Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 19

The Girls’ Letters—October

Literal Copy of Conchita’s Note—

“Fr. Andreu still hasn’t said why the Most Holy Virgin doesn’t leave me.”

Father, now the apparition has ended and there was an apparition at 6 in the morning and I don’t have to write that when you return dressed like a country person. Give my regards to Faito and Carimina and all of the family. Conchita says goodbye to you in the name of God the Father.

Yesterday there was an apparition at 8 in the morning and I also had one yesterday while I was with the sheep. I was on my knees and alone. Well, I won’t write anything more. I’m going to pick up the dolls and move them because it’s Sunday.

If you come soon then you can know what they said, that you were going to come here.


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