Tuesday, January 6, 2009


To be read as though the Warning had just come . . .

The Warning calls us to prepare for the Miracle. A "Great Miracle" has been foretold by Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which will happen in the little village of Garabandal. The Warning is a preparation for it, is directly connected with it, and assures us that from the time of The Warning, there will be less than a year's time until the "greatest Miracle of the Lord has ever worked for the world" will take place there. A similar, lesser miracle, also predicted in advance, was granted us at Fatima in 1917, in what has come to be known as "The Miracle of the Sun." The sun spun in the sky, and hurtled toward earth. 70,000 spectators saw it happen! Marvelous as that may sound, it is even more wonderful that The Warning has been seen and felt by every inhabitant on the globe! How great
indeed is the "Great Miracle" going to be at Garabandal! Millions intend to journey there to behold its glory, to be healed there, converted, and comforted. They will travel there because they have known The Warning and been prepared by it to accept The Miracle with faith. The Warning is sending multitudes to that remote Spanish mountain village. It has alerted the entire populace of the earth to the impending event of The Miracle, and opened hearts to the message and the action of God that will be revealed there.

The news about Fatima took many decades to spread throughout the world. When the "Great Miracle" bursts forth at Garabandal, television, radio, films, newspapers and the countless witnesses viewing The Miracle will spread the story speedily to the farthest corners of the planet. The Warning has prepared us to hear God together at Garabandal, where His people will be gathered once again by God, just as they were on Sinai, to see the fire and the cloud and hear the thunder. By The Warning, God calls the world to the mountain where Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared in Garabandal. We have been prepared to hear, to heed, and to proclaim the word God will speak to us there.

[To be continued . . .]