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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 8

8th Diary

August 2nd─3rd, 1961


August 2nd. In the Pines. They prayed the Station. Mari Cruz was on the balcony. August 3rd. Ecstatic fall. They said that Conchita would come. They were not on the carpet in the presbytery. They had different ways of announcing their visions.

August 2, 1961

On August 2nd I was absent and I could only use the references, among which I have the bravest from Fr. Valentín’s diary. He transcribed them and made notes.

August 2nd

They went to the Pines at 9 and it lasted until 9:15. They didn’t receive the sacrament.

Note: This sentence “they didn’t receive the sacrament” could have various interpretations. It could mean that they didn’t receive the sacrament from St. Michael’s hands. It could mean that they didn’t receive the sacrament from Fr. Valentín’s hands. Sometimes it happens that they don’t receive the sacrament because of difficulties with Fr. Valentín’s schedule, who was in San Sebastián but had to go to Cosío, where he is the priest as well.

“The Virgin told them that he would come at 1 and Jacinta said: ‘No, at ten, because I have to bring the food,’ and this repeated once or twice.”

Note: To bring the food means to go with the food to the field. Jacinta’s family’s field is four or five kilometers down the road toward the mountain, in the direction of Peña Sagra. It’s a beautiful mountain road and in some places the ground is covered in rock while in others there are beautiful prairies. The winter stables are in the the field, which are constructed of stone that they use to store the hay. It is near Mari Cruz’s family’s winter stable, which is on the other side of the same valley if you follow the road. To bring the food means to go with the food for those who have been working in the field since morning. It’s very possible that on some occasions recorded in notes or diaries, the Virgin appears while they carry the food, or in the road—“I have found this twice”—a bad interpretation of the girls’ words. They don’t say that they “went for food”—only that “they went to bring the food.” The meaning of this is as on December 8, 1961, when at 7:15pm Conchita told the Virgin that she had to go “for dinner,” which means that Conchita would have dinner and then return.

“When she gave a stone Jacinta also said that the Virgin told her: ‘This is for Mr.’ and then added, ‘Juan.’ They told the Virgin that I was there with some stones. They prayed a Station with the Virgin in front of them.”

Note: The manner of waiting corresponds with the fact that the girls had given some small stones to the Vision to kiss for Fr. Valentín.

The fact that the girls pray ed the Station to Jesus in the Sacrament is one that repeats many times from the beginning and is also going to be one of the notes in the message that will be public on October 18th, a recommendation of visits to the Most Holy. They have done this, prayed the Station to the Most Holy, while in a trance and in different locations: in the Church, in the road, in the Pines, etc.

“Mari Cruz was alone on the balcony from 9:50 until 10:10. She prayed a Station, the Creed, and a Salve with the people. Several priests and about 200 people were there.”

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