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The German publisher was at the village on the very day Conchita had her last apparition of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel. During his stay, he had a series of conversations with Conchita, of which he published certain excerpts in 1993, in his fine book, 'Garabandal, The Hand of God.'

In the presence of Aniceta, Eloisa Deguia (Madrid), and his own sister, the conversations bore, among other major topics, on "the last Popes," on the future "Unity of the Church," on "abortion" as well, about which Conchita, astonished, pointed out to A. Weber that it would cause the Cup of divine Wrath to overflow! The Blessed Virgin had spoken about this unfortunate practice to the visionary, in terms that had left her stunned. Indeed, at the time, Conchita did not understand "how it was possible to kill a child in his (or hers) mother's womb without killing the mother at the same time . . .!"
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 203]

Yes, in the early 60's, we didn't hear too much about abortion, and I myself, probably didn't understand it like Conchita. "How can you kill a baby inside its mother and not kill the mother too?"

Ten years later, the Supreme Court changed all that and almost everyone now knew what it meant by having an abortion, although the media told us that it was only a blob, not a baby. Everything was based on a lie!

My wife and I joined a Pro-Life group at the local church on Long Island, and we began to picket and pray and lobby for Life! We also went to Washington D.C. for the March for Life every January. Sometimes I was the Bus Captain. We brought our children with us wherever we went, unless my wife went alone with a group. Then I would stay home and watch the kids. Those were very active days cause I was also involved with the Workers of Mount Carmel spreading the messages of Garabandal too. I had my own trucking business, so I could work my own hours and then do the other stuff. I thank God for these graces that we received enabling us to serve Him and the unborn!!!
Roman Deacon

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