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Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter VIII)


The Nature of the Ecstasies
I have some letters from Conchita making illusion to a question that I had her ask the Virgin on the subject of the nature of the ecstasies at Garabandal.
She knew absolutely nothing of this question — and that was my entire wish. It will be seen that she was not alone in this matter. I am going to try to explain this clearly.
I adopted a terminology of my own invention, making use of a case that could be called classic. I only wanted that she would help me to resolve the problems I was posing to myself in using words that I was employing according to my personal conception of things. Neither Conchita nor any other person would be able to discover this.
Then I said to Conchita only these words:
— “Ask the Virgin if it is perfect or imperfect.”
She answered, “What do you want to say?”
— “Simply what these words mean.”
According to my opinion, but without pre-judging the decision of the Church in this matter, ecstasies of a supernatural divine type were taking place at Garabandal. Therefore, speaking then to Conchita, I used the words ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’ in making an abstraction of the supernaturality of the divine order of the events.
Furthermore, at that moment, I thought that the ecstasies that I was calling ‘perfect’ had to leave traces of pain with the ecstatic person.
I was considering on my part as ‘imperfect,’ the ecstasy that took place with or without total loss of the senses, and in both cases did not leave any trace of fatigue or illness in the bodies of the girls.
Then it was this ‘imperfect’ — according to the vocabulary that I had designed myself — that I would verify. Conchita should then respond on the part of the Virgin, “It is ‘imperfect.’”
In the first place the ecstasies lasted an hour, sometimes several hours. Obviously the positions taken by the seers could not be maintained for such a length of time even by vigorous persons in the normal state, How could it be possible for children — healthy certainly — but still so young? Furthermore, on leaving the ecstasies they had an extraordinary freshness and were more vibrant than they had appeared before. Far from being exhausted, they went back to work, as if nothing had happened.
Although sleeping soundly at times, they ordinarily slept very little. Because some ecstasies lasted a long time and were repeated often; because most of them took place at night; because the children in order to see the Virgin, and also in the spirit of sacrifice, remained in the kitchens, sleeping completely dressed, leaning against the wall. Because those who were not in ecstasy even during the night accompanied their companions who were in ecstasy. On the contrary, on certain occasions, the eyelids closed, although for the most part, this was not observed. Usually their hands were perfectly rigid. At other times one could make their fingers move, before becoming immediately rigid. The ankles and the feet always had their normal play. As for the hands and face, sometimes they were warm, at other times they were not.
Due to my personal conception of things, and my terminology (which was at the least unusual) the two cases that I am going to describe gave me something to ponder and left me perplexed.
I will express myself in another way. If one wills, here is the same question like that employed in the words ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect.’ The ecstasies were they of a major or minor level according to the supernatural order? Being understood that for me those of a major were identical to ‘perfect’ which would lead the ecstatic into painful residuals and leave them with vestiges of fatigue and illnesses (things they never showed).
One day Conchita wrote me: “The Virgin did not answer me on the subject of ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect.’ She will tell me later.”
Another letter followed: “The other day, without my asking her, the Virgin told me concerning the matter of ‘perfect’ or ‘imperfect,’ it was ‘perfect.’”
On my return to Garabandal in the kitchen in front of Aniceta, I thought of the courtesy of Our Lady who answered on her own initiative, and I said:
— “Then, Conchita, the Virgin has really said it was ‘perfect’?”
— “Yes. The Virgin told me on the subject of ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect,’ it was ‘perfect.’”
— “Good, Conchita. But this answer completely demolishes my idea because I had thought it was imperfect.”
Aniceta intervened instantly:

— “Conchita, didn’t I tell you that you should say imperfect’?”
This was the answer of the child of 12 and a half years:
“I don’t know what this subject of perfect and imperfect is about. What I know is that the Virgin told me ‘perfect.’”
It remained then for me to secretly correct my conception of things and my made-up terminology by accepting the lesson of mystical theology the Virgin had given me. To admire also the absolute loyalty and exemplary firmness of Conchita, who without understanding either my thought or my terminology had remained — in spite of her mother Aniceta — a very faithful messenger of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

I had previously mentioned that the children slept in the kitchen with their clothes on, so as not to miss the company of the Virgin. They were well aware that, after having said that she would come at night, if they were in bed, she would respect their sleep. And they ardently wanted to see her.
They knew also that after having said that she would come during the night, regardless of this, the Virgin wanted them to obey their parents if they ordered them to go to bed.

