Monday, October 14, 2013

See you Fatima and Welcome Garabandal

See you Fatima and Welcome Garabandal

See you Fatima and Welcome Garabandal

Well, my Brothers, as all of you have seen it yesterday, the new Consecration of the World by Pope Francis has not included Russia in no way, not even a word linked to this Country despite the request of our Lady in Fatima since years now, a new and terrible mistake from Rome but between us who really did wait for anything else? Anyway, China has already sent a new message to the world (the link below) and the same day, as we know when China talk Russia approves, on the other hand the USA are close to a Bankruptcy and if it is confirmed in the next weeks, the rest of the world will follow, they may try to win few months again, you can buy the time but not the truth , in any case the result should be the same, the current financial world system is on the way to collapse and 2014 could be his last year in my humble opinion.

Read a Few confidences before a Conclusion:

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