Friday, January 30, 2009


No one will escape The Punishment, as none of us escaped The Warning. Directly from God, it will encompass everyone. Both the bad and the good will suffer, for in some way we are all tainted by sin. The punishment will invade every corner of the planet. Many will die, and Our Lady recommends that all should beg God's forgiveness, and that all Catholics should go to confession. Obviously this means that when The Punishment is imminent, there will still be time for all to confess. We will know beforehand that it is coming. All should be ready to enter eternity in God's grace, should they suffer death in The Punishment.

The Punishment will not therefore be so selective as was, for instance, the punishment of God in Egypt on the first-born, when the sons of the Egyptians died and those of the Israelites were "passed over." In The Punishment, both good and bad will die. No indication whatsoever is given about how many, or what proportion of the world's population will survive. But the coming of the "Era of Peace" afterwards assures us that
some of us will pass through the fire of The Punishment unharmed. It would seem that the ones who are spared, whether they heeded The Warning and The Miracle or not, will certainly be finally converted by the trial of The Punishment. Every person who emerges from it alive will have no alternative but a new life. The old world will be gone. The results of the world's sinfulness will appear so abhorrent that people will want to reject sin completely. A New Pentecost will then become possible. The Era of Peace will blossom, the goodness of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will flourish in every heart in "triumph." The whole world will come into a reunited Church, and all nations will be at peace. If The Punishment comes, no one will escape it, but neither will anyone who lives after it fail to share the blessed peace that will renew the world.

[To be continued . . .]