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A Great Program on the Apparitions at Garabandal | WHAT IS GARABANDAL?

A Great Program on the Apparitions at Garabandal | WHAT IS GARABANDAL?

Originally posted on Catholic Working Mom:
Garabandal video – You’ve heard a lot about the apparitions at Fatima.  What do you know about Conchita and the apparitions at Garabandal?

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Rest in Peace Albrecht

Rest in Peace Albrecht | WHAT IS GARABANDAL?

It is with great sadness that I learned today the death of Albrecht Weber yesterday November 15, 49 years after his famous interview with Conchita in November 14, 1965, I was informed that Albretch will be buried at Garabandal, a great honor for this soldier of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as he will be only the second non-Spaniard to have this great honor after Mrs Bocabeille, the mother of my friend Bastiano who arranged my marriage in Garabandal, 
But how I cannot also see a sign from heaven with this sad news, having published on this blog few days ago only, surely some of the last words from Albrecht given to one of my readers last May in Garabandal.
Precisely, it is with Bastiano that I discussed before publishing this testimony, to get also the informed opinion of one of our greatest Garabandalist.
For your information, Bastiano will republish the book of his mother Mrs Bocabeille about Garabandal, he will add also his own opinion about the Church and with his authorization, I will publish the best part of this book on this blog but I already can tell that Albrecht was not walking alone.
Albrecht has always been an obedient son of the Catholic Church, he also had the great honor to have received few compliments words from Saint Pope John Paul II about his famous Garabandal book "the Finger of God".
Rest in Peace Albrecht and over there from Heaven, please Pray also for me my Brother.

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Garabandal International Magazine: Oct – Dec 2014

Garabandal Int Mag OCT - DEC 2014The Garabandal International Magazine for October till December 2014 is now online for your reading pleasure.
Just click here to access it.
For anyone who is wondering what Garabandal is all about, please check it out at
Wishing one and all a wonderful and blessed day!

Thank you Suzanne & Tony, for posting the lastest Garabandal International Magazine! May Jesus & Mary continue to bless both of you+

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Pope Francis advanced the sainthood causes for Marthe Louise Robin, recognizing her “heroic virtue.”

Recognized as venerable was Marthe Louise Robin. A french laywoman and founder of the Foyers de Charité, Robin was a mystic and reported stigmatist. She died Feb. 6, 1981.

Here is a reposting of her ties with Garabandal:

The sixth child of a family of simple farmers of the Drome (France), Marthe, Servant of God (1991), was twenty-three years old when she wrote, in her own handwriting, her complete Consecration as a "victim of Love" . . . Today, her name, like those of Blessed Padre Pio and Blessed Madre Maravillas, shine in the firmament of the Church of God.

At the origin of the Foundation of the Homes of Charity, Marthe was chosen by the Lord to live His Passion "the most completely after My Mother," He revealed to her in 1933 . . . He even added, "no one in the Church will ever have lived IT as completely as you will!"

Paralyzed since the age of twenty-seven, and also stigmatized, Marthe Robin would spend some fifty years of her life without sleep or food, nourishing herself uniquely with the Eucharistic Bread.
When Fr. Laffineur, O.P. died in November 1970, he had left behind him his plan for the diffusion of the Message of Garabandal in a difficult situation. His close collaborator Fr. Combe decided to ask Marthe, whom he knew well, for her advice. The famous woman mystic welcomed him in the first months of 1971, in her house of La Plaine . . . Here is the account of her meeting as reported by Fr. Combe himself:

". . . Myself: "Dear Sister Marthe, as you know, I care aboutGarabandal . . ."
Marthe: "Yes, Father . . ."
Myself: "I was helping Fr. Laffineur . . . He died last November. And all that has followed . . ."
Marthe: "Yes, the critics . . ."
Myself: "I see that you know. So I come to ask for your advice. To me, the situation appears to be so difficult that from now on I would like to take care of only my parish of Chazay d'Azergues. I have already enough work in this ministry . . ."
Marthe: (in a firm and almost cutting voice): "That's it, Father . . . You want to let everything go! . . ."
Myself (I received the blow right through the heart and waited for the rest . . .)
Marthe: "Aye! What must we do, Father, when we have received graces?"
Myself: "I understand, Sister Marthe . . . I must then take up again the spreading of the Message of Garabandal? But, by doing so, I will receive blows from all sides, from the 'critics,' from the
priests, the vicar-generals, and even blows from the shepherd's crook of Bishops . . ."
Marthe: "Ah well! You will offer them to God. There, father, give me some news of the "children" of Garabandal . . ."
This I did. Marthe listened, sometimes asking for details . . . Finally:
Marthe: "Tell the four girls that I pray for them every day!"
The limited time allotted to me for our interview was drawing to an end. Then Marthe asked me: "Would you like us to say an Our Father and a Hail Mary together?" - "Yes, Marthe. For the girls of Garabandal and their Bishop, for yourself and for the Houses of Charity and also for the blows dealt to us with a stick! . . ."
After our prayer, I said: "Marthe, would you accept to have my Guardian Angel invite yours every day to take part in my Mass!" - "Oh! Yes, Father; they will pray together." And our conversation ended as usual with my blessing given with deep emotion.
My heart was freed and determined; I came down from Marthe's room to the chapel of the Home of Charity. On my knees before the Lord Jesus, I gave thanks for the light received. Then, turning to the Blessed Virgin, I said to her: "Most Blessed Virgin, I understand very well . . . You want this . . . I will therefore take up again my pilgrim's staff . . . I am ready to walk for you to the end of the world" . . .
Later, I saw Marthe Robin again. Every time, we spoke of Garabandal. She was interested in making known the Message; she loved to receive news from me about the four children, about their families and . . . especially about the Bishop of Santander . . .