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Who is like God in Garabandal

Who is like God in Garabandal -

Who is like God in Garabandal

Who is like God in Garabandal

In Catholic teachings, Saint Michael is viewed as the leader of the Army of God.
From the time of the apostles, he has been invoked and honored as the
protector of the Church. Scripture describes him as "one of the chief
princes" and the leader of heaven's forces in their triumph over the
powers of hell.[

Michael defeats Satan twice, first when he ejects Satan from Paradise,
and then in the final battle of the end times. In his classic book Lives of the Saints, priest and hagiographer Alban Butler, defined the role of Saint Michael as follows:

is like God?" was the cry of Archangel Michael when he smote the rebel
Lucifer in the conflict of the heavenly hosts. And when Antichrist shall
have set up his kingdom on earth, it is St Michael who will unfurl once
more the standard of the cross, sound the last trumpet, bind together
the false prophet and the beast and hurl them for all eternity into the
burning pool.

It was Saint Michael who vanquished Satan and drove him out of heaven. In the Book of Revelation (12:7-9) Saint John wrote of Michael's role in the War in Heaven where he hurls Satan and the fallen angels out of heaven to earth:

there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the
dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong
enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was
hurled down — that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads
the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with

By Fr. Eusebio De Pesquera

for NEEDLES - Spring, 1973

think that this is the first time-and for the time being- the only one-
in which this manifest presence has happened since the beginning of
what is called the Marian Era, which began, one might say, with the
apparition of the (Miraculous Medal) Virgin in Paris in 1830.

which we can already call “historic”, opens and closes with the
intervention of St. Michael: June 18, 1961-June 18, 1965.
Neither the little girls nor the witnesses could measure the importance of this fact. Let us see if we can.

teaching has always represented St. Michael as the first of all the
celestial beings or spirits. He is the instrument of God in all the
greatest of his undertakings. It is he who keeps watch at the head of
all the elect: the guardian angel of the Synagogue in its day, and now
of the Church. It is he, as “Prince of the heavenly Army,” who leads the
front line of battle against the Powers of the abyss.

In the last
book of Holy Scripture-the pages of which conclude the history of
Salvation-St. Michael appears as the angel of the last and decisive
battles. So, we may well wonder if we have entered the last and
conclusive lap of history. The time when Satan was prevented “from
harming the nations” (Apocalypse) has obviously come to an end. Today
the nations who formed part of Christianity have either shamelessly
apostasized, declaring themselves officially atheist, or have ended up
by accepting, in law, an official ignoring of God.

Leo XIII had
his own unknown and powerful reasons for ordering the recitation at the
end of all Masses, simple or solemn, the prayer which opens with the
words, “Archangel St. Michael, defend us in the day of battle.
This prayer was maintained until, just during the days of Garabandal,
the Hierarchy thought it opportune to eliminate the prayers after Mass.
That does not authorize us to think that such prayers were useless or
that we can now neglect the invocations to St. Michael as if the battle
were already won: the situation within the Church and the signs of the
times lead us rather to think the contrary.

The great days have
only just begun, perhaps?… and the Woman enemy of the Dragon and the
Angel of the final battles are about to engage in a really decisive
action in our midst.? Let us give close attention to what they may
demand of us.

One evening in September, 1961 Dona Maria Herrero de
Gallardo happened to be alone with Conchita in the latter’s kitchen.
Seizing the opportunity, Dona Maria said:

“Tell me about the
Virgin, Conchita.”–What do you want me to tell you? There is so much to
say! One detail is very interesting: the Virgin, when she recites the
Gloria, bows her head with extraordinary reverence. Another detail: her
way of looking at you; she gives you the impression that, rather than
looking at you, she is looking at the whole worldand in such a way! No
one else can give such a look!”

“And what do you say about St. Michael?”—“That
everything began with him. He came for the first time on June 18,
preceded by a flash of lightning and by a noise as of thunder which
impressed us very much.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,
Conchita. Don’t you know that St. Michael is the Prince of the heavenly
Army, God’s standard-bearer, the conqueror of Satan, etc.? – No, indeed
I knew nothing about that.”

Who can say that the presence
of such a one (at Garabandal ) does not point to the fact that we have
entered the decisive times indicated in the last book of Holy Scripture?

day, on the banks of the Tigris, Daniel, the old prophet of the
eschatological times to come, was told: “In these days, there will arise
Michael, who remains near the children of your people; he is the great
Prince. It will be a time of anguish such as has never been experienced
before” (Dan 12:1-3).

In all sincerity, friends, I am sharing with
you my impression that the presence, so manifest, of St. Michael in the
mystery of Garabandal, gives us much food for thought.

