Sunday, February 1, 2009


Chapter Five

The Permanent Sign

We have not yet mentioned in this book The Permanent Sign that the Blessed Virgin promised would remain at Garabandal after The Miracle at "The Pines" (a grove of nine pines outside the village of the tip of a rocky land leading up the hill). Little has been revealed about the nature of this Sign. We know the following details: it will be remain at The Pines until the end of the world; we will be able to see, photograph, and televise it,
but not touch it; no one will be able to explain it by scientific analysis (it will be supernatural). It will remind us forever of the Great Miracle, which will center on that very spot. Anyone who wishes will be able to go to Garabandal after The Miracle and examine The Sign. It will recall to our minds that God summons the world to repentance, and testify throughout time that the Lord insists that we abandon our sins. Because it will remain there until the world ends, it will also insist by it presence that the world will indeed one day end, and that Jesus will come again on the "clouds of heaven" "to make all things new," and to "judge the living and the dead."

The Warning, The Miracle, and The Punishment must be taken as a single redemptive event in order to be understood. The Sign will be a reminder of all three of them. People will remember what happened, and will tell their children and grandchildren of the great deeds of God that transpired there. After The Miracle, this Sign will begin its work, while
the populace of the globe is passing through the period of challenge to conscience The Miracle will induce. The Sign will be there in the midst confronting us, crying out by its very presence: "Repentance!" as did Our Lady of Lourdes. It will not let us forget that The Punishment will surely come if The Warning and The Miracle are ignored. The sign will focus our attention on the truth that God has visibly intervened on this mountain, just as He did on Mount Sinai and Mount Calvary, on Mount Carmel, and at Pentecost on Mount Sion --- to call His people to Himself. Patriarchs of old set up altars and monuments to commemorate forever their experience of God at a certain place, which then became forever sacred by His coming. At Garabandal, for the first time in history, the Lord Himself sets His own Sign in The Pines for a perpetual memorial of His saving act for today's world.

[To be continued . . .]
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