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Fr. Laffineur and Conchita in 1962


Born in 1897 in Walcourt, Belgium, Fr. Materne Laffineur, O.P., was ordained to the priesthood in 1924. He was later to be involved in the canonical inquiry about the apparitions of Beuraing and become as early as 1963, the unofficial or private investigator of the Garabandal "facts," on behalf of Msgr. Beitia himself. A tireless diffuser of the Message in France and in the world, he worked without respite, so that the supernatural authenticity of the events might be recognized by the Church, gathering the most abundant documentation on the question.

In July 1965, Conchita is said to have transmitted to him, in a letter, these presumed words from the Blessed Virgin concerning the Dominican priest: "Tell . . . Fr. Laffineur in France that my Son has chosen him to spread the Message I gave to the world, tell him also my love for everyone . . . I shall always be with (him) and so will my Son." Fr. Laffineur had witnessed many ecstasies in San Sebastian de Garabandal.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 159]

This priest was a rare man, very holy and very Marian. He was really an expert on Marian apparitions and he firmly believed in Garabandal! He was instrumental in the spreading of the Messages and events throughout Europe and America. There were other great Marian priests who also believed in the Garabandal events. We will meet them as the story continues . . . Since 1970, I have always prayed for these priests who were spreading the Message throughout the world and I continue to do so for the glory of God and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!
Roman Deacon

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