Comment : That's Garabandal, from the beginning till the end under the
protection and presence of the Archangel Saint Michael himself, the
Supreme ennemy of satan and the Gardian of the Church, only Michael is
called an Archangel in the Bible, The Archangel who vanquished satan and
drove him out of heaven, seen last time in Fatima, he arrived in
Garabandal on June 18 1961 and left on June 18 1965, his presence in
Garabandal during 4 Years bring us directly to the last Book of Holy
Scripture, The book of Revelation called also the Apocalypse, with our
Lady of Mount Carmel, the Garden of God, Saint Michael the Archangel,
who is like God and the Sacred Heart of our Lord, Garabandal has been
blessed by the Hand of God for eternity but before to leave us, the
Archangel had a last message from our Lady, the Mother of God, please
let me remind it to you again :

Since my message of
October 18, 1961 has not been complied with and has not been made much
known to the world, I will tell you that this is the last one. Before
the chalice was filling now it is overflowing.

Cardinals, many Bishops, and many Priests are on the path of perdition
and they take many souls with them. To the Eucharist, there is given
less and less importance. We should avoid the wrath of God on us by our
good efforts. If you ask pardon with your sincere soul God will pardon
you. It is I, your mother, who through the intercession of St. Michael,
wish to say that you amend, that you are already in the last warnings
and that I love you much and do not want your condemnation. Ask Us
sincerely and we will give to you. You should sacrifice more. Think of
the passion of Jesus.

And they said to me, here
Aviso, you believe or not it's not the problem but please try to never
denigrate this village as it's also the village of Saint Michael, you
know the Archangel, known also as who is like God and Prince of the Army
of God.


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The Sacred Heart at Garabandal

The Sacred Heart at Garabandal » Mother of All Peoples

On this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I repost this article from Barry Hanratty:

Of all the visions that Jacinta (Gonzalez) Moynihan had at Garabandal, one stands out over all the rest—her vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
It happened at the very beginning of the apparitions, in June of 1961, while the four girls were seeing Saint Michael, before the Blessed Virgin appeared for the first time. Thanks to recent information from Jacinta and her husband, Jeff Moynihan, we can provide some details to fill out the story of when, where and how this vision took place.

On the day after the first apparition of Saint Michael on June 18, 1961, the four girls returned to the exact same place in the calleja hoping to see the angel again. Some boys, younger than the visionaries, saw them and threw stones at them. Consequently, on the next day, the girls went up a little higher in the lane (calleja) around the first bend to the right where they were hidden from view by the right side wall of the lane. It was here at this new location that they continued to see Saint Michael and where Jacinta saw her vision of the Sacred Heart. Jeff mentioned to me that one of the books on Garabandal
has mistakenly said that the angel drew the girls higher up into the lane. What really happened was that from their new vantage point, the girls saw a large smooth stone further up upon which they could all kneel, and it was here that they went for the first vision of the Blessed Virgin.
Jacinta does not remember the exact date of her vision of Jesus, but it was not on the feast of the Sacred Heart, which in that year of 1961 was before June 18. How did the vision occur? On December 23, 1978, Jacinta was interviewed by Father Francis Benac, S.J., at her home in California. 

Here are excerpts from that interview:
Father Benac: We have read about your vision of the Sacred Heart. Please tell me about this experience.
I recall a day when the four of us went a little further up (in the
lane) from where the angel had first appeared—no one from the village followed us—when suddenly the other three fell into ecstasy seeing the angel. I was a little behind and seeing them in ecstasy I said to myself: “But I don’t see anything.” Then suddenly like a flash, I saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus which made a deep impression on me. He did not speak to me, but His gaze penetrated deep into my heart.
Benac: What impressed you most?
Jacinta: His eyes, His look—a gaze that penetrated so deeply into me that I cannot explain it.
Benac: What were your thoughts at that moment?
Oh, Father, more than seeing Our Lady, this vision of the Sacred Heart had the greatest impact on me even though I did not see Him again. Whenever I see His image, I have an intense feeling of suddenly seeing someone very dear.
Benac: Do you still feel this?
Jacinta: Oh yes. Whenever I see His image or talk about Him just as we’re doing now, I feel within me something I cannot explain.
Benac: When you passed through the period of the doubts, did you also doubt this vision?
No Father. This vision has always remained vivid in my mind. I remember telling my mother that I may have doubted seeing Our Lady or the angel, but regarding this vision of the Sacred Heart even if I were to die, I would insist on its truth. It is something I have never doubted.
Benac: Did this particular vision lead you to a greater love of God? Did you think that He wanted something special from you?
Jacinta: I can’t answer that since He didn’t speak to me. But my heart did grow much closer to His.
Description of the Vision
Ever since Jacinta first mentioned her vision of the Sacred Heart in 1976, she has been asked on occasion to give a description of it. The most recent time was August 2004. She had gone to the Spanish city of Logrono with Jeff and their daughter, Maria, to visit a paralyzed woman named Olga, who had asked if the visionary would come to see her. During their
visit, they were invited by the Garabandal group there of about 30 people to lunch in the nearby town of Navarrete. After lunch, everyone wanted to hear about Jacinta’s vision of the Sacred Heart, and she graciously complied providing all the details. Here is how she has consistently described it.

