Thursday, October 31, 2013

Open Heart to our Lady of Garabandal

Open Heart to our Lady of Garabandal -

Open Heart to our Lady of Garabandal

My Comment : In my opinion, an important event in the Church is now on the way, maybe next year, it will looks like a new council or a kind of Vatican III with significant changes, this event in the Church could create unfortunately a Schism, to be continued.
I want again to remind you that none of the Garabandal seers or their family gave me any information about any date linked to the Prophecies of Garabandal, it’s always my opinion Only, thank you not to forget.
I want also and again to thanks our Lady of Garabandal, the Mother of God, I will never forget my first trip in Garabandal years ago and my wish to be Baptized as soon as possible after my return, without her help I would not be who I am today, a poor sinner for sure but a Catholic sinner forever.
I would like to add also my respect and my love to the Garabandal seers :
Conchita, your humility and your obedience to the Church are an example for all of us, you are in my opinion Great as Sister Lucy of Fatima was, blessed is your Name Conchita, please do not hesitate to call back your Aunt Maximina, I am sure she miss you as all the village.
Loli, Blessed is your Name in Heaven, you are in my Prayers every day, I was fed by one of your sister during my first visit and any time I am back in your village, she still fed me as a mother, she is with her husband, my family today and the Witnesses of my wedding, an honor for ever, I can’t forget your other sister, her smile has been always on her face and in any case, they both miss you as all of us, I keep Praying and hope that both will meet again soon, with the help of our Lady, all is possible.
Jacinta : Flower of God, when I met you in Garabandal, it was a Gift from our Lady, I know you quite well but not directly, your close neighbors never ceased to talk to me about you, they said to me you don’t like any pictures to be taken from you but when I asked you, you have not refused and you joined Maximina (attached picture), I have shown this picture to many in the village, they said to me it’s a Gift from our Lady as Jacinta is not use to accept any pictures, so thanks again, hope to see you back soon.
Mari Cruz : I never met you but they talk to me about your smile and your kindness any time you are back in the village, for the rest we will wait for the Warning and for the Great Miracle.

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