reached for and kissed their 8 year old sister, Melanie Maria Theresa who was enthralled with the pope and felt right at home with him.

Loli, who before meeting the Pope, viewed the prearranged occasion rather apprehensively. She was concerned about the impact it could possibly have because of her role as one of the world-famous Garabandal visionaries. However, after a visit with Bishop Gallo, the present bishop of the diocese of Santander, Spain, where the apparitions took place and receiving his encouragement, and with prayerful reflection, she resigned herself to the opportunity and accepted it as "God's Will." She simply asked the pope for his blessing and prayers for her family and for herself. The Holy Father placed his hands on her head, and gave his blessing.

Husband Frank, kissed the Holy Father's ring in acknowledgement to his supreme authority in representing Jesus Christ here on earth.

Finally, the Pope extended his arms wide as to embrace Loli and the entire family. Maria Saraco who was also present witnessed the entire episode.


Announcing a Divine Will Retreat in Garabandal for April 6 to April 16, 2010:

Dates of the Divine Will Retreat at the House of Sanctification in Garabandal, Spain, are: April 6 - April 16, 2010.

Retreatants are coming from North America, Australia and Europe. A new speaker will be coming from England to add to our presentations. Retreatants are free to come for all or part of the Retreat, depending on your personal circumstances.

Limited to 25 retreatants at our facility. Some retreatants will be staying at their own apartment in a new building nearby. If you haven't "signed up" yet and would like to come, please let us know. We can send you a daily schedule.

Last year's retreat was incredible. Tears of joy were copious. There was plenty of time for a relaxed schedule, but more importantly, there was time to really get into the understanding of what the Gift of the Divine Will is and how to live in It.

Daily Mass, of course. The pastor is a very holy Priest and is very friendly with the staff of our Retreat House.

Please contact Thomas Fahy <> if you wish to attend this retreat!
Deacon John