Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

The Miracle will convert the whole world. This assertion was made by Our Lord Himself to Conchita. He answered a question of hers about Russia's conversion by assuring her that The Miracle was not only for the "conversion of Russia," but "for the conversion of the whole world," and that "thus, all will love our hearts" (the hearts of Jesus and Mary). It would seem by His words that somehow the Miracle will show us all how closely the hearts of Jesus and Mary are united, as a symbol of the kind of peace ---that should unite our hearts. Perhaps the two hearts on the reverse side of the "Miraculous Medal" were a prophecy as well as a lesson, foretelling an age ahead where all hearts will be reconciled as are the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Reconciliation of hearts is what conversion is all about, and it would seem that all the Marian appearances concern themselves with it. God wants to unite all hearts in His Church. The Miracle will make that plain to everyone, and it will summon us together from the four winds to make it clear that we belong to each other. By the power of The Miracle, we will be bound together in the same fiery love that forges perfect communion between the hearts of Jesus
and Mary.

[To be continued . . .]

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