Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 56

She fell again like lead on her knees, and stayed there for a time. Then she got up and went towards the stairs. She went downstairs, went to the street, and entered a house (I don’t know whose). She went to the wall where there was a crucifix on a chain hanging on a nail and a chain with a medal. She took the chain with the medal, gave it to be kissed and then hung it again. She touched the crucifix, but she didn’t take it down or offer it. The owner of the house exclaimed: “The medal belongs to José Javier, and he left it here the other day so it would be kissed; the Crucifix is already kissed.” She returned to her house, went upstairs, took the crucifix and gave it to the people to kiss. She blessed the seminarian I mentioned before, my wife, and Eustaquio’s daughter, and then she left with it and went out to the street where she gave it to be kissed. She returned to her house, went upstairs, looked for something on the table that she didn’t find and told Jacinta, who was next to her: “My notebook from school,” and she looked in the notebook and took a letter from it, which she gave to be kissed. She went downstairs again and went out to the street once more and gave the crucifix to be kissed. When she entered the house, she went to the kitchen and sat in the same place where she was when the ecstasy began. She made the sign of the cross and awoke from the ecstasy smiling. She told us: “This afternoon, I will have another Vision.”

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