While the other three girls were in ecstasy seeing Saint Michael, Jacinta was seeing Jesus. He was about ten feet away standing on a small, white cloud slightly above the ground. He was incomparably beautiful; “the handsomest of men” as Jacinta said. His hair and beard were dark and His complexion “normal.” He wore a white robe with a red outer garment that
hung diagonally down across His body from the right shoulder. His heart, exposed off-center to His left, was a brilliant red with rays of both white and gold streaming from it. With His left hand, he pointed to His heart and with His right, He beckoned the girl to come. His entire body gave off brilliant rays that surpassed in brightness the subsequent appearances of Our Lady. The vision was set against a cloud-like  background.

As mentioned above in the Father Benac interview, the most compelling part of this vision for Jacinta was the intensely loving, penetrating gaze of Jesus that transfixed her heart. That loving gaze of Our Lord was accompanied by the gestures of His hands inviting her and all of us to enter into His Sacred Heart.
Jeff related to me what Jacinta had just recently told him: that after all these years, she still clearly remembers her vision of the Sacred Heart and that each time she remembers it, she feels something very spiritual.

Barry Hanratty is Editor of Garabandal Journal. This article was republished with permission from Garabandal Journal, PO Box 1796, St. Cloud, MN 56302-1796, U.S.A.

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Notice the crowds, how restless they are, even dancing! Slowly the people dispersed and very few were left to witness this "Little Miacle!"  I wonder if the mood of the people caused the Miracle to be delayed into the dark night? Just my thought.


Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter VII)


