Monday, August 27, 2007


Conchita with her own doll


Conchita learned on this day that an almost generalized disaffection for Garabandal would come only one week before "D" day, in other words, as early as the day following the announcement that she would make. There will be few people at the village to attend the great Miracle on site. Nevertheless, it will be seen on television, could be filmed, etc.

The visionary declared on the other hand, that, as the future great events will draw near "presumed and false manifestations of the Blessed Virgin will increase considerably." She also predicted, the same day, "the disappearance, on the day of the Miracle, of the Note Dr. Pinal had forced her to sign, in Santander, which Note was saying that the apparitions of San Sebastian de Garabandal were frauds, and that herself was mad!"

Mari-Loli and Conchita Fernandez also revealed, on December 8, to Paloma Pacheco Larrauri, another important witness, present during these days with her husband, that "you will have a son for the day of the Miracle!" The sterility of the couple, source of a long separation of the two, is a trial that will come to an end in a prodigious and miraculous way. Paloma, born in 1931, will be at least 70 years old when the prophesy will be fulfilled!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 160]

Well, now we get to hear some controversial prophecies! This last one is strange indeed. If Paloma was born in 1931, she would be 76 years old now, if she's still living. Like some other prophecies, a supernatural answer to this question could be the answer. Maybe she had a mis-carriage and doesn't know it. She could have a son in heaven!

Yes, the devil loves to trick people with false apparitions. He could be doing that right now around the world with all the reported sightings of Jesus and Mary, weeping icons and statues, pictures in the clouds and on walls, windows, and even toast! Just last week the Vatican warned about a certain woman who claims to receive "Messages" from Jesus and she writes them down as if her hand is guided supernaturally. Maybe everybody will be so fed up with all these reported sightings that they will stop believing in Conchita's announcement of the Miracle.

I found out long ago to never say "Never!" So I won't say I will "never" stop believing in Garabandal, I know I believe firmly right now. St. Peter said he would "never" deny Our Lord, but we all know what happened when Jesus was arrested and was suffering his sacred Passion. St. Peter said, "I don't know the man!" And he suffered greatly for that denial . . . Let us persevere!!!
Roman Deacon

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