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Maria Saraco: Apostle for Garabandal

Saraco Carries On Mission Of Our Lady Of Garabandal

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Maria Saraco

Our Lady Of Garabandal

Maria Saraco has carried on the mission of Our Lady Of Garabandal through lectures, interviews and a nonprofit corporation called St. Michael’s Garabandal Center For Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel, Inc.

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Maria Saraco first visited Garabandal in 1965 and was present for the last message of the Blessed Mother given by St. Michael. Although she understood this message was for the entire world, she also felt that it was meant for her personally, and it completely changed her life. From that moment, she centered her entire life around living and passing on the message.In 1966 she founded the St. Michael's Garabandal Center for Our Lady of Carmel, Inc., and has since flown all over the world promoting and giving slide lectures about the apparitions. Since 1965 she has had a close personal relationship with Mari-Loli.

On May 25th, 2003 Maria suffered a massive stroke while visiting Garabandal and was in extremely critical condition. Over the years she has recovered unexpectedly well and continues to be grateful for the many prayers she has received. She continues to lead an annual pilgrimage to Garabandal and still gives lectures on a limited basis.

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