The Ecstasies Seen from the Exterior

I’ve witnessed numerous ecstasies: 200 or more. There were the four girls together, three at a time, two at a time, or one alone. The ecstatic walk was normal or was accomplished with great speed. The went forward or backward. Through the village, in all the little streets, often in the “Calleja” which ascended up to
the Pines; they climbed up to the Pines or descended down from them.
I point out here the extreme astonishment of those who were witnesses of this descent from the Pines. They never took a good path.
It is known that there are no good paths for going down. Nevertheless, there are some that are better than others, although they all are bad. The little shepherds and their sheep know them well.
The visionaries descended by paths that no human, no animal would have taken, even goats. A person in good faith cannot pretend that these descents can be explained — in a natural way — especially when they were made backwards, even backwards on their knees. Especially if they were regarded in their posture — let us say uncomfortable — the figure straight and head bent backwards, the eyes fixed on their vision.
Who can dispute this “abnormal” and definitely real happening that can be studied and should be studied?
If an adversary of good faith exists, I propose to him to perform himself “the exercise” on the terrain, in the same way, under the same conditions, especially during the dark night, in the snow and on the ice. Not only one time, but almost every day, as at the time of the apparitions.
During the course of these ecstasies, in all the locations, I heard the children talk with their Vision. In a hushed voice, intimate at times, but intelligible. These conversations were perfect in the sense that it could be perfectly known that they were responding to questions from the Virgin or the Angel; or that they were asking them themselves. In the latter case, the young girls were never afraid of annoying Our Lady of Mount Carmel or St. Michael — they listened to the beloved voice with the most rapt attention.
It was evident to everyone that this was a dialogue perfectly coordinated, for the accurate convenience of the interlocutors of Heaven and earth.
On the visionaries’ side, their conversations were the most varied.
They talked about everything when their turn came. From the things that they did, to those that they had heard spoken about. They recounted what was happening in the village, at their homes, in the fields, in the pastures. They requested cures, conversions, miracles. “So that the people believe us,” they were heard to say. They confided to the Virgin messages written by the spectators and gave back responses to them in a clear voice in public or privately. Sometimes it was necessary to wait a more or less long time for them to obtain permission from Our Lady of Mount Carmel to repeat what they had heard at the time the questions were presented.
I have seen the little girls give rosaries, crucifixes, medals, scapulars, holy cards for the Vision to kiss.
One day in front of me at Conchita’s house, Loli put on the right hand of a woman the wedding ring that at the request of the woman herself, as was the custom, she had first presented to the lips of the Virgin. Then advised by the Virgin, I saw her remove the ring from that finger and put it on the ring finger of the other hand. The spectators thought the child had made a mistake. Not so. Filled with wonder and all in tears of joy, the person involved stated, “The Virgin knows well that in the region of Valencia, where I came from, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand, contrary to the Spanish custom.”
Loli did not stop there. She told the wife the name of her husband, whose name was completely unknown to Loli prior to hearing it from the lips of Her who revealed it. This happened at Conchita’s home, and not at Loli’s, on the 12th of September, 1961, in my presence.
The entry into the ecstasies was always made in the same manner. The head was brusquely thrown backwards and did not return to its normal position until after the Apparition had left. They fell on their knees instantaneously. There was such force in their fall to the ground on the sharp or flat stones, that their kneecaps cracked as if they were broken. Spectators, and especially the mothers of the seers, were struck with fear. They entered into ecstasy as if they were struck by lightening — the word is not too strong. When they came out of it, also, suddenly, they had neither a wrenched neck, nor a sore back, nor a broken bone. Not in the least fatigued, they smiled sweetly at the spectators.
The conversation with their Vision began while standing still or while marching. If they were caught up into ecstasy in their homes, they almost always went out into the village. They passed through the little streets, went around the church, went down to the cemetery, went up to the Pines, knocked at the villagers’ doors at all hours, greeted the sick — eventually also the well — knelt in front of the pictures of the departed while praying for them.
The ecstasies would seize them everywhere: at home, under the church portico, at the Cuadro, at the Pines, at the home of another visionary. It was the same when they returned to the normal state.
The ecstasies lasted from five minutes to one or several hours. There was one of seven hours.
It was marvelous to see the ease with which a young girl in ecstasy lifted up, without the least effort, one of her companions who was also in ecstasy. She would do it with a single hand, raising her companion above her shoulders, to have her kiss the Virgin when she was higher than usual. But, experimenting in the normal state, we have noticed that they were not able to lift another one up to half her height, even when using both hands at the cost of great effort.
When together in a group, they were aware that the others were walking, but each one thought that she herself was remaining immobile without taking part in the common walk.
If one of them was in ecstasy, she was seen by the others, even if they were not in the same place.
When two seers came from different places during their ecstasy, they showed their joy on meeting together, sometimes holding the other’s arm to follow the same path together. At other times, the meeting passed, each one followed her own path.
One would see sometimes a group of persons accompanying a single visionary and praying behind her, while another group did the same following another visionary.
During the ecstasies, the girls recited the Rosary very slowly, very piously. These moving prayers have been recorded on a tape recorder. Those who have had the occasion to hear them have been as surprised as favorably impressed.
The girls recited these rosaries while going to the Pines or the cemetery, while making a circle around the church, while visiting the houses, or while traversing the little streets.
If during the ecstasies, one of the girls lost a shoe or slipper, another of the girls would have to put the shoe back on, whether or not this other one was in ecstasy. If one of us tried to do it, the child would take the shoe off immediately.
At the beginning, the ecstasies took place at the Cuadro, that is to say, at the square, on the path that led to the Pines. The Cuadro was the name given to the place of the apparitions in the Calleja because the young people of the village had fenced it off in the form of a square, made from tree trunks to isolate the visionaries to protect them from the crowd.
On August 8, 1961, the ecstatic marches began. On that day, according to Father R. P. Royo-Marin O.P., who was present, the little girls seemed to have wings on their feet while making their way to the church.
At the beginning, the doctors and the priests made numerous experiments to test if the children were really in ecstasy; if, for example, they were sensitive to pain: burnings, pin pricks, etc.. They were never able to make them manifest any sensation of pain. Later, to avoid abuses, the young people surrounded and protected the children with their arms. As Ceferino, the father of Loli, said: “For the tests, that’s enough for now.”
While in ecstasy, they revealed the names of certain spectators. They knew and made known the exact number of priests who were in the village at the time. One day they disclosed that there was one more priest than was seen. The person concerned was convinced, admitting that he had dressed as a layman for the occasion. For myself, one day Loli revealed my name and surnames, adding that my parish was dedicated to the Virgin.
To other persons, the girls revealed facts from their past, without omitting certain secrets of conscience.
Generally the end of the ecstasies occurred in the following manner. As one could surmise from their gestures — the girls told about it later — the visionaries kissed the Holy Virgin on both cheeks. Then they made their extraordinary sign of the cross. They bowed their heads slightly and returned to the normal state, smiling gently. No other manifestation, or other unusual gesture. Immediately calm and always smiling, they answered the questions of the persons surrounding them.
Regardless of the length of the ecstasy — there were some very long ones that I am going to mention — the young girls always had the impression they only lasted a brief moment — “un poquitin” — as they repeated.
One could hear them say at the end to the Virgin, “Do not leave yet. Stay. Un poquitín más.” (a little bit longer)
Sometimes Conchita went even farther. I only noticed this at her home. She made the sign of the cross intentionally wrong. She restarted several times while smiling. Finally, she made the sign of the cross correctly and the Virgin left.
Truly, as Father Luis Andreu repeated before dying: “We have a very good mother in Heaven. We should not fear the supernatural. The children have taught us how we should comport ourselves toward her, having a childlike confidence in her.”
The end of the ecstasies was very beautiful. Even when one has seen it, one cannot describe it exactly.

