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Beautiful images of their faces as they see and talk to Our Lady at Garabandal.

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The Events of Garabandal [Video]

This 1971 documentary by Richard Everson marked the first groundbreaking attempt to depict the events of Garabandal in color 16MM film.

For many years, this film opened Joey Lomangino's conferences on Garabandal. I was one of the volunteers who operated the projector. Dick Everson was a great friend to Joey and the New York Center and we present this film respectfully as a tribute to his original work on behalf of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal.

Garabandal Breaking News/The Pre-Warning Signs -

Garabandal Breaking News/The Pre-Warning Signs -

Garabandal Breaking News/The Pre-Warning Signs

Garabandal Breaking News

The Pre-Warning Signs

September 26, 2014

"La Madre Nieves nos habló, con mucho cariño, de Conchita González, a quien conoce muy de cerca. Y también del Aviso (anunciado por la Virgen) y de las señales (pre avisos) que, según parece, anunciarán la proximidad de esa manifestación extraordinaria de Dios, para que los hombres nos convirtamos.
Pueden resumirse en tres: 1) la crisis mundial (crisis de fe y
aparición de graves sucesos: guerras, enfermedades…), 2) la muerte de
Joe Lomangino, y 3) la realización de un sínodo en la Iglesia (la Madre
Nieves se preguntaba a sí misma: ¿será este próximo?, ¿será el del
próximo año?......"

My Translation :

Nieves talk to us, with great affection about Conchita Gonzalez, whom
she knows closely. And about the Warning (announced by the Virgin) and
signs (pre-Warning) which, apparently, will announce the proximity of
this extraordinary manifestation of God to convert men. It can be
summarized as follows:

1) A global crisis (crisis of faith and occurrence of serious events: war, disease....)

2) the death of Joe Lomangino

3) The realization of a synod in the Church (Mother Nieves asked herself: will it be the next one (she means the current one) ? (or) the one of the next year ?

Comment : What a wondeful news, Mother Nieves, known by all of us as
one of our greatest Garabandalist, close to the seers since the
beginning of the Apparitions of Garabandal, superior of the school in
Burgos where Conchita studied during the years 1966 - 1967 and having
with her but known by few only
(I was personnally aware),
what we called the second diary of Conchita, given to her by the main
seer when she was student in her school and full of first hand details.

Mother Maria de las Nieves Garcia, asking herself, if the warning could
occur after the current Synod or the next one ? It's a terrific news
and maybe many of you could not understand yet and time will tell only,
but in my opinion, it's an important and first hand news as the opinion
of Mother Nieves means a lot, so after having indicated the pre-warning
signs and according to the Mother, The Warning of Garababandal could
occur at the latest after the next Synod, what can we expect more ? so I
am pleased today to share this news with all of you, Garabandalist stay
strong, today we have another confirmation that we are almost there.


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Information Center

With the influx of thousands of people, from different parts of the world, who come on pilgrimage annually, either individually or in a group to San Sebastian de Garabandal, and there being in place, a center where they can receive, report, and address their needs The ASSOCIATION OF PILGRIMS "VIRGIN OF CARMEN GARABANDAL" considered absolutely necessary, installation and commissioning of




The Information Center is located in the ancient schools of San Sebastian de Garabandal: Church Square s / nº- San Sebastian de Garabandal (Cantabria-Spain-Rionansa).
Picture 002 Picture 006
We are undertaking the refurbishment and available shortly Please Zone Area Outreach and Conferences as well as access to the service area of ​​the pilgrims.
IMG_5455 IMG_5459
The work of the Center for Information and Service Peregrino and the lease payment from the local and monthly maintenance, will be held by the Association of Pilgrims "Virgen del Carmen de Garabandal," and DONATIONS we can get from all those help us to work together for this reality so necessary as privileged as San Sebastián de Garabandal place.

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Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter XXV)