Another of Marthe Robin's testimonies on Garabandal is the one she gave to Msgr. J. Bretault (Founder and first Bishop of the Diocese of Koudougou). One day, I took him to Chateauneuf-de-Galaure, which he liked so much. Before dropping him off, I asked him to remember me to Marthe and to ask her for a little word for me. The little word was a long report he wrote out immediately with tears of joy before the Blessed Sacrament . . . Msgr. J. Bretault had been overwhelmed by all  the information Marthe knew about the difficulties in spreading the news about Garabandal in France after the death of Fr. Laffineur. She asked him to transmit a few details and some advice . . . that were very useful and effective for me."
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 228-229]

Another great Saint involved with Garabandal, Marthe Robin's cause for beatification was introduced in Rome in 1984. 

There's some powerful stuff in this interview, especially for those of us who have received "blows" from certain church officials and "holier than thou" lay people who refuse to believe in Our Lady of Garabandal and the Messages . . . But as you can see, Marthe and many Saints have believed and with God's grace I will continue to do so too! Just the other day, a mystic friend told me to "wait - pray - listen." So I continue to spread the story of Garabandal with the grace of God! Yes, it is a grace to believe! How about you? Have you received that grace?
What will it take to make you believe, a Miracle? Well, one is coming soon, so hang on to your hat!!! I'm not the only one saying this, either. Many of today's mystics are saying the same thing. We are on the verge of a Divine intervention and the beginning of a new era for mankind!
Deacon John 

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Beautiful images of their faces as they see and talk to Our Lady at Garabandal.

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The Events of Garabandal [Video]

This 1971 documentary by Richard Everson marked the first groundbreaking attempt to depict the events of Garabandal in color 16MM film.

For many years, this film opened Joey Lomangino's conferences on Garabandal. I was one of the volunteers who operated the projector. Dick Everson was a great friend to Joey and the New York Center and we present this film respectfully as a tribute to his original work on behalf of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal.

Garabandal Breaking News/The Pre-Warning Signs -

Garabandal Breaking News/The Pre-Warning Signs -

Garabandal Breaking News/The Pre-Warning Signs

Garabandal Breaking News

The Pre-Warning Signs

September 26, 2014

"La Madre Nieves nos habló, con mucho cariño, de Conchita González, a quien conoce muy de cerca. Y también del Aviso (anunciado por la Virgen) y de las señales (pre avisos) que, según parece, anunciarán la proximidad de esa manifestación extraordinaria de Dios, para que los hombres nos convirtamos.
Pueden resumirse en tres: 1) la crisis mundial (crisis de fe y
aparición de graves sucesos: guerras, enfermedades…), 2) la muerte de
Joe Lomangino, y 3) la realización de un sínodo en la Iglesia (la Madre
Nieves se preguntaba a sí misma: ¿será este próximo?, ¿será el del
próximo año?......"

My Translation :

Nieves talk to us, with great affection about Conchita Gonzalez, whom
she knows closely. And about the Warning (announced by the Virgin) and
signs (pre-Warning) which, apparently, will announce the proximity of
this extraordinary manifestation of God to convert men. It can be
summarized as follows:

1) A global crisis (crisis of faith and occurrence of serious events: war, disease....)

2) the death of Joe Lomangino

3) The realization of a synod in the Church (Mother Nieves asked herself: will it be the next one (she means the current one) ? (or) the one of the next year ?

Comment : What a wondeful news, Mother Nieves, known by all of us as
one of our greatest Garabandalist, close to the seers since the
beginning of the Apparitions of Garabandal, superior of the school in
Burgos where Conchita studied during the years 1966 - 1967 and having
with her but known by few only
(I was personnally aware),
what we called the second diary of Conchita, given to her by the main
seer when she was student in her school and full of first hand details.

Mother Maria de las Nieves Garcia, asking herself, if the warning could
occur after the current Synod or the next one ? It's a terrific news
and maybe many of you could not understand yet and time will tell only,
but in my opinion, it's an important and first hand news as the opinion
of Mother Nieves means a lot, so after having indicated the pre-warning
signs and according to the Mother, The Warning of Garababandal could
occur at the latest after the next Synod, what can we expect more ? so I
am pleased today to share this news with all of you, Garabandalist stay
strong, today we have another confirmation that we are almost there.