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[Video] canción: Nuestra Señora de Garabandal (Song: Our Lady of Garabandal

[Google translation]
Our Lady of Garabandal

Light from an Angel sent
A Message celestrial
Heaven opens on its way
is Our Lady of Garabandal.

Among the high mountains
immense thirst that great place
four girls, simple souls
leave the village, go to Pinar.

They are wonderful facts
Our Lady wanted us to
a Notice, a great Miracle
the world must change.

Light from an Angel sent
A Message celestrial
Heaven opens on its way
is Our Lady of Garabandal.

It is in the Eucharist
where this is the Son of God
a gift that He has given us
to join the Redeemer.

From the Peace Tabernacle
where God awaits our Prayer
Look at the sky, looking for the road
think the mystery of the Passion.

Light from an Angel sent
A Message celestrial
Heaven opens on its way
is Our Lady of Garabandal.

Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter VI)

The Children in the Normal State
I have studied closely, and at great length, the four children in their normal state, and I possess numerous and interesting motion pictures and photographs. My conclusions are definite: This affair does not in any way involve young girls who are sick or showing abnormal symptoms. I say this in all honesty, referring the reader to various doctors who have performed their profession on the site with impartiality.
I can speak with knowledge of their behavior at home, at the harvest, in the pastures, in the village, during play, on the way to school, at the church, at other places. My camera and my glance followed or caught them everywhere.
They play, run, jump, laugh, like the other young girls of the village. They love innocent jokes, especially Conchita, resembling in that way her mother Aniceta in her youth. However, two things make them markedly different: their retirement at church, even when they pray as rapidly as all the other people; and remarkable modesty. They wear skirts for their age, but always sit with striking reserve. One can never reproach them for the least indiscretion with regard to feminine purity. In this matter, their modesty was pushed to the extreme. They were molded to such virtue by the Virgin herself. It is sufficient to recall the ecstasies to remember how — in postures sometimes surprising to the observers not forewarned — they concerned themselves with the proper placement of their clothes.
The attentions and even the preferences that were shown to her three companions, and especially to Conchita, whom she liked so much to be with, caused — it seems — much harm to Mari Cruz. These gave her an inferiority complex and frustration, which still remains. The gifts were for the others and especially for Conchita whom she liked very much. Did not the two of them line up two abreast from the start of the apparitions?
Why did the visitors always act this way with regard to Mari Cruz? Because she had less apparitions than the others? Because she had no more after September 11, 1962, as she still admits now at certain times. For other motives also? One day it will be known.
In any case, I repeat without hesitation: In their day-to-day life, the visionaries were simple, obedient, charitable — especially Mari Cruz, who has remained that way — hardworking, humble, pure, worthy of example. If they acquired faults that they did not have at the start, the visitors are responsible; that’s my conviction.

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has always been a supreme mystery.

I visited there in the early 1990s, staying at a
bed-and-breakfast owned by the uncle of reputed seer Conchita Gonzalez -- a
wonderful man in this exquisitely beautiful, towering spot in the Cantabrian
Mountains of north-central Spain. At one point during the day, I was the
only pilgrim there (later joined by an American).

Something surely happened here. Four children often fell to
their knees, saying they were seeing the Blessed Mother. I later interviewed
one (Mari Loli Lafleur) and briefly spoke with two others (Conchita and Jacinta
González). They'd had an estimated 2,000 alleged apparitions from July 2, 1961,
to November 13, 1965. And there were plenty of prophecies, including
messages about a coming great "warning," great "miracle" (to be
seen there at a spot called the Pines) and a great chastisement -- a
template similar in some ways to messages that would later emanate from Medjugorje in
former Yugoslavia (where the visionaries, isolated in this then-Communist
nation, not only had never heard of Garabandal, but also had not heard of
places such as Fatima and Lourdes).

Important Information from The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
June 19, 2014

Dear Friends,

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal Inc. advise of the passing of our founder, Joey Lomangino, who died of a heart attack in his home at 10:30AM Wednesday, June 18. Joey died peacefully in the presence of his family.

This organization remains committed to the work and legacy of Joey Lomangino and will maintain our website and YouTube channel without alteration.

All communication from the Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in New York originates from our official email address -

Please keep the Lomangino family in your prayers at this time.

In Union of Prayer,

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Lindenhurst, NY USA
P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0606

Blessed is your Name Joey Lomangino

Blessed is your Name Joey Lomangino -

From Aviso:

My dear Brothers, today is a Special Day for all of us and especially for all the Garabandalist, yes, we have lost one of our Great Garabandalist if not the greatest one, a soldier of our Lady of Garabandal, a man of Faith who bring Garababandal to the world through is New York Center, Joey Lomangino himself, as I said to my brother Glenn, in 2010 a person from the Village told me about this possibility, that time it was also for me difficult to understand the reason but now 4 years later, it's easier and a Great sign of the proximity of the events after the works around the Pines.