1. Reflexions
For a long time Garabandal has made its way among those who believe that it is a direct intervention of God. The diffusion of the message and the facts that support them is world-wide. All this, in spite of the blind and obstinate opposition from a Commission that, charged with a very serious matter, commits the unpardonable levity of not giving to it the importance that it deserves. Because of understanding nothing about it — and it is the Commission’s own fault — it has judged superficially and with a disturbing outspokenness, that the apparitions were not objectively supernatural. Their spokesman, Bishop Puchol, has even ventured to call it an innocent “game of children . . ."
I think back to the letter that Padre Pio wrote to the visionaries in 1961:
— “When they believe, it will be too late . . .”
Furthermore, it would happen that the visionaries would come to doubt, contradict each other, and they themselves would deny.
Actually, I had the incredible opportunity to witness certain ecstasies in which the Virgin predicted to the girls in 1961 these future events that were so painful to them. I heard with my own ears their response to this startling warning from their Vision.
— “How can we say that we haven’t seen you, since we are seeing you at this very moment?”
— Yes, that would happen.
We Catholics, do we not feel ourselves corrupted by an absurd spirit of ‘false humanism’ that we dare to call Christian?
Some believe that our position in favor of the historical facts at Garabandal is destroyed when they affirm — what none of us dispute — on the contrary, accept — that Public Revelation has ended, that Jesus Christ has said the last words necessary for salvation. Yes, that is their attitude at the present time, when they brazenly choose to accept from Public Revelation what is convenient for them, and reject the rest!
The locution of Jesus to Conchita at Pamplona on February 13, 1966 might be recalled: “Yo lo hare todo.” (I will do everything.)
One could foresee the failure of those members of the Commission on that celebrated night in August, 1961 which I have reported accurately since I saw and heard it myself in the village church. Today the failure and misunderstanding of the “learned” are clear to me.
2. First Message
Conchita has repeated many times that the most important thing is to accomplish the messages of our Lady of Mount Carmel. Allow me to repeat them.
(Message of October 18, 1961)
It is necessary to make many sacrifices, perform much penance.
It is necessary to visit the Blessed Sacrament (mucho).
But first of all we must be very good.
And if we do not do this, a punishment will come upon us.
The cup is already filling up.
And if we do not change, a very great punishment will come upon us.
These words were pronounced by the Virgin before the start of Vatican II, at a time when already much more value was given to the “human” than the supernatural.
On October 18, 1961, the spectators were disappointed and returned home discouraged. Actually, they had expected to see at Garabandal a miracle, which the visionaries had never predicted. For that day, they had only spoken of the public revelation of a message directed by the Virgin to her children on earth. Was not that enough?
The Miracle? It will come on a day determined by God, and only a few persons on earth know the exact date.
And the Message itself? It is there for us to accomplish in the soonest and best way possible.
Certainly it does not tell us anything that we do not already know. But do we not need to be reminded of the evangelical truths?
The test? Does the world practice the ancient faith? And we ourselves, even though we believe in Garabandal, what are we doing?
There can be nothing new here beside what was there at Fatima and Lourdes and the other apparitions.
Has not Public Revelation been completed? We know that as well as our adversaries. We only ask that whatever one does, one should remember it in all circumstances.
Sometimes one hears it said, “Garabandal. It is finished! Actum est!”
But “Roma non locuta” (Rome has not spoken) must be understood in response to this erroneous and fallacious statement.
A poorly informed bishop can err. A congregation such as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith does not err. When the latter speaks, it will be to say, “Yes. Yes.” or “No. No.”
3. Second Message
Now let us go on to the second message. This is the one from June 18, 1965, which is certainly, in my opinion, a message of the “last warnings.”
Predicted by Conchita 6 months in advance, she wrote it down on June 19 and signed it with the pen that I have in front of me on my work table. I cannot express the gratitude due to her for this inestimable gift.
The message that the Most Holy Virgin has given to the world through the intercession of the Angel St. Michael.
The Angel said:
As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am telling you that this is the last.
Before the cup was filling up; now it is overflowing.
The priests: Many are on the road to perdition, and with them they are taking many more souls.
The Eucharist: It is being given less and less importance.
With your own efforts you should avoid the wrath of the Good God.
If you ask pardon with a sincere heart, He will forgive you.
I, your Mother, through the intercession of the Archangel St. Michael, want to tell you to amend your lives.
You are in the last warnings!
I love you very much, and do not want your condemnation.
Ask us sincerely, and we will give you what you ask.
You should sacrifice yourself more.
Think of the passion of Jesus.
Conchita González June 18, 1965
4. The Hour of God
I do not know the reason, but I had the good fortune to stay awake and remain until the end in Conchita’s kitchen on the night of October 10-11, 1962. Though all my companions succumbed to sleep or retired, I was able to realize my plan to see at what time in the morning on October 11, 1962, Conchita’s ecstasy would begin.
On the previous evening, on October 10, a “Nota” had appeared in the Spanish press from the Bishop of Santander, Dr. Beitia Aldazabal. He had signed it on the preceding October 7, Feast of the Holy Rosary.
Conchita went into ecstasy exactly at 8 in the morning on that October 11. At the same time the radio blared out the ringing of the bells at St. Peter’s basilica as in Rome began the procession of thousands of bishops from all parts of the world there present, headed by the Roman Pontiff John XXIII. The bells resounded throughout the universe. The ecstasy in which I was one of the few witnesses lasted some 10 minutes…
I heard the conversation — at least part of it — that the young girl had with her Vision.
Without waiting to be questioned, Conchita talked to us first.
— “I asked the Virgin why the bishop published yesterday a Nota on Garabandal.”
— “And what did she answer?”
— “She didn’t answer, she just smiled . . .”
I don’t know if this matter has been published. But for my part, I find it very striking.
If the Virgin of Garabandal smiled at the hour of the opening of the Council, it is because she knows well the hour of Providence, which has not yet come, but which will come… the hour of God and her hour
Father J. R. G. de la Riva.

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Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter XXIV)

Eucharistic Sign
One day in August of 1962, having finished Mass, I went out from Cosío to Garabandal. I was carrying on my person the Blessed Sacrament in a way that was not visible. My intention was to obtain proof that Satan had no part in the events which were taking place in the village.
Mentally, I petitioned the Virgin, “If these events were supernatural and of divine origin, that when the girls would fall into ecstasy on that day, they would not make any sign of adoration, although they would know that they were before the Blessed Sacrament. Likewise, that they would not show toward me any sign of predilection, such as making me kiss the crucifix, genuflecting, or any other sign of reverence.”
I made this reflection. “If the devil is taking part in this affair and the girls pass in ecstasy in front of me carrying the Blessed Sacrament, that without doubt he would make some particular gesture that would manifest his presence.” For if Satan flees before the cross or holy water, how much more would he flee before the Blessed Sacrament?
On that day, Conchita had an ecstasy and I noticed something abnormal on her face when she passed by several times close to me. Everything happened as on other occasions, except that she had none of the usual gestures of reverence for me that she ordinarily had for priests. In the course of her ecstasy, she did not give me the crucifix to kiss, though she did give it for other persons.
This matter might be added to other experiences that have been made by other persons more experienced and more knowledgeable than I.
I think that no one would dare to qualify as diabolic that which other very qualified persons have studied so thoroughly and so many times. These events were manifest to everyone for a long time, a very long time.