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Little Known stories about Garabandal 11: Father Luis Andreu, the Fifth Visionary

Little Known stories about Garabandal 11 –
Little Known stories about Garabandal 11
During their ecstasy, the Girls often song the same hymn to Saint Michael, a very popular hymn sung in the village of Spain (see below) and Father Luis Andreu, who was the First Jesuit Priest to have seen the Garabandal Great Miracle, knew few hours before his “death”, on August 8 from 9:35 Pm in the Church of Garabandal, that he will ‘die” and will be with our Lady in Heaven soon, indeed just few hours later only, on August 9 1961 around 4 AM, he had joined Her full of Joy like our Lady told it to the Girls, undeniable proof of authenticity.

GARABANDAL - EXT. the Calleja — Night — AUGUST 8, 1961 — 9:35 P.M.

The FOUR VISIONARIES kneel down and begin to sing a hymn to St. Michael. When they finish singing the song, they reach up, taking hold of something they see and kiss it. Conchita and Loli remove rosaries from around their necks and extend them to the Virgin to kiss. FATHER LUIS ANDREU looks deeply moved. He turns pale and stares upward in the same direction as the children look. He is suddenly transfixed. Tears stream down the cheeks of Father Luis, and he shows signs of great joy.

Father luis ANDREU (with great emotion in a high voice and a loud husky whisper)
A miracle … a miracle … a miracle … a miracle.
FATHER LUIS, after a moment, returns to normality. The VISIONARIES rise up and, at an accelerated pace, descend backwards down the steep hillside and in a rapid flight or march, they turn and go in the direction of the church.
FATHER ROYO MARÍN Run to the church! The children have wings on their feet! FATHER LUIS, FATHER MARÍN, and all the other SPECTATORS run quickly towards the church. During the descent, both CONCHITA and LOLI drop rosaries they are carrying. Loli’s rosary is of the finger type.

GARABANDAL - INT. sacristy — church of san SEBASTIÁN — night- (after the calleja)

FATHER LUIS takes the children into the sacristy. The PEOPLE follow to the door of the sacristy, but do not enter. The PARENTS OF THE CHILDREN enter the sacristy with the PRIESTS
MARI CRUZ, LOLI, AND JACINTA are standing in front of FATHER LUIS ANDREU, S.J., FATHER SERRANO, DON PARDO, FATHER ROYO MARÍN. THE PARENTS of the visionaries are standing in the room.
Father Luis is taking notes.
Mari LOLI : Conchita went to get a rosary she lost, Father Luis. And I lost yours, too. But we can go and find it. The Virgin told me where I dropped it.
JulIa : But now it’s too late.
Father LUIS : Yes, your mother is right. Tomorrow, in daylight, you can go and find it. If I don’t come back again, you keep it safe and give it to my brother when he comes, because he’ll certainly come.
CONCHITA enters the sacristy panting and out of breath. She goes towards DON PARDO.
CONCHITA : I lost your rosary, Señor, up at the pines. The Virgin told me where to find it. She kissed it for you. CONCHITA hands to DON PARDO his rosary.
Don pardo : (bewildered) Thank you, Conchita.
Father royo MARÍN : What did the Virgin say, Conchita?
CONCHITA : The Virgin wants a chapel built at the pine trees for St. Michael. She also said that soon Father Luis Andreu would be with her in Heaven.
FATHER ROYO MARÍN : Did you see or hear anyone other than the Virgin?
CONCHITA, MARI CRUZ, JACINTA, LOLI : Yes, we saw Father Luis Andreu, and we heard his voice.
Conchita : He said, “Miracle”. The Virgin said he saw the great miracle Jesus will send the world so that we will all believe and live the message.
Father royo MARÍN : Have you seen the miracle yet ?
Conchita, loli, jacinta, mari cruz : No.

(Father Royo Marin to Father Luis Andreu who is still alive)

FATHER ROYO MARÍN : If what they say about you, Luis, is true, we don’t have to go on.
(Father Royo Marin advised Father Luis that if it’s true, they don’t have to go on)
Father Luis : It’s late … you all better go home and go to bed. We have had enough excitement for the night.
(Father Luis who just saw the Great Miracle and still alive, did not answer him)

The PARENTS OF THE VISIONARIES take their children from the sacristy.

Father royo MARÍN : I’m not infallible, but I am a specialist in these matters and am able to state that the vision the children have is genuine. Four different signs indicate to me that there is no reason for doubt
SEÑOR FONTANEDA : Father Marín, if it is as serious as you say, why do you not remain here a few days longer?
FATHER royo MARÍN : It’s impossible for me to stay, but this is so clear that it cannot be anything but true. I also think that it is a serious duty for the religious authorities to come here immediately.
Father Luis: Come, it’s getting very late. We should head back tonight.

Conchita’s Diary

My Comment : 2 Significant détails little known and I am pleased to share them with you today, showing yet again, the Treasure of Heaven that was the Apparitions of our Lady in Garabandal.

1. The Girls often sang a Hymn to Saint Michael during their ecstasy and requested by our Lady, a very popular hymn in the villages of Spain :
San Miguel Arcángel, gran batallador, ……(Saint Michael Archangel, Great Battler)
que en fiera pelea, a Luzbel venció……..(in fierce fight Lucifer beat)
Quién como Dios?, Nadie como Dios……..(Who is like God?, Nobody is like God)
Who can imagine Satan asking the girls to sing an hymn to the glory of Saint Michael, the Archangel, his first enemy after our Lord and our Lady, knowing also that the Girls were use to sing it, since when Satan likes to listen several times an Hymn to the Glory of Saint Michael…….

2. Then and as we can read it in this part of Conchita’s Diary (above), Father Luis Andreu, the First Priest to have seen the Great Miracle, knew the same day, that he was going to join our Lady in Heaven soon as the Girls told him in the Church this night of August 8 which also worried Father Royo Marin who told to Father Luis “If what they say about you, Luis, is true, we don’t have to go on” and that is exactly what happened , Indeed, he joined Our Lady to Heaven few hours later only on August 9 around 4 Am but since when Satan is pleased to tell us that we will join our Lady in Heaven soon……since when ? if you know it, please contact me or prove it.

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