Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This photo was taken by a pilgrim to Rome City on August 14, 2001. In her signed affidavit, she said she believed the diamond-shaped figure which dropped down from the spinning sun is a spiritual silhouette of The Blessed Mother. This photo was taken with a basic 35 mm camera. The woman stated she had no photography skills beyond basic operational skills of any "point and shoot" operator.

To be read as though the Warning had just come . . .

Finally, we note that The Warning and The Miracle are inseparable. They are two
aspects of the same intervention of the Lord. Neither can be understood properly without our knowing the other. The Warning prepares for The Miracle, as we have just mentioned, but we can penetrate the mystery of The Warning more profoundly only when we have discovered what The Miracle has to say to us. The Warning has been an extremely painful encounter with the relentless truth of our wretchedness and sin. It needs to be counterbalanced, if we are not to lose hope, by a luminous sunburst of God's mercy in the experience of The Miracle. On the other hand, knowing only the limitless merciful love of God may lead us to complacency; The Warning was necessary to prevent such aberration. Further, we can only appreciate the measureless love of our Father for us when we see how He loves us in spite of ourselves. The Warning had to come before The
Miracle, so we would understand that we cannot earn nor do we deserve His mercy. He gives it to us because He is by nature Merciful Love.

The Warning was Today, just a moment ago, for all of us. We must look now at
Yesterday, and Tomorrow, to be able to respond fully to our God and His love for us.

[To be continued . . .]