Monday, July 24, 2023

The Great Warning" movie needs our help!!!


The Great Warning" movie needs our help!!!


The Great WarningInspired by the Holy Spirit, Belladream Films is producing an amazing movie titled "The Great Warning". But as with most projects given by Our Lord, He requires that we do our part to help in the mission. The movie is almost complete despite not having the needed funds in place and is scheduled to likely be available to the public by October of this year. But Belladream Films is in desperate need of additional funds by August 31, 2023 to complete the project.

The total cost for the movie is $1.3 million dollars, most of which they had received through donations from around the world, but they are still short $253,000. This film will be an amazing tool we can use to show and inform as many people as possible about the Warning before it occurs, but only if it can be completed.

Will you consider helping them to complete God's project?
You can give to the project on their website at:

Lastly, some issues with donating to keep an eye on...

This movie is SO important that I felt moved to help as well. But, about 20 minutes after I made a donation my bank emailed me that they (in their infinite wisdom) decided to decline the donation as possible fraud, requiring me to approve the transaction before they permitted the donation. I fear many others trying to help bring this film to the public may face the same issues, so just be aware if you decide to help them.


Christine Watkins and Christine Bacon have created a wonderful video
with some sneak-previews of the upcoming movie.
Take a look and share the video!

Queen of Peace Media

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