Of course we have to wait now and more than ever and from those who were waiting for this kind of news strong attacks but we will receive any attacks as a blessing Cross, so I, Aviso and before God want to reconfirm despite this news about Joey that Garabandal is not only true but the main Key of the next months and years, what we will see with our own eyes will prove itself, I think today also about Conchita but I am not worry for her at all, especially the fact knowing that our Lady of Fatima will take care of her, she has only 1 last cross regarding Garabandal and surely she will take this Cross till the end then we will meet each others at the 9 pines soon but there at the 9 Pines only.

Deleted Funeral arrangements

Sorry, but the family asked that I delete the funeral arrangements for Joey Lomangino.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Joey with Padre Pio

June 18,2014 - Joey Lomangino
53 years ago today, St. Michael the Arch Angel appeared in Garabandal. Today unfortunately, this is not as happy an occasion. It is with a broken heart, and the immense sadness that I regretfully announce the passing away of Joey Lomangino. I have confirmed this story with family, friends and Conchita.
As I am still in shock, I will have nothing more to say at this time, other than referring to a prophecy and the bible. On December 6, 1962,Conchita had a 90 minute ecstasy around 5:30 in the afternoon after which, she provided two more pieces of information regarding the Miracle: 1) One day, before the Miracle, something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal. The doubts and desertions will not be due to an excessive delay of the Miracle.

I cannot answer if Joey had the same experience of seeing the Miracle as Padre Pio did, just prior to his death, or with his new heavenly eyes, only God knows.
I thank God for the priviledge of knowing Joey,and working side by side with him.I still believe in the prophecies of the Warning, Miracle,and Chastisement. I ask you all to pray for Joey.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts nor your ways My ways. For as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so are My ways exalted above your ways, and My thoughts above your thoughts." (Is. 55: 8-9)

My comment:
I've prayed every day for over 40 years for Joey Lomangino. I'll always remember those early days when he gave those conferences in the basement of his home and I was part of the team, welcoming those who came. May he rest in peace+ I hope to see him soon in heaven!

The most important is not the prophecies but the MESSAGE and the need to COMPLY.

Lecture given by the Garabandal Spanish diffuser D. Jose Luis Lopez de San Roman in the city of Huesca (Spain) where he refers to the prophecies in the apparitions of Garabandal:
"The Warning, the Miracle and the Punishment"

 See text and video Conference in SPANISH: 

Jose Luis has been spreading the news about the apparitions of Garabandal in Spain since 1968. He has met and talked many times with the visionaries.
In this lecture, José Luís reveals what he heard directly from the visionaries.

He begins saying that the most important is not the prophecies but the MESSAGE and the need to COMPLY.
 José Luís with Conchita in N.Y.  /   with Mari Loli   /   with Jacinta   /   with Conchita in Garabandal

Some excerpts from the words of José Luís in the video:

. We must build on what it has already happened to believe that the Blessed. Virgin has appeared in Garabandal.
. It was said that Garabandal was a "girls game", and yes, it is true, but a girls game with our Most Blessed Lady, because they played with Our Lady also.
. I do not understand the desire to deny and destroy the apparitions of
Garabandal. The message has never been condemned, because there is nothing reprehensible about it.
. For me there isn't any story like Garabandal. The Virgin visited all the houses, meet the demands of the pilgrims, kissed the crucifix, kissed religious objects etc.

. I personally think that the miracle will come, but we don't deserve it because we  haven't been paying attention to the Virgin's message.
 . What I will say is nothing new. I will adhere to safe things;
. The description of "The Warning", the natural phenomenon produced as much noise as light,  Mari Loli said, "There will be a tremendous silence."
. Coinciding with this phenomena, there will be an illumination of our conscience, as a personal judgment, a revelation of our sins. It will be an inner purification and suffering.   It will be a preparation for "The Miracle."
. Conchita doesn't know the date of "The Warning".  Mari Loli knew the date of "The Warning", but she took it with her to Heaven.  I talked with Mari Loli, who was with her sister Sari at her home, she said that  at the time of   "The Warning", it will be a time of religious persecution that we cannot go to Mass at church. She said, we can still go to Mass. Since 1968, I heard of seers who have announced the imminent Warning, but it still can't come until this happens.

