Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 7

In order to complete August 1st we have to appeal to Fr. Valentín’s diary, in which we see the following:

“Mari Cruz was on the balcony, it lasted 20 minutes. She said: “Why? Yes, yes, I don’t know, I don’t know, yes (she laughs). A priest told me to pray for the priests and seminarians (it was true)—I don’t know, etc.” She prayed a Station, a Creed, and a Salve.

This is the reference to the ecstasy that Mari Cruz made, which took place at the same time that Loli and Jacinta were having a vision in the Pines.

The Marquis of Santa María was in San Sebastián de Garabandal that day and he personally referred to me when talking about this vision that Mari Cruz had. He talked to me like this:

“While in the Pines, Loli went up to warn that Mari Cruz was in ecstasy in the balcony of her house. Fr. Juan, the priest, was with her. I arrived there and prayed with the girl. The girl went to pray a Station and I asked; we supposed it would be there with the Vision and not with one of her companions who was in the Pines:

“Should I lead the Station or will you?”

It could be that someone asked this of her companions in the Pines because they had the same vision at approximately the same time, according to those who can prove this because of their watches. The girls in the Pines asked the same question about praying the Station.

The Marquis of Santa María told me this, elaborating on what he had written in his agenda, which said this:

“The girls are in ecstasy in the Pines and the other is on the balcony of her house. The fourth is in Santander.”

The distance from Mari Cruz’s house to the Pines could be half a kilometer.

The reference to “the fourth in Santander,” refers to Conchita, who was in Santander, and did not have a vision there on that day.