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Conchita explained Our Lady's remarks to Dr. Celestino Ortiz: "This Miracle will be a very great one. The Pope, wherever we may want him to be, will see it. And Padre Pio as well."

The odd turn of the visionary's statement concerning the location from which the Sovereign Pontiff will see the Miracle, leads us to suppose that he will not be at the Vatican for the great event. (Conchita's own repeated opinion). As to Blessed Padre Pio seeing (in advance) the Miracle, cf. infra, Part III, on October 17-18, 1968.
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 147]

That was an odd way to describe the Pope's witness of the Miracle. I had read before that he would see the Miracle from wherever he was. Now for the first time the statement reads "wherever we may want him to be." It sounds like Conchita is saying the Pope will be at Garabandal for the Miracle. That would be fantastic, if true! We'll have to wait and see. Of course it may mean something else, only God knows for sure . . .

As for Padre Pio, as we will read later on, he did see the Miracle before he died, which was verified by some of his brother friars. We'll hear more about that later too . . .

Little by little, we are learning more and more about the three great supernatural events that will soon take place to shake up the world, 1. The Warning; 2. The Miracle; 3. The Great Sign. Well that's what mysteries are all about. If we knew everything already, it wouldn't be a mystery. Keep tuned!
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