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For several days already, Conchita had been heard exchanging statements with her Vision about the Council. This Council was to open two weeks later.
On the morning of this 26th of September, don Lavaca, a Basque priest who happened to be there, recorded the exceptional words of Conchita during her ecstasy, among them: "The Council is the greatest of all! . . . It will be a success! . . . How good this is! . . . Thus you (the Virgin Mary) will be better known, and you will be very happy . . ." Shortly after, and later on several occasions, Conchita was to affirm, very firmly, that Our Lady had assured her of "the extraordinary success of the Council." And, in fact, not only for its doctrinal content and as a very great historical and ecclesiastical event, but also for the countless and very important later authoritative applications of all its exceptionally enlightened and profound Teachings.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 150]

Some "Catholics" don't believe the Second Vatican Council was a success! They want to return to the days before the Council. Others have taken the Council's Teachings and twisted them to their own agendas, such as throwing out all our sacred devotions like Benediction, Adoration, Holy Hours, stripping the churches of statues and icons; etc., etc.

I have read the documents of Vatican II and I can tell you that they are marvelous! When you read the text, you can almost feel the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart! Believe me, the basics of our Faith have not changed. It is all in there, in those powerful documents! And they never asked for our churches to be stripped or modernized. They never asked for the sacrileges, the blasphemies, the watered down Liturgies; the celebrants not following the rubrics according to the Vatican; they never asked for the True Presence of Jesus in the tabernacle to be removed from the sanctuary. I could go on and on, but there is a reform of the reform coming! Thank God!

If you want to see what the true Vatican II texts taught, watch EWTN and their Liturgies. At least there you will find peace of soul in worshiping Almighty God in the correct way!

One more thing, I would not be an ordained Permanent Deacon if there was no Vatican II. I am a product of it! Thank you Blessed John XXIII; Thank you, Pope Paul VI . . .
God Bless us all+
Deacon John

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