Sunday, January 25, 2009


The Punishment, if it comes, will take place after The Miracle. Unlike the time-span between The Warning and The Miracle (these will occur less than a year apart), there is no indication given of how long the period will be after The Miracle occurs until the time of The Punishment, if the latter does come. Punishment will not happen if people do as Mary asks, amending their lives. Punishment can be delayed and moderated by good deeds and prayer. But it will ultimately descend upon us if there is no sincere amendment on our part. God, in His compassion, realizes we need time for the message to reach us. Even after we have heard, it takes time for us to comprehend and respond. So He gives us more time --- centuries if necessary --- to make up our minds. After all, the last choice we make is irrevocable: heaven or hell. Our Father will give us time to listen and to heed, to decide and to act. The time of delay will end only when it is no longer a mercy to hold off punishment. As a consequence, we will have time between The Miracle and The Punishment, just as He has given us time between The Warning and The Miracle. If we use the interval well that He is offering us, and accept the mercy of God calling us to repentance, The Punishment will never come. It will, however, arrive swiftly, if the world, having felt The Warning and seen The Miracle, decides not to change at all. It will then become unthinkable for Him not to intervene, in order to prevent that "even the elect" not be saved.

[To be continued . . .]