Saturday, January 3, 2009


To be read as though the Warning had just come . . .

The Warning is a direct intervention from God. Never before has God acted directly and universally to make everyone in the world completely aware of their sinfulness before His holiness. The preaching of the Gospel through the witness of the Church has been available for centuries, so it is not as if He had never made such a revelation of this
kind before. But it has not happened in history before that He has acted with such power, such precision, such instancy. The times must be very special. There must not be much time left for repentance. As a race we have repudiated the Gospel message so often and responded to it so sluggishly that what God meant the world to be, in peace, never came
to be. The constant pleadings of Mary for us to turn back to God, and her remonstrances over the years while we listened not are, for believers, sufficient evidence that the present age is even worse than earlier ones. But time is running out. "The times" are about to end, and a new age of peace is promised. The Warning is the first dramatic sign to all that the
old age is ending. It is not God's wish that we be among those who refused to repent in time. Not in all the ages is it ever His wish that even a single one of His little ones be lost. For this reason He has intervened, so that the danger would be manifest, the evil of the present age unmasked, and the darkness of false "enlightenment" be exposed. If the world has not wanted to listen to the truth, and the Father's little ones are being misled, He, in His sovereign majesty and power, will compel it to listen. With The Warning, He sweeps away all the sophistry and deception with which Satan has obscured the light of the Gospel.

[To be continued . . .]