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The girls let out cries of terror; begging their Vision: "Wait! . . .
Let them all go to confession! . . . Alas! Alas! . . ."


On the "second night of screams" (the following day, June 19, 1962), the visions of the girls were to be more terrifying than those of the previous one, and bore almost exclusively on the Chastisement. Conchita was there. The visionary fears that this Chastisement, although 'conditionally' prophesied, is inevitable. Frequently questioned on this subject, she "thinks" that after a period of amendment due to the effects of the Aviso, and also of the Miracle, the world will go back to its wayward ways. A critical response to this very serious question will be attempted in Books II and III of our trilogy.

As to the witnesses themselves, kept at some distance, they could hear the visionaries screaming and crying: their testimonies were extremely eloquent!

At the end of this ecstasy of the "second night of screams," which lasted from 10:30 pm to 2:00 am, the visionaries, and those attending, petrified, all remained praying at the cuadro until 6:00 am . . . until they could go and receive the Sacrament of Penance, attend Mass and receive Holy Communion -- except for six persons only!

(The children saw "rivers being transformed into blood, and entire crowds surrounded by flames throwing themselves into the burning waters of the sea, etc . . .")
[From 'Garabandal, Book, page 134-135]

Again this sounds similar to the visions of Fatima, where the three children saw the fires of hell and people and demons rolling around in the fires! Everybody in that town went to confession too! Just watching these children and hearing their screams would send anyone to church, even unbelievers! Of course, there is always a few Judases who will never believe no matter what appears before their eyes. I always feel so sorry for atheists, who deny God's love for humanity. Our Lady wants us to pray for them every day! 

Conchita says that the Chastisement is going to come, even after God reveals Himself through the Warning and great Miracle. Well, read the Old Testament and see how many times the Jewish people abandoned God and worshiped false idols, even after He revealed Himself to them through great prodigies and miracles. Human nature is prone to evil because of Original Sin. It's called concupiscence, we would rather sin than be good. It takes God's grace to not sin through our prayers, penance, and sacrifices. We have a free will, which Almighty God respects. If we want to reject Him, He will let us, but to our own peril. That's why we Christians conform ourselves to the Divine Will and pray each day "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!" Let's hope that the "Era of Peace" will last a long time!!! 
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