Monday, August 13, 2007


Conchita in ecstasy at the Pines.


Conchita insistently questioned her Vision about the future great Miracle to come, of which she knew since October 18, 1961: ". . . Yes, you had said that you would perform a Miracle . . . and that it would consist in what? . . . Will the Blessed Virgin be seen? And when? . . . So soon? . . . With me alone, no! I don't want it so . . . Do not do that! Do it with the four of us! . . ."

The great Miracle will come about through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, but, on a certain level, Conchita, so she was also told, would be personally involved in obtaining it from God.
[Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 147]

The future great Miracle will finalize the Garabandal Events and prove their reality. Those who go to Garabandal in person to witness it (an act of faith) will be cured of whatever ailment they have; the cure is unconditional, Our Lady said "All will be cured!" So if you have some terminal disease and want to be healed, go there for the Miracle. It will be announced 8 days in advance by Conchita and it will happen within a year after the Warning. Dr. Rosalie Turton from the 101 Foundation has planes reserved for the flight to Garabandal. You can register at this web address: Have you got your bag packed?
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