Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 11

Padre Valentin and the four seers.

Narration of Mr. Guadencio Cepeda Palacios

Mr. Guadencio Cepeda Palacios, 33 years old, is from Torquemada, a province of Palencia, etc. He dictated the following:

“In the Pines, the girls said that they’d seen the Virgin. The man that carried the recorder gave the girls the microphone and when he surprised them, they were sitting with their backs to the Pines, with their heads raised.

The girls continued holding the microphone in their hands and they asked the Virgin to speak so that those present would believe, or if she didn’t want to speak, that she’d let the Child speak. This thing happened to the girls.

Then we rewinded the recording to hear the girls’ whole conversation.

We were listening, and the whole conversation continued. When the tape ended, and only the red of the tape was visible, the part that did not have any recording on it, we heard a melodic voice; it was smooth, refined, and it seemed to be the voice of a woman of about 40 or 45 years, but it was a sweet voice that said only: “No, I won’t speak.”

“She pronounced the syllable ‘no’ twice. When this happened the girls got up, saying that it was the Virgin’s voice. Everyone was impressed, and stood up, then fell on their knees. I had goose bumps.”

“We listened to the tape again to verify that we had heard these words, but we did not hear them again.”

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