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SUNDAY, JULY 18, 1965:

From Left in 1947: Luis, Marcelino, Maria Luisa, Ramón and Rafael.


The solemn Feast of St. Sebastian in the village (thanks to a special ecclesiastical indult) also a key day in the events, a day which was, as in the previous years, to be amply "emphasized" at San Sebastian de Garabandal.

Father Marcelino Andreu celebrated Mass at the village. During his sermon, Conchita was favored with a locution from the Blessed Virgin who, moreover, appeared to her at home at the end of the same day. The visionary learned then that Fathers Alejandro and Marcelino Andreu "would see" the Miracle, just like had been the case for their brother Luis (August 8, 1961). Astonishing enough, Fr. Alejandro was to die on August 9, 1989, at Caracas, very precisely at 4 a.m., the same day and at the same time as Luis in 1961! He was about sixty years old. As to fr. Marcelino, he was to die on June 17, 1998, at Bilbao, after a long illness (leukemia). Thus, the meaning of the apparition to Mrs. Andreu (see April 30, 1962) of her son Luis and of the other two Jesuit priests whom she had seen only from their backs, emerged, at last!

In various degrees, the four Andreu brothers had been, all of them, "witnesses" of the phenomena that occurred at San Sebastian de Garabandal; furthermore, all "saw" or will see the great Miracle; Luis, Alejandro and Marcelino before the future "D" day, Father Ramon on the "D" day itself, since we know, according to some valuable documents, that in the twenty-four or forty-eight hours following the Miracle, the latter, accompanied by the "skeptical" Padre Justo,
O.F.M., will sing the Te Deum . . . !
[From ;Garabandal' Book, page 198]

Father Ramon also died in November, 2004 of Cancer. after serving since 1971 in a parish (St. Kevin's) in California. So all the brothers who were Jesuit priests, have gone on to eternity. And that's where they will see the great Miracle! If we die before it comes, we too will see it in eternity, especially because we have been so interested in the Garabandal events.

Where do you want to see the Warning, Miracle and great Sign? For myself, I want only what God wants, so if He allows me to be here, great! If not, so be it, I hope to be in Heaven looking down on you!
Roman Deacon

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