Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 54

First Ecstasy. 12 until 12:48. Mari Loli

She was in the kitchen of her house and was sitting on the bench next to the stove at my side. She seemed very nervous and was tapping her hands on her face, as though alone. Then she concealed her laughter and threw her head back as she entered into ecstasy in the way that all of the girls do. In this position, she slipped from the bench onto the floor and slowly, with an expression of intense enjoyment on her face, she left the kitchen and went toward the stairs. She went up the stairs until she reached the upper floor where she knelt, and her knees made a sound on the floor (it was impressive). She stood up, went near a little table that was in the corner where all of the objects that had been given to her the night before were resting. She took my rosary and others and gave them to be kissed, holding the Cross up high and then the medal on two sides. Then she separated the rosary from the head of Jesus Christ and gave it to be kissed, turning it so the skull could be kissed also. She fell on her knees once again and came towards me (not realizing that she was going backwards). She stood up and lifted my rosary, then blessed me with the crucifix on the rosary and then putting it to my lips. She gave me the rosary and then put it on the little table again, taking one of the handfuls of medals and crucifixes and separating some of them, she gave them to be kissed. She always turned them so that both sides were kissed on the crucifixes and the medals. She gave the medals to Rosario and deposited the handful of crucifixes on the little table once again. She took another handful of rosaries and medals and gave them to be kissed, then gave them to Pili and Alfonso. She returned to the little table and took a new handful of crucifixes and a statue of the Virgin of Pilar, which my wife had given her. She gave these things to be kissed (surely those that hadn’t been kissed before), including the Virgin of Pilar and then she went directly to give them to Rosario, my wife, who had given her the Virgin and the crucifixes in the first place. Then she took a handful of medals and four crucifixes and when she gave this last handful to be kissed she said clearly: “—from Fr. Andreu.” In that moment, I put a momento from Fr. Luís that I carried in my wallet on the table. Jacinta or Mari Cruz (I think it was Mari Cruz) took it to Mari Loli, saying: “Take this holy card.” Mari Loli’s father went near them in this instant and said to Mari Cruz: “Ask her if she knows what it is.” Then Mari Loli said very clearly (there is no way she could have seen the memento in the position she was in) “It is from Fr. Andreu—who is dead,” and she put it on the table after she gave it to be kissed. Pili Alfonsa gave Mari Loli her wedding ring through Jacinta’s mediation, and Mari Loli held it up for a long time so that it could be kissed and then she was very happy, and with true joy in her face, she went toward Pili Alfonso and put it on her finger. According to what Señora Alfonso told us later, she had the idea to give her ring to the girl as a way of asking for help for a very serious conflict in her marriage. She saw clearly in Mari Loli’s expression when she returned the ring after holding it up for the Virgin to kiss, she saw the answer to her prayers. After this, Mari Loli returned to the little table, took a rosary, and showed it to the Virgin. Then she carried it to its owner, Pili Alfonso, blessed her with it, and gave it to her.

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