Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Miracle will be Eucharistic. The emphasis on devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist is so strong at Garabandal that a Eucharistic theme for The Miracle would be in perfect consonance with everything that happened in the village during the apparitions. We can also expect a Eucharistic event because it has been revealed that The Miracle will take
place at 8:30 on a Thursday evening (about the same time as the Last Supper), and that on the day of The Miracle the Church will be celebrating the Feast of a young Martyr of the Eucharist. We must be ready to receive an unmistakable proof from God, through The Miracle, that the Holy Eucharist is the center of our life in the Church, and that Jesus is truly present to us in the Eucharist, in His living Flesh. We are to avail ourselves of this Sacrament as frequently as we can.

[To be continued . . .]