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An Interview with Conchita
by Dr. Dominquez, M.D.

This very important angel, Saint Michael the Archangel, appeared several times at Garabandal, and in February 1981, I had the following conversation with Conchita:

Q. What do you remember about Saint Michael at Garabandal?
A. He was the first one who appeared on June 18, 1961. I saw him first, and immediately afterwards Jacinta, Mari Loli and Mari Cruz saw him too. He did not say anything. He just stayed there with a radiant smile. He looked about nine years old, but appeared to be very strong. He wore a light blue robe that covered his feet. He had two big wide wings, motionless, pink in color but with a reddish hue; much darker than his face. He came suddenly and disappeared the same way.

Q. Were you afraid of him?
A. No. It was a very pleasant experience. We liked to stay with him; at least I liked him very much. Though he looked like a child, he had dignity; we respected him; he was a gentleman.

Q. You said, "We liked him very much." Did the four of you discuss the apparition? Did you comment on his appearance or radiance etc.?
A. No, I never talked with the other three girls about anything concerning the apparitions. The first night, we went to church after the apparition and we did not say a single word to each other. Afterwards the priest of the village suggested that we not talk among ourselves about the apparitions, so I never talked to Jacinta, Mari Loli or Mari Cruz about the angel or any other apparition. I cannot tell you if it were through obedience to the priest or simply because we did not feel like talking about it. The very first time I spoke about the apparitions with one of the other girls was in August, 1980. In a telephone conversation with Jacinta, I made a comment about my "Dairy" which I had just reread and which had brought back some wonderful moments. Jacinta and I talked for about an hour on the phone, and this is the only time I ever had a dialogue with Jacinta about the details of the apparitions.

Q. Now, tell me more about Saint Michael. Did he ever speak to you?
A. At the beginning he did not speak. He kept appearing for several days and I say that we liked him because the four of us would go to the same spot and start to pray the rosary hoping to experience the vision again; it was obvious that the four of us wanted to see him again. I don't remember well, but I think one day he told us that the Virgin Mary would appear to us. He never spoke too much. After a few days he started to appear with a sign under his feet. We did not read it the first day, but after several apparitions we were able to remember one word every day. It turned out to be the Message that the Virgin was going to give us on October 18, 1961. The sign had this date in Roman numerals.

Q. Did he tell you he was St. Michael?
A. No. I don't think he told us his name. I think it was the Blessed Virgin who told us that the angel was St. Michael.

Q. On July 2, the Virgin came escorted by two angels, one on either side. Do you remember?
A. Yes, I do. And they were identical, like twins. They did not say a word while the Virgin was there. Always the same childlike, strong, respectful, gentlemanly appearance . . .
[To be continued]

April - June 2008 Issue

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