Sunday, January 18, 2009


Pius XII Saw "Miracle of the Sun"

Handwritten Note Reveals Pope's Experience
By Antonio Gaspari

ROME, NOV. 4, 2008 ( According to his own testimony, the Pope who declared the dogma of the Assumption saw the "miracle of the sun" four times.

The Miracle will be ecclesial, that is, it will support the truth that through the Body of Christ which is the Church, Head and members, all graces come, and that all men and women are called not only to follow Jesus personally, but also to enter His Church and to submit to its discipline, teaching and sacraments. For this reason, The Miracle will happen in connection with a "great ecclesiastical event." God's timing is the Church's timing, and the Church's authority will be reinforced and authenticated by the fact that the "ecclesiastical event" and The Miracle will occur on the same day, perhaps at the very same instant. Also, the Pope, the visible head of the Church, will see The Miracle from wherever he is.

[To be continued . . .]

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