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SATURDAY, JULY 18, 1964:

The handwritten stupendous revelation which Conchita
wrote to Fr. Ramon Andreu about his deceased brother Luis.


On August 2, 1964, Conchita sent this short note to Padre Ramon Maria Andreu:

"Dear Fr. Ramon, on 18 July, I had a locution, and in this locution the Blessed Virgin told me that, on the day following the Miracle, your brother will be taken out of his grave, and his body will be found incorrupted. Father, I told no one I had this locution, except to a young lady who is the only one to know this."
Transferred from the cemetery of Ona, in 1975, Fr. Luis's remains henceforth lie in a very small niche in the ossuary of the Jesuit cemetery of Loyola. The prophetic event already partly filled, of the complete decay of his body, then of its future "restructuring" through a divine supernatural intervention, will be unique in the whole history of the Church and of humanity. It will be the only known case of a "totally reversed necrotic process." To this day, we number, in fact, only a few cases of "reversed necrotic process, only in part" (J.S.)

The discovery will be made on the day following the "D" day, that is, if not a Good Friday, at least a Friday of Easter liturgical Time. It was precisely during the Holy Week of the year 1961 that the famous Madre Maria Naya predicted to the Spanish Jesuit "the nearing end of your earthly pilgrimage." The complete "restructuring" of the priest's body, thus associates him in a mysterious way with certain prophetic texts of Scripture bearing on "the life and spirit being breathed on the dry bones" (Ezek. 37:1-14). Considering the undeniable eschatological dimension of Garabandal to which this event is so obviously linked, it is impossible not to think especially of the similar phenomenon that occurred at the very moment of the death of Jesus: "The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised (Matt 27:52)".

However, it is not said that Fr. Luis Maria Andreu is to be "raised from the dead." Here, the absolutely unprecedented character of the miracle will lie in the very and only "recomposition" of his body, which, as Conchita again pointed out in September 1965: "Fr. Luis will be found exactly as he was at the time of his burial": completely reconstituted! Real and preserved, better said,

[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 182-183]

Well, another great mystery of Garabandal! You know that after Fr. Luis died, he spoke to the girls and even taught them to pray in other languages! And Our Lady said he was with Her! Which goes to show you that we (if we merit it) go straight to Heaven when we die, leaving our bodies to turn to dust. At the General Resurrection at the End of the World, God will reconstitute our bodies and infuse our souls back into them. Then will come the final judgment, and the good will go to heaven with their glorified bodies, and the damned will return to hell with their deformed bodies, which will suffer along with their souls for all eternity!!!

I know where I want to go, do you? Think about it!
Roman Deacon

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