. I believe in "The Warning". Conchita told me personally that "The Warning  will come at a time when Spain and the world will need it more than now!". Things will get worse and religious persecution will begin. "The Warning" will be the announcement that we have reached the End of Times.
. The prophesy of the Popes hasn't failed.  The Virgin said "four popes" and one did not count because he would have a very small reign; and therefore  Conchita didn't count it and that was the reason for "3 Popes."
(Note: This is witnessed and documented in the book of the German Albert Weber «Garabandal, Der Zeigefinger Gottes» and friend of Conchita, written long before the death of John Paul II. Albert Weber affirms that the Virgin said "4 Popes", but that one wasn't counted as previously explained). For more information go to 
. I never ask a seer because of curiosity, only to confirm.
. "The Miracle" will coincide with the celebration of a Holy Martyr related to the Eucharist. The Virgin didn't tell Conchita the day of "The Miracle" will be the day of a Saint. The Virgin told Conchita the exact date of "The Miracle" and Conchita located the date in the calendar set in the kitchen of her house.  This is how Conchita found out the name of the Holy Martyr related to the Eucharist. Conchita told Father Luna, "is a saint with a very rare name."

 . "The Miracle" will coincide with an important event for the Church that has never happened in Conchita's life. I do not like to speculate, but she says it could be the union of the Churches. Churches split precisely the July 16, 1054, the date of the Virgen del Carmen. And Garabandal is the Virgin del Carmen. It could be just a  conjecture.
(Note: The Virgin said that because of "The Miracle", the churches would join).
. The Miracle will take place in Garabandal and it will be seen by everyone who is in Garabandal or in the mountains surrounding Garabandal.
(Note: more precisely Garabandal Pines}
Upon request, Conchita asked the Virgin for a particular person (an alleged psychic who was said to be false), and the Virgin said "He's my son".
. "The Miracle" will be something that will look marvelous in Heaven. It will last about 15 minutes

. There is one fact: "The Woman clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse". We visited the Father Lucio Rodrigo, professor of theology at the University of Comillas, who taught many Spanish bishops, and showed us a print that was always in the pocket of his robe and said "in this print, Conchita tells me about "The Miracle" and she doesn't say "saw him", she says wonderful (does not say "see"). We told him: Father, Conchita has said that it will not be an apparition of the Virgin. And Father Lucio Rodrigo said: Not as an apparition, but as it would appear in the sky a very large image of the wonderful and marvelous Virgin and the woman clothed with the sun...
(Note: It confirms the intimate relationship of the apparitions of Garabandal with the Apocalypse. See: “El Ojo de Dios”:

. Coinciding with that wonderful fact that everyone will see, the sick will be healed, atheists and unbelievers will be converted, and there will be no doubt that "The Miracle" is made by God. Conchita will announce it 8 days in advance from wherever she would be.
. To me there is a guarantee: 2 people have seen the Miracle. Father Luis M. Andreu and Padre Pio. The two, hours before their death.
. Before the Miracle, there will be few who believe and Garabandal will be difficult to reach for the Miracle (As per a locution received by Conchita from Jesus).

. Then the second phase of the Miracle: a miraculous sign will be permanent in the Pines. It will be visible but intangible (like a column of smoke, like a light, do not know). Something that will last until the end of the world.
. When I was a second time in Medjugorje, (1989), I asked Mirjana about Garabandal. She had not ever heard of Garabandal, so I took  the opportunity to tell her and I said:  Have you heard of this intangible signal to the end of the world? She said: "The Virgin has promised also a signal, but this signal will be strong, tangible and lasts until the end of the world but it will be something you can touch".  The Virgin has not promised the same signal at Garabandal and at  Medjugorje.
. "The punishment" will be conditional. I actually call it "purification". God will purify humanity. It is God's direct intervention conditional on the response of men after "The Warning" and "The Miracle."
. One fact in Garabandal: "The night of screams." The Madonna taught a vision of "The Punishment" and the girl's screams were so terrifying that's why they call it that. Such was the impression of the people who heard the girls, that all the people went to confession. The girls saw he punishment and I, also, I presume, the evils that preceded "The Warning", since there is talk of religious persecution, martyrdom.
. Conchita asks Jesus: "What is the reason for "The Miracle?" And responds "to convert many people, to convert the ENTIRE WORLD and that way everyone will love Our Hearts." That's why
it will be the greatest miracle that God will work for the world.
What  it is announcing is the triumph and reign of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
. What it is announcing is a purification for we to get to Its triumph and reign. "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph", "Russia will be converted," and "you will be given a time of peace."
. It's like labor pains: to come before the Messianic age. It has to be a great purification.
. Garabandal is a message of hope. There will be a Warning and a Miracle to prepare.
                         - Translated by Mr. and Mrs. Sala (Marriage) -THANK YOU!!!- and Sr. Aurelio

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(A Mayor Gloria de Dios y la Bienaventurada Virgen María)
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