Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 18

These are narrations that I have which come from witnesses at this scene. There are many more that I couldn’t see, and these represent a small minority. With these facts and from conversations with other people, I can reconstruct the scene like this:

Seers: Jacinta and María Dolores

Place: The Pines

Time: Around noon

1st—Around one o’clock they went up to the Pines—they had already had at least one call.

2nd—They had an ecstasy. They spoke. What they said was recorded into a recorder.

3rd—When they returned to the normal state, the people questioned them and recorded the interview. Some of the questions were asked to confuse them.

4th—They entered into ecstasy again—now with their backs to the Pines—but the Vision was next to the Pines. As a result the girls arched to see the Virgin. The ecstasy surprised them with the microphone in their hands.

5th—After this ecstasy they offered the microphone to the Virgin so she could speak.

6th—They returned.

7th—They reproduced what had been recorded on the tape.

8th—When the tape ended the words “No, I won’t speak” were heard. The people present heard.

9th—The girls heard the words and identified the Virgin’s voice.

10th—Here is where the part corresponding to the narrations I possess ends. Each one of them was given with great emotion. According to some with whom I spoke, they had made a personal covenant stipulating that they would not speak about what happened. They couldn’t keep the secret and the news was shared.

There is an appendix that corresponds to a reduced group of people from whom I haven’t had a direct account apart from a telephone conference that my brother Fr. Luís had 30 hours before his death. In a note I took about this conference I wrote as a summary: ‘They heard it twice.”

The second time it was heard was not in the Pines but in the house of one of the other girls. I believe I remember that they said that it was in Conchita’s house.

They played the tape there with very few people so that the girls could hear what her companions had said. When the tape was finishing, it happened just as it had in the Pines. The voice spoke to say: “No, I won’t speak.” The girl also identified this voice as the Virgin’s. The number of witnesses to this last scene is very small. I don’t have a narration from anyone.

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